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Shipping a Package?

The Hinman Mail team is excited to offer package shipping services, via FedEx and USPS, from its space in the Hopkins Center.

 Package Shipping Location: A new window to handle package shipping services is located at the end of the north hallway of Hinman Mail boxes, just around the corner from the existing mail window. 

 How it works: Students and employees can bring their packages directly to the Hinman Mail shipping window.

  • At the window, please ring the bell.
  • The Hinman staff will enter the ship-to information in their system and take the package’s weight and size dimensions
  • You’ll then select a shipping option, based on when the package needs to arrive, cost, and any preference for vendor or delivery method (ground, air, express, home-delivery, etc.).
  • Hinman will print and affix a shipping label to the package, and give you a tracking receipt to track the shipment and delivery of your package.  

Payment: Payment can be made via credit card, check, DA$H card, or chart string. Cash is not accepted.

Timing: FedEx Express and USPS will be pick up packages daily at 4pm. Hinman is working with FedEx's Ground and Home Delivery unit to determine the daily pick-up time.

Shipping via UPS: Because United Parcel Service (UPS) cannot guarantee a package delivery rate, packages shipped via UPS will not be serviced by Hinman. However, UPS will continue to pick up at the Hinman Mail Office any packages with pre-paid UPS shipping labels. Other packages can be shipped via UPS at Hanover True Value.


Last Updated: 11/27/17