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2002 Global Register of Extreme Flood Events - Scroll Down and Look For Links to Maps In The Country Column
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Dead Displaced Damage

Main Cause
(sq km)
Notes and Comments
261 Vanuatu Southern Tanna Island - Tafea Province: from Ipeukel on the Southeast Coast to Green Point in the South 12/21/02 12/25/02 5       Heavy rain See notes   1   Tpo 146                  0.2 heavy rain with hail - a very unusual phenomenon in these latitudes - caused a number of large landslides and flash-flooding - agricultural damageCAUSE:Rain - Landslides
260 California Northern California - Counties: Humboldt, Mendocino, Siskiyou. Eureka, Humboldt Bay. Rivers: Eel, Mad and Navarro. 12/28/02 12/31/02 4       Heavy rain     1   TsoCs, Cp 20,630                  2.0 "The worst-hit areas were in the northern end of the state, where a record 7 inches of rain fell in Eureka, and flood warnings were issued on the Eel, Mad and Navarro rivers in Humboldt and Mendocino counties."CAUSE:Rain
259 Malaysia Negeri Sembilan State - Port Dickson, Sendayan, Seremban, Rantau. Rivers: Sungai Sepang and tributaries, Sungai Jimah. 12/27/02 12/29/02 3       Heavy rain See notes   1   Tpz 900                  0.3 "Flash floods hit several low-lying areas here (Port Dickson) and in Seremban following several hours of heavy rains" "Sungai Sepang and its tributaries to burst their banks" "A resident said this was one of the worst floods in the area"CAUSE:Rain -flash flood
258 Indonesia Sumatra -  South Sumatra State: village of Laai and dozens of villages in the region. Lampung State : Gunung Kemala
South Sulawesi - Polewali Mamasa district, Mambi.
Java - Pandeglang district of Banten. Cibaliung river. Bandung district: Baleendah, Dayeuhkolot, Ciparay. Citarum River. 
12/26/02 12/31/02 6 24 10,000   Heavy rain See notes   1   Tpz 14,760                  2.2 "Heavy rains caused floods and landslides in a hilly region of southern Sumatra island" "Torrential downpours since Thursday night have flooded dozens of villages in the region, about 250 miles northwest of the capital Jakarta." "A total of 2,676 houses in Indonesia's Bandung district were inundated on Thursday as Citarum River overflowed following incessant rains in the past two days."CAUSE:Rain - Landslides
257 Angola Luanda city - Maianga municipality and Kinanga zone  12/23/02 12/25/02 3 4 40   Heavy rain     1   Tpo 2,800                  0.6 "At least four people died and several houses were destroyed due to the rains that fell on Luanda, partially paralysing the city."CAUSE:Rain
256 South Africa Western Cape - Karoo. De Doorns and Touwsriver. 12/21/02 12/24/02 4   50   Heavy rain See notes   1   Tsu 780                  0.4 "Touwsriver was the hardest hit by flash floods and high winds. Storm water rushed down mountain gullies, flooding newly build RDP houses. Walls caved in and families were evacuated." "The rivers are in spate, farm dams are filling up and the drought has been broken."CAUSE:Rain -flash flood
255 Kenya Marigat Division in Baringo District. Ng'ambo, Ng'arua, Eldume, Sintaan. Perkerra River 12/21/02 12/23/02 3 6 3,000   Heavy rain See notes   1   Tpz 750                  0.3 "The five were swept away by the raging waters of the Perkerra River after it burst its banks in heavy rains that pounded the Tugen Hills and Karbatonjo escarpment" "More than 5,000 goats were killed while hundreds of houses were destroyed."CAUSE:Rain -flash flood
254 Lebanon Sidon, Tyre, Akkar, Kesrouan, Eastern Bekaa valley, Hasbaya, Beirut, Nabatieh. Rivers: Sayneeq, Litani, Wazzani, Hasbani, Nahr al-Kabir, Al-Ustuwan, Nahr Ibrahim  12/20/02 12/22/02 3   300   Heavy rain     1   TsuCs 4,210                  0.7 "The rainfall, coupled with exceptionally strong winds, also caused power failures in some areas in Lebanon, particularly in the north where rains swept away about 12 homes. Hundreds of others were partly immersed in water, which in some cases reached two-meters (seven feet) high. Civil Defense workers and army troops evacuated people from 50 homes in the remote town of Akkar near the Lebanese-Syrian border"CAUSE:Rain
253 Indonesia Sumatra - Riau Province: Kampar River in Kampar regency. Rokan Kanan River in Rokan Hulu regency. Jambi Province: Kerinci regency. Batang Maron River.  12/15/02 12/20/02 6   60,000   Heavy rain   16 1 1,400 Tpz 21,900                  2.7 "Floodwaters spread to other areas in Riau, threatening to cut off food supplies to the province from neighboring West Sumatra as the flooding was likely to submerge the only alternative road connecting the two regions." "Some 50,000 people in Rokan Hulu regency fled their homes to safer areas on Tuesday as flooding occurred in at least 27 villages in three subdistricts... refugees ... had anticipated the floods, the worst in Rokan Hulu since 1976, days before the disaster hit the town." "Floods also have been plaguing the neighboring province of Jambi since last Saturday, forcing almost 10,000 families in at least 62 villages in the regency of Kerinci to flee to safer areas."CAUSE:Rain
252 Sri Lanka Eastern Province -  Districts: Batticaloa, Ampara, Trincomalee, Kilinochchi. North Central Province - Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapra 12/16/02 12/20/02 5 2 500,000   Heavy rain     1   Tpz 14,150                  1.9 "The district of Batticaloa was the worst affected with over 60,000 families forced to leave their flooded homes, officials said, adding that heavy rain had lashed the region for four straight days."CAUSE:Rain
251 California, Oregon and Nevada Northern California - Counties: Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Santa Barbara. San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys.  Napa city, Napa Valley, San Jose, North Vacaville, Yountville, Los Gatos. Rivers: Napa, Guadalupe, Russian, Sacramento, Eel and Navarro.
