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Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate student parking permits for A-lot are renewable July 1 - June 30 at a cost of $77.25 per term.  There is no charge to register for off-campus parking (i.e. fraternities, sororities, and private homes).

All vehicles parked in A-lot or in off-campus spaces must be registered with Transportation Services. 

First year Student Vehicle Policy

First-year students are not permitted to bring a privately-owned vehicle to campus.  If a rare exception to this policy is needed for emergency, medical or family reasons, please contact Transportation Services for an application.

Green Commute

Dartmouth College is committed to improving the environment and one of the best ways to accomplish that is by offering alternatives to traditional modes of transportation.  Learn more about our Green Commute options from carpooling and ride-sharing to free transit and more!



Last Updated: 1/12/18