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3478 47   USA       Southern West Virginia, Kentucky   8-May-09 10-May-09 3       Heavy Rain 2 16460 5.0 May 10: "GILBERT, W.Va. (AP) -- The National Guard is helping residents in West Virginia's southern coalfields recover from weekend flooding that destroyed at least 300 buildings, knocked out power and caused mudslides that flushed trash, debris and at least one mobile home downstream.Gov. Joe Manchin toured the region and activated 300 Guard troops Sunday on top of the 30 he called up a day before when he declared a state of emergency for six counties, said Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management spokesman Robert Jelacic.Emergency crews, residents and business owners - some covered in mud - assessed the damage in Gilbert and used shovels to clean up after downpours dumped several inches of rain Friday and Saturday. On the road leading to the town of about 400 people, a mobile home broke loose Saturday and floated a quarter-mile before it was split in half by a poplar tree." -81.28 37.66 x 0 74 1 212 8-May-2009 829 2956
3477 46 TC-2009-000093-PH Philippines       Luzon   3-May-09 5-May-09 3 20     Tropical Storm 1.5 21370 5.0 May 5: "Over 20 killed in Philippine floods. FLASH floods and landslides triggered by heavy rains dumped by a typhoon have killed 20 people and left three missing in the Philippines, the country's disaster agency said yesterday. The weather bureau said Typhoon Kujira was centred off the coast of the southeastern province of Catanduanes in Luzon island and was slowly moving to the northeast, with maximum sustained winds of 120 kph near the centre. Among the dead are a 2-month-old girl whose house collapsed and a 1-year-old girl who died of injuries from a landslide. Thousands of residents were evacuated to schools and government offices at the weekend. The central province of Albay, about 550km from the capital Manila, declared a state of calamity at the weekend. Officials pegged the damage to infrastructure and agriculture caused by the typhoon at 148.77 million pesos ($4.5 million). Most of the farm damage was to rice and corn crops. Landslides and flash floods are common across the Philippines during the monsoon months from May to November. But weather officials said they were surprised with the high rainfall levels in the summer months of March and April.." 121.36 18.03 x 0 74 1 212 3-May-2009 829 2956
3476 45   USA       Alaska, Yukon Watershed and river, other locations   1-May-09 15-May-09 15       snowmelt 1.5 790450 7.3 May 12: " Brutal ice flows and raging flood water are wreaking havoc in small, isolated villages scattered along the Yukon River. Most of the 80 or so people of Stevens Village were evacuated during the weekend, with 25 men staying to do what they could as water engulfed the community through Monday morning".May 10: "Elders and pregnant women have been evacuated from a flooded Kuskokwim River village, Alaska responders said Saturday....37 people including four pregnant women were flown Friday night from Akiak to the hub town of Bethel 25 miles southwest."There's water in a lot of the village right now," Fisher said. "The runway is operational."... most of the remaining residents in the southwest Alaska village of 350 are staying at the local school. Also vulnerable is the Yukon River community of Stevens Village, 90 miles northwest of Fairbanks. State responders arrived there Saturday afternoon and an evacuation of about 30 women and children was under way as a precaution. They were being flown to Fairbanks. A massive ice jam in a canyon eight miles downriver was causing waters to rise swiftly around the village. The river washed over the nearest road Saturday afternoon, said Corey Bogel, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.Fisher said that as responders flew to the village, they spotted a 60-mile run of ice heading downriver toward the jam."It could get worse," he said. Meanwhile, cleanup continues in Eagle just west of the Canadian border after a devastating flood caused by ice jams from the Yukon River caused extensive damage. Flooding and ice essentially destroyed nearby Eagle Village, a traditional Han Kutchin Indian community" May 8: "An unusually warm spring thaw in Alaska is causing some of the state's worst flooding in decades, with rising rivers wiping out an entire village and bombarding another town with ice chunks as big as houses...A house in Eagle, Alaska, was surrounded by ice Thursday.The Alaska Railroad shut down from Sunday through Thursday between the state's two biggest cities, Anchorage and Fairbanks, after water and ice submerged a section of track. There have been no reports of serious injuries in the flood...The governor on Wednesday had declared a disaster for the flooded areas, including the Susitna River, which runs through her hometown of Wasilla near Anchorage. While no serious damage was reported in the Wasilla area, officials said some nearby roads were closed because of high water, keeping people from their homes.With rivers continuing to rise, forecasters have issued flood warnings and watches for towns and villages spanning the state, the nation's largest by area.Every building in tiny Eagle Village was destroyed, authorities said, and upward of 100 people were evacuated from homes there and in the nearby town of Eagle. Minor flooding also hit at least nine other communities. The floods resulted from a rare combination of unusually heavy winter snow and a spring warm-up over the past week that saw temperatures soar into the 70s -- a good 20 degrees higher than normal for this time of year. National Weather Service forecasters said temperatures have dropped to seasonably cool levels and are likely to stay that way for the next week or so, which they say could ease some of the flooding.One of the hardest-hit waterways has been the Yukon River. At 2,300 miles long, it is Alaska's lengthiest river. Melting snow in the Yukon's Canadian headwaters poured more water than normal into the river. At the same time, the warmer temperatures caused giant chunks of ice to break up and form a massive jam just upstream from the communities of Eagle (population about 140) and Eagle Village (population about 70), said Robin Radlein, a regional hydrologist for the weather service in Anchorage." -142.3 65.43 x 1 74 1 211 1-May-2009 829 2955
3475 44 FL-2009-000089-BRA Brazil       Maranhao, Bahia states; northern Brazil   22-Apr-09 14-May-09 23 39 300000   Heavy Rain 2 524400 7.4 May 14:Thousands of Brazilians returned home yesterday following devastating floods but water kept on rising in some places and civil defence officials used helicopters, trucks and boats to deliver aid to victims in isolated communities.The death toll dropped from 42 to 39. The number of homeless decreased from 300,000 to 267,000 as residents headed home in some of the 11 states affected by the floods - an area more than five times the size of New Zealand. But waters were still rising in some places and authorities warned that the situation remained a threat because the weather forecast calls for more downpours.A major aid effort was still under way, with civil defence officials delivering food and drinking water to isolated communities surrounded by muddy water and newly formed lakes.Flood victims gathered around helicopters dropping off aid in the hard-hit state of Maranhao, and Globo TV showed images of people living on the roofs of homes inundated with water because they feared looters would strike if they headed to shelters.Rain was still falling in some parts of the zone stretching from the Amazon to normally dry northeastern Brazil, which has experienced its worst flooding in at least two decades. Meteorologists have blamed the rainfall that led to the floods on an Atlantic Ocean weather system that usually moves on in March but didn't budge this year.Water was still rising yesterday in sprawling Amazonas state, and low-lying parts of the jungle city of Manaus were flooding as the mighty Rio Negro river that feeds the Amazon approached a record set in 1953."  "May 10: Floodwaters receded some in inundated towns across northern Brazil on Sunday, but the number of homeless rose above 300,000 and two people were missing after an overloaded canoe overturned in swift waters.Forty deaths had been confirmed in northern Brazil's worst flooding in decades, fed by two months of unusually heavy rains in a zone stretching from deep in the Amazon to normally arid areas near the Atlantic coast." May 8: "Northern Brazil's worst floods in decades have driven 218,000 people from their homes to seek refuge wherever they can, packing onto flatbed trucks and braving rivers teeming with deadly reptiles in a scramble for higher ground. Already, 36 people have been killed in the flooding, sparked by unusually heavy rains that have been falling for two months on 10 of Brazil's 26 states. Three times the size of Alaska, the affected area stretches from the normally wet rainforest to coastal states known for lengthy droughts. Meteorologists blame an Atlantic Ocean weather system that typically moves on by April and they forecast weeks more of the same....Some shelters were already packed with people, pets and livestock, and had little food or medical supplies. Even fleeing presented its own perils: In the same newly formed rivers that flood victims waded through or plied with canoes swam anacondas, rattlesnakes and legless, rodent-eating "worm lizards," whose bite is excruciating....Alligators swam through the city of Santarem, civil defense official Walkiria Coelho said. Scorpions congregated on the same high ground as people escaping the rising water...Authorities worried about thousands of people isolated for days with little food or clean water, rushing aid to towns and cities. In some places, aid was stuck because there were no local workers to distribute it...Rivers were still rising as much as a foot (30 centimeters) a day in Maranhao. The surging torrents wrecked bridges and made it too dangerous for relief workers to take boats onto some waterways. Globo TV said planes were unable to land in remote areas of Piaui state and roads were impassable, leaving boats as the only option because helicopters were not available"  April 27, 2009:  "Floods and mudslides from heavy rains in northeastern Brazil have driven more than 33,000 people from their homes and killed three, including an infant. Officials say 30,000 people were forced to flee residences in Maranhao state, along with 3,400 more in neighboring Bahia state. Maranhao Civil Defense official Nivaldo Duarte said Thursday that flooding killed two people.Antonio Rodrigues of Bahia's Civil Defense office said a mudslide in the state capital, Salvador, killed a one-month-old child.Rains have battered the region for the last two weeks. -45.43 -3.19 x 1 73 1 210 22-Apr-2009 828 2954
3474 43   USA       Houston Area, Texas. Other locations, Texas   20-Apr-09 29-Apr-09 10 5     Heavy Rain 1.5 60190 6.0 April 29, 2009:"Houston may get chance to dry out today and much of next week after Tuesday's downpours flooded the west and northwest areas of Harris County... Severe weather pounded areas on both sides of the Red River on Wednesday, dumping heavy rain and causing flash floods in the far northern portions of Texas and southern Oklahoma, the National Weather Service said.The southern portion of Oklahoma and the North Texas counties of Montague, Cooke, Grayson and Fannin, received from 6 to 12 inches of rain in the afternoon and into the evening"  April 20, 2009:  "Severe weather washed over the Houston area Saturday afternoon, causing serious street flooding and prompting the National Weather Service to issue multiple watches and warnings. Street flooding and high water rescues were reported across region after the cluster of storms dumped heavy rain on already saturated ground. The conditions were treacherous for drivers.Late Saturday afternoon, five children were killed when the vehicle they were riding in plunged into Greens Bayou.Two adult males and one child were able to get out safely. Pearland was hit particularly hard by the rain. 11 News Meteorologist Mario Gomez said more than 6 inches of rain fell there Saturday. About 1.5 inches fell in Pearland in just 12 minutes. Gomez said rainfall that severe is usually only seen in tropical storm conditions. “We were getting incredible amounts of rainfall around town,” Clear Creek and the St. Bernard River – both in the League City area—were experiencing flooding, and Gomez said those water levels would take a few days to go down.There were reports of flooded roads in Kingwood, Pearland, the Heights and the southeast side of Clear Lake, as well as along the North Freeway -95.96 29.47 x 0 72 1 209 20-Apr-2009 827 2953
3473 42   Indonesia       Samarinda City, East Kalimantan   17-Apr-09 27-Apr-09 11   20000   Heavy Rain 1 9797 5.0 April 27, 2009: Floods engulfing the East Kalimantan capital Samarinda over the past week have shown no signs of receding. As of Wednesday, a number of businesses and schools in the area had temporarily closed as a result of meter-high floods. The flooding has forced three schools - the political science, forestry and community health schools - at the Mulawarman University, to close temporarily.Floods have inundated the three schools to the height of an adult's waist, or more than a meter high."I have been given leave today because my campus is flooded," said forestry student Iwan.The economic school and the administrative building are also flooded, although not as severely as the forestry and community health schools.Adding to the city's paralysis, Samarinda's Temindung Airport has also been closed since Monday." April 20, 2009:  At least 20,000 residence in Samarinda city of East Kalimantan province have fled their homes and took shelters at makeshift tents and relative houses after floods hit their area, National Disaster Management Agency said here Monday.Consecutive days of heavy rain was blamed for the natural disaster since Sunday, spokesman of the agency Priyadi Kardono said."The waters have submerged 5,563 houses and predicted more than 20,000 people have escaped the floods," he told Xinhua.The waters had also submerged roads to airport, causing no flight since Monday morning, Kardono said."The access to the airport has been inundated," he said. Flood is common in Indonesia after a heavy rains due to lack of forest-covered areas caused by forest destruction." 116.93 -0.3 x 0 72 1 208 17-Apr-2009 827 2952
3472 41 FL-2009-000075-BDI Burundi           12-Apr-09 15-Apr-09 4   8000   Heavy Rain 1 11710 4.7 April 15, 2009:  Rain-induced floods have displaced over 8,000 people in a commune north of Bujumbura, the Burundian capital, and damaged at least 1,200 houses as well as crops, an official has said."The rains have destroyed many houses and crops; others are still flooded," Moise Ndayisenga, the administrator of Buterere Commune, said.
 More rain fell on 12 April in Buterere - a low-lying area - but the displacement and damage caused has not been fully assessed because some locations are still inaccessible, the official said At Maramvya, a settlement in Buterere, another downpour on 12 April displaced 450 households and destroyed at least 100 homes, he said, adding: "Half of Buterere Commune's population might become destitute." Flood waters had reached areas that were previously unaffected, "even moving down a road leading to Bujumbura International Airport," he sa 
29.75 -3.27   0 72 1 207 12-Apr-2009 827 2951
3471 40 FL-2009-000080-AFG Afghanistan           6-Apr-09 30-Apr-09 25   1200   Heavy Rain 1.5 88520 6.5 April 29:  On 20-21 April, flooding was reported in 10 locations on the outskirts of Mazar city and 3 in Chemtal district of Balkh province. Two children were killed, a total of 240 houses completely destroyed, 157 partially damaged. 240 families have lost everything"..."Flash floods, landslides and earthquakes in different parts of Afghanistan in the last 10 days or so have damaged thousands of houses, killed hundreds of livestock and made thousands homeless, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has said. At least 15 people lost their lives and over a dozen of others were injured by floods in Herat, Badakhshan, Parwan, Faryab and Takhar provinces over the past two weeks, according to the Afghanistan National Disasters Management Authority (ANDMA).“In Balkh Province [northern Afghanistan] about 1,500 families need emergency assistance,” said Sheilagh Henry, an OCHA field coordinator.Over 2,000 families were also affected by floods in Herat Province, (western Afghanistan); about 800 families were hit in Badghis Province (northwestern Afghanistan); and hundreds more were affected in several other provinces" April 9, 2009:  "Heavy rains and flood have destroyed over 300 houses and left dozens of people homeless in the west Afghan province of Herat, the province’s top emergency official said. “The natural disaster affected people in the districts of Kohsan, Gulran, Anjil and Guzara and has also badly damaged hundreds of hectares of agricultural land,”  63.59 33.07 x 1 72 1 206 6-Apr-2009 827 2950
3470 39   Canada       New Brunswick   1-Apr-09 9-Apr-09 9   200   Ice jam/break-up 1 20490 5.3 April 9, 2009:  "April 9, 2009: "High water levels surging along the St. John River pushed ice over the river's banks, crushing guard rails and pavement, as flooding forced more than 200 people from their homes in western New Brunswick.Across the river in Grafton, N.B., resident Mike Kavanaugh said he was astonished at the speed of the ice-jam."There was so much of it, so fast," he said. "I've never seen that before. Usually it takes overnight for it to pile up like this, but it was just over two hours." Ice is also jamming the Meduxnekeag River, which meets the St. John in Woodstock. Meanwhile, more than 200 residents of Perth-Andover had to leave their homes because of flooding from the river. But the waters have since receded in the area, after an ice jam on the river gave way in the early morning hours. Water levels dropped by about four metres, but not before about 30 basements were flooded. A state of emergency for the region has since been lifted. Heavy rains throughout the province are also swelling waterways.  The community last experienced major floods in 1987 and 1976."" -67.63 47.16   0 71 1 205 1-Apr-2009 826 2949
3469 38   USA       Northern  Florida   6-Apr-09 9-Apr-09 4   1000   Heavy Rain 2 82060 5.8 April 9, 2009: "Record flooding continued to force people from homes in north Florida on Thursday with the focus moving from the Panhandle, where floodwaters were receding, to rivers that were still rising in rural areas farther east. Initial reports so far show floodwaters have destroyed or caused major damage to nearly 200 homes and minor damage to more than 500 across Florida's northern tier in the past two weeks. The toll is expected to increase because officials haven't been able to reach some flooded areas and rivers are still rising in others."We've had river flooding before, but we've never had anything like this," said Jim Stanley, emergency management director for Madison County about 50 miles east of Tallahassee. "We've got some homes that are nearly completely underwater."
Stanley estimated 100 homes have been affected by floodwaters from the Withlacoochee River, but no official assessment yet has been made there. The Withlacoochee crested at a record 89 feet near the Florida-Georgia state line, topping the old record set in 1948 by four feet"
-85.233 30.84   0 71 1 204 6-Apr-2009 826 2948
3468 37   Australia       New South Wales   30-Mar-09 31-Mar-09 2       Heavy Rain 1.5 56500 5.2 31 March 2009: "A severe weather warning has been issued for parts of New South Wales as residents remain stranded by floodwaters in Coffs Harbour and on the mid north coast.The flooding, which has isolated thousands of people, is being described as a once-in-a-century event.Residents in Sydney, the Northern Rivers, mid north coast and Hunter regions are being warned of flash flooding, damaging surf and some damaging winds.The Bureau of Meteorology says a low-pressure trough off the northern NSW coast is moving slowly south and is forecast to develop further.A separate flood watch has also been issued for NSW coastal rivers from the Queensland border to the Hunter, with flood warnings current for the Bellinger, Hastings, Williams, Nambucca, and Orara rivers and Coffs Creek at Coffs Harbour.". 151.35 -32.46   0 71 1 203 30-Mar-2009 826 2947
3467 36 FL-2009-000068-ZMB,FL-2009-000063-AGO,FL-2009-000062-NAM Zambia Angola Namibia Botswana Namibia, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Botswana and Zimbabwe   27-Feb-09 25-Apr-09 58 150 54000 240000000 Heavy Rain 2 1148000 8.1 May 8, 2009: "More than 200 schools were closed because they were surrounded by water or because young children were too small to walk across the huge flat pans -- locally known as oshanas -- filled with water one metre deep.These shallow pans have no real river beds. As unusually heavy seasonal rains hit Namibia and neighbouring Angola earlier this year, the waters silently filled the oshanas.Once they were full, even more rain connected the oshanas to form vast shallow lakes stretching for kilometres and taking months to dry up. At least 102 people have died since January in the worst flooding since 1972, which has affected about 600 000 people across northern Namibia.Namibia's government says it will cost about two billion Namibian dollars ($240-million) to clean up and repair infrastructure to prevent future disasters. "I have lost all my millet crop because the flood put my field under water for weeks," said Hileni Amunyela, a middle-aged widow living near one of the region's few main roads. "It is too late now to plough with my two oxen and plant again," she said as she looked over the blackened plant stalks that had only grown knee-high when the floods hit in February. 20 April: "The United Nations and its agencies are rushing to provide urgent assistance to victims of heavy flooding, which has claimed over 150 lives so far in Angola, Namibia, Madagascar and Zambia, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).In Angola, the UN is supporting government efforts, with the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) seeking to improve access to safe drinking water and providing much-needed items and sanitation facilities to people seeking shelter in relocation camps. The World Health Organization (WHO) has sent staff to help the local authorities to assess the needs of flood-hit populations. Since the beginning of 2009, torrential rains in Southern Africa have swollen rivers to levels not recorded in last four decades and claimed over 150 lives. According to a recent report, over 600,000 others affected by the heavy rains, have left over 200,000 in need of food aid over the next two months.OCHA warned that the flooding, which has also affected Botswana, Malawi and Mozambique, could worsen as the region is hit with higher than average rainfall over the next few months. Authorities have predicted that the risk of outbreaks of water-borne diseases is increasing". 16 April: "The death toll from deadly floods in southern Africa has risen to 145, aid workers and officials said Thursday, with hundreds of thousands of people affected by the high waters. In Angola the death toll jumped from 24 last week to over 60 this week, after months of heavy rains and flooding in the south of the country, General Eugenio Laborinho, head of the National Service for Civil Protection. Aid workers fear the waters will cause even more damage as the floods move south across the border into Namibia, where the death toll already stands at 85.The floods have hit Angola, Namibia and Zambia the hardest, with a total of 781,000 people suffering damages to their homes or crops in the three countries, according to national estimates. More than half of the victims are in Zambia, although national authorities there have not reported any fatalities. Months of heavy rains have also raised fears of water-borne diseases, with the United Nations reporting nearly 500 cases of cholera so far this year in Angola." 9 April: "More than 350,000 people have been affected by the flood while 13 000 were displaced. Their immediate needs include shelter, access to clean water, sanitation facilities and health care, food and medicine" 30 March 2009: "THE rainy season is coming to an end but leaving behind a trail of destruction characterised by flooding and damaged roads and bridges in most parts of Zambia.The hard hit provinces are Western and North-Western provinces where floods have caused severe damage to crops and infrastructure in districts. Shang'ombo District in Western Province is reportedly the worst hit in the country and remains cut off because of damaged roads and bridges that cannot be repaired immediately until the water level recedes.Reports coming from Shang'ombo are that efforts to reconnect the district to the rest of Zambia are being frustrated by floods where earth moving equipment has been stuck."..Continuous floods have resulted in floods in some parts of the southern African country with Western Province being the most affected. Hundreds of people have been displaced while crops washed away.The country's Disaster Management and Mitigation said the number of affected districts has increased from the initial 15 to 21.... The United Nations on Tuesday raised the number of people hit by floods in Angola to 200 000 and warned that numbers are "likely to increase" amid the worst floods lashing the region in more than four decades.The latest figures marked a 40 000 rise from estimates of 160 000 given last Friday by the United Nations Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs.Heavy rains and floods have also affected up to 350 000 people in Namibia, with Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Botswana and Zimbabwe also hit by the floods."The flooding in southern African is intensifying," said OCHA spokesperson Elizabeth Byrs, adding the floods "are the worst in the region since 1963". More from Mar 30: "The tourist resort of Kasane remains under threat and could be submerged by the violent Zambezi and Chobe floods.. the flooded river is already encroaching on homes in the tourists resort while five more villages in the Chobe remain under serious threat...Chobe is home to the world's biggest elephant population and a variety of game....Already flooding the Okavango, the Zambezi and Chobe Rivers north of the country have displaced 430 people, submerging eight villages, and five tourists facilities. No one has perished yet...The flooding Chobe and Zambezi rivers have put 1,000 lives in two villages immediately under threat, according to District officer Orapeleng Modimoopelo, who told the Monitor that the two villages of Satau, and Parakarungu with a total population of over 1,000 could be swept away within a matter of days."Water engineers are telling us these are the worst floods here since 1965. The last time a similar flood swept past this place those two villages were sunk, so we expect the same thing to happen, looking at the weight and the speed with which the flood is going," Modimoopelo said.  The Chobe officer told the Monitor that the Botswana-Zambia-Namibia-Zimbabwe crossing point known as Kazungula, has also been impassable for two days. "We have been working around the clock to pour more concrete so that we can raise the road level. We hope in the next 30 minutes cars will start crossing between our countries", Modimoopelo said on Friday.Two lodges, Tsaro Lodge and Thebe Lodge have also been submerged in floods, according to the Chobe District official.Meanwhile in the Ngami District alone, 61.28 hectares of ploughed fields have been submerged. All in all 38 ploughing fields have been submerged, Ngamiland District Commissioner, Bernadette Malala, said in a phone interview from the Okavango Delta where they continue to monitor the situation and rescue people.District Commissioner Malala says she expects the number of people displaced by the flooding Okavango to rise by another 500, because another village, Xamasere, is heavily under threat. The village is still being monitored.She said two lodges situated along the Delta have been submerged while another facility remains heavily under threat. The affected lodges are the Trotsky Lodge and Sepopa Lodge. Shakawe Lodge has also been closed due to the floods, according to Botswana Tourism Board marketing manager, Joe Motse.Government authorities have already set up a temporary village structure for the displaced 24.23 -18.76 x 1 71 1 202 27-Feb-2009 826 2946
3466 35   Indonesia       Suburb of Cireundeu to the southwest of Jakarta   27-Mar-09 27-Mar-09 1 99 1600   Dam Break, Heavy Rain 1 19200 4.3 Mar. 30:"The death toll from Friday's dam flooding on the outskirts of the Indonesian capital has risen to 99, and another 151 people are missing, local media reported.
The 10-meter-high dam, built in 1933, burst in the suburb of Cireundeu to the southwest of Jakarta at 2:00 a.m. More than 400 houses were submerged and hundreds of people were forced to flee their homes."The bodies of 99 people have been found. We have focused our efforts on searching for another 151 people who are missing," Indonesian news website quoted the coordinator of the local rescue team as saying.The cause of the tragedy is being investigated. It was earlier believed that the dam collapsed due to torrential rains, but meteorologists have denied the reports. Other media believe the collapse occurred due to lack of maintenance."" Indonesia stepped up the search on Monday for survivors of a flash flood sparked by a burst dam in Jakarta, with 98 already confirmed dead and more than 100 listed as missing, officials said.Hundreds of rescue workers had been deployed after the dam collapsed on Friday and a wall of water surged through hundreds of homes and buildings in the middle-class Cireundeu and Ciputat suburbs of southern Jakarta.
