January 16: Publication of the Gast version of the complete works (Gesammtausgabe Gast or GAG) is discontinued. Dr. Fritz Koegel officially succeeds Köselitz (aka Gast) as editor of FN's works.

Elisabeth claims that FN's letters to her were stolen while she was in Paraguay and that they are now being held for ransom by a man from Chemnitz.

February 4: Official founding of the Nietzsche Archive in Naumburg. End of March: Rohde visits Elisabeth in Naumburg; he advises Elisabeth against publishing FN's philological writings.

In April, Overbeck discontinues his correspondence with Elisabeth after she claims to have burned one of his letters before opening it. Elisabeth concludes a new contract with the publisher C. G. Naumann.

During this year, Elisabeth is greatly impressed by Koegel's productivity and raves about it in various letters. In September, Koegel takes a leave to pursue his avocation of mountain climbing. He completes a tour of 21 peaks, of which eleven had not yet been climbed. [Hoffmann, p. 160] Later, during his quarrels with Elisabeth, she will cite this trip as evidence of Koegel's laziness and lack of dedication.


The suppressed passages in Der Antichrist.

The assistant Max Zerbst is dismissed, allegedly for incompetence. Elisabeth scouts for a new editor and finds Dr. Eduard von der Hellen, who was working at the Goethe Archive in nearby Weimar. One of von der Hellen's colleagues at the Goethe Archive is Rudolf Steiner, who is editing Goethe's scientific writings for the Weimar edition. In October von der Hellen is installed as a second editor.

At the end of December the eight volume complete works, edited by Koegel (Gesammtausgabe ed. F. Koegel or GAK) and dated 1895, appears.

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