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Special Events and Conferences Parking

Parking is assigned based on availability. Conference participants or attendees of special events are required to pay a fee of $5.00/day (including weekends) to park in College lots. We will distribute placards to identify participant's vehicles for parking in College lots, including Thompson and other peripheral lots. Please call the Office of Parking & Transportation Services at least two weeks prior to your event to ensure parking availability.

Unused placards may be returned for credit. Placards must be returned within two business days of the beginning of the conference or the conference will be charged for all permits issued - no exceptions.

Any questions regarding special events or visitor parking may be addressed to the Parking & Transportation Services at ext. 603-646-2340. Thank you for following these directives.

When visiting or receiving a visitor it is necessary to notify Parking & Transportation Services as to the location of the vehicle parked in a campus lot, the person or department being visited, as well as a description of the vehicle: make, model, color, license number, and state where the car is registered. Parking & Transportation Services may be reached at ext. 603-646-2204 or by email at

Last Updated: 5/29/13