106.36 -6.55   0 70 1 201 27-Mar-2009 825 2945
3465 34 FF-2009-000069-IDN Indonesia       Western Sumatra province of Sumatra   30-Mar-09 31-Mar-09 2   1000   Torrential Rain 1 44400 4.9 Mar. 31:" About 1,000 residents have fled home after floods and landslides hit West Sumatra province of Sumatra island in Indonesia, Disaster Management Agency said here Tuesday.One person has been killed by the natural disaster, the agency said.The disaster had damaged dozens of houses, schools buildings, mosques, roads and bridges, spokesman of the agency Priyadi Kardono said.  "Most of the displaced persons lived in makeshift tents," he told Xinhua. The floods and landslide have occurred since Monday morning, said Kardono.Floods and landslide often take place in Indonesia during the rainy season due to forest destruction. ." 100.73 -1.21   0 70 1 200 30-Mar-2009 825 2944
3464 33   USA Canada     Red River, Fargo, North Dakota and  Minnesota, James River, South Dakota, Winnepeg, Manitoba   24-Mar-09 20-Apr-09 28   5000   Snowmelt and Heavy Rain 2 39740 6.3 April 20: "While floodwaters south of Winnipeg appeared to crest over the weekend, the Red River's damage had been done. More than 2,200 people have fled their homes and officials warn that rainfall could spoil the reprieve. But with homes and farmland swamped and the Red River now a 750-kilometre lake, there was some good news: All the river's tributaries were reported to have crested by yesterday morning. But serious flooding continued southwest of Winnipeg along the Pembina River yesterday, with residents sandbagging for two days to prevent the Pembina from swamping the Holiday Mountain ski resort near La Rivière". April 17: "Officials in Dickey County, N.D., called for a voluntary evacuation of all homes around the James River on Thursday night as flooding continued to intensify in North Dakota and South Dakota....all roads around the James River were being closed as officials expected floodwater to overtake a spillway near the Dickey County and LaMoure County, N.D., line on Thursday night...the river, which was already washing out roads and threatening homes, was expected to rise another two feet" .Mar. 31:" As a blizzard lingered in North Dakota, the state's National Guard commander told lawmakers on Monday that the Missouri River could flood again and that the Red River is bound for a second crest, but how high and when are still unknown....Maj. Gen. David Sprynczynatyk also said the state has spent more than $40 million in flood fighting efforts". April 16: "A state of emergency was declared Thursday in some parts of the central Canadian city of Winnipeg, as it fights for safety against rising Red River flood waters. Hundreds of volunteers are working around the clock to build sandbag dikes around endangered properties. On Wednesday experts predicted the city could be hit by a crest of 6.78 meters, the second highest in history, in a day or two... Manitoba's chief flood forecaster said the flooding situation is specially tough this year along the Red River, which wreaks havoc on the province each spring as melting snow and rain swells the river and its tributaries. This year is an anomaly in that it will have three distinct flood crests, rather than the usual one. The third crest, which just passed through the U.S. North Dakota State, is expected to arrive next week, he said" Mar. 30: "The threat of flooding from the Red River that separates North Dakota and Minnesota has receded -- at least temporarily -- after the water crested lower than expected on Saturday near Fargo, N.D.North Dakota must remain vigilant for at least a week or so as the water could rise again, bringing a torrent of icy flash flooding to the area." -97.03 48.25 x 1 70 1 199 24-Mar-2009 825 2943
3463 32   Malaysia       Beaufort   17-Mar-09 19-Mar-09 3 1 330   Heavy Rain 1 14510 4.6 March 19: "KOTA KINABALU, Mon:Floods in the west coast town of Beaufort have caused 328 people to be evacuated from their homes today.The water level in some hard-hit areas have reached to as high as one meter and access roads from in and out of the town have been blocked.The Padas river has also hit the danger level of 9.75 metres...the 328 victims from 84 families were at the Pak Musa community hall, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Beaufort and Limbungan community hall. In Sipitang, about 60km from Beaufort, rescue efforts are still being made to find 16-year-old schoolgirl Caroline Murang who went missing when the four-wheel-drive vehicle she was travelling in got swept away in the Meligan river last Friday." 114.67 4.27   0 69 1 198 17-Mar-2009 824 2942
3462 31 FL-2009-000063-AGO,      FL-2009-000062-NAM Angola Namibia     Southern Angola, southern Cunene Province, northern Namibia   1-Mar-09 19-Mar-09 19 90 20000   Heavy Rain 1 187900 6.6 March 19: "Namibia's President Hifikepunye Pohamba has declared a state of emergency in six northern districts after floods killed at least 90 people.He said the floods could be one of the worst disasters of its kind in recent memory and warned of food shortages.Field after field of crops have been destroyed, as have houses, schools, health centres and roads.Crocodiles and hippos are swimming through the flood waters, attacking and killing people.Even though the rains have subsided, correspondents say the damage is so great that it will be some time before the thousands of people displaced by the floods will be able to return home. Mr Pohamba called for emergency assistance" March 16: "Namibia has received heavy rains over the past three weeks, resulting in floods in the north-eastern and north-western parts of the country. The heavy rains in neighbouring Angola exacerbated the situation, leading to devastating floods in Namibia. The four north-western regions affected by the floods are the Oshana, Ohangwena, Omusati and Oshikoto regions.The Angolan Province of Cunene (Angola) has over the past 3 weeks experienced heavy rains mostly affecting the central part of the Cunene Province. The Three worst affected municipalities are located in the south: Kwahama, Namacunde and Cuvelai". March 13: " Luanda - Flooding in southern Angola has left at least 20 000 people homeless and the region is now at risk of a cholera outbreak, aid agencies said on Friday...the flooding in the southern province of Cunene was already worse than last year, when 25 000 people lost their homes, and said it was critical to get in supplies as soon as possible to stop the spread of disease. "From floods like this, you get waterborne diseases like cholera and malaria," he said. "And this is a big worry for us." "The government is doing its best to get some latrines constructed and we are giving out water purification tables, oral rehydration sachets and jerry cans." A number of roads have been cut off and some villages and towns are only accessible by boat. Thousands of hectares of farmland have also been destroyed and many of cows and goats have drowned...The landlocked province of Cunene, on the Namibian border, is one of Angola's poorest provinces where the majority of the population rely on subsistence farming.".  Also, from Namibian source: "THE scale of this year's floods is unprecedented both in terms of force and size and so too should be our national response to mitigate the effects thereof. Our national response to this natural disaster has to be full scale, adequate and equally long term, if we are to save lives and property now and in future. Already, people have died and property destroyed by the force of the water in the northern regions. It is not far-fetched to speculate that more lives could still be lost unless appropriate measures are taken to save lives. The floods mainly cover the four northern regions of Oshana, Omusati, Ohangwena and parts of Oshikoto as well as the Kavango and Caprivi regions. Latest indications are that the Kavango River is swelling with mass water. Its force has led huge volumes of water to spill into homes that are now submerged by water. Up to 36 or more homesteads at Sikondo village in the Kapako constituency of the Kavango Region are under water. The Kavango Regional Council plans to relocate 105 people that are affected by the floods." -17.08 16.68 x 1 69 1 197 1-Mar-2009 824 2941
3461 30   Mozambique           4-Mar-09 9-Mar-09 6       Heavy Rain 1 29980 5.3 March 6: "Road traffic between the southern Mozambican districts of Magude and Moamba, in Maputo province, has been interrupted following flooding on the Incomati river. According to the National Water Board (DNA), the Incomati went into flood on Wednesday, as a flood surge traveling from the South African border reached the district. The Magude district administrator, Zeferino Cavele, confirmed to Radio Mozambique that the road to Moamba was cut, and added that the river has also swamped crops grown near its banks. He said a survey is now under way to ascertain the possible losses.Cavele said the warning of the impending flood arrived in time for farmers to remove pumps and other equipment, and harvest whatever they could before the waters roseThe DNA has issued flood warnings for a series of villages in Magude located near the banks of the Incomati.The Licungo river in the central province of Zambezia, swollen by heavy rains in the region, has also reached flood alert level at the town of Gurue." 32.17 -25.12   0 68 1 196 4-Mar-2009 823 2940
3460 29   USA       Midwestern US   6-Mar-09 13-Mar-09 8       Heavy Rain 1 94120 5.9 March 13: "Some residents evacuated and commuters battled flooded streets yesterday after days of heavy rain sent rivers spilling out of their banks in Northern Indiana.Crews helped people from houses along a stretch of the Tippecanoe River near Lafayette that saw record flooding last winter as water rushed through the Oakdale Dam at the southern end of Lake Freeman.Rescuers said they had fewer people to evacuate near the Tippecanoe River than last year, when flooding swamped hundreds of homes, because many of those living near the river had already left."We're having a lot less people we're having to go out and get," said state Conservation Officer Matt Tholen, who was helping with the evacuations. "I think people paid better attention (to the warnings) than before."The National Weather Service issued a flash-flood warning for the Tippecanoe River and urged those in the area to move to higher ground, although water was not forecast to reach the levels of the January 2008 flood. A flood warning also was issued for the northern third of the state and counties along the Wabash River"  March 9: "Days of rain precipates major flooding...The impact won't be clear for a couple of days, but major flooding along two eastern Iowa rivers has local and county officials preparing for the worst.The major floods of last summer left a lasting impression on the eastern part of the state, one its residents are not eager to repeat.But as a weekend of steady drizzle turns into major flooding along the Iowa and English rivers....emergency responders are "in limbo.""There's definitely the potential for some major impacts," -91.01 41.68   0 68 1 195 6-Mar-2009 823 2939
3459 28   South Africa       KwaZulu-Natal north coast   28-Feb-09 3-Mar-09 4 5 300   Heavy Rain 1 56340 5.4 March 2: "Five people have died and more than 300 people have been displaced after ferocious storms hit KwaDukuza on the KwaZulu-Natal north coast yesterday.Two motor vehicles were washed away in swollen rivers, with two people drowning in each car, while one person drowned while trying to cross a river. The worst affected areas include Stanger, Ntshawini, Darnall, Doesberg and Mandeni.Ilembe District Municipality Mayor, Welcome Mdabe, says rescue teams have found some of the five bodies. “We had five people, we discovered three bodies, two bodies are still missing. Our rescue team is on the field trying to work around the clock to recover the remaining bodies. The areas are inaccessible because of bridges that were washed away and certain roads are impassable.”Emergency relief will be given to the affected residents, and construction work will begin soon to repair the infrastructure that was destroyed. The weather office is forecasting more rain for the province. Residents and motorists have been advised to be on the alert." 30.82 -29.41   0 68 1 194 28-Feb-2009 823 2938
3458 27 FL-2009-000053-IDN Indonesia       East Java, Bojonegoro Bengawan Solo river 23-Feb-09 9-Mar-09 15 1 20000   Heavy Rain 1.5 21570 5.7 Mar. 7: Thousands of people fled their homes Friday in East Java, Indonesia, as more rivers burst their banks after days of heavy rains...The flooding was in the Tuban and Bojonegoro districts.In one village, Selogabus, almost 500 houses were flooded, along with several schools, a villager told Antara news agency. Floodwaters cut off some roads and inundated the bus terminal in Purubaya. On Monday, eight dams burst in East Java and three deaths were reported, including that of a 6-month-old baby, the Jakarta Globe reported. At that point, at least eight people had been killed by flooding in two weeks" ."Mar. 2:  More than 20,000 people have fled homes after floods hit Eastern Java since Feb. 23, the National Disaster Management Agency reported. Consecutive days of downpours have triggered Bengawan Solo river passing through Central and East Java overflowed and submerged more than five thousand houses and forced the residents to took shelters in higher grounds". Feb. 26: "Floods caused by the the overflowing of the Bengawan Solo river have driven thousands of Bojonegoro residents from their homes, and was believed to have claimed one live.One dead body was found by a passerby on a flooded road at Simbatan village, Kanor sub distrct, Kanor Police Chief Adjunct Commissioner Susilo, said here on Friday. The victim was identified as Sabin (80), a resident of Prigi village, Kanor. Sabin was believed to have been swept away by floodwaters Meanwhile, around 1,200 people from two villages at Dander sub district, have fled to safer areas, according to Bambang Sutrisno, Dander sub district head.The flood victims decided to take refuge as the water level of Bengawan Solo floods continued to rise. Thousands of houses were submerged by floodwaters reaching a height of between 1 and 1.5 meter.The evacuation started on Thursday by using two rubber boats, Sutrisno said."Today, the evacuation of the flood victims continues," he said.They were accommodated in emergency tents set up along Bengawan Solo embankment and Bojonegoro-Padangan roadside, he said.Residents of Kalitidu sub district, which was among the worst flood-affected area, have also fled their home to higher ground.One rubber boat was prepared to evacuate the flood victims, Nurul Azizah, Kalitidu sub district head, said.The floods affected 100 villages including Sukorejo, Ngroworejo, and Karangpacar, at 14 sub districts in Bojonegoro District.Some 23 elementary school buildings and one junior high school building were also flooded, preventing around 4,000 students from going to school.Some villages at Parengan sub district, Tuban District, East Java, were also inundated, he said.
Roads connecting Bojonegoro and Jatirogo, Tuban, were submerged by the flood"
121.98 0.81   0 68 1 193 23-Feb-2009 823 2937
3457 26 FL-2009-000045-BOL Bolivia           12-Feb-09 23-Feb-09 12       Heavy Rain 1 167900 6.3 Feb. 15: "-  Heavy rains in February have affected 10,000 families across the country. 20 districts of the city of Santa Cruz were flooded on the 13 Feb." -62.62 -18.76   1 68 1 192 12-Feb-2009 823 2936
3456 25 FL-2009-000044-BIH Bosnia and Herzogovina           1-Feb-09 16-Feb-09 16       Heavy Rain 1 20490 5.5 Feb. 15: "-Heavy rainfall between 19 and 28 of January has caused flooding in southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The vast water masses have severely affected the population in the municipalities of Trebinje, Popovo polje, Ravno, Neum and Svitava." 18.18 43.5   0 67 1 191 1-Feb-2009 822 2935
3455 24 FL-2009-000039-CRI Costa Rica           5-Feb-09 16-Feb-09 12       Heavy Rain 1 7232 4.9 Feb. 15: "- Due to a cold front in the Caribbean coast, heavy rains, floods and violent winds have affected thousands of people since early February 2009." -83.28 10.05   0 67 1 190 5-Feb-2009 822 2934
3454 23   Angola       Luanda   14-Feb-09 16-Feb-09 3 2 415   Heavy Rain 1 61810 5.3 Feb. 15: "- Two children died and 415 people were left homeless after floods caused by heavy rain swept through Angola's capital Luanda at the weekend, a civil protection service official was quoted as saying on Monday.Authorities across the country remained on alert as heavy rain is expected to continue in coming days, he said.Authorities struggled to set up tents for the homeless in Luanda, most of whom live in the hundreds of shanty towns, made up of mud and tin huts, that surround the city.Floods are common during Angola's October-April rainy season, often causing severe damage to infrastructure in Luanda, where one third of nation's 16.5 million people live." 14.15 -9.84   0 67 1 189 14-Feb-2009 822 2933
3453 22   Peru         Rimac 15-Feb-09 17-Feb-09 3 1 300   Heavy Rain 1 85600 5.4 Feb. 17: "The flood which hit Peru on Sunday, Feb 15 left hundreds of people homeless and one dead. Officials said that heavy rains and consequent mudslides started in the district of Chosica, 47 kilometers east of Lima, the capital city of Peru on Sunday morning.Police officials recovered the body of 15-year-old Lucero Vasquez, who died in the incident. She died while trying to overcome a mudslide using an improvised wood bridge. Reports suggest that the river Rimac reached its highest level in several years with 103.6 cubic metres per second and burst its banks in the district of Chosica.Majority of the houses in the area are under water. The road connecting to Lima was the centre of the nation was blocked due to flood for hour" -74.43 -13.57   0 67 1 188 15-Feb-2009 822 2932
3452 21 FL-2009-000052-COL Columbia         Mira 15-Feb-09 17-Feb-09 3 6 10000   Heavy Rain 1 72650 5.3 Feb. 26: "The Andean region of Colombia has been deeply affected by constant rain. The sectors of Antioquia, Tolima, Santander, Cauca and Nari?o amongst others in the Pacific region are in a high state of alert due to floods and landslide". Feb. 17: "More than six persons were killed and 14 missing after rain-swollen Mira river flooded the port city of Tumaco and other towns on Colombia's Pacific coast, and leaving 2,500 families homeless...the drowned and missing were all from Tumaco, 1,200 kilometers southwest of the capital Bogota.The two towns of Barbacoas and Ricaurte were also flooded by the Mira river following heavy rains that washed away over 247 houses, The water level according to some reports reached over one and a half meter" -76.51 4.36   0 67 1 187 15-Feb-2009 822 2931
3451 20   Brazil           12-Feb-09 16-Feb-09 5   3000   Heavy Rain 1.5 109300 5.9 Feb. 15: "MORE than 3,000 people have been evacuated in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro state as of Saturday following days of torrential rains, flooding and mudslides that prompted officials to declare a disaster area. One of the municipalities most severely affected was Itaborai, some 30 km northeast of the city of Rio where 1,000 residents were evacuated from their homes and more than 280 buildings were damaged or destroyed, according to civil defense forces. Further to the northeast, the locality of Cardoso Moreira was declared a disaster area, while other cities were under similar conditions as meteorologists were forecasting renewed heavy rains for Sunday. Concern focused on the state's largest river, Paraiba do Sul, which news website G1 said had risen more than five meters since the rains began Thursday and inundated several adjacent communities. In neighbouring Sao Paulo state the town of Tambau was on high alert over the risk of collapse of a dam that supplies water to the city. Waters that topped the dam's floodgates have already washed out a nearby bridge" -46.96 -24.19   0 67 1 186 12-Feb-2009 822 2930
3450 19 FL-2009-000032-SLR Solomon Islands           12-Feb-09 16-Feb-09 5 13 3000   Heavy Rain 1.5 118000 5.9 Feb. 16: "THE death toll from the recent flooding in the Solomon Islands has reached 13 but could rise further as some villagers remain missing. The Solomons' National Disaster Management Office confirmed the 13 dead after three bodies were found at the weekend, the Solomon Star newspaper reported. But at least six villagers were still missing feared dead after torrential rain and flooding last week hit northwest Guadalcanal - the largest island in the Solomons group - and nearby Savo Island. Several thousand locals have been displaced from their homes, while some were evacuated to the capital Honiara. Most of the country's Guadalcanal province was declared a disaster area, and relief efforts continue to provide the region with much-needed supplies.." -158.66 -8.14   0 67 1 185 12-Feb-2009 822 2929
3449 18   USA       Western Washington State   9-Feb-09 10-Feb-09 2   1000   Heavy Rain and Snowmelt 1.5 47810 5.2 Feb. 12: "Rivers swelled by drenching rains have gone over their banks, swamping roads and forcing evacuations. Here are the latest developments across Western Washington:Both directions of the SR 169 Green River bridge are closed because of a landslide, the WSDOT says. WSP is directing traffic to detour.Reporter Graham Johnson says officials in the city of Snoqualmie are expecting the Snoqualmie River to crest at 4 p.m. at 46,000 cfs. The community is coming together, he says, putting up sandbags to keep floodwaters from buildings. Earlier, the city of Snoqualmie declared a state of emergency. King County officials say 16 roads are closed in eastern King County because of flooding on the Snoqualmie and Tolt rivers. Pierce County is calling for emergency evacuations for areas of Sumner along the Puyallup River. Pierce County has declared an emergency due to projected flood warnings for the Puyallup, Nisqually and Carbon rivers.The Skagit County town of Hamilton is evacuating voluntarily.People are filing sandbags and placing them along the Skykomish River in Sultan, trying to protect buildings on Main Street from floodwaters. The flooding Skykomish has closed roads in nearby Gold Bar.Rising floodwaters along the Skykomish and Snoqualmie rivers have triggered evacuation warnings in eastern Snohomish County. The Department of Emergency Management is urging residents along Tualco Loop Road, Tester Road and 164th/Ben Howard Road to prepare for evacuation. Waters in that area are expected to rise above flood stage and begin covering roadways near noon.Officials have urged about 200 people to evacuate from along the rising Carbon River in Orting....From the National Weather Service: One to 3 inches of rain has fallen in the lowlands and 3 to 7 inches of rain has fallen in the Cascades. One to 3 inches of additional rain may fall through this afternoon before tapering off this evening. Most rivers are still rising." -122.91 46.91   0 67 1 184 9-Feb-2009 822 2928
3448 17   Argentina       Northern Argentina near border with Bolivia, Town of Tartagal   9-Feb-09 10-Feb-09 2 9     Brief Torrential Rain 1.5 225600 5.8 Feb. 10: "Nine people were missing in northern Argentina on Tuesday after a mudslide and flooding that swept up a railway bridge and dozens of houses and vehicles...More than 1 200 people had been evacuated on Monday, before the storm which provoked the disaster struck the town of Tartagal.A third of the community's 60 000 residents were said to have been affected by the emergency. Interior Minister Florencio Randazzo, who gave the figures, said after visiting the zone: "This is the worst tragedy ever to have struck Tartagal." Strong rains and winds resulted in the Tartagal river breaking its banks, knocking aside trees, cars, houses, shops and even the 100-year-old rail bridge.Rescue workers were searching intensively for two women who witnesses said were plucked from the roof of their home by the furious waters.
