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Faculty & Staff

Dartmouth offers a number of parking options for faculty and staff, all of which can be paid for on a pre-tax basis, resulting in significant savings.  Please review the parking rates below as well as the faculty & staff parking map before making your selection.

Note: There is no parking charge for motorcycles, but they must be registered at Transportation Services located at 6 Vox Lane, McKenzie Hall, Hanover, NH.

Parking Rates

 PERMIT FEE RATES 2017 Annual $ Annual $
Green Permit Tan Permit
Faculty/Exempt staff full-time $384 $287
Faculty/Exempt   staff part-time* $192 $144
Non-exempt/Service/Union   full-time $154 $115
Non-exempt/Service/Union   Staff part-time* $77 $58
Second Shift   employees** $77 $58
Emeritus $154 $115
Carpool   (2-person)*** $77 $58
Carpool   (3-person) *** free free
*         Part-time Faculty and Staff have a work week of 20 hours or less
**       Second Shift begins work after 11:00 am
***     Carpool priced per person.  3-person carpools can park for free in a dedicated parking space reserved in the core campus.

Green Commute

Dartmouth is committed to improving the environment and one of the best ways to accomplish that is by offering alternatives to traditional modes of transportation.  Learn more about our Green Commute options from carpooling and ride-sharing to free transit and more!


Last Updated: 7/13/16