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Adequate lighting for both interior and exterior use is essential, but must be provided in an energy efficient means. Fluorescent lighting will be used whenever possible, utilizing lamps and electronic ballasts employing the latest commercially available proven technology feasible. High power-factor ballasts (>.9) are required on all applicable light fixtures. The following maximum interior lighting levels will be used as guidelines:

Hallways and Stairs 10 foot candles ("f.c.") +/- 5
Offices - Desks 50 f.c. +/- 10
Offices - Adjacent Areas 30 f.c. +/- 5
Classrooms 50 f.c. +/- 10
Laboratories 75 f.c. +/- 15
For intricate work 100 f.c. +/- 20

Exterior lighting primarily will be high-pressure sodium, balancing safety and decorative requirements. Spot or featured illumination may be of these types.

Any deviations from the standards above must be reviewed by FO&M.

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Facilities Operations and Management
HB 6111

Last Updated: 10/8/08