Argentina's government has sent aid and extra police, firemen and soldiers to the zone, located near the border with Bolivia. -"
-64.29 -24.15   0 67 1 183 9-Feb-2009 822 2927
3447 16   United Kingdom           7-Feb-09 12-Feb-09 6       Heavy Rain and Snowmelt 1.5 76950 5.8 Feb. 16: Water levels in flood-threatened Chatham should peak Sunday night, with Thames River levels expect to rise 17 feet, or five metres, above normal...River levels are expected to surge two feet beyond the peak reached in the New Year’s Day flooding, and washed-out streets and flooded basements are expected in several areas of the city. “This is much worse than it usually gets,”...During..the area’s one-in-100-years flood, which hit in 1937 and 1947, the water was 20.5 feet above normal — three feet higher than what’s expected tonight" .Feb. 10: "More than 100 flood warnings were in force this morning as freezing rain, snow and strong winds brought a fresh extreme weather hazard to a beleaguered England and Wales.A powerful storm hovering over the English Channel lashed most of southern Britain, flooding homes in Sussex, Essex and Suffolk during the night as up to a month's rain fell in 24 hours.Further north at least 3,000 homes were left without power after heavy snow fell over a swath of the country from the Welsh borders to the southern Midlands.At least 20 drivers have had to be rescued from their stranded cars in floods around Taunton in Somerset. Highways Agency road maintenance crews worked through the night to clear roads of snow and clean out gullies to drain floodwater. Even so, police forces in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Sussex, Kent, Essex and Suffolk reported roads closed due to flooding, and warned drivers to stay at home. Forecasters said that last night's downpour was adding to the already high level of water in swollen rivers in southern and eastern England due to melting snow. At present the greatest concern was for the town of Chelmsford in Essex, where the Environment Agency placed a severe flood warning on the rivers Chelmer and Can. It has imposed nearly 300 less severe alerts, including 101 flood warnings and 190 flood watches. Low-lying coastal areas were said to be particularly at risk, as the high winds, gusting at up to 60mph, were producing unusually high tides. This had had the effect of "tide-locking" rivers, preventing them from emptying their waters into the sea. When this effect was combined with snow melt and the latest heavy rain, it produced a heightened risk of floods, said Craig Woolhouse, the agency's head of flood defences" -1.28 52.5   0 67 1 182 7-Feb-2009 822 2926
3446 15 FL-2009-000031-DOM Dominican Republic       Northwest and Northeast Dominican Republic   2-Feb-09 12-Feb-09 11 5 10000   Heavy Rain 1 15150 5.2 Feb. 11: "SANTIAGO.- Although the authorities still evaluate the farm sector’s losses from the flooding in several zones, in the country’s Northwest and Northeast they surpass RD$300 million.The provinces most affected by the floods were Santiago, Santiago Rodriguez, Dajabón, Montecristi, Puerto Plata, San Francisco, Espaillat, La Vega and Monseñor Noel. Overflowed rivers, streams and creeks also flooded thousands of houses in urban as well as rural areas, forcing the evacuation of thousands. In Santiago the body of Eugenio Garcia, 37, was recovered yesterday, whereas in nearby Altamira a mother and her 10 year old daughter drowned and also a farmer who tried to cross a swelled river. It’s been more than nine days of downpours in the North, Northeastern and Northwest regions,  whereas the National Meteorology Office expects the rains to continue for another 24 hours".  Feb. 9: "SANTO DOMINGO. - More than 10,000 people have now been evacuated as downpours sparked flooding in the Cibao region (north), with 2,097 houses damaged, seven severely and three destroyed....Emergency Operations Center (COE) director Juan Méndez said the drainage of Tavera dam and swollen rivers caused damages, with 17 provinces still under a flood watch....He said five communities have been cut off, three bridges and three highways damaged, and evacuations continue in the towns Gaspar Hernandez and Montecristi, where water from the dam has also begun to rise...He said the rains also flooded plantations of bananas, peppers and rice in the Cibao region...Mendez also recommended that the people who live in vulnerable areas be alert to mudslides, and that Tavera continues to drain." -70.08 19.28   0 67 1 181 2-Feb-2009 822 2925
3445 14 FL-2009-000034-MAR Morocco       Northern and Central Morocco   1-Feb-09 12-Feb-09 12 24 2000   Heavy Rain 1.5 188200 6.5 Feb. 8: Severe flood waters and storms in Morocco have claimed the lives of at least 24 people since the beginning of the month...Last week, four family members died when their house gave way after heavy rain. The extreme weather is reported to have caused widespread damage to more than 2,500 homes...Large areas of farmland have also been badly hit with the north and central parts of Morocco seeing the worst weather...Moroccan aid agencies have been distributing food and water to those most affected by the flooding with some 2,000 people being evacuated and housed in temporary shelters." -6.16 32.65   1 67 1 180 1-Feb-2009 822 2924
3444 13   Philippines       Negros Oriental Province   7-Feb-09 9-Feb-09 3 5     Heavy Rain 2 8473 4.7 Feb. 8: "DUMAGUETE CITY, Philippines -- At least five persons were killed after heavy rains triggered floods and landslides in Negros Oriental province over the weekend, authorities said. Three people were killed after they were washed away by flood waters while two children were killed in landslides in the mountains of Sagbang in Valencia town...The floods were spawned by strong and steady rains brought about by a low pressure area spotted east of Mindanao. The rains had caused rivers and creeks to rise by about four meters Saturday.The floods washed away a still undetermined number of houses, and placed many parts of Dumaguete City and other towns and cities under water. Reports reaching the provincial disaster coordinating council indicated enormous property damage in what was considered as the worst flooding here in the last 50 years. "We have not yet started to determine the damage because the flooded areas are still inundated and cannot be reached," Dumaguete City Mayor Agustin Perdices said Saturday evening. The floodwaters, however, started receding by late afternoon Sunday, as the rains subsided leavings homes, offices, stores and warehouses damaged, the governor said. Elsewhere in the province, the rains damaged property in Bacong town, eight kilometers south of Dumaguete, up to Bio-os, Amlan, about 30 kilometers north of the capital city. "The rain appeared to be concentrated on the mountain range above these areas so this is where we are getting a lot of damage reports from....Landslides were also been reported in the mountains of Bais City but the damage was worse in the coastal areas because of the meeting of the floods and the waves" 122.97 9.9   0 66 1 179 7-Feb-2009 821 2923
3443 12   Malaysia       Sarawak   2-Feb-09 12-Feb-09 11   2000   Heavy Rain 1 52060 5.8 Feb. 12: "KINABATANGAN...Worsening flood conditions saw another 108 people from 21 families evacuated in this district today. The number was an increase from the 50 evacuated yesterday. According to Kinabatangan district officer Abdul Latif Kandok, 69 were evacuated from Kampung Pengkalan Bukit Garam while another 39 were from Kampung Buang Sayang. The number brings the overall total to 1,914, involving 364 families in the district’s 13 villages, he told Bernama when contacted here today. He added that as of 4pm, water level at the Kinabatangan River remained at the danger level, recording 10.53m. Among the villages affected by floods are Tulang-Tulang, Kuamut, Lokan, Muhibbah, Dagat, Tidung and Litang." Feb. 7: "A statement from the Miri Disaster Operation Control Centre said 42 of the settlements were in Tinjar and Teru, Baram’s central and downstream areas (30), Beluru and Bakong (22), Sungai Tutoh (10) and Long Lama (eight). The water level at Sungai Baram, the second longest river in Sarawak, was recorded at 5.78m in Marudi and 12.14m in Long Lama. The statement said the state’s power provider, Sesco, had cut off electricity supply to four villages near Marudi this morning, following the rise in water levels.The previous water levels recorded at the four villages were between 0.6m and 1.33m. Meanwhile, Miri disaster management committee chairman Datuk Ose Murang said delivery of food supplies to the flood-hit settlements was facilitated by the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s Nuri helicopter." 113.77 3.34   0 66 1 178 2-Feb-2009 821 2922
3442 11   Indonesia       Java and Sulawesi islands   28-Jan-09 2-Feb-09 6 18 12000   Heavy Rain 1 60610 5.6 Feb. 2: "Landslides, flash floods and high waves have killed at least 18 people on Indonesia's Java and Sulawesi islands...The flash floods, triggered by incessant rains, caused the Bengawan Solo River to burst its banks, submerging thousands of homes on Monday in the East Java district of Bojonegoro. The floodwaters inundated homes in dozens of villages over the weekend in the upper regions of the river in central Java's Solo regency and nearby areas.In addition, more than 1 700 hectares of rice fields in Bojonegoro were inundated by floodwaters up to one-metre deep... rain-triggered landslides killed at least seven people - six in central Java and one in southern Sulawesi - while two people were killed in flash floods in the two provinces.In East Java province, two people were killed and another two were missing and feared dead after flooding swept through the Jember and adjacent Pasuruan district. Hundreds of other residents remained at an evacuation centre after floodwaters had inundated their homes since the middle of last week.." 120.26 -2.63   0 66 1 177 28-Jan-2009 821 2921
3441 10   Madagascar       Western Madagascar   22-Jan-09 29-Jan-09 8 3 3000   Tropical Storm Fanele 1 207800 6.2 Jan. 22: "A powerful cyclone that hit the west coast of Madagascar killed three people and left nearly 3,000 homeless...Cyclone Fanele hit the Morondava district on  Wednesday, bringing with it heavy rain and winds of up to 130 miles per hour. It uprooted giant trees, flattened homes and left large areas flooded, an Associated Press reporter saw during a tour of the affected areas with government disaster officials and relief agencies." 46.52 -17.69   1 66 1 176 22-Jan-2009 821 2920
3440 9   Algeria       Eight desert cities in the valley of M'Zab, the largest of which is Ghardaia   26-Jan-09 27-Jan-09 2 33     Heavy Rain 1 132800 5.4 Jan. 26: "At least 33 people were killed and 48 injured this week in southern Algeria in flooding caused by heavy rains, local media reported on Saturday. The flooding affected eight desert cities in the valley of M'Zab, the largest of which is Ghardaia, which is located about 600 kilometres south of the capital Algiers. The sudden storms caused the M'Zab river to overflow its banks in less than 20 minutes, witnesses said." 0.71 29.61   0 65 1 175 26-Jan-2009 820 2919
3439 8 FL-2009-000648 Australia       Northwest Australia, Queensland   26-Jan-09 27-Feb-09 33   400   Tropical Storm Dominic, Heavy Rains 2 477500 7.5 Feb. 20: "LARGE areas of NSW have been declared natural disaster zones after heavy rain and extensive flooding in Bourke and the Mid- North Coast, including Coffs Harbour, Bellingen and Kempsey. The State Emergency Service has received 1011 calls for help since the rains started on Friday, with nine people needing to be rescued and about 30 people evacuated" Feb. 16: " A FLOOD-BOUND Northern Territory community has been evacuated while another has been warned off tap water. Residents from Palumpa, which is surrounded by floodwater about 375km southwest of Darwin, have advised to boil all drinking water. "Feb. 11: " AT least 13 towns, hundreds of cattle stations and mines remain cut off from the rest of Australia as the worst floods on record continue in north Queensland...up to 700 Karumba residents were stranded and forgotten in the worst floods since European settlement." Also: " TORRENTIAL rain, gales and dangerous surf will continue to batter parts of New South Wales today as residents clean up from 24 hours of flooding and damaged homes.The Hunter region and the Mid North Coast bore the brunt of the weekend weather, with some areas receiving 210mm of rain in 24 hours. Residents in the drought-stricken town of Bourke had to pump water from homes after receiving a 200mm deluge in 24 hours - the highest one-day fall in 120 years. About 25 homes were affected by flash flooding, while farmers in surrounding districts had to move livestock to higher ground". Feb. 8: "Residents at isolated Ingham in north Queensland are waking to their seventh day of flooding. The Bureau of Meteorology says the Herbert River peaked at 12.25 metres in the town overnight - about the same level as on Tuesday.The Tully and Burdekin Rivers are falling, but the Houghton River near Giru is still rising. The Bruce Highway is cut between Ayr and Townsville and the town of Tully is also cut off." ."Feb. 7: "...Meanwhile, the country's saturated north was inundated overnight, with 350 millimetres (14 inches) of rain causing flash floods in the town of Innisfail and swelling engorged rivers...."This morning we realised that the waters were beginning to come back again," said Pino Giandomenico, mayor of the worst-hit town of Ingham. Many people had started cleaning up, believing the waters were receding. Giandomenico said "it's a bit disheartening and people do get upset." Treasurer Wayne Swan on Saturday announced emergency relief funding for flood victims, while a commercial jet laden with food and other supplies left Sydney for the waterlogged region. Much of Queensland state has been declared a disaster zone, with an area of more than one million square kilometres (386,100 square miles) and 3,000 homes affected by floods due to torrential rains. Hundreds of people were forced to evacuate, or have been stranded in their homes for up to six days. The sugar cane and cattle industries have been devastated by the floods, with tens of thousands of stranded cows starving to death. A tropical low off the northeastern coast was fuelling the rains, which were being compounded by abnormally high "king tides" in the region, the weather bureau said". Jan. 27: "Heavy rain is being dumped over Western Australia's north-west as Cyclone Dominic moves further inland.... the category 2 cyclone crossed the coast near Onslow a few hours ago causing flash flooding and dangerous conditions for motorists in the Pilbara and Gascoyne...As the rain comes inland, the floodways will rise...In the last 24 hours, Onslow has received more than 200 millimetres of rain and recorded winds of more than 100 kph, while more than 100 millimetres of rain has been recorded at Karratha." 120.56 -20.11 x 1 65 1 174 26-Jan-2009 820 2918
3438 7   Australia       New South Wales coastal areas   22-Jan-09 2-Feb-09 12       Heavy Rain 1 427400 6.7 Jan. 27: "Weather conditions have improved overnight in New South Wales, with rain and winds easing....The threat of flooding across Sydney and parts of the Central Coast has eased.But a minor flood warning had been issued for homes near the Georges River in Sydney's south-west after heavy rain in the area.The Nepean River and Lake Illawarra are also under flood watch and some local roads are still closed.Weather conditions have improved overnight in New South Wales, with rain and winds easing....The SES and other authorities are recommending that people stay out of the coastal zone as conditions are still very dangerous." 150.68 -29.41 x 1 64 1 173 22-Jan-2009 819 2917
3437 6   Philippines       Southern Philippines; Kabacan town in North Cotabato province   26-Jan-09 27-Jan-09 2 5 200   Heavy Rain 1 17180 4.5 Jan. 27: "Five people were killed when flashfloods swamped several villages in the southern Philippines... the flooding occurred late Monday in Kabacan town in North Cotabato province, 960 kilometres south of Manila. It was triggered by overnight heavy rains which caused the Kabacan River to breach its banks and sweep away several houses.Hundreds of people were forced to seek shelter in higher ground" 124.95 7.12   0 63 1 172 26-Jan-2009 818 2916
3436 5   Brazil       Minas Gerais State, Rio de Janeiro State   20-Jan-09 27-Jan-09 8 11     Heavy Rain 1 1186000 7.0 Jan. 24: Floods swamp parts of Brazil...Rescue teams rush in to save trapped flood victims as heavy rains and severe flooding continue to plague Brazil's southeastern state of Minas Gerais". Jan. 22: "Incessant heavy rains from Wednesday in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro state have caused eight landslides and several floods, killing at least seven people....more than 200 people have been displaced.The largest landslide took place on late Wednesday in the state's capital city of Rio, severing the Grajau-Jacarepagua Highway, one of the city's main highways, for over 14 hours. On the RJ-116 state road, two large landslides were registered in the early hours of Thursday on stretches located in the small towns of Cachoeiras de Macacu and Nova Friburgo.  Another two small landslides were also registered in the Nova Friburgo section of the RJ-116 road. At the state's southern coast of Angra dos Reis, several landslides hit the BR-101 federal road and the RJ-145 road in the early hours of Thursday. The heavy rains falling all day long caused floods in several parts of Rio on Wednesday. In the northern part of the city, water levels were high enough to float cars in several streets. In the Ilha do Governador neighborhood, a three-floor building collapsed in the rain. Floods are common in summer in several parts of Brazil. A huge flood in 2008 killed 135 people and left over 70,000 others homeless in the southern Santa Catarina state."  -44.89 -16.59   1 63 1 171 20-Jan-2009 818 2915
3435 4   Domnican Republic           8-Jan-09 16-Jan-09 9 11   44000000 Heavy Rain 1 14540 5.1 Jan. 25: "Persistent rains of medium intensity caused floods in the north and central part of the Dominican Republic, leaving one person dead and causing the evacuation of 1,530, an indefinite number of people missing and hundreds of homes damaged....COE spokesperson said the alert has been maintained for 11 provinces: Puerto Plata, Santiago Rodriguez, Maria Trinidad Sanchez, Duarte, Mao, Samana, Montecristi, Dajabon, Hato Mayor, El Seibo and Espaillat."
-70.14 19.32   0 62 1 170 8-Jan-2009 817 2914
3434 3   Romania           23-Jan-09 26-Jan-09 4 11     Snowmelt 1 19410 4.9 Jan. 25: ".Warm weather in northern Romania caused widespread flooding as snow and ice melted earlier than usual. At one point the River Iza was blocked by ice-flows and emergency workers used dynamite to release the dammed up water. Hundreds of homes and farms were flooded. Because the weather temperature increased over the normal in this period of the year, Ice and snow melted quick, so rivers level raised dangerously in the North part of Romania. Army and firemen blow up with dynamite ice floes on the rivers to release the dangerous waters. Some villages were flooded and lots of people lost their good" 24.93 47.61   0 62 1 169 23-Jan-2009 817 2913
3433 2   France Spain         23-Jan-09 26-Jan-09 4 11     Heavy Rain 1 173200 5.8 Jan. 25: "...News outlets throughout Europe are reporting Storms in South Western France and Northern Spain, taking seven lives so far. No such storm has been seen for a decade in those parts of Europe, coming from the Atlantic with winds of 172 Km/h and torrential rain falls causing floods and devastation...The BBC does report some Children killed as a Sports hall collapsed partially in Catalonia...The Independent reports for its part that more causalities in the Pyrenees mountain as well as in Madrid, the capital city of Spain...The areas affected so far are South Eastern France, Northern Spain, South Western Germany and North western Italy.  Casualty reports are coming in from France, Spain, and Germany....Liberation France reports that many roads are blocked and inaccessible. Toulouse one of France's largest City has stopped all Air traffic and grounded all planes." -2.6 42.24   0 62 1 168 23-Jan-2009 817 2912
3432 1 FL-2009-000010-FJI Fiji           8-Jan-09 16-Jan-09 9 11 9400 44000000 Heavy Rain 2 348.6 3.8 Jan. 19: "The cost of damage from flooding in Fiji's "worst ever natural disaster" is rocketing, its military regime says, with the latest figure estimated at just over $44 million... the flooding - which left at least 11 people dead - was the worst ever, eclipsing floods in 1956, 1972 and 1999. The flood hit the western area of the main island of Viti Levu especially hard. Agriculture accounted for almost half of the estimated damage, particularly in the key sugar industry.Damage to roads, water and sewerage accounted for most the rest. The figure did not include the losses to private houses and shops in areas such as the tourist hub Nadi, where the business centre was inundated by flood waters up to three metres high". Jan. 14: " Police have urged Nadi residents to move to higher ground as flood waters continue to rise following the heavy rain... there is at least two meters of water in Nadi town...Initially, the water had started to recede but due to the heavy rain, the water levels have started rising again” Jan. 12.: "Health authorities in the Pacific island state of Fiji warned Monday of a possible typhoid outbreak following four days of torrential rains which have flooded large areas, killed seven people and forced over 9,400 people to be evacuated from their homes...With three towns, including Nadi, home to the country's international airport, under water and another tropical depression threatening it, the health ministry urged people to collect rainwater to drink and to beware of contamination that could cause typhoid, dengue fever and diarrhoea...A state of emergency remained in force in the western division of the main island Viti Levu, where Nadi, Sigatoka and Ba were still closed to allow civic authorities to mop up as floodwaters receded. Dusk to dawn curfews were enforced in the towns to prevent looting of abandoned homes and stores. With food supplies running short, a New Zealand tourist on the resort island of Denarau told the TV3 channel that restaurants were closed and holidaymakers were effectively confined to their rooms. Power supplies were cut in some places, drinking water was restricted and telephone lines were down. Fiji's ruler, military strongman Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama, launched a worldwide appeal for aid to support the government's National Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation Programme...". 178.05 -17.74   0 62 0 167 8-Jan-2009 817 2911
3431 180   Viet Nam       Phu Yen, Binh Dinh, Quang Binh, and Quang Nam provinces   25-Dec-08 5-Jan-09 12 9 20000   Heavy Rain 1 29580 5.6 Jan. 5.: "Five people were swept away by floods in the central provinces of Binh Dinh and Quang Nam Saturday, bringing the death toll from unseasonal flooding to nine...At least 100,000 hectares of crops have been destroyed, thousands of homes damaged and major dikes breached by the flooding that has deluged central provinces over the past ten days....The provinces of Phu Yen, Binh Dinh, Quang Binh, and Quang Nam were at the center of the devastation" .Jan. 4: "Unseasonal floods in central Vietnam have killed at least five people and left three others missing and feared dead in recent days, national emergency services and state media reports said Sunday. Four men were swept away in floods and one woman drowned when her small fishing boat sank in a swollen river as heavy rains hit Quang Nam and Quang Ngai provinces, said the National Flood and Storm Control Committee in Hanoi. More than 5,000 houses were destroyed or damaged, and almost 75,000 hectares (185,000 acres) of crops were under water, it said in an online report". 107.06 16.89   0 62 1 167 25-Dec-2008 817 2911
3430 179   USA       Western Oregon, Washington   29-Dec-08 16-Jan-09 19       Heavy Rain 1.5 35110 6.0 Jan. 12: "The state of Washington has declared a state of emergency in the wake of floods that have hit the area in the last week. Due to the heavy dump of snow followed by the rapid melting, the rivers in the area are not able to accomodate all the water, and are therefore flooding their banks and the surrounding areas - such as roads, neighbourhoods and even highways....Residents near the Snoqualmie River have never seen it rise so high before and more than  30,000 people living in the area have been asked to evacuate their homes....Major highways have been shut down, and numerous rescues have had to take place. There is also the continued threat of mudslides and avalanches taking place throughout the state.  "This appears to us to be the largest requested evacuation that anyone here is aware of," said Mark Stewart, a spokesman at the state Emergency Operations center. "We still have rivers going up, so it's really hard to determine what the scale of the flooding will be"  .Jan. 5: "ESTACADA, Ore. – They are bracing for more flooding this week in this Clackamas County town, even as they try to clean up from last week's destruction. In recent days, both townspeople and outside volunteers have hurried to fill and distribute sandbags. "It's kind of nice to see the whole community around here doing what they can to help out," said James Kenney of Vancouver, Wash". Jan. 3.: "A State of Emergency has been declared by Oregon’s governor, after heavy rains caused flooding, mudslides and other problems for people across the western half of the state. In the Portland area on Friday, creeks around the area quickly spilled over banks, flooding some neighborhoods. Areas in southeast Portland, near Johnson Creek, sent many homeowners looking for higher ground; with some saying this is the worst flooding they’ve seen since 1996. Many roads are closed as emergency officials wait for the water to recede over the weekend.  But forecasters are watching another storm that could move in at the end of the weekend." -123.77 42.84   1 62 1 166 29-Dec-2008 817 2910
3429 178   Malaysia Thailand     Southern Thailand,Narathiwat. Malaysia: Central and Northern  Malaysia, Pahang, Kelantan, Terrrangganu, eastern Sarawak State, Borneo   29-Dec-08 19-Jan-09 22   10000   Heavy Rain 1 76570 6.2 Jan. 19: "The flood situation in Sabah’s northern Kota Marudu district has improved significantly with nearly all 1,568 evacuees allowed to go home. Evacuees at 12 relief centres went home yesterday following improved weather conditions...the district would remain on 24-hour alert, as the current weather conditions were unpredictable. The situation in other flood-hit areas like Pitas and Beluran also improved." Jan 17: "there are more than 6,000 people affected by the floods here and in Pitas after the situation worsened following almost six days of incessant rain. While their Kudat neighbours were allowed to return home two days ago after water levels receded, more families had to be moved from Kota Marudu and Pitas to 20 relief centres, instead. Twenty-four Kota Marudu villages are now deemed unsafe for residents while the figure remained at 21 villages flooded in of 4.30pm on Friday, 414 families comprising 1,738 people from Kota Marudu are presently putting up at 12 temporary flood evacuation centres. At the same time, 1,052 families comprising 4,341 people from Pitas have been placed at eight centres in the district. "In Kota Marudu, the Bandau River has gone below the cautious level of 5.2m but the Kinarom River is still over the danger level, at 8.1m.""Sungai Bengkoka and Kabatasan (in Pitas) are still over the danger level at 6.05m and 6.3m, respectively," Relief workers also had to airlift rations using a Nuri helicopter to residents in Kampung Liyu, Pitas. Villagers were advised to move to higher grounds or seek assistance from various agencies involved in relief operations in case the water level in their areas starts to rise." Jan. 12. " Malaysian police say monsoon rains have led to worsening floods in eastern Sarawak state on Borneo island...7,042 people have been moved to evacuation centers as of early today after their homes were flooded over the weekend... the rains have stopped for now but high tides may sweep inland, causing flooding rivers to rise further and inundate low-lying areas today and tomorrow, but the situation may improve Wednesday.  Extensive thunderstorms and flooding are common in eastern Malaysia during the annual monsoon season between November and February" Jan. 5: " Floods in central and northern Malaysia have triggered the evacuation of more than 5,000 people, and forced tens of thousands of children to miss the first day of school...In central Pahang state, which is worst affected, the number of evacuees rose to 3,776 despite floodwaters receding in some districts...In northern Kelantan, the number of displaced rose to 783 and several major roads were under water and closed to traffic...In  neighbouring Terengganu state, there were 445 evacuees being sheltered at relief centres."  Jan. 5: " Three provinces in Thailand's 14-province southern region have been hard hit by floods as a seasonal monsoon is creating havoc in the region, especially Narathiwat, Phattalung, and Yala where Thai Army units have been pressed into service to help evacuate communities that are cut off...About 1,000 houses have been flooded in the southern province of Narathiwat, hard hit by heavy rain for almost a week...Many roads are impassable and government offices and houses are under water. All trains have been halted due to inundated stretches of track making passage impossible." 101.1 6.64   1 61 1 165 29-Dec-2008 816 2909
3428 177   Australia       NE Queensland, Northern Northern Territory   28-Dec-08 12-Jan-09 16     4000000 Tropical Storm Charlotte; Monsoon rains 1.5 776800 7.3 Jan. 12: "About 100 homes in Cairns have been flooded as Cyclone Charlotte delivered torrential rain this morning. In the past 24 hours, Low Isles north of Cairns has had 394mm and 255.6mm has been recorded at Cairns Airport - most of that in the past three to four hours...Charlotte crossed the coast from the Gulf of Carpentaria as a strong category one cyclone about 4am...about 100 homes had been inundated by rain and tides, despite sandbagging on Sunday night. A host of roads were also closed...Cairns Mayor Val Schier said a king tide at 10am (AEST) was expected to reach 3.8 metres and would remain until the tide turned. Jan. 5: " The Queensland Government says flooding has caused $4 million worth of damage in the state's north-west. Four days of heavy falls have cut roads and forced a number of evacuations.The weather bureau says the Gregory, Leichardt and Flinders Rivers are still rising.Grant Wiles from Julia Creek says emergency crews have pulled cars to safety on the Flinders Highway near Cloncurry.He says floodwaters have completely cut off the town and hundreds of visitors are stranded." Jan. 4." One family has been evacuated as floodwaters rise in Mount Isa and surrounds in Queensland's north-west. A monsoonal low continues to dump heavy rain in the Gregory, Leichhardt and Cloncurry river catchments, flooding parts of the Barkly Highway and isolating towns from Mount Isa to the Avon Downs in the NT". Jan. 4: "A property manager from the Northern Territory's Barkly region says eight times more rain has fallen in one downpour than fell in the whole of last year.  Manager of Avon Downs, Ben Wratten says he's had about 450 millimetres since Saturday, forcing his neighbours at Austral House to be evacuated by helicopter after being inundated. In the 14 months previous, his property had received only 55 millimetres..."There have been cattle swept away in the flood waters. Because we've had such a volume of rain in such a short period of time, although this country is very flat, the water's been very fast and that's where we've copped the most losses because there's cattle tangled in trees." The Northern Territory roads manager in the Barkly says he's never seen so much rain dumped in the region during his 25 years with the department...John Bertram says the monsoonal rain is unusually heavy, with massive falls in the Rankin and James River catchment areas" 143.14 -17.13   1 60 1 164 28-Dec-2008 815 2908
3427 176 TC-2009-00005-PHL Philippines       Mindanao, Gingoog City, Iligan, Cagayan de Oro.   3-Jan-09 13-Jan-09 11 28 200000   Tropical Storm and Heavy Rain 1 36190 5.6 Jan 18: " ...the death toll brought about by the effects of the tail-end of the cold front that triggered massive flooding and landslides in at least nine regions in the country has reached 20, with Northern Mindanao and Caraga regions in Mindanao among the worst affected... " Jan. 14: "Nearly 200,000 people have been displaced by severe flooding across the eastern coasts of the Philippines...the tail-end of a cold front sweeping through the eastern regions triggered continuous heavy rains from 7 to 13 January, causing floods, landslides and tidal surges that capsised small motorised fishing boats.Close to 38,000 families or some 191,586 people had been affected in 38 municipalities and 11 provinces from northern Luzon island to the main southern island of Mindanao.So far, nine people have been killed, either by drowning or in landslides..More than US$50,000 in damage to agriculture and infrastructure in the western Mindanao region has been reported in the past week alone, the NDCC said, adding that more than 500 houses were damaged in the area". Jan. 5: " One person was already reported drowned as rescue and relief operations went into high gear in affected flooded areas in southern Gingoog City...A PDCC report identified the victim as a certain Rudy Andig of Gingoog City, who was crossing an overflowed river when washed away by the rampaging floodwaters..Rescue and relief operations to some 20,000 flash flood victims in the cities of Gingoog and Iligan, and this region’s capital city went into high gear, as more rescue teams from the different disaster councils were already deployed in several flood-prone and low-lying areas in urban least 11 barangays in Cagayan de Oro, five in Gingoog City and seven in Iligan City are under floodwaters" . Jan. 4: "Reports...said there were floodings in the provinces of Negros Oriental, Bohol and Samar in the Visayas; and Zamboanga del Norte, Iligan, Cagayan de Oro and Gingoog City in Western Mindanao" 125.04 8.45   0 59 1 163 3-Jan-2009 814 2907
3426 175   Mozambique       Maputo, Inhambane   28-Dec-08 19-Jan-09 23 25 3500   Heavy Rain 1 126000 6.5 Jan. 16: "Floods caused by heavy rains in Mozambique have claimed at least 25 lives since December...The floods that have come ahead of the annual rainy season have so far affected only half the 1 million people authorities had expected would be affected.." Jan. 12.: "Authorities in Mozambique say torrential rains have killed 19 people in the past few days and worse flooding may ahead... most of the victims died trying to cross a raging river in the central province of Manica..hundreds have been given shelter in emergency centers and roads in the area are impassable...Mozambican television showed pictures Monday of people trying to cross the Mweri river with their belongings and domestic animals....Four more people have been killed and 1,000 displaced in the coastal region of Inhambane in the past two weeks...Authorities fear that, as the rainy season in the southern African nation continues, the flooding will worsen". Jan. 5: "The flood on the Pungue worsening, with new areas inundated in Dondo and Nhamatanda districts...The central region water board (ARA-Centro) has warned that the river will continue to rise...At Mafambisse, where flood alert level is six metres, the Pungue rose from 6.68 to 6.77 metres between Saturday and Sunday. Melembe warned that continuing rain upstream, in Zimbabwe, was likely to ensure that the flood will worsen...The Zambezi river remains above flood alert level at Caia and Marromeu, on its lower reaches...The other major river in Sofala province, the Buzi, is now dropping. At Goonda, it fell from 3.05 metres on Saturday to 2.85 metres on Sunday". Dec. 31: " Authorities in Mozambique say torrential rains and flooding have forced more than 2 000 from their homes, severed road links, damaged crops and killed at least one person. The southern African nation is prone to flooding during the annual rainy season...The southern coastal province of Inhambane - popular with tourists this time of year - is one of the worst-hit areas. At least 2 000 people in the region have fled their homes.Hundreds more abandoned their shacks in the capital, Maputo" 34.03 -22.92   1 59 1 162 28-Dec-2008 814 2906
3425 174   Indonesia       Southern Sumatra, several sub districts in West Lombok District of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Province   26-Dec-08 12-Jan-09 18 24     Heavy Rain 1 126700 6.4 Jan. 12: "Floods which have been hitting several sub districts in West Lombok District of Indonesia's West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Province since last Friday, have claimed three lives.The inundation triggered by incessant downpours since Friday have inundated hundreds of houses, and damaged dams as well as bridges in Mataram city, West Lombok, and West Sumbawa Districts....The current rainy season has triggered floods and landslides in various parts of Indonesia and dozens of people have died.". Dec. 27: " LAMPUNG, More than 15,000 people have escaped floods in Lampung province on the island of Sumatra...Consecutive days of heavy rain have caused rivers to overflow. Thousands of houses in South and East Lampung are submerged since Thursday.... 14,728 people have fled homes in South Lampung and 176 others in East Lampung...The waters also inundated hundreds of hectares of shrimp ponds and rice fields and were predicted to cause hundreds of millions of Rupiah in financial losses...
