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The College is equipped with a centrally controlled clock system using Simplex equipment. All clocks purchased for the Simplex system and installed in a building receiving power through the central plant will automatically be adjusted to the correct time. Under normal circumstances, a clock for a large general office or classroom is a building charge. The cost of a college-provided self-adjusting Simplex clock for a private office must be paid for by the department. (Persons requesting clocks for their offices should bear in mind that an electrical outlet is also necessary, which can increase the installation cost considerably.)

Please do not tamper with Simplex clocks. Report any inaccuracies to Work Control but do not attempt to reset them manually, as the automatic mechanism may be damaged.

Presently, this policy is under review by the Director of Operations.

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Facilities Operations and Management
HB 6111

Last Updated: 10/8/08