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Effects of El Niño on Global Flooding

Comparison of the strong El Niño, May, 1997-August, 1998 to same 16 month period, no El Niño, May, 1999-August, 2000

El Niño conditions


Non El Niño conditions:

Compare to this El Niño History (Oceanic Niño Index, from Climate Prediction Center, NOAA)

Summary conclusions from these data:

Comparing similar lengths of time and starting in the same month, there were:

1) Approximately twice the number of reported flood events, globally, during this strong El Niño period as during the subsequent non El Niño period.

2) Major floods occurred during El Niño in (among other locations): Peru, northern Bolivia and Chile, northern coastal Africa and the eastern Mediterranean, Iran, and Afghanistan.

3) During the non-El Niño period, major flooding occurred, instead, in Central America, Venezuela, and Columbia, and Southeast Asia

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