The floods also paralyzed transportation as the water submerged roads"
103.14 -3.33   1 58 1 161 26-Dec-2008 813 2905
3424 173   USA       Oregon, Washington   26-Dec-08 28-Dec-08 3       Heavy Rain 1 66260 5.3 .Dec. 28: " Rivers swelled by drenching rains have gone over their banks, swamping roads and forcing evacuations."..For western Washington, "Both directions of the SR 169 Green River bridge are closed because of a landslide, the WSDOT says. WSP is directing traffic to detour...Officials in the city of Snoqualmie are expecting the Snoqualmie River to crest at 4 p.m. at 46,000 cfs. ..King County officials say 16 roads are closed in eastern King County because of flooding on the Snoqualmie and Tolt rivers. ...Pierce County is calling for emergency evacuations for areas of Sumner along the Puyallup River." -123.53 44.66   0 57 1 160 26-Dec-2008 812 2904
3423 172   USA       Illinois,Indian, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan   26-Dec-08 28-Dec-08 3       Snowmelt 1 313400 6.0 Dec. 28: "Melting ice and heavy thunderstorms delivered a nasty one-two punch to the Chicago area Saturday, resulting in widespread flooding in low-lying areas and power outages throughout the city and suburbs.Severe storms dumped as much as 1.5 inches of rain in some areas by Saturday evening. The National Weather Service estimated that water from melting snow and ice added another 1 to 2 inches to the mix, setting the stage for flooding...Residents of Riverside along the Des Plaines River were asked to evacuate their homes by Saturday evening in anticipation of near-record flooding overnight into today. ...The Des Plaines River is expected to rise to 9.7 feet by 6 a.m. today. The record, since records have been kept, is 9.9 feet." -89.46 41.04   0 57 1 159 26-Dec-2008 812 2903
3422 171 FL-2008-200246-GUY Guyana           10-Dec-08 17-Dec-08 8       Heavy Rain 1 40000 5.5 Dec. 16: "GEORGETOWN, Guyana: The Ministry of Health has mobilized and dispatched several teams of health care workers to provide medical attention to villages still under water in Guyana .The authorities say a number of mobile medical teams are also on standby and all Health Centers in areas affected by the recent heavy rainfall will be opened for extended periods.The flood water, which is waist high in some villages, has submerged a number of rice fields and other areas where food crops and livestock are maintained.So far this month the country has had twice the amount of rainfall normally experienced in the whole of December. Meanwhile, the government has established a Cabinet task force on flooding and the rainfall headed by this country’s Prime Minister Samuel Hinds was established and is in the field monitoring the situation. Dec. 14: "Guyana's prime minister says heavy rains have inundated several coastal towns and farms...a few low-lying coastal villages are under more than a foot (0.30 meters) of water, but there have been no injuries. Guyana's meteorologists on Saturday warned inhabitants of this South American country to brace for more flooding amid December's rainy season. Most of Guyana's 270-mile (430-kilometer) coastline is located nearly 6 feet (1.8 meters) below the Atlantic and flash floods are a constant threat during storms. Coastal towns, including the capital, are protected by canals and storage trenches that are drained during low tide. -58.58 7.01   0 57 1 158 10-Dec-2008 812 2902
3421 170   Columbia       Plato, Magdalena Province; also, "a large part of Columbia". Magdalena River 13-Dec-08 12-Jan-09 31 76 1200000   Heavy Rain 1.5 195400 7.0 Jan. 12: ...the tragedy occurred before dawn in the rural area around the town of Villa Gomez, at some 100 kilometers (62 miles) north of Bogota, where the waters of a rio are dammed up. Drowned in the flood were two sisters 12 and 14 years old and a male cousin of 16. The river was swollen as a result of rains that have devastated a large part of Colombia from September to the end of the year and have caused floods and overflowing. The rains have caused at least 76 deaths and left 1.2 million homeless around the country".  Dec. 15: "The overflowing of the Magdalena River broke the retaining wall in the town of Plato (580 kilometres North of Bogota) and affected about 20,000 people (4,000 families). Power systems and drinking water have been restricted in several areas of the municipality. According to the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (IDEAM), it is the highest overflow in the past 38 years. On December 12, the department of Choco was declared a State of Ecological Emergency following the flooding caused by the overflowing of the San Juan River. The second rainy season, which began in mid- September, has left 59 dead, 18 people missing, 91 injured and nearly 1 million people affected. Some 2,020 houses have been destroyed and 78,203 are damaged." -74.23 9   1 57 1 157 13-Dec-2008 812 2901
3420 169   United Kingdom       Southwestern U.K., Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, North  Cotswolds    13-Dec-08 14-Dec-08 2 2     Brief Torrential Rain 1 21320 4.6 Dec. 15: "British officials said cleanup operations were under way Monday after weekend flash flooding killed two people and affected hundreds of motorists.The hardest hit areas of Britain were parts of the southwestern counties of Devon and Somerset that were submerged under 18 inches of water Saturday, stranding motorists and killing Henry Collier, 86, who was found dead near South Petherton after apparently trying to get away as floodwaters engulfed his Ford.." -1.73 51.49   0 56 1 156 13-Dec-2008 811 2900
3419 168   USA       Hawaii, Oahu,Kauai,    11-Dec-08 15-Dec-08 5   200   Brief Torrential Rain 1 4905 4.4 Dec. 17:""The water was like a rushing river, and it took my home on Wai'anae Valley Road off its foundation," she said...The American Red Cross' Hawaii Chapter said yesterday that among the more than 200 homes damaged by floods on O'ahu, three dozen were severely damaged or destroyed. State civil defense said at least 47 homes or other structures suffered major losses, with a preliminary damage estimate of $1.6 million." -155.46 19.62   0 56 1 155 11-Dec-2008 811 2899
3418 167   Italy       Rome Tiber 11-Dec-08 15-Dec-08 5       Heavy Rain 1 5425 4.4 Dec. 14:"Rome has declared a state of emergency after two weeks of heavy rain.Dozens of people have been left stranded in their homes and cars, rescued by whatever vehicles can make it through.The level of the River Tiber has risen by five metres in two days and emergency services have been using boats to take people away. Built in 200BC and once the site of a major battle, the famous Milvio Bridge is coming close to being submerged by the forces of nature. Hundreds of sandbags are being filled to protect buildings and homes. 13.16 41.83   0 56 1 154 11-Dec-2008 811 2898
3417 166   Malaysia       Kelantan   1-Dec-08 8-Dec-08 8   2000   Heavy Rain 1 58100 5.7 Dec. 3 :"Only the areas near Sungai Golok in Rantau Panjang and Tumpat have a large number of evacuees because the water level in the river is still above the danger level of 9.91 metres, although it had receded slowly compared to the level this morning which was 10 metres,” 101.82 4.94   0 56 1 153 1-Dec-2008 811 2897
3416 165   Thailand       Narathiwat, Surat Thani, Songkhla, Yala, Phatthalung, Trang, Chumporn, Nakornsrithammarat and Pattani Provinces   20-Nov-08 10-Dec-08 21 21 200000   Heavy Rain 2 15650 5.8 Dec. 15: " Flooding in the South has led to 27,562 cases of waterborne disease in the past 25 days, the Public Health Ministry said yesterday.Some 242 mobile medical units had assisted flood victims in Chumphon, Surat Thani, Trang, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phatthalung, Songkhla, Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat from November 19 to December 14. "Hong Kong foot" accounted for the largest proportion of patients, at 39 per cent, followed by flu at 32 per cent, while 1,900 people suffered severe stress and insomnia". Dec. 8: "Nine southern Thai provinces have been hit by downpours, leading to 21 deaths and affecting some 200,000 households or 700,000 people. More than 200,000 people are still displaced and unable to return home in the disaster zones, according to the Thai Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department...The affected areas include Narathiwat, Surat Thani, Songkhla, Yala, Phatthalung, Trang, Chumporn, Nakornsrithammarat and Pattani Provinces. While the situation in Chumporn, Surat Thani and Trang has begun to improve, the other six provinces are still of concern, with many roads and bridges blocked and people in some disaster areas having to travel by boat" Dec. 3: "Yala province on Tuesday announced the temporary closure of 18 schools in Raman district and a school in the provincial seat as floodwaters had not yet receded due to continuous heavy rain since Sunday. A police station in Raman district was also flooded by water as much as one metre deep. Damage was initially estimated at about Bt2 million, while an estimated ten thousand local residents in three Yala districts were reportedly affected.In nearby Narathiwat, the water level of the Sungai Kolok, Sai Buri and Bang Nara rivers, reached critical level, overflew the banks and inundated 13 districts, forcing 12 schools to close. Nov. 29: " At least 21 people have died in floods which continue to ravage many lower southern provinces.The death toll is one in Phatthalung, five in Surat Thani, 14 in Nakhon Si Thammarat and one in Pattani".  100.11 7.55   0 56 1 152 20-Nov-2008 811 2896
3415 164   Phillippines       Southern Luzon, eastern coast of the main islands of Luzon and Mindanao   1-Dec-08 10-Dec-08 10 18 50000   Heavy Rain 2 24110 5.7 Dec. 8:"  The death toll from flooding in various parts of Luzon and Mindanao has risen to 18, the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) said Monday. NDCC said the 18 fatalities included four in Camarines Norte, seven in Cagayan, four in Isabela, and three in Aurora province.At least three were reported injured in Camarines Norte, while seven persons remain missing, including three in Isabela and four in Camarines Norte.The NDCC also said the floods had affected 92,879 families or 444,788 persons in 844 villages in 51 towns.Some 26,929 houses were damaged in Cagayan, Isabela, AUrora, Quezon and Camarines Norte. Of these, 459 were totally destroyed, it noted. Estimated cost of damage were placed at P709.585 million, including P396.541 million to infrastructure and P313.044 million to agriculture." Dec. 4: "Twenty-nine people are dead or missing and around 50,000 have been left homeless as widespread flooding hit the eastern seaboard of the Philippines...Heavy monsoon rains this week flooded 48 towns and cities on the eastern coast of the main islands of Luzon and Mindanao, bringing misery to more than 400,000 people".Dec 2.:"The Provincial Disaster Coordinating Council here reported 13 persons missing as of Monday afternoon due to the floods that hit seven of the 12 towns of Camarines Norte when rains continuously poured on Monday....Earlier in the day, the PDCC reported five persons missing and 1,093 families displaced by floods.The Philippine National Police, however, has placed the number of families displaced and relocated at the evacuation centers at 2,211." 121.77 17.2   0 56 1 151 1-Dec-2008 811 2895
3414 163   Italy       Venice   1-Dec-08 4-Dec-08 4       High Tides 2 2220 4.2 Dec 3.: "Strong southern winds pushed the Adriatic Sea into Venice again yesterday, submerging parts of the lagoon city a day after an unusually high tide caused the worst flooding in 20 years.Yesterday's tidal surge peaked at 3ft 4in, well below Monday's 5ft 1in level, which marked the fourth-highest tide in the city's recorded history and the worst since 1986. Still, the water yesterday was high enough to flood the city's landmark St Mark's Square and other low-lying areas". 12.19 45.02   0 56 1 150 1-Dec-2008 811 2894
3414 163 FL-2008-000239-NIC Costa Rica Nicaragua     San Juan, Boca de San Carlos y Sarapiki rivers in the department of San Juan, Nicaragua.   26-Nov-08 28-Nov-08 3 7 46000   Heavy Rain 2 103400 5.8 Nov.28: "The flooding caused by heavy rains during the past days has left at least 46,000 people homeless and caused at least 22 million U.S. dollars in losses in Costa Rica...highways, roads and crops suffered damage, and economic loss is expected to rise as houses and aqueducts need to be repaired and water wells cleaned...among the homeless, nearly 6,000 people remained at shelters till Thursday, and 35 towns isolated by water could only be accessed by air. Landslides blocked the road linking San Jose and Limon"  80.8 8.57   0 56 1 150 26-Nov-2008 811 2893
3413 162 TC-2008-000237-LKA, TC-2008-237-IND Sri Lanka India     Northern Sri Lanka, northern Jaffna peninsula and the Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts, Tamil Nidal and Puducherry in India   22-Nov-08 4-Dec-08 13 61 171000   Tropical Cyclone 2 103400 6.4 Dec. 3: "The Kilinochchi ,LTTE tigers adminstrative capital still under flooded sitation.The northeast monsoon is Active heavily this week never before, this caused flooding many areas, Muddying and slow down troops logistics Movements and advancement to tiger’s Heart Kilinochchi...Despite the heavy monsoon rain brave Sri Lankan Troops are still engaging in the final battle against the LTTE with a high Moral....Pro LTTE site claimed that Sri Lankan Air Force droped Cluster Bombs." Nov.30.:" Floods caused by days of heavy rains killed at least seven people, left four soldiers missing and displaced tens of thousands in insurgency-ravaged northern Sri Lanka...the northern Jaffna peninsula and the Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts were inundated and nearly 8,000 houses have been destroyed...Seven people were confirmed dead and more than 88,000 were displaced in the north alone...The military said four soldiers stationed in Jaffna were missing after being caught in the flooding. Hundreds of thousands of people in the northern region had already been displaced by fighting between government troops and separatist Tamil Tiger rebels and are living in temporary huts. An additional 10,000 people have become homeless because of the floods in the rest of Sri Lanka".  80.8 8.57   1 56 1 149 22-Nov-2008 811 2892
3412 161 FL-2008-000234-BRA Brazil       Santa Catarina State, Itajai River and others   22-Nov-08 3-Dec-08 12 117 80000   Heavy Rain 2 103400 6.4 Dec. 3: " Brazil is committed to quickly repairing key ports damaged in massive floods in order to recoup millions of dollars in daily losses to the economy...The floods, which have claimed at least 116 lives in the southern Santa Catarina region, severely damaged the major Itajai port, which has lost more than $400 million in revenue since the flooding began last month...those losses grow by $35 million a day. Ships have been forced to dock in ports hundreds of miles (kilometers) away in neighboring states." Nov 30th, 2008: "Rescue workers took advantage of clear skies Sunday to resume searching for victims of devastating floods that have killed 114 people and ravaged more than a dozen cities in southern Brazil...Heavy rains subsided, allowing authorities to continue looking for 19 people thought to be missing across Santa Catarina state and to boost aid to some 80,000 people whom floods have driven from their homes in the past week.Bad weather had grounded air force helicopters on Saturday, slowing rescue efforts. Rains are forecast to resume in coming days, increasing the risk of mudslides..."Nov. 24.: The death toll from flooding and landslides caused by heavy rains in southern Brazil has increased to 33...The count of deaths from the weekend devastation rose from 20 reported on Sunday as civil defense officials receive updated information...Nearly 20,000 people have been forced from their homes, and access was cut off to four towns where residents have no electricity....Rescue efforts were focusing on the Itajai River valley, where waters were 9 meters (30 feet) above normal.Santa Catarina state Gov. Luiz Henrique da Silveira declared a state of emergency" "The rain-fueled flooding in southern Brazil affected 1.5 million residents and cut off four cities -- Rio dos Cedros, Pomerode, Itapoá and Benedito Novo -- from the rest of the nation." -49.34 -25.1   1 55 1 148 22-Nov-2008 810 2891
3411 160   Venezuela           20-Nov-08 23-Nov-08 4       Heavy Rain 1 61390 5.4 "Nov. 22.: Heavy rains unleashed flooding and mudslides in Venezuela that killed at least eight people, including four children, The victims following Thursday's downpours included two girls, 9 and 11, who died in a mudslide that hit a poor Caracas neighborhood. They were among at least four killed in the capital...Officials in other parts of the country reported at least four more victims, including a 10-year-old boy and a pregnant 17-year-old who were buried by a landslide in western Zulia state. The rains flooded streets, toppled trees and set off torrents of water and earth that damaged homes and hindered rescue crews in some areas.The storm damaged 300 families' homes in the western state of Trujillo." -66.4 9.77   0 54 1 147 20-Nov-2008 809 2890
3410 159   Australia       Queensland   20-Nov-08 23-Nov-08 4 21 1200   Dam Break, Heavy Rain 1 105500 5.6 Nov. 23:"A dam burst in Australia's Queensland state on Sunday after days of heavy rain and up to four people were believed missing in floodwaters..."There are reports of people missing....The bursting of the Bedford dam, near the town of Blackwater in the state's central highlands, reportedly sent thousands of gigalitres of water rushing downstream....It follows days of bad weather in the northeastern state. Police have advised the public to avoid the area. " 147.03 -21.56   0 54 1 146 20-Nov-2008 809 2889
3409 158 FF-2008-000233-PHL Philippines       Nothern Philippines   18-Nov-08 24-Nov-08 7 6 30000   Heavy Rain 1 21770 5.2 Nov. 23:"Six people have died and thousands became homeless due to floods in the northern Philippines. Heavy rains over the past one week have led to flooding in 18 towns and about 200 villages in the provinces of Isabela and Cagayan in northern Luzon island. According to reports, more than 30,000 families were displaced and ready crops were damaged by these floods. Rescue operation has been started in the affected areas and social workers are shifting the affected people to safer places". Nov. 22: "Five days of heave rains have flooded 40 of the 91 villages in a northern Philippine town near Ilagan, capital of Isabela province, with more towns and villages in foreseeable danger as a local dam is on the verge of releasing water...The police forces and disaster relief agents have joined the local government in the rescue operation, using motorized rubber boats to save residents trapped in deep water...The water level at the nearby Magat Dam reservoir is approaching the 192-meter critical line. Once the dam releases excess water, more Isabela towns are expected to be flooded..".Nov. 23: "At least two people were reported to have drowned while some 147,990 residents were affected by flash floods that hit northern and Central Luzon in the past week. The National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) also said at least P42.905 million in damage to agriculture in Cagayan province alone was recorded" 121.35 17.95   0 54 1 145 18-Nov-2008 809 2888
3408 157 TC-2008-000229-VNM Viet Nam       Central Viet  Nam   17-Nov-08 20-Nov-08 4 21 1200   Tropical Storm Noul 1 36160 5.2 Nov. 19:"Heavy rains from a storm in central Vietnam have killed nine people, including three children, bringing the toll since late last week to 21, although the flood levels have peaked...Disaster reports from six central provinces hit by the storm that landed on Monday (local time) said more than 5,000 hectares of rice paddy had been destroyed...Several hundred families in Binh Dinh province were forced to flee their homes because of floods, while landslides from heavy rains had blocked traffic in mountainous areas in Quang Ngai province...Tropical Storm Noul, the 10th tracked by the South East Asian country this year, did not cause damage on the scale predicted by the Government " 107.71 15.7   0 54 1 144 17-Nov-2008 809 2887
3407 156 TF-2008-000230-CUB Cuba       Eastern Cuba, Jamaica, Grenada   17-Nov-08 20-Nov-08 4   20000   Heavy Rain 1.5 35290 5.3 Nov. 19:"Heavy rains caused a river in eastern Cuba to overflow its banks, flooding highways and more than 2,000 homes, and leading authorities to evacuate nearly 20,000 people...Severe flooding was also reported in the neighboring Caribbean islands of Grenada and Jamaica. There were no immediate reports of deaths on any of the three islands. The flooding was especially pronounced in Cuba's eastern province of Holguin, where heavy rains caused the Rio Grande river to overflow...Rainfall of more than six inches over five days caused floods and landslides that wiped out at least one roadway on the island of Grenada" -76.17 20.61   0 54 1 143 17-Nov-2008 809 2886
3406 155   Australia       Northeastern Australia, Queensland, Brisbane   19-Nov-08 20-Nov-08 2   100   Torrential Rain 1.5 183500 5.7 Nov. 20:"A storm centred around Brisbane on Australia's east coast has caused the worst flooding in decades, sweeping one woman to her death in a car and cutting power to 800 homes....The violent storm saw almost 200mm (8in) of rain in a few hours in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, and surrounding towns. Strong winds battered coastal areas in the south-east corner of the state. Most floodwaters had subsided by late in the day but more heavy rain is forecast for coming days." 151.49 -30.05   0 54 1 142 19-Nov-2008 809 2885
3405 154   South Africa       The Cape, Keisie River, Touws River   12-Nov-08 17-Nov-08 6   100   Heavy Rain 1 76450 5.7 Nov. 16:"The resort town of Montagu has been hard hit by the floods, with holiday homes in the hot-springs area washed into the river and the town cut in half...Floodwaters raged down the Keisie River, stranding tourists and washing away 23 holiday chalets and two villas at Montagu Springs Holiday Resort...Twenty people, including two babies, had to be evacuated before dawn on Thursday as the chalets began slipping into the river....In the town proper, the flooded Keisie River divided the community in half....About 900 people in Montagu West were cut off from all transport and left without sewerage or water on Wednesday night after a bridge was washed away'. Nov. 15.: "The Cape was all but cut off from the rest of South Africa on Friday morning after flooding closed the N1 and a number of other key routes, leaving the N2 as the only remaining artery linking it to the country's economic heart...The N1 was closed in the worst flooding since 1981 in Touws River and this morning trucking traffic was backed up for 5km on either side of the Donkies River....Towns in the area have been left without electricity and hundreds of people are stranded, with many rescue operations under way" 20.9 -33.01   0 54 1 141 12-Nov-2008 809 2884
3404 153 FF-2008-000227-ETH Ethiopia       Wadi Shebelle, Southeast Ethiopia   16-Nov-08 20-Nov-08 5 11 500   Heavy Rain 1 25490 5.1 Nov. 20: "The floods, which have occurred in an area beset by drought in recent months, follow heavy rains in both the Somali region and the highlands of the neighbouring Oromiya region. The rains caused the Wabi Shebelle, Genale, Woito and Omo rivers to break their banks"..Nov. 18: "At least 52,000 people have abandoned their homes in Ethiopia's Somali region after the Wade Shabelle and Genale rivers burst their banks following heavy rains"...Nov. 17:"A river in Ethiopia's highlands burst its banks after heavy rains, killing 11 people and stranding hundreds more, the state news agency said on Monday...Flooding from the Wabe Shebelle river in southeast Ethiopia has submerged more than 100 villages..."Inhabitants in 116 villages in an area covering a 90km radius have been stranded on hillocks surrounded by the flood water"..."Efforts to rescue hundreds of marooned people have become impossible due to the extent of land covered by the flood." 43.06 0.83   0 54 1 140 16-Nov-2008 809 2883
3403 152   USA       Northwestern U.S., Washington State   6-Nov-08 12-Nov-08 7 2     Heavy Rain 1.5 75160 5.9 Nov. 12: " Because of the heavy rainfall, flood warnings are in effect for 25 mainstream rivers in western Washington. Many of these are expected to reach major flood stage today, with some possibly threatening record flood stages. Even after the bulk of the rain ends today, flooding will continue to be a threat as the volume of rainfall makes its way downstream."...Nov 7.: "AUBURN, Wash.    A car driven by a 16-year-old girl and carrying two younger children plunged into a rain-swollen river Friday morning, and authorities said that the teen managed to escape but that there was not much hope for the other two.Divers found the Volkswagen about 100 yards from where the distraught girl told authorities it went off a road into the Green River, authorities said. A tow truck and crew were brought in late morning to attempt to pull it out of the water, but recovery efforts were soon suspended." -122.77 47.01   0 54 1 139 6-Nov-2008 809 2882
3402 151   Kenya Uganda     Western Kenya, Nzoia River   10-Nov-08 12-Nov-08 3   28000   Heavy Rain 1.5 37960 5.2 Nov. 11: "The United Nations humanitarian wing has dispatched an emergency team to western Kenya, where floods following heavy rainfall have forced more than 7,000 families out of their homes and submerged entire villages....The emergency team is working with its aid partners in the towns of Eldoret and Kisumu to assess the available relief stocks and is also supporting national and district authorities to set up an aid pipeline to ensure the relief response is coordinated....The flooding is worst in Budalangi district of Western province, near the border with Uganda, where the Nzoia River burst its banks yesterday after heavy rains upstream, breaching dykes and submerging villages. Budalangi is prone to flooding each year and over 28,000 families were affected by floods in 2007" 35.12 0.05   0 54 1 138 10-Nov-2008 809 2881
3401 150   Somalia       Southwestern Geddo, Bardera   3-Nov-08 4-Nov-08 2   52000   Heavy Rain 1.5 111900 5.5 Nov. 4: "Flash floods in south-western Gedo region have displaced hundreds of families and inundated hectares of farmland in and around Bardera, the regional capital....the floods followed heavy rains in the town and in the hilly areas around it..."We had 11 hours of very heavy rains on Monday [3 November]"... "The floods displaced around 2,000 families [12,000 people] in and around Bardera and destroyed 500 hectares of farmland." Nov. 9: "Residents in Somalia's Luq town said thousands of people have been displaced by flash flooding in the southwest part of the country.....Saturday's floods followed after Jubba river has broken its banks in the town that destroyed large farmlands.....many of the displaced are living in makeshift shelters in elevated areas around the town..... water levels in Gedo region are rising, creating fears of more flooding.". 43.5 1.25   0 54 1 137 3-Nov-2008 809 2880
3400 149   Viet Nam China     Northern and Central Viet Nam, southwestern China (Yunan, Guangxi)   27-Oct-08 3-Nov-08 8 92 3000   Heavy Rain 2 74590 6.1 Nov 4: "On Tuesday, more rain fell in Hanoi, which has experienced its heaviest flooding since 1984, and the authorities reported 20 deaths in the capital and surrounding area from drowning, electric shock or lightning..."This natural disaster is characterized as the largest ever in Hanoi," Pham Quang Nghi, chief of the Hanoi branch of the ruling Communist Party, was quoted by state media as saying...In southwestern China's Yunnan province, mudslides caused by heavy rain killed at least 26 people, with 45 missing, Chinese state media reported. Mountain torrents triggered by heavy rain hit Guangxi to the east of Yunnan, killing eight"...Nov. 3: "The death toll from nearly a week of flooding across northern and central Vietnam stood Monday at 54 and parts of the capital remained under water, but rains were easing and floodwaters receding in many areas.Hanoi alone recorded 18 deaths since heavy rains started lashing the city Friday, authorities said. Elsewhere, 34 deaths have been reported". Also: "The central province of Ha Tinh reported 17 deaths with the rest of the deaths spread among other provinces in northern and central Vietnam....About 500 to 800 millimetres of rain fell on Hanoi from Friday to Monday morning...Disaster centres warned residents living along the Red, Nhue, Duong and Cau rivers in Hanoi that they were in danger as water levels were predicted to rise through the day Monday....Around the country, more than 55,000 houses have been damaged, and 183,000 hectares of crops and 9,600 hectares of aquaculture ponds in northern and central Vietnam have been submerged. 106.32 20.74   1 54 1 136 27-Oct-2008 809 2879
3399 148   Morocco           23-Oct-08 3-Nov-08 12 28 1200   Torrential Rain 2 146700 6.5 Nov. 3: "Flash floods following torrential rains across Morocco have claimed the lives of at least 13 people, overwhelmed emergency services and forced factories and businesses to close. Eleven people were killed in the village of Driouch, 500km north of Rabat, when 20 homes collapsed in what local authorities described as the heaviest rains in the area for more than 20 years. Local officials confirmed on Friday that a two-year-old child was among the dead. Two more people were swept away by flood waters"...Oct 24.: "Eleven people were killed in northeastern Morocco overnight after torrential rains caused heavy flooding, the interior ministry said Friday...The worst hit area was the commune of Driouch in Nador province where more than 20 homes collapsed and many others were submerged by floodwaters. The local authority in Nador said the rains were the heaviest witnessed in the area for more than 20 years...The deaths are due to heavy flooding in the wadi of Guerti which swept away 11 people, including a child of two," ...Another person was killed by the flooding in the city of Tangiers, to the west, according to the interior ministry, where rains cut off thousands of workers at an industrial zone until late Thursday night after the water level reached 1.5 metres (five feet). Serious material damage has also been caused by the floods in the northeastern city of Taza"

-4.77 33.73   1 53 1 135 23-Oct-2008 808 2878
3398 147   Yemen           23-Oct-08 24-Oct-08 2 69 6800   Torrential Rain 2 133200 5.7 "At least 18 people died in Yemen when floods caused by heavy rains swept through the southeastern province of Hadramaut, which has been declared a disaster zone...According to first reports received by a crisis cell set up to coordinate rescue efforts, seven people perished in Al-Mukalla, capital of Hadramaut, and 11 more died elsewhere in the province, a cell member told AFP.The official, who requested anonymity, said the town of Shibam, listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site, was totally isolated by the waters and its famous historic buildings were threatened with collapse.Shibam located some 450 kilometres northeast of Al-Mukalla. A local official earlier told AFP that dozens of people were reported missing in the floods caused by torrential rains that have lashed the region since Thursday. Witnesses said they saw bodies floating in streams swelled by a downpour that lasted for some 30 hours. A member of the crisis cell set up by authorities in Al-Mukalla also said that at least 340 houses have been destroyed in the localities of Tarim, Al-Kotn and Shibam, all in Hadramaut, which is located on the Arabian Sea...."On 24 and 25 October, storm and torrential rains caused severe flooding in the eastern part of Yemen, affecting most districts of the Hadramout and Al-Mahara governorates.The latest figures report that 69 people are killed or missing, 1,700 houses are destroyed or damaged, and infrastructure is also seriously damaged." 49.78 15.54   0 52 1 134 23-Oct-2008 807 2877
3397 146 FL-2008-000191-Nic, FL-2008-000191-NIC Honduras Belize Nicaragua       19-Oct-08 12-Nov-08 25 110 320000 15000000 Tropical Depressions 2 96390 6.7 Oct 22.: "At least 12 people have died and 130,000 have been displaced by flooding and mudslides in Honduras as a stalled storm compounds the misery of a previous tropical depression" Oct 20: "Massive flooding in the western and central areas of Belize has cut off many villages and towns from the rest of the country, led to emergency evacuations, loss of crops and the closure of most schools and the University of Belize. Tropical depression 16 crossed over the Central American region last week bringing most rivers in Belize to flood state. And new rains which started last night have lead to heavy flooding at the western border between Belize and Guatemala leading authorities from both countries to close the border crossing" Oct. 24: "More rains have returned to Belize leading to widespread floods in the Western and Central areas of the country and accompanying damage to property, infrastructure and services....Access to the Western border of Belize with Guatemala at Benque Viejo del Carmen has been cut off again as the highway has been closed by authorities due to flooding....Flash floods have been reported in western Belize and flood waters are begining to affect villages and access roads in the Belize District...Portions of the Cayo District have been declared disaster areas by the government of Belize and losses in the agricultural sector have been estimated at $15 million. Rains and floods are expected to continue into the weekend". Nov 11.: "United Nations aid agencies are stepping up their relief efforts and appeals for funding in Honduras, where a persistent tropical storm has intensified in recent days and spread to new areas of the Central American country. At least 60 Hondurans have now died as a result of Tropical Storm Paloma, and the number of people affected by the flooding has risen this week by about 50,000 to nearly 320,000" -89.28 15.86   1 52 1 133 19-Oct-2008 807 2876
3396 145   Viet Nam       Central Viet Nam   19-Oct-08 20-Oct-08 2 22 12000   Heavy Rain 1.5 39090 5.1 "Four people were injured and seven were reported missing Sunday after heavy rains and flooding struck central Vietnam...More than 20,000 homes were threatened by landslides in Thua Thien-Hue, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai and Quang Tri provinces and hundreds of dwellings had their roofs blown off in the storms...Torrential rains have submerged homes and roads in the provinces, which were inundated by 3-foot-high waves of floodwaters"..."At least seven people have died in flash floods triggered by heavy rains in central Vietnam....Thousands of houses have been submerged in the provinces of Thua Thien Hue, Quang Nam and Quang Ngai. A baby and two children are among the dead...Oct. 20: deaths were in Nghe An, Thua Thien-Hue, Quang Tri, Quang Nam and Quang Ngai provinces"  107.46 14.9   0 51 1 132 19-Oct-2008 806 2875
3395 144 FL-2008-000191-CRI Costa Rica Nicaragua Honduras Guatamala Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua and the southern Mexican state of Chiapas   10-Oct-08 3-Nov-08 25 3 2100   Heavy Rain 1.5 39420 6.2 Nov. 4: "Weeks of rain have caused the deaths of nearly 50 people and left more than 20 missing in Honduras and killed dozens more in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua and the southern Mexican state of Chiapas...Most of the victims were buried in landslides and drowned in rivers that overflowed their banks...In Honduras, 100,000 people were affected by flooding while the emergency services agency estimated damage to highways, bridges, crops and houses at 150 million dollars...In Nicaragua, tens of thousands of people have been evacuated to higher ground". Oct 24: "At least six people died in Costa Rica and another person died in Nicaragua as a result of heavy rains in recent days...The rain has also affected Honduras and caused property damage across Central America... 274 municipalities in the country suffered flooding, with 2,100 people forced to flee their homes for emergency shelters.Hardest-hit in Costa Rica were Parrita and Quepos on the central Pacific coast, and many municipalities in the northern province of Guanacaste reported flooding...The Costa Rican National Emergency Commission said that 287 homes and 20 bridges were damaged...last week in San Jose was the capital's wettest since 1944...In Nicaragua, at least one person died and more than 2,000 people had to be evacuated as a result of heavy rain...Heavy rains over the last 10 days in Nicaragua have caused serious flooding, overflowing rivers and damage to roads. Tegucigalpa, Honduras - Flooding from heavy rains killed at least three people and four others were reported missing as civil defence officials issued a red alert along the Ulua River basin stretching across northern Honduras". Oct 18: " Two people died in flooding of the Guayape River in the eastern department of Olancho, and one victim was reported in the capital, Tegucigalpa, after a collapsed wall buried a house... Two people were reported missing in Olancho and two others in the southern department of Choluteca bordering Nicaragua...Flooding also hit southern Nicaragua, where one person was killed". -85.96 11.48   1 51 1 131 10-Oct-2008 806 2874
3394 143   Kenya Somalia         14-Oct-08 16-Oct-08 3 3 10000   Heavy Rain 1 45130 5.1 "Three people are feared dead after floods swept across Mandera Town on Tuesday night, leaving at least 10,000 people homeless...more than 1,800 families were displaced when River Laga burst its banks...The arid North Eastern Province is prone to floods whenever it rains....Jamhuri and Bula Mpya villages are still submerged and many residents are marooned in the town""at least three people were killed and 6,000 uprooted from their homes in the district of Mandera in north-east Kenya, when the River Daua burst its banks on 14 October"
41.9 4   0 50 1 130 14-Oct-2008 805 2873
3393 142   China       Southern  China, Hainan Island   10-Oct-08 16-Oct-08 7 2 50000   Heavy Rain 1.5 29940 5.5 "Floods triggered by torrential rainover the past four days have left two people dead, one missing and another injured and forced the evacuation of almost 50,000 residents in the southern China island province of Hainan....Floods also submerged 157 villages and inundated about 12,000 hectares of crops in the low-lying areas, said Yang Yunxian of the Hainan provincial flood-control headquarters...Downpours have pounded most parts of the island since Saturday, making several major rivers swell and 425 reservoirs overflow. The rainfall reached 485.8 mm in some areas."
