Dartmouth Flood Observatory - Flood Analysis Report 2003-116
Location Map: Eastern Madagascar - Cyclone Manou
DFO # Location Continent Detailed
Began Ended  Duration (days)   Dead   Displaced   Damage (USD)  Flood Type Recurrence Interval (anecdotal)   Severity Class*   Hectares flooded  Hayden Code  Affected Region ( sq km)    Flood Magnitude**  Notes and Comments
116 E. Madagascar - Cyclone Manou Africa Tomasina Province - Districts of Andevoranto and Vatomandry. Brickaville 9-May-03 12-May-03           4       68        47,000    Rain                  1   Tpo           5,280               1.0 High winds and flooding. Bridges destroyed, extensive infastructure damage. 85% of buildings in District of Vatomandry destroyed.
TRMM data showing Cyclone Manou approaching eastern Madagascar and making landfall on May 8.
Red polygon shows location of most serious flooding, in the Districts of Andevoranto and Vatomandry
6-May-03 7-May-03 8-May-03
9-May-03 10-May-03 11-May-03
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