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Dartmouth College encourages carpooling as a way to lessen the parking demand and the traffic congestion on campus. Anyone interested in carpooling and/or looking for others to carpool with may contact the Parking Office at 603-646-2340, visit Dartmouth Ridesharing program at Zimride  or the Upper Valley Rideshare at 1-802-295-1824.

What is carpooling?

A formal carpool can be formed if two or more people commute to campus together. Any carpooler's vehicle can be used. There is a reduced fee per person for two-person carpools and free designated parking for three-person carpools. Each carpool will receive four (4) passes per month as part of the opt-out program that can be used when unable to carpool. Additional days may be purchased at $5.00 each. To register your two or three-person carpool you have to enroll together at the Parking Office located at 6 Vox Lane, McKenzie Hall. You will fill in a carpool form and pay a reduced rate for two-person carpools. Payment may be made by cash, check, visa, master card, or payroll deduction (you must be a permanent employee to elect payroll deduction).

Note: Employees who do not meet the hire date criteria for a green on-campus permit may join a carpool with others who have green permits.

Last Updated: 5/29/13