109.82 19.16   0 50 1 129 10-Oct-2008 805 2872
3392 141 FL-2008-000182-RWA Rwanda           1-Oct-08 6-Oct-08 6   2000   Heavy Rain 1 11140 4.8
Flood,Rwanda: Torrential rains have caused extensive flooding, destroying homes and crops in Rwanda's western and northern regions..Oct 6.:"The situation is pathetic; we are trying to secure relief aid for the affected people," Penelope Kantarama, governor of Western Province, said on 3 October. The rains submerged more than 500 homes, destroyed about 2,000 hectares of crops and washed away bridges, roads and pylons, as well as schools."
29.89 -1.72   0 50 1 128 1-Oct-2008 805 2871
3391 140 2008-000180 Nicaragua       Pacific Coast   1-Oct-08 6-Oct-08 6 9 3000   Heavy Rain 2 13950 5.2 "Authorities in Nicaragua have declared a state of alert along the country's Pacific coast after heavy rain left at least nine people dead and four missing. Days of torrential rains have caused overflowing rivers and landslides, destroying 22 homes, and displacing more than 3,000 people. Civil defence authorities say the deaths were a result of reckless river crossings.They also report that landslides have destroyed many coffee, banana and fruit plantations.In the town of Malacatoya, some 30 kilometres south of the capital Managua, local television images on Friday showed residents getting onto a truck to be taken to shelters" -86.37 12.06   0 50 1 127 1-Oct-2008 805 2870
3390 139   Sudan       Southern Sudan   3-Oct-08 6-Oct-08 4 17 3000   Heavy Rain 1 81580 5.5 "KHARTOUM, Sudan, October 04, SPA -- A UN-run radio station has quoted a top Sudanese official saying 17 people are dead after floods destroyed homes, harvest and submerged farms in southern Sudan....citizens are facing difficult humanitarian conditions...most of the victims in North Bahral-Ghazal state flooding were women and children." Oct. 8: "Recently flooded areas include Malakal, Longuchok, Maiwut, and Mabaan in addition to areas of Aweil East, Twic, and Nasir and Bor which flooded in July/August" 29.66 9.24   0 50 1 126 3-Oct-2008 805 2869
3389 138 2008-000178 Algeria           1-Oct-08 17-Oct-08 17 65     Torrential Rain 2 34760 6.1 Oct. 17: "At least eight people were reported drowned in severe flooding over the past two days in the southwest of Algeria...The latest incidents occurred in the region of Bechar, more than 1,000 kilometres (600 miles) from the capital Algiers, after the normally arid region was hit with heavy rain...As of Tuesday, Algerian Communications Minister Abderrachid Boukerzaza said a total of 65 people had been killed in the recent heavy flooding around the country". Oct. 4: "At least thirty people have died in flash floods in the Algerian oasis town of Ghardaia. Officials say 50 others have been injured.The rains came in the early hours of Thursday morning forcing people to take to the roofs of their houses. Some streets of the settlement on the northern edge of the Sahara, remain submerged.The town, 700 kilometres south of the capital Algiers, is home to 100,000 people.Between 300 and 600 houses have been inundated. Gas and electricity supplies have been cut and food stores waterlogged.Oct. 5: "Authorities did not say how they knew the baby had been in the mud since the flooding...The reported rescue came as authorities confirmed at least 41 deaths in the floods caused by torrential rains this week in this usually arid region. In addition to 33 casualties already reported in and around Ghardaia, two more people drowned in the adjacent district of Ourghla and four died farther to the north in the town of Tebessa, some 600 kilometers (370 miles) east of Algiers, APS said.".."Some 1,400 houses were severely damaged in this medieval town located in a long and narrow valley known as the M'zab, about 370 miles (600 kilometers) south of the capital" 3.48 32.24   1 50 1 125 1-Oct-2008 805 2868
3388 137   Mexico       Southeast Mexico   1-Oct-08 6-Oct-08 6   7500   Heavy Rain 2 17010 5.3 "Oct 1 - Nearly two weeks of heavy rains affects thousands in the Mexican state of Veracruz.Officials reported 43 rivers and 19 streams bursting their banks...soaking farmland, highways, and thousands of homes"...."Oct 4 - Mexican authorities have extended a state of emergency in Tabasco as the hard-hit region reels from torrential rainfall and floods. Mexico's wet season usually starts in May and ends in October, but its National Meteorological Service is forecasting further downpours for Tabasco and Veracruz over the next days." "Oct 6: "MEXICO CITY (AP) _ Mexican officials have evacuated 7,500 people and are keeping oil wells shut in Veracruz due to severe flooding from heavy rains along Mexico's Gulf coast" -96.8 19.57   0 49 1 124 1-Oct-2008 804 2867
3387 136   China       Chongzuo   26-Sep-08 29-Sep-08 4       Heavy Rain 1 6853 4.4 Sept 28:"  Torrential rain has led to the overflowing of the Zuojiang River, causing floods in the southern Chinese city of Chongzuo in Guangxi Zhuang province and affecting more than 13,000 people...Several streets in the old city area have been submerged under more than five metres of water. The first and second floor residents in the affected localities have been completely submerged, the Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters said....The water level of the Zuojiang River in Chongzuo was 107.52 meters Sunday, more than 6.32 meters higher than the danger level, it said....A Xinhua reporter said people were floating on tires and large buckets on the Lijiang Road. Plastic bottles, bags and garbage were also seen floating on the three-meter-deep water. Shops were closed along the street.Soldiers have rescued around 1,200 residents Sunday, said Li Yatong, deputy chief of general staff in the province." 108.72 21.93   0 49 1 123 26-Sep-2008 804 2866
3386 135 FL-2008-000166-GTM Guatamala       Coastal southeastern Guatamala   27-Sep-08 28-Sep-08 2         1.5 16450 4.7 "At least 900 people were displaced due to floods in coastal areas in southeast Guatemala, officials said Sunday(21/09/2008). Leonel Morales, representative of the Guatemalan National Coordinator for the Reduction of Disasters (Conred), said the situation was very severe as many other areas have also been flooded." -89.33 15.69   0 49 1 122 27-Sep-2008 804 2865
3385 134 FF-2008-000173-VNM Viet Nam Thailand Philippines China Northern Viet Nam   25-Sep-08 29-Sep-08 5 41   87000000 Tropical Storm Hagupit 2 58980 5.8 Sep. : "FLOODS triggered by Typhoon Hagupit have now claimed at least 41 lives in northern Vietnam, as rescuers continued to search for five people reported missing, disaster officials said yesterday. Hagupit made landfall in Vietnam on Wednesday, triggering severe flooding and landslides in eight mountainous provinces, said the national flood and storm control committee.More than 60 people have been injured, several thousand homes have been inundated with floodwaters and thousands of hectares of crops have been destroyed....Material losses have been estimated at more than one trillion dong ($87 million), the Hanoi-based committee said">>>"Flash floods and landslides have killed 50 people in Vietnam and Thailand, swept away thousands of homes and inundated farmland...In Vietnam, the death toll from typhoon Hagupit, which struck the Philippines and China earlier in the week, has jumped to 32 with another five people missing...Thousands of homes were either washed away or destroyed by heavy rains and landslides in northern Vietnam....Hagupit killed at least eight people in the Philippines and three in China where it triggered a "once-in-a-century storm tide"....Vietnamese soldiers were dispatched to evacuate thousands of people from areas vulnerable to more flash floods and landslides in the mountainous provinces of Son La, Lang Son and Bac Giang...Heavy rains yesterday could trigger more landslides in the mountainous north and flooding along the Thai Binh river, the National Meteorology Centre said.....The Red River near the capital Hanoi was expected to reach dangerously high levels, rising to 8.6m (28ft)" 104.59 21.9   0 49 1 121 25-Sep-2008 804 2864
3384 133   Thailand       ,    11-Sep-08 4-Oct-08 23     8000000 Monsoonal Rain 1.5 165800 6.8 Oct 4.: "More than 300 people in the eastern Thai province of Chachoengsao have become ill from flood-related diseases, officials said...The Thai News Agency reported Friday that heavy and continuing rains caused recurring floods in three districts -- Phanom Sarakham, Ban Pho and Plaeng Yao.Public health authorities have sent 20,000 pairs of boots and mosquito nets to help prevent the outbreak of leptospirosis and other endemic diseases that could be transmitted through the contaminated water.As of Wednesday, flooding has already caused at least Bt75million damages in six northeastern provinces.These provinces are Nakhon Ratchasima, Chaiyaphum, Buri Ram, Surin, Saraburi and Si Sa Ket."There are damages on property and farmland on a wide scale,"...Sept. 30: "The death toll from heavy monsoon flooding across Thailand has risen to 23, the health ministry said Tuesday, with one million people affected by the bad weather. Flood waters brought by heavy rain have inundated 27 of Thailand's 76 provinces since September 11, wrecking homes and farmland and causing nearly eight million dollars in damage. More than 230,000 have sought medical treatment for flood-related ailments, the health ministry said" 103.18 17.82   1 49 1 120 11-Sep-2008 804 2863
3383 132   Nepal India     Western Nepal, Kailali   22-Sep-08 29-Sep-08 8 49 13000   Monsoonal Rain 2 168100 6.4 "Eight districts in western Nepal were affected by the rains which the Nepalese meteorological department described as unusually heavy....The worst hit was Kailali district, about 450 kilometres west of the Nepalese capital Kathmandu, where at least 18 people were killed with dozens more missing....Local authorities said the rescue operations were being hampered by high water-levels and damage to road links but said the weather had improved and water in some areas was receding.....The Nepalese government also said nearly 13,000 people were displaced from their homes after heavy monsoon rains triggered landslides and floods across western Nepal.Nepalese army helicopters had evacuated more than a thousand people in the past two days from areas inaccessible by roads....Eight districts in western Nepal were affected by the rains which the Nepalese meteorological department described as unusually heavy....The worst hit was Kailali district, about 450km west of the Nepalese capital Kathmandu, where at least 18 people were killed with dozens more missing 78.94 30.52   1 48 1 119 22-Sep-2008 803 2862
3382 131   India       Bijapur District, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh   22-Sep-08 29-Sep-08 8 2400     Dam release and Heavy  Rain 2 464300 6.9 As many as 15 villages in Indi taluk of Bijapur district have been flooded following release of water from dams in Maharashtra. In the past two days, more than 1.20 lakh cusecs of water has been released from Ujani and Virbhatkar dams. There has been heavy loss of crops and people have moved to safe areas...." Boudh (Orissa), Sept 23: Flood situation in Orissa remained grim on Tuesday following heavy rains in the catchment area of Mahanadi River.Large parts of the state were inundated after authorities were forced to open dozens of sluice gates of the Hirakud dam on the Mahanadi River.The Mahanadi breached its banks at several places and floodwaters had swept away highways in some areas.In Boudh District of Orissa, many villages like Kutasingha, Panimora, Kaleswar, Kumari, Bankapudi remained marooned today"..Sept 23:"Heavy rains continued to lash northern and eastern India with 49 people reported killed over the past two days as authorities rushed Tuesday to rescue hundreds of thousands trapped in their homes.The latest reported deaths brought the toll of those killed by monsoon flooding to 163 over the last four days.Most of the dead were from India's most populous northern state of Uttar Pradesh, where 32 people were killed by drowning, house collapses and electrocution since Monday, as most rivers in the state spilled their banks...On Sept 24 "In coastal Orissa in the east, the Indian navy was pressed into service to join other military units in the massive effort to rescue hundreds of thousands stranded by the turbulent Mahanadi River..."On Sept 29 for Uttar Pradesh: Rising rivers have burst their banks and swamped vast areas of farmlands and villages, forcing thousands from their homes in the state. Floods have created havoc in the district as the flood waters have inundated over 200 villages in the district and also Lucknow-Delhi National Highway-24 thereby disrupting the transport system.The reason behind floods is said to be release of water from Nanak Sagar dam near the district leading to swelling of Garra and Khannot River." 84.41 20.95   1 47 1 118 22-Sep-2008 802 2861
3381 130   Puerto Rico       Southern Coast    21-Sep-08 23-Sep-08 3 4     Heavy rain 1.5 1644 3.9 Firefighters and rescue crews spent much of the day helping people stranded in deluged towns along the island's southern coast, where scores of residents took refuge in shelters....Families abandoned their homes by boat in a submerged neighborhood in Combate, a small southwestern town. In nearby Guanica, Felix Cruz said he sought higher ground when debris-clogged water began inundating his low-lying home -66.55 18.05   0 46 0 117 21-Sep-2008 801 2860
3380 129   Taiwan       Coastal Ilan County    14-Sep-08 15-Sep-08 2       Tropical Storm Sinlaku 1.5 1866 3.7   121.57 24.67   0 46 0 117 14-Sep-2008 801 2860
3379 128   USA       Texas,Galveston, Houston,  Louisiana coasts, central U.S., Chicago, Illinois, Munster, Indiana, Missouri   12-Sep-08 16-Sep-08 5 8 200000 2000000000 Tropical Storm Ike 1.5 652500 6.7 "At least 20 levees were topped by flood waters along the Missouri, causing massive flooding as thousands of people to have to be evacuated... highways have been closed, emergency crews and Missouri Highway Patrol troopers are working around the clock near Big Lake, a town of approximately 150 people after suffering nine levee breaks...Some of the damage and chaos includes 300 to 400 people being evacuated from the town of town of Levasy as waters rose and over a dozen homes there are under water...Mosby sees two thirds of the town under 2 to 4 feet of water. Mosby is about 20 miles northeast of Kansas City -90.45 35.05   1 46 1 117 12-Sep-2008 801 2860
3378 127   Iraq       Northern Iraq, Kurdistan, Choman District, mountainous area near the Iranian border   10-Sep-08 11-Sep-08 2 3 400   Torrential rain 1.5 3310 4.0   45.11 36.16   0 45 0 116 10-Sep-2008 800 2859
3377 126   Iran       Southwestern Iran, Bazoft district in southern province of Chahalmaha; Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari province, towns of Kohrang and Ardal   9-Sep-08 10-Sep-08 2 19 200   Torrential rain 1.5 213200 5.8 "In nearby Lebed village, a mother and her daughter were killed by the flood while 50 houses were destroyed."
51.3 47.95   0 45 1 116 9-Sep-2008 800 2859
3376 125   United Kingdom       Wales and northern and western England, Morpeth   6-Sep-08 8-Sep-08 3   200 3000000 Torrential rain 1.5 47370 5.3 "Parts of Britain are mopping up after a weekend of storms and flooding that has been blamed for six deaths. Flooding struck large areas of Wales and western and northern England after one of the wettest Augusts on record. Hundreds of people were evacuated and 1,000 properties flooded in the worst-hit town of Morpeth, about 460 kilometres north of London."
-1.8 53.26   0 45 1 115 6-Sep-2008 800 2858
3375 124   Malaysia       Penang, Seberang Parai   5-Sep-08 7-Sep-08 3   125000 108000000 Torrential Rain 1.5 127700 5.8 "The floods which hit parts of the island on Saturday are one of the worst in the state's history. The New Straits Times Press’s regional printing plant in the Prai Industrial Zone was also hit by the floods  On the mainland, Seberang Prai experienced its worst flooding since 2003.Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said more than 10,000 people were affected by the floods, which resulted in nearly 177 families being evacuated. They comprised 30 families in the southwest district of the island, 126 families in the Seberang Prai Tengah district and 21 families in Seberang Prai Utara. Some of the hard-hit areas were Jalan P. Ramlee in the city, Teluk Kumbar, Teluk Bahang and Balik Pulau on the island and Kampung Tok Suboh, Kampung Bandar Baru Perda, Kampung Suluk, Sungai Batu and Kampung Paya on the mainland.Lim said 10 landslides were reported in the state, resulting in the closure of the affected roads. While some of the roads have since reopened, Jalan Tun Sardon, the main road leading to Balik Pulau, is only expected to be opened to motorists in two to three days.ALOR STAR: The flood waters in Kedah are subsiding with the situation in Pendang and Kuala Muda having returned to normal, while there were no new evacuees this morning in Yan, the worst hit area.The number of flood evacuees at five relief centres in Yan remains at 1,127,
102.12 4.08   0 45 1 114 5-Sep-2008 800 2857
3374 123   Indonesia       Northern Sulawesi, Gorontalo city   6-Sep-08 8-Sep-08 3   17352 1080000 Monsoon Rains 1.5 9851 4.6 "Floods caused an estimated 10billion rupiahs (1.08 million U.S. dollars) in material losses after hiting Gorontoalo city on northern Sulawesi island of Indonesia, Antara News agency said on Monday. The provisional estimation covered only damages in irrigation infrastructures and roads. "The material losses do not yet includedamages of houses and office buildings,"...Gorontalo city is prone to flash floods coming from neighboring towns. Flood waters reaching a height of up to 1.5 meter inundateda number of areas in Gorontalo province, such as in Limba B, Biwau,Biawao, Donggala, Limba U2, Moodu, Heledulaa Utara, Heledulaa Selatan, Ipilo, Bugis, Tenilo, Dembe Jaya II, Dembe Jaya, and Wongkaditi Timur, last Friday. The flooding forced a total of 17,352 people to flee to higher grounds in Gorotalo city and Bone Bolango District in Gorontalo Province in northern Sulawesi Island 122.52 0.68   0 45 1 113 6-Sep-2008 800 2856
3373 122   Haiti           6-Sep-08 8-Sep-08 3 58 125000   Tropical Storm Ike 1.5 25890 5.1 GONAIVES, Haiti - Haitians took to their roofs to escape rising floodwaters Sunday (Sept 7) for the second time in a week as squalls from Hurricane Ike intensified their misery, flooding homes and collapsing a bridge on the last open land route for aid to the desperate city.Five adults and five children drowned overnight in the coastal town of Cabaret north of Port-au-Prince, civil protection director Marie-Alta Jean Baptiste said. Haiti's overall death toll rose to 262 from four tropical storms in recent weeks.Above Haiti's coastal flood plain, in the Artibonite Valley, authorities prepared to open an overflowing dam, flooding more homes and possibly causing lasting damage to Haiti's "rice bowl," a key farming area whose revival is key to rescuing the starving country" -71.69 18.46   0 45 1 112 6-Sep-2008 800 2855
3372 121   India       Northern India, Bihar, Assam, Brahmaputra River   30-Aug-08 8-Sep-08 10 900 1000000   Monsoon Rains 1.5 80590 6.1 This is follow-on to event #3365."Majuli Island (Assam), Sep 8 : Situation is grim in Majuli Island in Assam, where floods have inundated almost the entire island, affecting thousands of people and disrupting communications.".."Guwahati, Sep 07: The flood situation in Assam continued to be critical Sunday with an estimated 2.1 million people displaced and 24 dead so far. There were fears of an epidemic breaking out with reports of people hit by waterborne diseases, officials said. "The situation is still grim with 20 of the state's 27 districts affected by the floods displacing about 2.1 million people and 24 dead".. A Central Water Commission bulletin said the main Brahmaputra River and its tributaries were flowing above the danger level in at least 10 places with the trend likely to increase. "The worst hit districts are Dhubri, Jorhat, Kamrup, Lakhimpur, Dhemaji and Morigaon where the situation is still critical," the minister said. The swirling floodwaters of the Brahmaputra River have cut a treacherous swathe across Assam breaching more than a 54 vital embankments, besides sweeping away road bridges and stretches of highways. Sept 8: "Hungry villagers pleaded with authorities to rescue them from flooded homes in eastern India on Monday, as devastating floods continued to haunt millions in South Asia. Final entry (Sept 8): "We want to be evacuated, but no boats have come to take us away to relief camps," Ravindra Yadav, a villager in flood-hit Madhepura district said by telephone. "We are hungry, we are dying....About 20,000 villagers have refused to leave their homes, saying they wanted to protect their belongings, officials said."Aid agencies say there are still a few thousand people who have no means to survive on their own anymore."We are waiting for the last three days to leave, but there are no boats to save my family," said flood victim Badri Sharma, who built a bamboo raft to flee, but which proved not good enough to negotiate the swift river current..."Caused by a breach in the east Kosi embankment at Kusaha in Nepal on August 18, lakhs of people in Muzaffarpur, Katihar, West Champaran, Khagaria, Sheikhpura, Saran, Begusarai, Bhagalpur, Vaishali, Patna, Nalanda, Purnia, Supaul, Saharsa, Madhepura and Araria fell victim to the massive floods with the last four bearing the major brunt of the deluge".

