January through mid-May: Jena

Early in the year, FN's condition stabilizes and improves. Heinrich Köselitz (aka Peter Gast) visits for a month, beginning on 20 January, and is joined on 16 February by FN's mother Franziska. FN spends from 9 am to 6 pm with his mother in her rented room. Overbeck comes to visit from 23 to 25 February, and can spend hours with FN in the streets of Jena. Of this he writes: "In diesem Verkehr hätte uns ein ganz fremder Dritter, abgesehen von einigen Narreteien in Nietzsches Gebähren... kaum zu irgend welchen befremdenden Beobachtungen Anlaß finden mögen. Für ihn konnten wir zwei alte Freunde sein, und nur ich wußte, daß unser Verkehr nur noch ausschließlich von einer Vergangenheit lebte." [a stranger, aside from some foolishness in Nietzsche's gestures... could have had hardly any cause to observe anything odd. For him we could have been two old friends, and only I knew that our social interactions lived completely in the past...]

During this late February visit, Overbeck manages to end Langbehn's escapades with FN. Overbeck also has a conference with Dr. Binswanger. Binswinger tells Overbeck in confidence that he is convinced that FN's madness is due to syphillis. Overbeck mentioned Binswanger's assertion in a letter to Köselitz in May, 1905. [Hoffmann, p. 7]

Mid-May through December: Naumburg

Franziska rents a new set of rooms so that she can move FN out of the Jena institution entirely. On March 24, Franziska and FN move into these rooms; FN is never again in institutionalized care. All goes well until May, when one day FN wanders out of the house alone. After searching for several hours, Franziska finally finds him accompanied by a policeman. This incident causes Franziska to move FN back to her home in Naumburg on May 13.

March 8: Rohde visits Overbeck in Basel. Georg Brandes, in an article in April issue of the periodical "Deutsche Rundschau" mentions the existence of a fourth part of Zarathustra. This kindles interest and forces Overbeck and Köselitz to discuss its publication.

September 22: Paul Deussen and his wife visit Naumburg. November 14: the typesetting of Zarathustra IV is completed. November 26: FN's mother Franziska and her brother Edmund Oehler officially assume the legal guardianship of FN.

December 1890: Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche returns to Naumburg on December 16, intent on finding new support for New Germany. Within six months she is able to publish a book on the New Germany colony, claiming the enterprise is a great success (Die Bernhard Förstersche Kolonie 'Neu-Germania' in Paraguay [Bernhard Förster's Colony 'New Germany' in Paraguay]).

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