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Wetlands Monitoring with Quikscat and MODIS

Modis hydrography is providing an unprecedented dynamic look at the world's large seasonal wetlands. However, cloud cover limits temporal sampling. The Dartmouth Flood Observatory uses Quikscat polarization ratio data provided by Son Nghiem at JPL/CALTECH to image and measure wetland flooding and drying at a weekly interval and without cloud cover inteference.


The Sudd, Southern Sudan (Nile Basin)
Barotse Plain and Chobe Swamp, Eastern Angola and Western Zambia (Zambezi Basin)
Bahr Salamat Floodplains, Chad
Inner Niger Delta, Mali


Khorat Plateau, Thailand

E. Bangladesh

North America

Eastern Arkansas - Mississippi River Valley, USA
Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys, California, USA

South America

Llanos De Mojos, Bolivia (Amazon Basin)
Rio Araguaia Floodplain, Brazil (Rio Tocantins)






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