94.55 27.044   1 45 1 111 30-Aug-2008 800 2854
3371 120   Bangladesh       Nothern Bangladesh   30-Aug-08 8-Sep-08 10   600000   Monsoon Rains 1.5 59250 5.9 ON August 31: "The flood situation in the northern region worsened with rising waters of the Teesta, the Brahmaputra and the Dharla rivers marooning several thousands of people, reports said....A Flood Forecasting and Warning Center report said more low-lying areas including some parts of capital Dhaka are likely to be flooded within the next two to three days". On Sept 7: "At least 600,000 people have been stranded and some 14,000 are sheltering in relief centres after floods across Bangladesh dramatically worsened, a minister said. Disaster management minister A.M. Shawkat Ali said the army had been called in to help rescue efforts in the worst hit districts as the number of trapped people soared. "So far 23 districts have been affected by flooding. Some 14,000 people in the worst-affected Sirajaganj and Bogra districts took shelters in relief centres," he said. Relief chief Zillur Rahman said the Jamuna River had breached its banks in Bogra and washed away dozens of villages." 90.21 21.02   0 44 1 110 30-Aug-2008 799 2853
3370 119   USA       Louisiana, Mississippi,Texas   1-Sep-08 2-Sep-08 2       Hurricane Gustav 1.5 163400 5.7   -92.49 31.34   0 44 1 109 1-Sep-2008 799 2852
3369 118 TC-2008-000143-HTI,DOM Haiti Dominican Republic Cuba       26-Aug-08 28-Aug-08 3 22 5000   Tropical Storm Gustav 1.5 33220 5.2 On Aug 27: "The death toll from Hurricane Gustav is up to 22 in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Haiti's civil protection director Marie Alta Jean-Baptiste says mudslides and flooding have killed at least 14 people in Haiti, including a young girl who was swept off a bridge by floodwaters. In the neighboring Dominican Republic, eight people have died in a landslide" On Aug 28: "Overflowing rivers coursed through streets in parts of Holguin province in eastern Cuba on Wednesday and forced the evacuation of about 5,000 people as Tropical Storm Gustav unleashed the opening salvo of what is likely to be an increasingly powerful, four-day assault"

-71.976 18.871   0 44 1 108 26-Aug-2008 799 2851
3368 117   Chad           20-Jul-08 25-Aug-08 37   200000   Heavy seasonal rains 1.5 61820 6.5 The United Nations said last week floods had uprooted an estimated 200,000 people across West Africa. Kingsley Amaning, UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Chad, said in a statement on Saturday that 10,000 had lost their homes due to flooding in and around the southern town of Sahr. "Torrential rains have been hitting Sahr since late July, and have continued up to the present time"

18.351 9.233   1 44 1 107 20-Jul-2008 799 2850
3367 116 FF-2008-000141-ETH Ethiopia           20-Aug-08 28-Aug-08 9 3 18000   Heavy seasonal rains 1.5 69640 6.0  (Reuters) - Flooding in Ethiopia's western Gambella region has killed three people, displaced thousands and destroyed crops...Flash floods following heavy rains for nearly a week have caused major rivers in Gambella to burst their banks, submerging residential areas and farmlands and forcing 18,000 people to be displaced"...So far we have reports of the deaths of three people including one child,". On Aug. 27:" Flash floods following torrential rains in Ethiopia's Gambella regional state have spread to four woredas [districts] and displaced thousands more people...The number of displaced people has reached 20,000," Four rivers have burst their banks in the region since heavy rains started a week ago...Akway said the number of displaced people had increased after two additional woredas, Abobo and Akobo, were flooded. The flash floods hit Lare and Itang woredas a week ago following three consecutive days of heavy rain, which caused the overflow of Jikaw and Nyandiere rivers in Lare and Pukong River in Itang. 33.314 7.585   0 43 1 106 20-Aug-2008 798 2849
3366 115   USA       Florida, Georgia   20-Aug-08 28-Aug-08 9 12 400   Tropical Storm Fay 2 98480 6.2 Rivers currently (August 25) at or above flood stage: St. Marks River at Newport (Wakulla County) – at record major flood stage. St. Mary’s River at Macclenny (Baker/Nassau County) – at major flood stage. St. Johns River near Geneva (Lake Harney/Volusia/Seminole) – at record major flood stage. Ochlockonee River near Havana (Gadsden/Leon Counties) – at major flood stage. ON Aug. 28: "-the (St Marys)  river that sets the border between Florida and Georgia is causing major problems. Gene Higginbotham's family has lived on the St. Marys River for six decades. They've never seen flooding this severe. "It dumped more water than any hurricane I've ever seen...Almost a week after Tropical Storm Fay made landfall, the St. Marys River is flooded well over its banks" "Rainfall from the remnants of Tropical Storm Fay has boosted the level of Lake Lanier by more than 2 feet, while in southwest Georgia, a state of emergency has been declared for seven counties inundated by Fay’s heavy rain"." Why is the floodwater still around more than a week after the downpours from Tropical Storm Fay? The answer? Sheet flow. But what is it?You have this water moving trying to find its way to the Gulf of Mexico, it can't sink into the ground because its already saturated, so its just kind of meandering along, trying to find its way," said Susan Sanders, spokesperson for the local office of the South Florida Water Management District"

-82.859 29.657   1 43 1 105 20-Aug-2008 798 2848
3365 114   Nepal India     Eastern Nepal, Haripur, Sripur, Laukahi and western Kushaha villages in Sunsari  district'; northeast India, Assam, Bihar Saptakoshi River, Kosi River 18-Aug-08 24-Sep-08 38 400 10000000   Heavy monsoon rains 2 163700 7.1 As of Monday evening (18th), over 25,000 locals left their homes for Inaruwa, Saptari and neighboring Indian villages....The buffer zone of the Koshi Wildlife Reserve is among the most affected by the erosion... Local roads in the villages turned into canals and many had to swim to safety in higher areas...Although 40 out of the total of 56 sluicegates at Saptakoshi barrage were opened, this failed to make any immediate difference.."floods have forced at least 70,000 people to flee their homes in northeast India and Nepal. Floodwaters have swamped 100 villages in Assam state, destroying homes and farmland and forcing 50,000 people to the safety of high ground." On august 25: "PATNA, India - Authorities struggled Monday to get aid to more than 1 million people stranded by floods in a north Indian state, with one local government leader describing the situation as a catastrophe. Air force helicopters and troops were trying to get food to people in the stricken areas of Bihar state that were inundated by flood waters last week after torrential rains caused the Kosi river in neighboring Nepal to burst its banks". On Aug 28: "some two million are displaced after the Kosi river breached its banks, changing course. On Sept 1: "The road links to North East were on Sunday cut off as the national highway 31, which connects it with rest of the country and is the lifeline of the region, was submerged by the surging Puthimari river at Rangiya. The flood situation in Assam turned grim today with all the major rivers getting swollen, including Brahmaputra" .Sept 8 PATNA: The flood situation in five worst-hit districts of northeastern Bihar today eased even further with the discharge in river Kosi from Nepal coming down to 76,400 Cusecs and water level in the affected areas receding. Flood control room of the Water Resources Department said discharge in the Kosi river from Barahkshetra in Nepal had come down to 76,400 cusecs this noon from 92,750 cusecs at the same time on SaturdayPATNA, India (Reuters) -  On Sept 23:  "Bihar's agriculture ministry estimated crop damage at 1.5 billion rupees (36 million dollars), and warned it could mount if flood waters do not subside.Evacuated villagers, some with buffaloes and cows they managed to rescue, have crowded into every safe building on the edge of the vast flood plain. Schools, universities, temples and madrassas have all turned into shelters.In the worst-hit areas near the town of Saharsa, 150 kilometres (95 miles) east of the state capital Patna, only tree-tops were visible..." Also:"It was another day in the grip of floods for residents of Uttar Pradesh, Orissa and Bihar. Even in capital New Delhi, the Yamuna river was flowing above the danger mark. The gates of the Gobind Sagar reservoir of the Bhakra-Nangal dam on the Himachal Pradesh-Punjab border were opened for the first time in 10 years to release excess water....In India's most populous state of Uttar Pradesh, with 14 more people dying in rain-related incidents and over 2.5 million affected, the army was called out to assist the civil authorities for rescue and relief operations

84.923 26.951   1 42 1 104 18-Aug-2008 797 2847
3364 113   USA Mexico     South Texas; Texas border with Mexico   17-Aug-08 20-Aug-08 4   4000   heavy rain 1.5 761 3.7 "Torrential rains flooded more than 400 homes in Starr County...More than 13 inches of rain fell in some parts of the county, forcing emergency officials to use boats to pluck people from their flooded homes....The impact of so much rain was compounded because the ground was still saturated from Hurricane Dolly..."It's really in a bad situation now," Falcon said. Emergency personnel were using any boat available to remove people from their homes. Two shelters were opened in the county at one point...The worst of the flooding was concentrated north of U.S. Highway 83 between Roma and Rio Grande City.... About 60 people were plucked from flooded homes and taken to a local community center."

-106.01 31.49   0 41 0 103 17-Aug-2008 796 2846
3363 112   USA       Grand  Canyon, Arizona Supai Creek 17-Aug-08 18-Aug-08 2   250   Dam Failure 1.5 385 3.1 "People were airlifted by helicopter after heavy rains caused an earthen dam gave way. Residents and campers were plucked from Supai, Arizona yesterday....The area of northern Arizona got 3 to 6 inches of rain Friday and Saturday and about 2 inches more on Sunday…" -112.73 36.25   0 41 0 103 17-Aug-2008 796 2846
3362 111 TC-2008-000132-DOM Dominican Republic Haiti Cuba       16-Aug-08 18-Aug-08 3       Tropical Storm Fay 1.5 37960 5.2   -71.58 19.16   0 41 1 103 16-Aug-2008 796 2846
3361 110   United Kingdom       Northern Ireland   15-Aug-08 16-Aug-08 2       Torrential rain 2 23130 5.0 "Aug 18th, 2008 | LONDON -- Authorities rescued people trapped on the roofs of their cars and stranded in their homes after parts of Northern Ireland received more rainfall in one day than they usually experience in three weeks, officials said Monday...Group Commander Jim Guy said the flash floods were the worst that Northern Ireland's Fire and Rescue service had ever experienced"
-7.23 54.49   0 41 1 102 15-Aug-2008 796 2845
3360 109 FL-2008-000131-LAO Thailand Laos Vietnam Cambodia Also Burma. Widespread flooding along Mekong floodplain. Vietiane Mekong, Kok rivers 11-Aug-08 20-Aug-08 10 130 4000 6650000 Tropical Storm Kammuri; Heavy monsoon rains 2 219500 6.6 " 10000 rai of farmland damaged"..Thailand: "The Mekong river has exceeded its highest recorded level of 12.38 metres in 1966, inundating homes and farmland from 9 August in the northern province of Chiang Rai all the way to the northeastern province of Nakhon Panom. Floods which, according to the Interior Ministry, are the worst in 100 years, have caused estimated damage of 223 million baht (US$66.5 million) thus far in Thailand".."In Thailand, some local residents and environmentalists told IRIN they suspected Chinese dams and the destruction of small Mekong river islands to clear passage for Chinese cargo ships had aggravated flooding in the region. They also blamed the Mekong River Commission (MRC)...for failure to warn people about the flooding. However, MRC issued a statement on 15 August saying the present situation was the result of abnormally high water runoff in the northern part of the Mekong basin following heavy rainfall caused by tropical storm Kammuri which pasted through 9-11 August. "In Vientiane, the capital of Laos, officials said the Mekong River had brought the worst flooding in memory, rising to nearly 15 metres above its lowest level in the dry season.The high water in Vientiane broke a record set in 1966 and overflowed a levee that was built after that flood."
103.66 17.31   1 41 1 101 11-Aug-2008 796 2844
3359 108   Pakistan India     Punjab Province   9-Aug-08 20-Aug-08 12 37 90752   Heavy monsoon rains 1.5 165900 6.5 Pakistan:  62013 acres of farmland affected. India: ""Chandigarh: Food crops in over 65,000 acres of land are feared to have been damaged by heavy rains in Punjab in the past several days that has left fields flooded, according to reports from flood-hit areas. The damage has been caused mainly to paddy, maize and vegetables, according to a senior official of the Punjab Agriculture Department. “Heavy rains have impacted almost 15-20 per cent of the vegetable crops grown in Punjab,” State Horticulture Director Baldev Singh said." As per the report prepared by the department, 15,000 acres of cultivated land each in Ropar and Kapurthala was affected, while 10,000 acres in Ferozepur, 11,500 acres in Tarn Taran, 5,000 acres in Gurdaspur, 5,000 acres in Moga, 3,000 acres in Jalandhar and 150 acres in Amritsar are submerged in water due to swollen rivers of Sutlej, Ravi and Ghaggar, causing breaches at several places in the State. Farm experts pointed out that there would be considerable damage to maize crop as it could not recover once the fields are flooded with water. However, they further said that paddy crop could recoup if the water level in the fields starts receding within 2-3 days. Punjab has brought an area of 26.70 lakh hectares under paddy cultivation and 1.70 lakh hectares under maize cultivation during this kharif season."" t is feared that 169.9 cubic metres per second could be released into the River Sutlej in India, triggering floods in Pakistan, if the forecasts from Pakistan's Flood Warning Centre in Lahore prove accurate" 72.63 30.74   1 40 1 100 9-Aug-2008 795 2843
3358 107   USA       Nebraska, Oklahoma   9-Aug-08 11-Aug-08 3       Torrential rain 1 136100 5.6   -96.32 37.83   0 39 1 99 9-Aug-2008 794 2842
3357 106   USA       Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine Ames Brook, NH, others 8-Aug-08 11-Aug-08 4 1     Torrential rain 2 53270 5.6   -71.45 44.33   0 39 1 98 8-Aug-2008 794 2841
3356 105   India       Southern India, Andhra Pradesh, Khammam; West Godavari, Krishna, Guntar districts  Munneru (tributary of the Krishna), others  5-Aug-08 11-Aug-08 7 74     Heavy monsoon rains 1.5 75490 5.9
81.38 16.65   0 39 1 97 5-Aug-2008 794 2840
3355 104 FL-2008-000128-VNM Viet Nam           9-Aug-08 11-Aug-08 3 100     Tropical Storm Kammuri 2 50404 5.5 Rivers at highest levels in 40  years, multiple landslides 105.21 22.05   0 39 1 96 9-Aug-2008 794 2839
3354 103 TC-2008-000130-CHN China       Leizhou Peninsula, Southwestern Guangdong   8-Aug-08 11-Aug-08 4   42000   Tropical Storm Kammuri 2 8410 4.8   113.15 22.33   0 39 1 95 8-Aug-2008 794 2838
3353 102   China       Southwestern China, Yunan Province, Jinghong   7-Aug-08 11-Aug-08 5 20   $42,000,000 Torrential rain 1.5 24610 5.3 810000 affected by exceptionally heavy rains and flooding 101.55 22.62   0 39 1 94 7-Aug-2008 794 2837
3352 101   United Kingdom       Scotland Water of Leith,Tyne, Earn 6-Aug-08 8-Aug-08 3       Torrential rain 1.5 27720 5.1   -3.89 56.23   0 39 1 93 6-Aug-2008 794 2836
3351 100 FL-2008-125000-SDN Sudan       Southern Sudan, Northern Bahr el-Ghazal state, Aweil town Kuom River39000 7-Aug-08 8-Aug-08 2       Torrential rain 1 155600 5.5   30.76 6.61   0 39 1 92 7-Aug-2008 794 2835
3350 99   Iran       Northwest Iran near border with Turkey, Maku   7-Aug-08 8-Aug-08 2 3 1200   Torrential rain 2 7096 4.5 300 houses destroyed in Maku 44.69 39.24   0 39 1 91 7-Aug-2008 794 2834
3349 98   Togo       Central and southern Togo, Atakpame, Lome,    1-Aug-08 8-Aug-08 8       Torrential rain 1 66960 5.7   1.04 7.69   0 39 1 90 1-Aug-2008 794 2833
3348 97 FL-2008-000126-TCD Chad       N'djamena   2-Aug-08 8-Aug-08 7       Torrential rain 1 179000     15.45 9.29   0 39 0 89 2-Aug-2008 794 2832
3347 96 FF-2008-000123-PAK Pakistan       Peshawar, and NWFP (northwest frontier provinces)   2-Aug-08 4-Aug-08 100 35 200000   Torrential rain 2 32490 6.8 "Due to high floods at Warsak, Nasir Bagh, and Charsadda Road, more than 80 villages were flooded, endangering masses’ life and property.The floods have caused massive damage with crumbling walls, the communications’ system gone haywire, causing a severe food shortage, with people forced to spend their lives under open skies, taking refuge atop buildings, trees and even electricity poles."

71.7 33.92   1 39 1 89 2-Aug-2008 794 2832
3346 95   Canada       New Brunswick, Edmundston   3-Aug-08 4-Aug-08 2       Torrential rain 2 9315 4.6   -68.99 47.64   0 38 1 88 3-Aug-2008 793 2831
3345 94   China       Eastern China
Anhui Province - counties: Yuexi, Jinzhai. Dabieshan mountains.
Fujian Province - Cangnan area, Fuzhou, Quanzhou and Putian.
Zhejiang Province - Wenzhou area.
Jiangxi -  Jiujiang
--Taiwan - Tainan county. Hualien, Pingtung
  28-Jul-08 8-Aug-08 12   93000 356000000 Tropical Storm Fung-Wong 2 533900 7.1 "Torrential rains from Thursday to Saturday have left two people dead and resulted in flooding that forced the relocation of 53,800 people in east China. The flooding along the Chuhe River system in Anhui and Jiangsu provinces is the worst since 1991, with water levels in some sections exceeding warning levels or even historical records.The flood crest of the Xianghe river, the system's main stream, reached 14.19 meters at 6 p.m. on Saturday in Quanjiao, Anhui, 0.2meters higher than the previous recorded high.The river's flood crest at the Xiaoqiao hydrological station in Jiangsu hit 12.62 meters at 7:33 p.m. Saturday, only one centimeter lower than the historical records". local residents surrounded by the flood water in Chuzhou City in central China's Anhui province on August 2, 2008. "Caused by tropical storm Fung Wong, heavy rainfalls triggered floods in large areas of Chuzhou City on August 1 and August 2, demaging roads, bridges, river banks and power facilities"

114.41 32.56   1 38 1 87 28-Jul-2008 793 2830
3344 93 FL-2008-000120-JPN Japan       Western Japan, Kobe   28-Jul-08 29-Jul-08 2 5 50000   Torrential rain 2 52420 5.3 On July 28, the waters of the Togagawa river in Kobe rose suddenly and swallowed more than 10 people, killing a woman and three children who were playing on the riverbank.The total length of the Togagawa river is only 3 kilometers, including its tributaries. On the same day, a river flooded in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. About 50,000 people were evacuated
136.38 35.88   0 37 1 86 28-Jul-2008 792 2829
3343 92   Mali Mauritania Togo       15-Jul-08 4-Aug-08 21 9     heavy rain 1.5 1090000 7.5 United Nations relief officials warned that heavy rains across West Africa have brought renewed flooding to the region, threatening the homes and livelihoods of tens of thousands of people...more than 50,000 people in seven West African countries have been affected by floods so far, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). In Mali, at least six people are reported to have died in the capital, Bamako, because of the floods, while the rising waters of the Senegal River have displaced about 4,600 people in southern Mauritania. Another 10,000 people have been forced from their homes in Togo and that country’s trade links with Burkina Faso have been disrupted after the rains made nine bridges unusable. ""At least nine people have been killed as torrential floods have submerged entire villages in Togo, the country's Minister for Transport and Highways said Saturday in a televised address. Nine major bridges have been wiped out, stranding villagers in flooded hamlets, Ekpao Talaki said. As many as 5,000 people have been rendered homeless, according to the government's web site, but aid workers say the number could be much higher" "The floods were caused by unexpected heavy rains in Togo's south, which have swollen the Hao and Zio rivers north of Lome" -3.15 13.31   1 37 1 85 15-Jul-2008 792 2828
3342 91   New Zealand       North Canterbury   30-Jul-08 31-Jul-08 2       Torrential rain 2 26210 5.0 People were forced out of their homes yesterday as roads and schools were closed and floodwaters raced across farmland in North Canterbury.A winter deluge left rivers swollen and creeks overflowing, bringing chaos to the region.Heavy rain fell across North Canterbury, delivering up to 200mm to Cheviot and about 130mm to Amberley over 24 hours, Many schools were shut due to surface flooding and the closure of rural roads. The highway was closed between Blenheim and Woodend as slips, flooding and rock falls made driving treacherous
172.42 -42.22   0 36 1 84 30-Jul-2008 791 2827
3341 90   Canada       Gambo, central Newfoundland, Baffin Island Park   30-Jul-08 31-Jul-08 2       Torrential rain 2 160100 5.8 "The 19,000-square-kilometre Auyuittuq National Park on Baffin Island's northeast coast has recently experienced "record-breaking" warmth and substantial amounts of rain" -58.51 51.97   0 36 1 83 30-Jul-2008 791 2826
3340 89   USA       Interior Alaska Salcha, Tanana 30-Jul-08 11-Aug-08 13       heavy rain 2 163700 6.6 "Downpours across Interior Alaska caused waterways including the Salcha and Tanana rivers to spill their banks Wednesday in a continuation of some of the worst flooding here in decades...Much of the flood-prone town of Salcha woke to find flood waters had surrounded homes and filled crawlspaces after overnight showers brought two-day rainfall levels to a combined four inches"..."The Tanana River, at well over 26 feet Wednesday evening, had risen to its highest level since the flood of 1967"

151.02 64.28   1 36 1 82 30-Jul-2008 791 2825
3339 88 FL-2008-000120-JPN, TC-2008-000118-TWN Philippines Taiwan Japan   Northern Luzon, Taiwan, western Japan Togagawa river 28-Jul-08 29-Jul-08 2 4 76000   Tropical Storm "Fung-wong" 2 61670 5.4 Piddig and Pasuquin towns in the Philippines suffered extensive flooding that displaced more than 6,000 people. "The rain, which resulted from a powerful typhoon that pounded Taiwan and the Philippines, led authorities to urge some 70,000 people to evacuate in the historic areas of Kyoto and Kanazawa. A ferocious torrent gushed through Japan's sixth largest city of Kobe, sweeping bystanders off their feet and into the water. Four people were killed" "An unidentified village chief in Nantou County in central Taiwan told Sanlih Television that rampaging flood waters had reached a mountain village, prompting some 1,000 people to prepare to evacuate"
120.97 23.35   0 35 1 81 28-Jul-2008 790 2824
3338 87   India Bangladesh Nepal   Assam, eastern districts of Lakhimpur and Jorhat; Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, eastern Nepal Brahmaputra 20-Jul-08 8-Aug-08 20 142 225000   monsoonal rainfall 2 283800 7.1 "The Brahmaputra and its tributaries were flowing above the danger mark in at least six places. Thousands have been displaced overnight with the Brahmaputra breaching a vital embankment along Majuli, South Asia's largest river island.""In Bangladesh, perennially inundated because so much of it is low-lying delta, more than half of the districts were under water. More than one million families were affected by flooding, according to government officials; the death toll after a week’s heavy rains stood at 58""According to the country’s meteorological department, Bangladesh received just under 29 inches of rain in July, about double the average. Bangladesh also felt the brunt of greater rain upstream in northern and northeastern India, as swollen rivers broke through their banks on their way down to the Bay of Bengal, said Saiful Hossain, executive engineer of the Flood Forecasting and Warning Center, a government agency".."In Nepal, unremitting rains for the last two weeks flooded swaths of the heavily populated southern plains, known as the Terai Region, on the border with India. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, nearly 10,000 people were displaced, and 84 had been killed""SAPTARI, 31 July 2008 (IRIN) - Heavy flooding in eastern Nepal is affecting hundreds of families...We haven't experienced such heavy rainfall for 20 years...".On July 31: "The authorities have issued a flood warning in anticipation of heavy inflow in the next couple of days and the dam is likely to release the entire inflow into the river to maintain the level at 2,283.5 ft. The people living on the banks of Kapila river (India) have been asked to move to safer places.

89.79 27.5   1 35 1 80 20-Jul-2008 790 2823
3337 86 FL-2008-000117-ROM,FL-2008-000122-UKR,FL-2008-000122-MDA Ukraine Romania Moldava   Carpathian Mountains, Ivano-Frankivsk in southwestern Ukraine, northern Romania."Authorities in the breakaway Dniester region are preparing the evacuation of 50,000 people from settlements on the overflowing Dniester river, according to Itar-Tass" Prut, Dniestr 22-Jul-08 30-Jul-08 9 40 172000 300000000 heavy rain 2 55710 6.0   24.38 48.17   1 34 1 79 22-Jul-2008 789 2822
3336 85 TC-2008-000111-MEX Mexico USA     SW Texas, southern New Mexico, northeastern Mexico   21-Jul-08 29-Jul-08 9 1 180   Tropical Cyclone "Dolly" 2 457300 6.9 In New Mexico, "Meteorologists said the mountainous area had gotten more than 6 inches of rain and more rain is forecast for the area over the next few days" -102.79 29.79   1 33 1 78 21-Jul-2008 788 2821
3335 84 FL-2008-000112-LBR Liberia       Monrovia   20-Jul-08 20-Jul-08 1         1.5 33620 4.7 Intense and heavy rainfall in the Liberian capital Monrovia on 20 July caused the worst floods ever seen in Monrovia -10.21 6.23   0 32 1 77 20-Jul-2008 787 2820
3334 83   Chile       Central and southern regions. Walapane area - Nuwara Eliya, Hanguranketha, Padiyapellella.  Hambantota Rio Bueno, Bio Bio River 11-Jul-08 20-Jul-08 10         1.5 161600 6.4   -71.94 -39.12   1 32 1 76 11-Jul-2008 787 2819
3333 82   Taiwan Philippines         18-Jul-08 18-Jul-08 1 19     Tropical Storm Kalmaegi 2 17090 4.5 Officials said parts of the south had recorded up to 44 inches of rain in the past 24 hours.The storm started lashing Taiwan late Thursday. It headed away from Taiwan and toward southern China early Friday, packing winds of 52 mph, the Central Weather Bureau said.In the Philippines, the government disaster agency said two people died earlier this week as the storm pounded the country's northern corner with rain and strong winds 120.785 22.94   0 31 1 75 18-Jul-2008 786 2818
3332 81   Algeria           15-Jul-08 16-Jul-08 2 3       1 76330 5.2 Three people have died and more than 30 were injured in flash floods and heavy torrential rain in the eastern province of Batna. -98.149 21.36   0 31 1 74 15-Jul-2008 786 2817
3331 80 FL-2008-000107 Mexico       Veracruz, Tamaulipas, Oxaca   6-Jul-08 11-Jul-08 6 12       1.5 193700 6.2 Torrential rains and flash flooding left many places and villages isolated, destroyed infrastructure in the affected areas and left many people without basic services.Mexican Interior Ministry declared a state of emergency in six cities of the eastern state of Veracruz on Thursday after heavy rains slashed eastern Mexico. In a press statement, the ministry said the General Coordination for Civil Protection will provide immediate aid to Zapata, Ixhuaxan de los Reyes, Naranjos Amatlan, Panuco, Pueblo Viejo and Tlaltetela. Fifteen of the 31 states of Mexico were on maximum alert for downpours after seven people were killed on Wednesday by landslides and floods
      1 31 1 73 6-Jul-2008 786 2816
3330 79   Indonesia       Central Sulawesi, Banggai District, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan   9-Jul-08 10-Jul-08 2 1       1 89290 5.3 The flooding has cut off land transportation between Luwuk and Palu and beteen Luwuk and Makassar as a concrete bridge over Tobelombang River was destroyed by the flood.  From Balikpapan (ANTARA News): "Thousands of houses in Balikpapan, Indonesia's East Kalimantan province, were hit by 2.5-meter floods since 3 a.m local time on Wednesday due to incessant heavy rains."
