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Van Pool Program

Dartmouth College launched a pilot program in August 2008 to encourage Dartmouth faculty and staff to form van pools in an effort to reduce costs associated with commuting.

In this pilot program, Dartmouth has assumed responsibility for providing and maintaining four 12-passenger vans.  In return, Dartmouth faculty and staff in the van pools pay for gas, keep the vehicle clean, and adhere to the terms of an agreement that details the responsibilities and code of conduct for passengers and the drivers of the van pool.

Four van pools have been formed among Dartmouth employees commuting from the St. Johnsbury, Bradford and Chelsea, VT areas and  New London, NH.

Please contact the Office of Parking and Transportation to discuss details of the van pool program.

Prospective van pools must have at least eight members and a designated driver. The driver is the primary person responsible for the operation of the van pool, and must sign a separate agreement as the van pool driver.

Facilitation meeting for forming van pools can be available upon request.

Last Updated: 5/31/13