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Current Flooding along Satellite Gaging Reaches, as Inferred by QuikSCAT polarization ratios

Week ending February 21, 2004 (Previous flooding)

368 119.18967 -22.40459 "Fortescue" "Roy Hill"
369 114.70677 -24.91437 "Gascoyne" "Gascoyne"
420 30.50017 -11.30252 "Bangweulu Swamp" ""
452 20.93525 45.37320 "Tamis" "Jasa Tomic"
593 80.68624 16.16323 "Krishna" "Guntur"
695 34.89503 -0.18998 "Nyando" "Kisumu"
152 -121.21858 37.65307 "San Joaquin" "Tracy"
187 -87.99037 38.02343 "Wabash" "New Harmony"
345 -94.67718 30.11920 "Pine Island" "Liberty"
536 -58.28409 -17.20700 "Corixa Grande" "Lagoa Uberaba"
670 -120.76909 37.24513 "San Joaquim" "Los Banos"





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This work is partially supported by NASA Earth Science Enterprise grant NAG5-13192 to Dartmouth College, Hanover NH 03755 USA (G. R. Brakenridge, Principal Investigator). Data access is provided by ESA (ERS investigation A02.USA161), the NASA Radarsat/ADRO program, the NASA DAACs, and the NOAA Satellite Active Archive. We share some resources also with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers through their Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems Center.

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Brakenridge, G.R., Anderson, E., Caquard, S., 2003, Flood Inundation Map DFO 2003-282, Dartmouth Flood Observatory, Hanover, USA, digital media, http://www.dartmouth.edu/~floods/2003282.html.


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