116.237 -1.675   0 30 1 72 9-Jul-2008 785 2815
3329 78   United Kingdom       Southwest England and Wales, Devon, Cornwall   8-Jul-08 12-Jul-08 5         1 75680 5.6 "THE spectre of another washout summer returned yesterday as a month's worth of rain drenched the country in a single day. Cars were abandoned by roadsides and rail services were thrown into chaos as huge swathes of the country were put on flood alert....The South-west and south Wales bore the brunt of the downpours yesterday as nearly three inches of rain fell". The average rainfall in the UK in July is 70mm, (2.76in) but forecasters say some areas will be soaked by a 75mm (2.95in) deluge today."High ground in the South West and Wales will be the worst hit"
-1.778 52.863   0 30 1 71 8-Jul-2008 785 2814
3328 77   South Africa       Western Cape, Citrusdal, Cape Flats, Phillippi, Kosovo, Pola Park, Boys Town, and Never Never areas   4-Jul-08 7-Jul-08 4   2000     1 21020 4.9   18.743 -33.13   0 30 1 70 4-Jul-2008 785 2813
3327 76 FL-2008-000104-NPL India Bangladesh Nepal   Assam, Lakhimpur district, Orissa, West Bengal, India; Simal Khet, Tatopani, Sarkunda, Sisamjhal, Thandajala, Sarkuda, Parigaun, Siraha, Dadeldhura, Nepal Brahmaputra 5-Jul-08 14-Jul-08 10 350 70000   Monsoon Rain 1.5 426500 6.8 20 dead in Bangladesh,20000 displaced. In Nepal, flooding forced residents of Simal Khet, Tatopani, Sarkunda, Sisamjhal, Thandajala, Sarkuda and Parigaun to flee; villages of Siraha and Dadeldhura districts were completely inundated. Three rivers - Damodar, Kharkai, and Suvarnarekha - are overflowing and posing a threat to Ranchi and Jamshedpur cities 90.12 25.241   1 30 1 69 5-Jul-2008 785 2812
3326 75   Japan           27-Jun-08 30-Jun-08 4   128     1 147200 5.8 Heavy rain due to a seasonal rain front, western to eastern Japan on Sunday, more than 30 homes flooded in Aki, Kochi Prefecture. In Aki, hourly rainfall of 83 millimeters, the highest on record for the city, was observed. The city government of Anan, ain Tokushima, recommended the evacuation of 67 households with a total of 128 residents due to rising water levels at a nearby river. 137.194 35.462   0 29 1 68 27-Jun-2008 784 2811
3325 74   China       Southwestern China, Sichuan, Guandong and Jiangxi provinces, Shenzen City   24-Jun-08 27-Jun-08 4       Tropical  Storm Fenshen 1.5 374000 6.4 Tropical storm landfall brought heavy rain to region affected by earlier flooding, 640000 hectares flooded, 1200 homes destroyed 112.304 23.542   1 29 1 67 24-Jun-2008 784 2810
3324 73 FL-2008-000095-SUR Suriname       Southern Suriname, Marowijne, Lawa and Tapanahoni regions    1-Jun-08 25-Jun-08 25   6,500     1 62,360 6.2   -55.68 2.96   1 28 1 66 1-Jun-2008 783 2809
3323 72 FL-2008-000094-ZAF South Africa       Eastern KwaZulu-Natal province   19-Jun-08 22-Jun-08 10   4,000  R$100000000  Heavy Rain 1.5 47,130 5.8   29.87 -30.91   0 27 1 65 19-Jun-2008 782 2808
3322 71 FL-2008-000096-BGD Bangladesh       Northern Bangladesh   20-Jun-08 22-Jun-08 3   15,000   Levee failure, early monsoonal rains 1 57,410 5.2 "More than 5,000 people from six villages in Lalmonirhat sub-district were made homeless in the past five days when the Dharla river broke its banks, with scores now living in the open in the pouring rain" 90.12 25.22   0 27 1 64 20-Jun-2008 782 2807
3321 70 FL-2008-000092-KEN Kenya       Tana Delta district   13-Jun-08 20-Jun-08 8 16 8,658     1.5 40,030 5.7   40.71 -2.14   0 27 1 63 13-Jun-2008 782 2806
3320 69 TC-2008-000093-PHL Philippines       Central portion of the archipelago   21-Jun-08 23-Jun-08 3 1,000     Typhoon Fenshen 1.5 178,300 5.9   122.27 11.63   0 27 1 62 21-Jun-2008 782 2805
3319 68   India       Eastern India. Orissa, Assam, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh states. Kelegai River 11-Jun-08 3-Jul-08 23 65 500,000     1.5 350,600 7.1 n Orissa, "the total number of people affected would be about half a million. Flooding in the north-eastern state of Assam since Saturday also left eight people dead and displaced nearly 400,000 people in 359 villages in Lakhimpur and Sonitpur districts"... Flooding in the north-eastern state of Assam left eight people dead and displaced nearly 400,000 people in 359 villages in Lakhimpur and Sonitpur districts. From news update June 18 for Assam: ''The death toll has now mounted to eight and about 3,85,000 people uprooted from their homes and now sheltered in makeshift relief camps in Lakhimpur and Sonitpur districts 91.54 25.18   1 27 1 61 11-Jun-2008 782 2804
3318 67 FL-2008-000084-CHN China       Western Guangdong, Maoming, Guangxi Zhuang region, Sansui city, Pearl River delta   7-Jun-08 22-Jun-08 16 176 1,600,000 2,000,000,000 Heavy Rain 2 79,370 6.4 "The heaviest rainstorms in 50 years drenched parts of Guangdong province, killing at least 1 student and causing widespread flooding. Local media reported that more than 6,500 people had to be evacuated from their homes." Update on June 18, 2008: "BEIJING, June 18 (Xinhua) -- At least seven schoolchildren are among 10 people killed on Monday in floods caused by torrential rains in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.Two other schoolchildren are missing after being swept away in flood waters, the regional bureau of education announced on Wednesday. The fatalities occurred in the cities of Wuzhou, Yulin, Hezhou and Yizhou, driving up the flood death toll in Guangxi to 24"..900000 people affected,2.32 million hectares of agricultural land flooded, 1.66 million evacuated across 9 provinces and regions."Officials in Guangdong Province warned of a “black June” as high tides, rain and two converging swollen rivers threatened levees...Heavy rains...forced the evacuation of 1.66 million people in the south, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said. Direct economic losses totaled nearly US$2.2 billion". 110.22 22.15   1 26 1 60 7-Jun-2008 781 2803
3317 66   USA       Wisconsin, Iowa (Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Southern and central Indiana, Illinois, Michigan   5-Jun-08 3-Jul-08 29   38,000 1,500,000,000 Heavy rain 2 759,800 7.6 "Heavy rainfall of up to 10 inches in Indiana has caused record flooding in the state. Flood water levels are greater in some locations than they were during the great Indiana flood of 1913". Iowa City is experiencing a "500-year flood" because of water flowing out of the Coralville Reservoir. The city has been evacuated, and attempts to preserve infrastructure will probably be abandoned..... "There was a levee breach during the night. They had to evacuate a Red Cross shelter; we've had multiple boat rescues; we're losing power grids like crazy," said the, press secretary for Gov. Chet Culver, at midday yesterday. "The jail is under water; we had to move prisoners; the sheriff's office is under water. The river is still rising; it's still raining." Update June 18: Flood water is generally receding in Iowa, but Mississippi River is rising downstream. A breach in levee at Meyer, Illinois forced evacuation of that small town."Flooding that began in eastern Iowa caused more than $1.5 billion in damage as it crept south toward the Mississippi. About 25,000 people in Cedar Rapids were forced from their homes, 19 buildings at the University of Iowa were flooded and water treatment plants in several cities were knocked out. Now the floodwaters are a problem for communities such as Gulfport and Clarksville, Mo." -92.33 39.82   1 25 1 59 5-Jun-2008 780 2802
3316 65 FL-2008-000078-BLZ Belize       San Rafael, San estevan,Barva, Flores, Alajuela, Cartago centro, Guarco de Cartago and Alajuelita. Belen. Corozal, Orange Walk, New, lower Belize rivers, Rio Hondo, and Stann Creek 31-May-08 5-Jun-08 6 2     Tropical Storm Arthur 1 33,640 5.3 Tropical Storm Arthur. 10,000 affected. "Before becoming the first storm of the Atlantic Hurricane Season Tropical Storm Arthur was Tropical Storm Alma which developed in the Eastern Pacific on May 27. TS Alma and Arthur dumped approximately 10 inches of rain across Belize causing flooding in low lying areas." -88.10 17.30   0 24 1 58 31-May-2008 779 2801
3315 64   Western Europe       Southwestern Germany, Belgium, northern Italy   1-Jun-08 3-Jun-08 3 3     Heavy rain 1 154,300 5.7   8.91 48.08   0 24 1 57 1-Jun-2008 779 2800
3314 63 FL-2008-000079-LKA Sri Lanka       Southern and western lowlands, including Colombo, Kaluthara, Gampaha, Galle, Mathara, Rathnapura, Nuwara Eliya, Kegalle districts   29-May-08 5-Jun-08 8 23 400,000   Monsoonal rain 1.5 40,670 5.7 418000 affected 80.77 7.18   0 24 1 56 29-May-2008 779 2799
3313 62   USA       Iowa, Missouri, central Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas, southwestern Ohio, southern Indiana White, Mississippi, many others 24-May-08 5-Jun-08 13 13     Heavy rain 1 338,000 6.6   -88.40 36.98   1 24 1 55 24-May-2008 779 2798
3312 61   India       Large part of Assam, Dhemaji district cut-off   24-May-08 28-May-08 5       Heavy rain 1 63,000 5.5   93.75 26.40   0 23 1 54 24-May-2008 778 2797
3311 60 FL-2008-000076-COL Columbia       Central  Columbia, Honda, all but 5 of 32 provinces affected Magdalena River 27-May-08 28-May-08 2   400   Heavy rain 1 36,000 4.9 many landslides, 400 homes destroyed -74.07 6.63   0 23 1 53 27-May-2008 778 2796
3310 59   China       Southern China: Guiyang, Anshun, 15 other cities, Ghuizhou, Hubei, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Sichuan, Chongquing, Shaanxi provinces   27-May-08 5-Jun-08 10 64 5,000 see notes Heavy rain 1 106,000 6.0 more than 538,000 people affected, about 6,700 houses damaged, many roads cut by landslides 105.81 26.62   1 23 1 52 27-May-2008 778 2795
3309 58 FL-2008-000069-CHL Chile       Valparaiso area. Maule, Bio-Bio, Araucania and Los Rios regions.   19-May-08 27-May-08 9 4 32,000   Heavy rain 1 110,500 6.0 Heavy rain causes floods and landslides. 93 mm rain in 24 hours in Valparaiso."The most affected communities are Molina and Lincantén in the region of Maule about 125 miles (200 km) south of the capital, Santiago. The community of Molina has 500 affected families due to the overflowing of the Lontué river, along with another 1,500 families from Licantén" Heavy rains from Typhoon Halong cause flooding. Also damage from wind and waves in coastal Pangasinan and Zambales. Landslides. 9,000 houses were damaged or destroyed. 34,000 displaced. 200,000 receiving aid. 1 million affected. Fish pens destroyed. $3.7 million worth crops destroyed. Floods in Dagupan City. Thousands of families homeless in Pangasinan and Zambales.  -71.95 -35.86   0 22 1 51 19-May-2008 777 2794
3308 57 TC-2008-000065-PHL Philippines       Northwestern Luzon - Pangasinan, Zambales, Benguet, La Union and the Ilocos provinces. Dagupan, Bugallon, San Fabian, Sta. Cruz, Catacdang Bonuan, Subic, Buguias. Lingayen, Calasiao, Infanta, Mangaldan, San Carlos, Urdaneta. Baguio City  Tanap, Sinocalan 18-May-08 22-May-08 5 37 34,000 see notes Tropical cyclone 1 14,850 4.9 Heavy rains from Typhoon Halong cause flooding. Also damage from wind and waves in coastal Pangasinan and Zambales. Landslides. 9,000 houses were damaged or destroyed. 34,000 displaced. 200,000 receiving aid. 1 million affected. Fish pens destroyed. $3.7 million worth crops destroyed. Floods in Dagupan City. Thousands of families homeless in Pangasinan and Zambales. 120.56 17.12   0 22 1 50 18-May-2008 777 2793
3307 56   Russia       Yakutia - Amga, Tattinsky, Gorny, Churapchinsky, Amginsky, Berdigestyakh, Megino-Kamgalassky. Daya-Amga, Kharbalakh, Chimnai and Myryla. Vilyuisk city. Amga, Maatta, Khalba, Tuoluma, Viluj, Lena 12-May-08 25-May-08 14   700   Ice jam/break-up 1 595,300 6.9 Spring flooding on tributaries of Lena river. Ice jams. Damage to roads and bridges. 1590 houses inundated.
MODIS observations of high levels on many tributaries of Lena and Aldan rivers beginning May 12 - 22.
130.54 60.50   1 22 1 49 12-May-2008 777 2792
3306 55 FF-2008-000063-PHL Philippines       Negros Occidental - Ilog, Purok Embarkadero, Kabankalan City, San Enrique, Cauayan, Hinobaan. Antique
Western Visayas - Barbaza
Central Visayas - Bayawan, Bais City
Panay - Iloilo: Pavia, Lambunao and Dumangas. Arevalo, La Paz, Jaro
Mindanao - Sultan Kudarat: Lambayong, Esperanza. Saranggani: Maitum, Kiamba. Zamboanga.  
Allah River, Bayawan City River, Pangi, Jaro  10-May-08 18-May-08 9 1 50,000 see notes Tropical cyclone 1 24,920 5.4 Heavy rains from Typhoon Rammasun (Butchoy) and Tropical Storm Halong (Cosme) in the Visayas region.
Negros Occidental - 12,815 displaced. 28 villages flooded. P11 million agricultural damage.
Mindanao - 5 villages submerged by Allah river in Sultan Kudarat province
Iloilo - 8,500 families displaced. 40 villages flooded.
122.88 9.88   0 21 1 48 10-May-2008 776 2791
3305 54   Vietnam       Central Highlands province of Dak Nong - Dac Ngo   11-May-08 12-May-08 2 4 500   Heavy rain 1 5,300 4.0 Two hours of heavy rains cause flash floods. "fastest and most powerful flood over the past decades". Reports vary - either hundreds or thousands of families evacuated. 107.83 12.14   0 21 1 47 11-May-2008 776 2790
3304 53   Algeria       Setif province, Batna region   10-May-08 12-May-08 3 7     Heavy rain 1 20,670 4.8 Heavy rains cause flash floods. Roads damaged. No specific areas mentioned. 5.75 35.81   0 21 1 46 10-May-2008 776 2789
3303 52 TC-2008-000057-MMR
Burma (Myanmar) Thailand     Burma - Yangon, Ayeyawaddy, Bago, Mon and Karen states. Bogalay town. Haing Gyi island. Rangoon (Yangoon) city. Laputta, Pyapon, Kunyangon.  
Thailand - Tak province - Mae Sod, Mae Ramat, Phop Phra, Umphang and Tha Song Yang. 
Irrawaddy delta 3-May-08 22-May-08 20 100,000 1,500,000   Tropical cyclone 1.5 79,130 6.4 The first cyclone of the 2008 season - Cyclone Nargis - causes widespread flooding along the coastal plain of the Irrawaddy river.
Burma -  Death toll estimated at 100,000 - could be as high as 1.5 million. 1.5 million homeless. Worst cyclone to Asia since 1991. 190km/h winds,  3m-high tidal surge. 2.5 million people affected. 
"Entire chunks of Myanmar's Irrawaddy delta coastline have disappeared from the map"
Bogalay area - 50,000 dead. 95% buildings destroyed.
Labutta - 20,000 dead. 
Pyapon - 10,000 dead. 
Haing Gyi island - 109 dead. 92,706 homeless. 20,000 houses destroyed.
Thailand - Tak province - 1,000 homeless. Biggest floods in 40 years
May 5 - DFO MODIS flood mapping shows 6,687 square miles inundated in Burma.
May 12 - news reports estimate 5,000 square kilometres still under water in Burma
95.97 16.82   1 21 1 45 3-May-2008 776 2788
3302 51   China       Hubei Province - Dangyang, Shayang, Wuhan. Xiaogan and Yunmeng   2-May-08 5-May-08 4 3 351 19,000,000 Heavy rain 1 43,960 5.2 Rainstorms affect 780,000 in 11 cities. 380 homes destroyed. 351 evacuated. 37,254 hectares farmland flooded. Wuhan city some streets flooded up to 1 meter deep. 19 million U.S. dollars damages. Up to 150mm rain in Wuhan, Xiaogan and Yunmeng.   113.03 30.87   0 20 1 44 2-May-2008 775 2787
3301 50   USA Canada     USA - Maine - Aroostook County - Fort Kent, Van Buren, Wallagrass, Madawaska. Mattawamkeag. Van Buren
Canada - New Brunswick - Clair, Baker Brook Maugerville, Sheffield and Jemseg. Fredericton. Edmundston, Bathurst, Miramichi, Saint John, Oromocto, Sheffield. 
St John, Fish, Madawaska, Mattawamkeag 25-Apr-08 7-May-08 13   2,500   Rain and snowmelt 1.5 24,910 5.7 "At least 3 inches of rain in 24 hours combined with melting of the heaviest winter snow accumulation in memory" Floods on already swollen rivers.
Maine - 1,000 evacuated. 140 homes flooded. St John River at Fort Kent at record high level of 30.14 feet, surpassing 1979 record crest. Worst flood in 80 years of record keeping.  A "greater than a 100-year event" in Fort Kent. Damage to roads and bridges. Record levels on Fish river in Fort Kent, exceeding 1979 levels.
New Brunswick - up to 1,300 homes threatened by rising water. Highest levels in decades on St John, levels expected to exceed worst floods on record in Fredricton (1973). 460 families evacuated. 50 streets in Fredericton flooded.
May 5 - Lower St John river still rising, but receding in northern and central New Brunswick.
May 7 - Water receding in city of Saint John.
-67.34 46.35   0 20 1 43 25-Apr-2008 775 2786
3300 49 FL-2008-000053-LKA Sri Lanka       Colombo, Kalutara, Ratnapura, Puttalam, Nuwara-Eliya, Galle, Gampaha and Kegalle.  
Ratnapura - Angammana, Pudduwa, Muwagama and Dewalegama Grama Niladari. Kahangama, Wewalwatte, Kiriella, Ayagama, Kalawana, Nivitigala and Opanayake.
Kegalle - Ruwanwalla, Ruwanwelle, Deraniyagala, Dehiowita, Yatiyantota, Bulatkohupitiya and the Talduwa.
Kalutara - Palindanuwara, Molkawa, Baduraeliya, Kalawana, Matugama road, Bulatsinhala, Paragoda, Bandaragama and Alutgama.
Kollonnawa and Kaduwela.
Kelani, Kalu Ganga  27-Apr-08 3-May-08 7 9 18,000   Heavy rain 1 4,940 4.5 Heavy rains from tropical storm Nargis. Floods and landslides.
9 dead in "extensive flooding". 4,500 families homeless. 50,000 affected in eight districts
Ratnapura - 8,122 people displaced.   
Kegalle - 1,500 families displaced. 
Kalutara - 1,115 people displaced.
Colombo - 2,537 houses inundated.  
80.42 6.69   0 20 1 42 27-Apr-2008 775 2785
3299 48   Canada       North Ontario - James Bay area - Kashechewan, Fort Albany, Attawapiskat First Nations reserve. Albany River 26-Apr-08 1-May-08 6   2,000   Ice jam/break-up 1 3,180 4.3 Spring floods. Enormous ice jams choking the Albany River cause water to rise suddenly. Protective dikes in Fort Albany damaged by ice blocks. Several thousand people airlifted to safety. 2,000 evacuated from Kashechewan and Fort Albany. Worst floods in Fort Albany since 1985. Fourth evacuation of Kashechewan due to flooding since 2004.
"Residents may not be able to return home for six to eight weeks"
-81.96 52.15   0 20 1 41 26-Apr-2008 775 2784
3298 47   Australia       New South Wales - Harrington, Manning Point, Taree, Wingham, Hastings Hastings, Williams and Manning 24-Apr-08 27-Apr-08 4       Heavy rain 1 1,000 3.6 Towns of  Harrington and Manning Point isolated by floodwaters, thousands isolated.
500 hectares crops damaged in Manning Valley. 
MODIS observation of flooding at Harrington on April 26
152.55 -31.89   0 20 0 40 24-Apr-2008 775 2783
3297 46   Indonesia       West Aceh - East Woyla, Woyla, Pantee Ceureumin, Johan Pahlawan, Kawai XVI, Panton Reu, Arongan/Lambalik, Woyla Barat and Sungai Mas   23-Apr-08 27-Apr-08 5   34,514   Heavy rain 1 4,200 4.3 Several days of heavy rains cause flash floods in ten subdistricts in West Aceh. 34,514 evacuated. Thousands of fowls killed. Tens of thousands of hectares of paddy field inundated. Loss of hundreds of millions of rupiahs. 10,000 houses flooded.  95.77 4.65   0 20 1 40 23-Apr-2008 775 2783
3296 45   China       Anhui - northern areas - Suzhou, Bengbu and Fuyang. Suzhou City. Sixian and Lingbi counties. Huai tributaries 20-Apr-08 23-Apr-08 4     4,130,000 Heavy rain 1 20,740 4.9 Heavy rains north of Huaihe river affect 240,000 people. 22,000 hectares crops damaged. 2,000 houses damaged. Losses at 4.13 million US dollars. Up to 283 mm rain. 116.48 33.45   0 20 1 39 20-Apr-2008 775 2782
3295 44   Tanzania       Morogoro region - Ifakara Kilombero 11-Apr-08 16-May-08 36   800   Heavy rain 1 15,130 5.7 600 displaced in Ifakara. Damage to roads, bridges and agriculture.
Two overflowing power generation dams release water in Morogoro.
MODIS observations flooding on Kilombero river April 11 to May 13.  
36.46 -8.55   0 20 1 38 11-Apr-2008 775 2781
3294 43   Kenya       Homa Bay - Asego Division - Wahambla and Got Kokech villages River Rangwena 20-Apr-08 22-Apr-08 3   2,000   Heavy rain 1.5 240 3.0 Seasonal River Rangwena bursts banks after torrential rains, 500 families homeless in flash floods. Flooding more destructive than last floods in 1976. 34.49 -0.56   0 20 0 37 20-Apr-2008 775 2780
3293 42   Canada       Ontario - Belleville, Foxboro, Tweed, Trent Hills, Campbellford. Ottawa. Moira, Trent, Crowe, Rideau 10-Apr-08 24-Apr-08 15   400   Snowmelt 1.5 22,900 5.7 Worst flooding on Moira river since 1981, first time in 25 years Moira has breached its banks. 150 buildings flooded.
Worst flooding in Trent Hills in almost 30 years, 100 homes flooded.
-77.47 44.46   0 20 1 37 10-Apr-2008 775 2780
3292 41 FL-2008-000045-BRA Brazil       Paraiba, Piaui, Rio Grande do Norte, Maranhao, Piaui and Ceara. Paraiba, Parnaiba, Piranhas, Apodi 30-Mar-08 22-Apr-08 24 36 190,000 390,000,000 Heavy rain 1 1,120,000 7.4 Two weeks torrential rain cause floods in Brazils normally arid northeast. $390US million damages. Crops and livestock destroyed.
Paraiba - 25 dead. 14,000 displaced. Floods in 13 towns and cities near Paraiba River
Piaui - 4 dead. 57,000 displaced. 30 cities and towns isolated by floods. Crops destroyed.  
Maranhao - 3 dead. 30,000 displaced.
Pernambuco - 1 dead. 4,350 displaced.
Rio Grande do Norte, Piaui and Ceara - 33,600 displaced. 
-42.68 -5.36   1 20 1 36 30-Mar-2008 775 2779
3291 40   Kenya       Nyanza Province - Lower Nyakach Division - Rang’ul, North Nyakach, Pap Onditi and Asalo. Nyando district. Kasai. Kisumu's Nyalenda slums Nyando and Awach. Auji and Kibos 28-Mar-08 2-Apr-08 6 3 160   Heavy rain 1 3,970 4.4 Flash floods on Nyando and Awach rivers. 3 dead. 40 families homeless.  35.22 -0.18   0 19 1 35 28-Mar-2008 774 2778
3290 39 FL-2008-000041-TZA Kenya Tanzania     Kenya - Coast Province: Taita and Taveta districts - Kimorigo, Eldoro and Marodo. Kimorigo, Mbogoni and Mahoo. Voi, Tanzania and Bondeni. 
Tanzania - Manyara region - Mirerani area. Arusha.
Voi, Lumi, Ruvu tributaries, Lake Jipe tributaries. 17-Mar-08 5-Apr-08 20 1 9,600   Heavy rain 1 50,220 6.0 Kenya - Rainy season begins. Heavy rains in Mt Kilimanjaro area cause floods on tributaries of Ruvu river and Lake Jipe. Over 200 houses submerged. 150 acres crops flooded. 7,000 evacuated in Taveta district. 8,000 farmers lose crops in Taveta.
Tanzania - 377 houses destroyed in Mirerani area. Eight mines in Mererani flooded killing 70 miners. 1 dead and 1,500 homeless in Arusha area.
38.17 -3.38   1 19 1 34 17-Mar-2008 774 2777
3289 38   Indonesia       Sumatra - Riau Province:
Kampar - Tambang, Siak Hulu, Perhentian Raja, Kampar Kiri, Kampar Kiri Hulu, and Gunung Sahilan.
Pekanbaru area - Rumbai, Limapuluh, Sri Meranti, Tenayan Raya. 
Kuantan Singingi (Kuansing) - Benai, Cerenti, Gunung Toar, Inuman, Kuantan Mudik, Kuantan Tengah, Logas Tanah Darat, and Pangean.
Dumai city, Indragiri Hulu, Rokan Hulu, and Pelelawan.
Siak, Rokan, Kampar and Indragiri 10-Mar-08 3-Apr-08 25   60,000   Heavy rain 1 80,090 6.3 Riau Province - 15,000 houses submerged.
Kampar - 6,000 houses in 49 villages in six sub districts in Kampar District inundated. Crops flooded. Thousands displaced. Roads damaged. 
Pekanbaru - thousands evacuated in Rumbai and Limapuluh area.
Kuansing - 130 villages flooded along Indragiri River.
101.78 0.54   1 18 1 33 10-Mar-2008 773 2776
3288 37   Kenya       Rift Valley Province
Chalbi District, North Horr Constituency - Bubisa Village, Mubisa area. Marsabit District. Meru Central District. 
Rachuonyo district - Naivasha area - Kodhoch, West Karachuonyo. Koyugi, Kawadhgone Nyongo and Wagwe. Onyege.  
  20-Mar-08 2-Apr-08 14 2 10,000   Heavy rain 1 21,280 5.5 Rainy season begins in Kenya
March 20 - Entire Bubisa Village (population 2,000) swept away by floods.  Overnight downpours kill 2 and displace 2,000 in Marsabit District. Several dead in Chalbi District.
