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Extreme Floods

The Active Archive of Large Flood Events provides data about the location, cause and other statistical information about extreme floods. The Dartmouth Flood Observatory has compiled this information dating back to 1985 and it is available for download from the main Archives page.

View examples of the data products available in this area, a short description of each product follows below.

Global Register of Extreme Flood Events

This product is a table detailing information about extreme flood events that occurred during a given year.

Global Map of Affected Areas

This product is derived from the Global Register of Extreme Flood Events. Polygons are drawn to reflect the extent of the geographic regions affected by flooding.








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Brakenridge, G.R., Anderson, E., Caquard, S., 2003, Flood Inundation Map DFO 2003-282, Dartmouth Flood Observatory, Hanover, USA, digital media, http://www.dartmouth.edu/~floods/2003282.html.


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