Dartmouth Flood Observatory - Flood Analysis Report 2003-126
Location Map: Western Venezuela
DFO # Location Continent Detailed
Began Ended  Duration (days)   Dead   Displaced   Damage (USD)  Flood Type Recurrence Interval (anecdotal)   Severity Class*   Hectares flooded  Hayden Code  Affected Region ( sq km)    Flood Magnitude**  Notes and Comments
126 SW Venezuela South America Merida State - Cardenal Quintero. Santo Domingo river. 1-Jun-03 3-Jun-03           3         1            450    Rain                  1   Tpo           6,240               0.9 A 16 hour downpour causes Santo Domingo river to overflow. 43 people missing.
June 2- 6  - TRMM data showing heavy rains in western Venezuela.
Red polygon shows location of flooding.
2-Jun-03 3-Jun-03 am 3-Jun-03 pm
5-Jun-03 6-Jun-03
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