January to mid-July: Naumburg

Early in the year, the second volume of Elisabeth's biography appears.

March 31: Overbeck is awarded emeritus status.

After a two month illness, Franziska Nietzsche dies on 20 April. FN is by this time so mentally absent that he does not notice her absence.

In May, Meta von Salis purchases the house 'Silberblick' (currently at Humboltstrasse 36 in Weimar) for use by the Nietzsche Archive and as a residence for Elisabeth and FN. Yet here too Elisabeth manages to turn a friend into an enemy. She arranges for a series of expensive renovations, much to the annoyance of von Salis. Once a friendship, the Elisabeth/Meta von Salis relationship sours until its termination in 1898. In 1899 Adalbert Oehler buys Silberblick, and Elisabeth will take possession of it in 1902. [Chronik, p. 797]

April. Publication of the Koegel edition (GAK) is abruptly terminated. Work is begun on a new (and third) complete edition (GOA).

In June, Kögel is officially dismissed as editor. At the same time, Steiner resigns his position, maintaining that it is impossible to teach Elisabeth anything about philosophy.

Mid-July through December: Weimar

FN is moved from Naumburg to Weimar on July 17. Accordingly to one account, Elisabeth rented a special railway car and traveled during the night. Apparently, this move of NF's to Weimar created a local stir; residents of the town hung around Silberblick, hoping for a sighting of the then famous philosopher.

The son of Ludwig von Scheffler, an acquaintance from the Basel days, rushes home from school to report "Papa weißt Du? Droben ist ein wahnsinniger Philosoph eingezogen!" [Daddy, know what? A crazy philosopher has moved in over there!] [Chronik, p. 798]

In mid-August, FN attempts to write something for the last time. It is the first few lines of his poem that concludes Jenseits von Gut und Böse. Now he writes:

At this time, Harry Graf Kessler is a frequent visitor. He is named the Archive's "artistic advisor." In October, he is a guest at Silberblick and wrote of this experience: "Um 10 zu Bett. Ich hatte noch keine Viertelstunde das Licht ausgemacht, als ich plötzlich durch das laute Brüllen des Unglücklichen unten aufgeschreckt wurde. Ich stand halb auf und hörte noch zwei drei Mal die langen, rauhen, wie stöhnenden Laute, die er mit ganzer Kraft in die Nacht hinausschrie; dann war wieder der alles still." [To bed at 10. It hadn't been a quarter of an hour after I put out the light that I was startled awake by the loud shouting of the unfortunate down below. I half got up and heard two three more times the long, raw, groaning-like sounds which he screamed out with all his power into the night; then everything was silent again. Chronik, p. 801 (thanks to Zac Dover).]

August 8: Jakob Burckhardt dies in Basel.

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