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Notes and Comments
4 W. Kenya Africa Kisumu - Manyattta, Dunga and Nyalenda. Kisii. River Auji.    4-Jan-03 5-Jan-03           2              300   Rain   1   Tpz              390               0.1  
3 Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Romania Europe Germany -  Towns: Coburg, Zell, Cologne, Koblenz, Regensburg, Wertheim, Soemmerda. Rivers: Moselle, Main, Saale, Itz, Rhine.
Central and northern Portugal -  Agueda river in Agueda town. Douro River. Bairrada region.
Romania - Bistrita river near Poiana Teiului
Southern and western Belgium - Meuse River. Dender River at Geraardsbergen. western city of Ghent, towns and villages southwest of Brussels.
Northern France - Lisieux
Netherlands - Meuse River
Czech Republic - Mrlina river at Vestec. Vltava River near Prague.
1-Jan-03 5-Jan-03           5 7          1,500   Rain and snowmelt 10 1   CpSe* 167000               6.6 A week of heavy rain in Europe swells rivers. Several Rhine tributaries have broken banks in Germany. Flooding and landslides in Portugal. Bistrita river in Romania floods hundreds of houses in four villages. Worst floods in a nearly a decade in Belgium.
2 UK  Europe UK -  Southern England. Anglia region. Thames valley. Midlands. Sussex, Kent and Hampshire. Tributaries of the Medway river at Yalding in Kent. Helston and Crowlas in Cornwall. Paignton, Torquay and Lympstone in Devon. River Avon in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. Thames Ditton Island. Chertsey in Surrey. 1-Jan-03 4-Jan-03           4       Rain   1   C          23,090               2.1 January 3 - Over 399 flood warnings in effect in England and Wales, the ground is saturated. "'The rivers are right up to the tops of the banks and they just cannot take any more."
"River Thames had reached "extremely high levels", with flows in some places higher than those experienced during the 'great flood of 1947'"
1 Southern US North America Texas - Rivers: Sabine, Angelina, Guadalupe, Navasota, Neches, Nueces, Sabine, Sulphur; Attoyac and Black Cypress Bayous; Little Cypress Creek.
Western Florida - Rivers: Withlacoochee, Alafia, Hillsborough, Little Manatee, Manatee, Peace. Cypress Creek.
Mississippi - Rivers: Pearl, Big Sunflower, Big Black,
Louisiana - Rivers: Calcasieu, Little
1-Jan-03 3-Jan-03           3           1   TsuCpSe* 144000               4.2 Jan 3 -  USGS flood gages show several rivers above flood stage in western Florida, eastern Texas, Lousiana. Mississippi, Arkansas. Flooding is minor.
2002-236 Congo and Zaire Africa North and Central Congo - Lower Congo River and Tributaries including Likouala aux Herbes, Oubangui, Giri, Sangha, Ngoko. Loukolelas, Makotimpoko and Mossaka  10-Nov-02 5-Jan-03          57            3,000   Rain   1   Tpz
      115,400             13.7 Detected by monitoring MODIS imagery in early November - flooding still observed in early January 2003
"Floods caused by torrential rain and the swelling of the Congo river in recent weeks have left thousands of people without shelter in central and northern parts of Congo"
Yearly Totals or Averages: 4       -                 -    $                      -                     -              23,090
An archive number is assigned to any flood that appears to be "large": significant damage to structures or agriculture, long intervals since the last similar event, and/or fatalities
*Severity Class
Class 1: large flood events: significant damage to structures or agriculture; fatalities; and/or 1-2 decades-long reported interval since the last similar event. 
Class 2: very large events: greater than 20 yr but less than 100 year recurrence interval, and/or a local recurrence interval of at 10-20 yr.
Class 3: Extreme events: with an estimated recurrence interval greater than 100 years
**Flood Magnitude = ln(duration) * severity class * sqrt(affected region)/100 {if duration=1, then duration is set at 1.1 for this calculation.}

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