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Approved Drivers Lists


Criteria to be an Approved Driver:

  1. Hold a valid, United States or Canadian driver’s license
  2. Successfully complete all required driver safety programs (need link).
  3. Within a 24-month period, have 4 or less points on your state’s DMV point assessment system.   To assure consistency, violations and points accrued from states other than New Hampshire will be converted to New Hampshire’s DMV point assessment system.

Note:  The Transportation Services Office will review the driving records for all employees, faculty, and students desiring to drive College vehicles and periodically review the records of those already approved to drive a college vehicle. 


Unacceptable Motor Vehicle Records Criteria

 Included but not limited to:

  • Accumulated violations points totaling 5 or more within a 24 month period
  • License suspension or revocation within a 24 month period
  • Manslaughter resulting from the operation of a motor vehicle
  • At fault vehicular accidents resulting in damage to a College vehicle
  • Conviction of a felony in which a motor vehicle is used
  • Failure to comply with the College policies on alcohol and or illicit drugs.
  • Falsification of records, or any failure to comply with these regulations
  • Years of driving experience and safety history will be taken into consideration.


Driver Disqualifications

It is the employee, faculty or student’s responsibility to immediately notify Transportation Services and their immediate supervisor if one’s driving license has been revoked or suspended and/or of any motor vehicle infractions resulting in points assessed. 

 Approved drivers subsequently found, during the annual motor vehicle record review process, to not meet the above requirements will be notified by Transportation Services that they have been removed from the approved drivers list. These drivers will remain disqualified for a period of one (1) year from date of conviction or license reinstatement. Drivers removed from the list will not be permitted to drive a College-owned, leased, rented or personal vehicle on College business.

Drivers removed from the approved driver list may appeal directly to the Director of Transportation Services within 10 days of notification of loss of driver privileges. Drivers removed from the approved drivers list are not permitted under any circumstances to drive college vehicles until their DMV record does not violate the Motor Vehicle Record Criteria listed above.

 If an employee’s position is dependent upon approved driver status the employee may be subject to discipline, demotion, transfer or termination in the event that they lose such status.



Last Updated: 6/15/16