March 21 - flash floods in Naivasha town.
March 26 - 1,600 families homeless in Chalbi district. 
March 29 - Naivasha town flooded again.  
37.67 2.83   0 17 1 32 20-Mar-2008 772 2775
3287 36   India       Tamil Nadu - Cape Comorin area. Thutukudi, Tiruneveli, Nagapatinam, Thiruvarur, Cuddalore. Tuticorin, Virudhunagar, Ramanathapuram, Sivaganga, Theni, Tiruvarur,  Kanchipuram, Sivakasi, North Chennai, Ennore, Korattur, Ambattur, Villivakkam, Kolathur and south Chennai.   
Karnataka - Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, Uttara Kannada, Belgaum, Bagalkot, Bijapur, Bellary, Koppal, Raichur, Gulbarga, Bidar and Kodagu. Dharwad and Gadag.   
Kerala - Wayanad
Pudhucherry - 
Bennihalla 20-Mar-08 27-Mar-08 8 37 10,000   Heavy rain 1 144,300 6.1 Unusual summer rains.
Tamil Nadu - 24 dead. 15 districts affected. 10,278 people affected. 47,000 hectares crops damaged. 57 herd of cattle washed away in flash floods. 2000 km roads damaged. 40,233 hectares under water. Record rainfalls in March.  
Karnataka - 13 dead. 10.22 crore rupees crops destroyed.
78.72 10.76   1 17 1 31 20-Mar-2008 772 2774
3286 35   USA       USA Midwest --Missouri - Towns: Springfield, Cape Girardeau, Ellington, Piedmont. Galena, Eureka, Fenton, Valley Park, Poplar Bluff, Rogersville, Winona, Fenton, Dutchtown, Finley.  counties: Lawrence, Greene, Bollinger, Butler, Stone, Shannon, Lincoln, Boone.
--Arkansas - Norfolk Village, Calico Rock, West Fork, Timbo, Hardy, Norfolk, Williford, Harrison, Batesville, Georgetown, Bayou Des Arc, Pocahontas, Pine Bluff. counties: Arkansas, Clay, Crittenden, Independence, Jackson, Mississippi, Monroe, Prairie, White, Woodruff, Sharp, Yell, Baxter, Madison, Washington, Stone, Lawrence. Jacksonport State Park
--Illinois - southern areas - Marion, West Frankfort, Telegraph, Havana to Beardstown, Grafton, Alton, Hardin, Murphysboro. counties: Union, Johnson, Jefferson, Randolph, Saline.  
--Indiana - southern areas - Evansville area, Milltown, Princeton, Hazleton, Petersburg. counties: Floyd, Clark, Vanderburgh, Harrison, Jackson, Johnson, Morgan, Orange, Martin.  
--Ohio - southwestern areas - Whitewater, Piketon, Circleville. Cincinnati area, Sharonville, Symmes, Monroe, South Lebanon, Darbyville, Findlay, Edgewater, Miami Township, Milford, Bellevue.  counties: Hamilton, Tuscarawas, Carroll, Butler, Warren, Licking.   
--Kentucky - western areas - counties: Henderson, Union, Carlisle, Crittenden, Hopkins, Ohio. 
--Texas - Dallas area, Lancaster, San Augustine.
--Oklahoma - Muskogee area. Jenks, Coweta, Tahlequah.
--Iowa - DeWitt, Davenport, La Porte. counties: Scott, Jones.
--Mississippi - Vicksburg area. Warren County. Redwood.
--Wisconsin - Kenosha County.  
Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and tributaries
--Missouri - Meramec, James, Black, Big, St. Francis, Gasconade, Cuivre, Current, Mississippi.   Creeks: McKenzie, Kelly, Pike, Hurricane, Pigeon.    
--Arkansas - White, Black , Spring, Buffalo, Arkansas.
--Indiana - White, East Fork White, Wabash, Kankakee, Patoka, Little Wabash.
--Illinois - Big Muddy, Mississippi, Illinois. 
--Ohio - Great Miami River, Scioto, Hocking, Mad, Grand, Blanchard, Little Miami . Big Darby Creek.
--Kentucky -
--Texas - Ten Mile Creek
--Oklahoma - Illinois River
--Iowa - Wapsipincon, Iowa, Maquoketa, Des Moines, Cedar, Skunk, Mississippi. 
--Wisconsin - Fox
17-Mar-08 2-May-08 47 18 1,000 see notes Rain and snowmelt 1.5 928,700 7.8 Heavy rain on saturated ground from storms in midwest causes flooding.
Missouri - 5 dead. Parts of southern Missouri receive as much as 12 inches of rain.  James river approaching record levels.  Worst flooding in decades. Evacuations. 300 buildings flooded in Piedmont. Levee breaches near Poplar Bluff and Cape Girardeau cause hundreds to evacuate. Near record levels on Meramec River. "For some of these places, this is their 500-year flood," 
Arkansas -  2 dead. widespread flooding washes out highways. Evacuations. 200 homes flooded. $2 million in damages to infrastructure. Levee on White river leaking in Des Arc area, Bayou Des Arc flooded. Some rivers at highest levels in 90 years. Town of Georgetown isolated by floods. 
Ohio - 3 dead.   
Illinois - 2 dead. evacuations
Texas - 1 dead. hundreds evacuated from flooding on Ten Mile Creek in Luncaster.
Oklahoma - 1 dead.
March 27 - Flooding on White river in Arkansas expected to last for weeks. Highest levels on White river in 25 years.
March 31 - Mississippi river above flood stage in Vicksburg and Natchez.
April 2 - Flooding persists in Arkansas on Black, Cache and White rivers. 
April 4 - Mississippi river continues to rise, expected to be high for days.
Evacuations in northern Vicksburg area.
April 11 - Flooding persists in eastern Arkansas after storms bring
6 more inches of rain to the area.
April 20 - Mississippi river crests at Vicksburg. Flooding persists in
northeastern Arkansas.
April 28 - Mississippi river at highest levels since 1973 in Redwood,
Mississippi. 855,750 acres farmland under water. Flooding in Iowa on
Upper Mississippi and tributaries
-89.15 36.23   1 16 1 30 17-Mar-2008 771 2773
3285 34   Sri Lanka       Mannar, Anuradhapura, Ratnapura. Karuwalagasweva. 
Negombo - Mahahunupitiya, Dalupotha and Kattuwa. 
Uwa province - Badulla (Sumanathissagama, Handeniya, Hagoda, Hambawela, Viharagoda, and Ukwatte). Bibila. 
Sabaragamuwa, Trincomalee, Ampara, Monaragala, Ratnapura, Gampaha and Puttalam. Nuwara Eliya. Rajangana, Tissamaharama, Polonnaruwa. 
Batticaloa, Ampaarai - (Allayadiveambu, Akkaraippattu, and Addaa’laichcheanai, Manmunai South Eruvilpattu District). 
Kampiyankaddu. Parakramara Samudra and Nuwara Weva. Rajangane Tank. Badulu Oya.   12-Mar-08 31-Mar-08 20 8 174,214   Monsoonal rain 1 43,220 5.9 Torrential rains from the early North-East monsoon. Floods and landslides. 174,214 people displaced. 75,000 acres crops destroyed. 228 houses destroyed.  600 houses  damaged. 340,000 affected. 
Mannar district - 6,300 families displaced. Two dams damaged. 41,000 affected.
Negombo area - 1,112 families displaced.
Karuwalagasweva - thousands of acres crops destroyed. 
Batticaloa - 7,200 displaced. 100,000 affected.
Badulla - 3 dead. 
Moneragala - 2 dead. 
Ampara - 42,000 affected. 
80.82 7.83   0 15 1 29 12-Mar-2008 770 2772
3284 33   Colombia       Huila province - Campoalegre, Santa Maria   11-Mar-08 15-Mar-08 5 5     Heavy rain 1 4,000 4.3 Floods and landslides. 5 dead. 6 missing. Rivers overflowing. -75.42 2.68   0 15 1 28 11-Mar-2008 770 2771
3283 32   China       Ningxia Hui, Inner Mongolia - Duguitala, Hangjin Banner, Ordos city. Kubuqi desert. Hetao area, Wuliangsu Lake. Erdos, Bayan Nur. Yellow River 3-Mar-08 1-Apr-08 30   13,700   Ice jam/break-up 1.5 64,010 6.5 Yellow river diverted into a lake on its upper reaches to relieve floods caused by ice jams.
"the river's ice flood was the heaviest in 40 years"
March 11 - Yellow river begins to thaw in Inner Mongolia. Around 50 million cubic meters of water had been diverted from the river.
March 14 - Chinese army blasts ice jams on Qingshuihe section of Yellow River.
March 19 - Embankment collapses in Erdos city causing floods. 13,700 evacuated from 6 villages in Duguitala, Hangjin Banner in Ordos city.
March 28 - 33,000 livestock killed. 3,800 houses destroyed. 4,500 hectares crops destroyed. 
106.74 39.41   1 15 1 27 3-Mar-2008 770 2770
3282 31   Malaysia Brunei     Borneo Island
--Malaysia - Sarawak - Baram: Mardui, Bakong, Long Lama, Long Loyang, Long Jegan, Long Tisan, Long Takong, Long Tuyut and Long Sobeng. Lanang: Stapau. Limbang. Lawas: Bario, Ba’Kelalan. Miri. Tinjar area.  Sabah - Beaufort district, Jempanga, Malalugus and Bakalau.
--Brunei - Sengkurong (Jalan Sungai Tampoi) Tutong (Jalan Lamunin Tutong and Mukim Rambai).
Sungai Padas 5-Mar-08 14-Mar-08 10   2,400   Heavy rain 1 36,070 5.6 Sarawak - Many small villages in remote area isolated by "massive" floods. Agricultural losses. Floods up to 3 meters deep. 1,800 in need of emergency aid in Tinjar district. Many parts of interior Baram flooded. Airport in Lawas flooded.  
Sabah - 47 villages affected by flooding of Sungai Padas river.
114.98 4.58   0 14 1 26 5-Mar-2008 769 2769
3281 30   Indonesia       East Java - Lamongan District - Jabung, Durikulon, Centini, Dateng, Gelap, Siser, Duri, Bulutigo, Pelangwot, Mojoasem. Tubang. Laren. Babat. Widang. Ngawi district - Mantingan, Karanganyar, Kwadungan, Geneng, Pangkur and Ngawi city. Tuban District. Bojonego district. 
--Central Java - Solo area - Sewu kampong, Jagalan, Pucangsawit, Sangkrah and Joyontakan. Sukoharjo district. Kudus, Pati (Sukolilo, Gadudero). 
Bengawan Solo, Bengawan Madiun, Rembang. Jaratun Seluna, Kudus. 1-Mar-08 3-Apr-08 34 3 12,000   Heavy rain 1 16,850 5.8 Lamongan - 3,700 houses submerged in tens of villages. Dike collapse. Area has not recovered from flooding event 2007-242.
March 13 - dike collapse floods 2,000 houses in Widang.
Ngawi district - 300 houses and large areas crops inundated. Hundreds displaced.
Bojonego - 3 dead and hundreds displaced.
Central Java - Solo city partly inundated. 1,000 houses submerged. 3,000 families homeless in Solo and Sukoharjo district.
March 7 - MODIS observation of floods persisting in Kudus and Pati area of Java.
April 3 - Jaratun Seluna river has inundated crops in Sukolilo sub-district of Pati since Februrary.
112.37 -7.13   0 14 1 25 1-Mar-2008 769 2768
3280 29   Morocco       Central areas - Marrakesh, Kalaat Seraghna   26-Feb-08 28-Feb-08 3 4     Heavy rain 1 23,600 4.9 Heavy rains since February 24. 4 dead. 5 missing. Houses and a bridge destroyed. -7.11 32.11   0 14 1 24 26-Feb-2008 769 2767
3279 28   Iran       Sistan-Baluchestan, Bampur Dasht 13-Jan-08 29-Jan-08 17   3,000   Heavy rain 1 108,100 6.3 70-80% of houses in Bampur destroyed. Most villages in south of Sistan-Baluchestan cut off by floods. 900 villages need Red Crescent assistance. 16,760 affected.
Economic losses at USD 130 million.
61.27 26.55   1 14 1 23 13-Jan-2008 769 2766
3278 27 FL-2008-000032-KAZ Kazakhstan       Kyzylorda and South-Kazakhstan - Saryagash, Ordabasy, Arys, Shardarya. Chimkent. Kyzyl-Orda region Syr Darya 20-Feb-08 13-Mar-08 23 1 13,000 130,000,000 Rain and snowmelt 1 51,580 6.1 2,000 houses destroyed. 12,700 evacuated. Roads and schools destroyed. Hundreds cattle killed. 48 towns and villages flooded. 260 houses destroyed. 553 km of roads washed out. 59 bridges damaged.
Floods bigger than 2005 floods.
68.55 42.30   1 13 1 22 20-Feb-2008 768 2765
3277 26 FL-2008-000030-IDN Indonesia       Central Java - Kudus, Pati 
East Nusa Tenggara - North Timor Tengah, Sikka, Kupang, Nagekeo and Beluhave. West Sumba. Belu District, West Malaka.
Flores Island - Ende
Rembang 11-Feb-08 1-Mar-08 20 11 3,500   Heavy rain 1 2,020 4.6 Heavy rains since February 7.
Central Java - Floods and landslides. 3,500 displaced. Some cities inundated with 2 meters water for nearly 2 weeks. Flooding persists in Kudos and Pati area and is included in event 2008-030.
Kudus - 5 dead in landslide.
Pati - 68 villages inundated.
East Nusa Tenggara - 4 dead. 500 displaced. 1,000 hectares crops flooded.
Flores Island - hundreds homes flooded in Ende.
111.06 -6.80   0 12 1 21 11-Feb-2008 767 2764
3276 25   China       Xinjiang - Ili valley, Kazakh Prefecture Ili  1-Feb-08 25-Feb-08 25 0 8,000 1,900,000 Ice jam/break-up 1 17,160 5.6 Worst Ice flows on the Ili river since 2000. Ice jams along China-Kazakhstan border along 35 kilometers of the Ili river.  8,000 people and 32,000 cattle resettled. 315 homes flooded. No deaths reported. 81.88 43.77   0 12 1 20 1-Feb-2008 767 2763
3275 24 TC-2008-000023-MDG Madagascar       Northern areas - Fenenerive East, Sainte Marie, Toamasina, Ampasimbe. Soanierana Ivago, Fioulpointe, Nosy Varika, Andilamena, Mahajanga and Moramanga. Ambatondrazaka region. Anosimahavelona. Antananarivo, Ankadimbahoaka, Anosizato and Andohatapena. Alaotra mangoro, Analamanga, Atsimo Atsinanana, Boeny, Sofia, Atsimo Andrefana. Atsinanana, Ménabé. Marovoay, Lalangina, Midongy South, Betsiboka. Ipoka, Sisaony and Mamba 17-Feb-08 5-Mar-08 18 93 191,000   Tropical cyclone 1 361,600 6.8 Heavy rain from Cyclone Ivan causes flooding. Cyclone Ivan lands on northeastern coast. 191,000 homeless. 300,000 affected. 45,000 acres crops damaged. Damage to roads, houses, infrastructure, agriculture
"every area hit by the cyclone had experienced flooding"
Sainte Marie island - 80% of infrastructure destroyed.
Fenerive Este - 80,000 homeless. 70% of buildings destroyed.
Alaotra Mangoro - 18,000 hectares crops flooded.
Antanarivo - 8,000 homeless. 
46.90 -18.69   1 12 1 19 17-Feb-2008 767 2762
3274 23 FL-2008-000024-PHL Philippines       Eastern Visayas Region 
--Eastern Samar - Dolores, General MacArthur, Jipapad, Maslog and Borongan City. Balangkayan. Llorente. Giporlos, Oras, Llorente. Malinao.
--Northern Samar - Silvino Lubos. Mondragon, San Roque, Pambujan and Catubig. 
--Western Samar - Catbalogan City, Pinabacdao, Gandara.
--Leyte - Carigara. Tacloban City. Palo, Tanauan, Tolosa, Alangalang and Dagami.
--Capiz - Sigma, Mambusao, Panitan, Panay, and Pontevedra. Jamindan and Tapaz.
--Bicol Region - Albay. Mayon volcano area. Libon, Polangui, Malilipot, Tiwi, Legazpi City. Sto. Domingo, Camalig and Guinobatan. Buhi in Camarines Sur. Vinzons in Camarines Norte. Sorsogon, Compostela Valley. Tabaco City, Tiwi.
--Catanduanes - Virac
--Mindanao - Sulop in southern Davao del Sur. Compostela Valley. Surigao city. Caraga Region. Agusan del Norte (Las Nieves, Jabonga), Agusan Sur (San Miguel). Surigao del Norte (San Francisco, Placer), Surigao del Sur (San Miguel). South Cotabato - Polomolok, T'boli and Sto.
Samar - Loom,Can-obing, Camada and Surok.
Bicol River
12-Feb-08 12-Mar-08 30 54 873,000 54,000,000 Heavy rain 1 41,370 6.1 Nine days incessant rain cause floods and landslides. Most of Eastern Samar isloated. Rain caused by caused by a low pressure area in Northern Mindanao and a cold front. Farmland flooded. Thousands moved to higher ground.  Roads and bridges washed out. 873,000 displaced. 140,000 displaced in Samar. $54-million dollars damage in all areas. $24US.4 million infrastructure and agricultural damage in Leyte and Samar islands. P131.25 million damages in Eastern Visayas.
Eastern Samar - 14 dead. 106,254 affected. 90% crops damaged. Estimated agricultural damages P300 million. 20,000 hectares flooded in Balangkayan. 3,000 houses damaged. Bridges destroyed.
Northern Samar - 186,870 affected.
Leyte - 2 dead. 65,974 displaced. P23.46 Million million agriculture damage. P101 Million infrastructure damage.
Bicol region - 19 dead. 95,000 evacuated. P313 million agricultrue damage. P240 million infrastructure damage. 
Mindanao - Surigao City partly flooded.  16,346 affected by floods in Caraga Region. P52-M damages. 
125.22 11.64   1 11 1 18 12-Feb-2008 766 2761
3273 22 FL-2008-000004-NAM Zambia Namibia Angola   Zambia - Western and North-Western provinces. Mongu area. Chavuma, Zambezi, Mufumbwe, Kabompo. Nguvu, Nyathanda, Kambuya, Lukolwe, Lingundu, Lipinda. Monze. 
--Namibia - Caprivi area - Chichimane, Kapani, Batubaja, Malengalenga, Sangwali, Mayuni, Muzii, Nakabolelwa, Mbalasinte, Nakuntwe, Schuckmansberg. Ikaba, Itomba.  Muyako. Kongola. Namiyundu, Mpukano. Kabbe Constituency. Singalamwe, Sikaunga, Sisheke, Choi and Ngonga.  Muyako - Lyambezi. Malengalenga, Linyanti, Kapani, Mbilajwe.
--Angola - upper Zambezi tributaries in Moxico
Upper Zambezi and tributaries - Mufumbwe, Kabompo, Cuando. Chobe and Linyanti. Okavango. Chobe. 9-Feb-08 1-May-08 83 4 15,000   Heavy rain 1 425,700 7.5 Zambia - west bank of Zambezi flooded in Zambezi and Chavuma areas, many towns cut off.
March 11 - 10 dead and 34,000 displaced in Zambia (includes event 2007-243)
Namibia - extensive crop damage in Caprivi region. Highest levels at Kongola since 1981.
March 27 - 20,000 afffected by flooding in Caprivi region
MODIS observations of flooding in Caprivi region through April 28.
23.79 23.79   1 10 1 17 9-Feb-2008 765 2760
3272 21   Indonesia       West Java - Karawang district - Batujaya, Rengasdengklok. Bekasi.
Bogor (Katukampa). Bandung (Baleendah, Rancaekek).
Jakarta area - Jatinegara, East Jakarta
Ciliwung, Citarum 14-Feb-08 14-Mar-08 30 0 10,000   Heavy rain 1 10,430 5.5 Heavy rains cause floods that inundate thousands of houses in tens of villages. No deaths reported. Floods up to 1 meter deep.
Batujaya - 2,528 houses flooded.
Rengasdengklok - 2,000 houses inundated.
March 7 - Over 8000 hectares of land are still flooded in Bekasi and Karawang. 11,000 people receiveing aid packages.
March 10 - 2,000 houses in Baleendah in Bandung flooded by Citarum river, crops submerged in Rancaekek.
March 13 - Ciliwung river floods parts of East Jakarta
107.29 -6.26   0 9 1 16 14-Feb-2008 764 2759
3271 20   Australia       Queensland - Mackay, Gooseponds, Hospital Bridge, Glenella and the CBD. Gladstone, Calliope, Miriam Vale, Agnes Water and The Town of 1770. Gogango, Rockhampton, Bundaberg. Burdekin, Giru. Thuringowa. Atherton, Tolga and Edmonton. Atherton Tableland, Edmonton. Rockhampton. Poineer, Burdekin, Fitzroy 13-Feb-08 26-Feb-08 14 2 1,000 see notes Heavy rain 2 44,350 6.1 Torrential rains from monsoonal trough. Record rainfall 624mm in 10 hours in Mackay, downpours of 100mm per hour - worst monsoonal downpour in Mackay in 90 years. 1000 houses inudated. $163 million damages in Mackay.
"flooding could be classified as a one in 200 year event."
February 24 - flooding on lower Fitzroy reaches Rockhampton, second flooding in a month.
149.54 -22.46   1 9 1 15 13-Feb-2008 764 2758
3270 19   Indonesia       East Java - Situbondo city and district. Pauwan, Panarukan Sampeyan, Pelelangan 8-Feb-08 12-Feb-08 5 14 7,000   Heavy rain 1 400 3.3 Flash flooding. 1,700 houses destroyed. 1,400 houses damaged. Floods up to 1 meter deep. Damage to bridges. 4,664 houses in 19 villages in six subdistricts inundated.  114.00 -7.74   0 8 0 14 8-Feb-2008 763 2757
3269 18   USA       Illinois - east central areas. St Joseph, Iroquois, Danville, Pontiac
Indiana - northern areas. Fort Wayne, Monticello, Wapakoneta, Lafayette, Elkart..
Ohio - Findlay, Ottawa, Grand Rapids, Tiffin, Defiance. Putnam County. 
Illinois - Salt Fork, Iroquois, Vermilion, Kankakee and Sangamon. Kankakee.
Indiana - Sandusky, Tippecanoe, Wabash,  St. Marys, St. Joseph.
Ohio - Blanchard, Maumee, Auglaize and Tiffin. 
6-Feb-08 12-Feb-08 7 0 150   Rain and snowmelt 1.5 119,000 6.1 Illinois - 20 year floods on Iroquois, Vermilion, Kankakee and Sangamon rivers. Salt Fork River near St. Joseph highest levels in 36 years.
Indiana - 300 homes flooded in Findlay. 320 homes flooded in Ottawa. Ice jam on Lake Shafer in Monticello, Indiana causes flooding.
No deaths reported.
-86.84 40.85   1 8 1 14 6-Feb-2008 763 2757
3268 17 FL-2008-000031-PER Peru       Ucayali area - Padre Abad province
Puno - Pampa Grande.
Sandia - Alto Inambari
Lima - Ñaña, Carabayllo, San Martín de Porres and parts of Lurín
Junin - Tarma, Aguaytia
other provinces: Madre de Dios, San Martin, Tumbes, Piura, Lambayeque, Huanuco.
Ucayali, Tarma. Huayabamba, Saposoa, Mayo and Paranapura. Aguaytia and Yurac. Tarma.
Rímac, Chillón and Lurín.
4-Feb-08 7-May-08 94 26 45,000   Heavy rain 1 709,100 7.8 La Nina rains cause floods and mudslides. 45,000 homeless across 10 Peruvian states. Thousands of homes and roads damaged, farmland damaged. 500,000 affected by floods and mudslides across the country.
Ucayali region - 75,000 affected by flooding. Aguaytia and Yurac rivers burst banks ad destroy 2,040 houses in Padre Abad.
April 1- May 19 - MODIS observations of continuing flooding in Piura area.
-73.01 -10.11   1 7 1 13 4-Feb-2008 762 2756
3267 16   Brazil       Rio de Janeiro State - Itaipava, Madame Machado   2-Feb-08 7-Feb-08 6 9 12,858   Brief torrential rain 1 290 3.2 More than 135mm rain in Itaipava in less than an hour causing mudslides and flooding. Three weeks of rain in a few hours. -43.13 -22.37   0 6 0 12 2-Feb-2008 761 2755
3266 15   Indonesia       Jakarta city - West, East and Central Jakarta   1-Feb-08 6-Feb-08 6 3 88,261   Heavy rain 1 380 3.4 Hours of heavy rain cause floods in West, East and Central Jakarta. 3 dead. 88,261 evacuated. 1,500 homeless. Floods up to 1.5 meters deep. 106.85 -6.19   0 6 0 12 1-Feb-2008 761 2755
3265 14 FL-2008-000004-NAM  Namibia Angola     Namibia -  Cuvelai Oshanas - Owambo region - Omusati, Oshana, Oshikoto and Ohangwena regions. Okatana, Oshakati West, Uuvudhiya, Oshakati East, Ongwediva and Ompundja. Ombalantu. Outapi. Kunene. Xangongo, Onghumbi, Uukwangali, Evale, Cuvelai, Cahama and Kapuluvale. Oshikango, Ogongo, Onesi, Okalongo, Tsandi, Etayi. Endola, Ongenga, Omungwelume, Edundja and Odibo. Oneshila.  Uuvudhiya. Kavango area - Rundu, Nkurenkuru, Mpungu, Katwiti and Divundu. Engela. 
--Angola - Cunene, Namibe Huila and Cuando Cubando provinces. Ondjiva town. Kwanhama, Namacunde, Cuvelai, Ombandja, Kahama and Curoca.
Cuvelai, Cuenene (Kunene) 31-Jan-08 23-Apr-08 84 42 40,000 see notes Heavy rain 1.5 164,200 7.3 Heavy rain after a lengthly drought. Floods may have been exacerabated by diversion of Cunene river for bridge construction in Xangongo, Angola.
--Namibia - 42 dead. 30,000 displaced. 4,000 livestock dead. Damage to roads, bridges, other infrastructure. 450 square kilometers flooded. 20,000 affected in Oshakati area. Second wave of floods hits Oshakati on February 16. Highest levels in Cuvelai area in 35 years. $50N million damages to roads and bridges in Oshana, Ohangwena and Omusati.
"some northern parts of Namibia have been hit with the worst flooding in 50 years"
--Angola - 1 dead. More than 10,000 homeless. Over 9,000 displaced from Ondjiva town. Floodwaters filling normally dry Etosha Pan.
Cunene province - 9,000 displaced. 2,200 houses destroyed and 400,000 people affected. 100,000 cattle killed. 70,000 hectares arable land destroyed.
March 5 - flooding in Kunene, Angola renewed. 30,000 displaced. 72,000 hectares flooded.
March 26 - 65,000 people affected by floods in northern Namibia. Water shows little signs of receding in Oshakati and Ongwediva areas.
April 23 - Etosha Salt pan is filled with water for first time in a decade.
17.26 -17.05   1 6 1 12 31-Jan-2008 761 2755