January 11: After suffering from declining health for a number of years, Erwin Rohde dies in Heidelberg.

Overbeck names Köselitz has the heir and editor of all his Nietzsche papers. Yet in 1901 Overbeck will rescind this and leave his papers to the University of Basel. By that time, Overbeck will see all too clearly that Köselitz has sold his soul to Elisabeth [Chronik, p. 805]

In April Elisabeth seeks to re-establish contact with Köselitz by sending a volume of FN's poetry. But Köselitz remains skeptical, as this passage from a letter to Overbeck indicates: "Sie [Elisabeth] weiss fast Nichts, als die Menschen zu beunruhigen, zu quälen, zu schinden und mit der offenbarsten Ungerechtigkeit zu beurtheilen. Dr. Kögel, der gearbeitet hat wie ein Trakehnergaul, nannte sie 'faul' etc." [She knows nothing else but to harass, plague and excoriate people and to condem them unjustly in the most offensive manner. Dr. Koegel, who worked as hard as a plough horse, she called 'lazy.' Chronik, p. 803] It is of interest to note that Köselitz still is sharply critical of the Archive at this late date.

In July, Adalbert Oehler forces the purchase of the house Silberblick from Meta von Salis, much to her annoyance.

August: Elisabeth invites Dr. Theodore Ziehen to give his opinion on FN's condition. Ziehen pronounces FN as incurable.

October 1: Dr. Arthur Seidl joins the staff as Kögel's replacement to work on the Nietzsche editions. He corrects the eight volumes of the Koegel edition (GAK vols 1-8)

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