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Student Notice Center

The Student Notice Center is located on the south wall of the Hinman Post Office area in Hopkins Center. The Student Notice Center (SNC) will divert most bulk mailing to students (4000 unaddressed pieces, one for each student box) to a wall mounted rack where students may remove notices that interest them rather than have them stuffed into their mailboxes.

All non-official bulk mailings will be routed to the SNC. College Departments may request that personal notices (properly sized and folded) be stuffed as in the past. All College Organizations may use the SNC. Outside Organizations may not.

Only Hinman personnel will be allowed to post matter to the SNC. One copy will be put under glass, take away copies will be inserted into boxes for distribution, and extra copies will be locked below for replenishment. Wildcat notices will be removed on sight.

Departments wishing to issue a bulk mailing should pick up a form for that purpose, stating whether the mailing is to be stuffed or posted to the SNC.

Notices will be posted for up to one week, unless a function date occurs before.

C.O.S.O. organizations may use the SNC, but will be limited to no more than three postings per term.

All users of the SNC should note that the standard size of the take away boxes is 8 1/2 by 11 inches. A few smaller boxes (5x8 inches) will be available on a first come/first served basis. Notices should not be folded for the SNC. The number of pieces distributed through the SNC will be far less than the current 4000 pieces. Hinman personnel will be able to advise on the quantity that may be required after a few weeks.

All members of the College Community are urged to use recycled or white paper whenever possible.

Contact Information

Howard Durkee, Postmaster, phone 646-2824

Last Updated: 10/8/08