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Bulk Mailings

Departments wishing to issue a bulk mailing should pick up a form for that purpose (forms available at Hinman). Such written requests must be made at least 48 hours before distribution is desired. Student Bulk Mailings (no return required) may either be stuffed into student boxes ($35 fee), or be routed to the Student Notice Center for casual pickup (no charge).

Addressed bulk mail must be of regular envelope size (approximately) and be sorted by Hinman box number, or it may be delayed. Boxes that are completely stuffed (student off campus or simply not picking up mail) will be "unstuffed" enough to receive addressed bulk mail.

Unaddressed bulk mail (no return required) must be either of regular envelope size for stuffing and contain about 4000 pieces (one for each box), or unfolded, size 8 1/2 X 11, for posting to the Student Notice Center. Fewer copies are required for the latter. Please check with Hinman for advice. Boxes that are completely stuffed will not receive unaddressed bulk mail.

As each new term approaches, Hinman mail sees a dramatic rise in volume of student mail which causes delays in sorting incoming U.S. Mail and a slow down in less critical mail handling. One of the main causes of this crunch is the number of bulk mailings that arrive during the last week of the previous term, and the first two weeks of the new term. Often, student boxes are so full of first class mail and other "junk" that Hinman personnel can't find room to stuff more.

We prioritize the bulk mailings that come in during this crucial time. We try to sort first the mailings from offices whose mail is of major importance (Dean, Registrar, and so forth), but other mailings will have to wait until Hinman personnel have time and the mailboxes become free enough to receive the new mail. If there are any offices that can hold off their bulk mailings, or use the Student Notice Center, it would be greatly appreciated.


Mailings over 500 pieces are charged a $35 fee. There will be no charge for use of the SNC.

Contact Information

Howard Durkee, Postmaster, phone 646-2824

Last Updated: 10/8/08