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Recycling and Solid Waste Disposal

The College will minimize waste through reducing waste, reusing products and recycling the remainder to the extent possible. Surplus materials will be offered to non-profits, municipalities and government institutions prior to disposal. Disposal is the last and least attractive option. Composting will be considered recycling to the extent that the College will isolate, process and reuse the organic fraction of the waste stream.

Dartmouth's activities in recycling, re-using and disposing are centered within the Dartmouth Recycles program. Dartmouth Recycles is a community-wide program run by Facilities Operations and Management in conjunction with the Office of Residential Life, Dartmouth Dining Services and the Dartmouth Outing Club, with assistance from the Dartmouth Environmental Studies Program.

The College encourages all individuals to reduce or reuse solid waste since these options are less resource-intensive than recycling. The College should build upon its recycling and conservation programs by pursuing additional educational and incentive opportunities for reusable products, purchasing and using more recycled products and making recycling more convenient across the campus.

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Last Updated: 10/8/08