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Hinman Mail Regulations

Services of the Hinman Post Office may not be used for any commercial, political, or non-College purpose. They also may not be used for any charitable purpose unless cleared through the President's Office.

Procedures Required

All mailings to faculty and staff must bear both the name and Hinman box number of the receiver, and (at least) the Hinman box number of the sender (upper left hand corner), unless a reusable inter-departmental envelope is used (see exceptions on bulk mailings to students in the "Bulk Mailings" document). Do not use the Hinman number on U. S. Mail, either as an address or return address! All such incoming mail will be delivered to Hinman and have to be redirected, with delay. Use either the building name or street number.

All mail must be in a regular envelope, or on a card not less than 3" x 5", or letter size paper neatly folded in thirds and fastened. It is recommended that the reusable inter-departmental envelopes be used whenever possible.

Contact Information

Howard Durkee, Postmaster, phone 646-2824

Last Updated: 10/8/08