Dartmouth Flood Observatory - Flood Analysis Report 2003-117
Location Map: Southern China - Continuous heavy rains
Link to Pdf map of Lake Poyang
DFO # Location Continent Detailed
Began Ended  Duration (days)   Dead   Displaced   Damage (USD)  Flood Type Recurrence Interval (anecdotal)   Severity Class*   Hectares flooded  Hayden Code  Affected Region ( sq km)    Flood Magnitude**  Notes and Comments
117 S. China Asia Guangdong province - Meizhou, Heyuan and Shaoguan cities.
Southern Hunan province - Linwu county. Changsha. Huaihua. Rivers: Xiangjiang, Zhishui, Yangtze.
Jiangxi province - Jian city. Ganzhou. Guangchang county. Gan river.
Fujian province - Sanming City. Jiangle County. Minjiang River tributaries.
15-May-03 19-May-03           5       47        18,000  $       135,000,000 Rain                 1   Tszo        317,900               9.1 19 different counties throughout Hunan have been affected by the flooding. May 16-17 -  2,440 houses and 26,370 hectares of crops destroyed in Guangdong. A levee burst and flooded a mining camp in Linwu county, Hunan. Jiangxi - Water levels in Poyang Lake rose by 1.43 m. By May 19 the Yangtze River had  already surpassed its flood-water point by 58 centimeters.
TRMM data showing heavy monsoon rains over southern China May 14 - 18 .
Red polygon shows location of flooding.
14-May-03 15-May-03 16-May-03
17-May-03 18-May-03
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