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Bulk Mailings

Departments wishing to issue a bulk mailing should use the bulk mailing form (see below) for that purpose.   Bulk mailing requests should be made at least 48 hours before distribution is desired. Student Bulk Mailings (no return required) may either be stuffed into student boxes or be routed to the Student Notice Center for casual pickup (no charge).  Bulk mailings can only be done for college departments or associations affiliated with Dartmouth College.

Addressed bulk mail must be of regular envelope or post card size and should be sorted by Hinman box number.  If regular paper is used the mailing must be folded and sealed. Hinman can provide folding services for a small fee.  Post card mailings must be done on card stock.  If the mailing is not in Hinman box order or is of unusual size/shape or not on card stock there will be a .05 per piece charge.  Unaddressed bulk mailings will not be placed in student boxes if the Hinman box is already full.

Bulk mailings are put into boxes on a 1st come, 1st served basis as time/personnel allows.  If a mailing is of a time sensitive nature check with Hinman 3-5 days before the planned mailing to make sure your needs can be met. 


There is no charge for any unaddressed bulk mailing, or any addressed mailing that is in Hinman order.  Any addressed mailing that is not in Hinman order will be charged .05 per piece.  Any mailing of irregular shape/size/content is subject to a .05 per piece charge.   

Bulk Mailing Form


Last Updated: 6/3/11