Southern California - Carlsbad, La Verne and San Dimas.
Nevada - Reno.
Oregon - Coquille River.
12/14/02 12/24/02 11 6     Heavy rain     1   TsoCs, Cp 44,630                  5.1 Detected by Quikscat.
"A deadly weather system that lashed the Pacific Coast with record rainfall, flooding and wind up to 100 mph may have been just the beginning of a stormy holiday period... Rain is expected for the next couple of weeks, with occasional breaks, the weather service said, partly because El Nino has warmed the tropical Pacific, pumping extra moisture into the storms. Precipitation levels in San Francisco are expected to be 20 percent to 50 percent above normal for the next three months,"  "So far, most flooding has been minor, with the exception of extensive street flooding in Napa County California early Monday morning some evacuations were reported in the City of Napa"  "The Northern California towns of Yountville and Los Gatos got 6 inches of rain late Sunday and early Monday. The National Weather Service reported record rainfall, including 2.32 inches measured Monday at the University of California at Los Angeles. "CAUSE:Rain
250 S. France Between Montpellier and Nîmes, Sommičres 12/13/02 12/14/02 2 2     Heavy rain See notes   1   TsuCs 1,300                  0.2  
249 Indonesia East Java Province - Pacet hot springs in Mojokerto. Mojosari river. 12/11/02 12/15/02 5 28     Heavy rain See notes   1   Tpz 650                  0.4 " A river of mud, rocks and boulders swept down Welirang mountain Wednesday afternoon and buried the resort, which was packed with families marking the festivities at the end of the Muslim fasting month."CAUSE:Rain - Landslides
248 E. Brazil Town of Angra Dos Reis, district of Areal. Rivers: Japuida, Perereque and Mambucaba. 12/09/02 12/11/02 3 39 2,000   Heavy rain See notes 20 2   TsoCp 80                  0.2 "Almost 2,000 people were forced to leave their homes by the mudslides and floods, which were triggered by torrential rains over the weekend. Civil defence officials said it was the worst disaster to hit the town of about 60,000 people, 100 miles west of Rio de Janeiro. " "The town was pounded with more than five inches of rain in 24 hours,"CAUSE:Rain - Landslides
247 N. Greece and Macedonia Greece - Pieria region, Larisa region.
Macedonia - Northern Skopje: Suto Orizari. Vardar river.
12/06/02 12/10/02 5       Heavy rain     1   CpSe* 1,030                  0.5 "Large amounts of wheat, kiwis and vine have been buried in mud and water, houses and shops have been flooded... and the Dion archeological site has been swamped with mud,"  "Rail lines and roads were cut between Athens and Thessaloniki north of Pieria after violent rains swelled rivers throughout Pieria, at the foot of Mount Olympus. The rail link was to reopen late on Sunday." "Heavy rains hit Macedonia starting late on December 4, 2002, causing the Vardar river to reach a critical level. The most affected areas are located in northern Skopje"CAUSE:Rain
246 N. Italy Regions: Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Trentino. Genoa, Turin, Milan, Venice, Trieste, Bologna, Mantua, Friuli. Towns: Pordenone, Como, Milan, Venice. Lake Maggiore area. Rivers: Noncello. Po, Lambo. 11/22/02 12/03/02 12   10,000 $350,000,000 Heavy rain See notes   1   CpSe* 29,900                  4.3 "Overflowing rivers and lakes have flooded several towns and cities, including Milan and Venice, and have caused landslides across northern Italy."CAUSE:Rain - Landslides
245 Malaysia Johor State - Ledang parlimentary constituency: Simpang Lima Darat, Parit Bunga Raya Hujung, Paya Kepong, Sri Jaya Bukit Banjar. 11/19/02 11/26/02 8   400   Heavy rain     1   Tpz 1,230                  0.7 "Rising water following heavy rain in the past few days has forced about 400 people living in the Ledang parlimentary constituency to be evacuated"CAUSE:Rain
244 W. Morocco Provinces: Benslimane, Khouribga. Settat region. Towns: El Gara, Bengueribi, Mohammedia, Berrechid. Moulay Yacoub, near Fez. Rivers: Bengueribi, El Maleh. 11/24/02 11/29/02 6 63     Heavy rain See notes 30 2   Tpu 40,850                  7.2 "Heavy rain Sunday and Monday, which came amid a four-year drought in Morocco, caused flooding that left 30 people dead in the rural farming area of Settat," "Flood damage also sparked a fire at the SAMIR oil refinery in the industrial town of Mohammedia, located between Rabat and Casablanca," "the deadliest natural disaster to strike the north African country in seven years."CAUSE:Rain - flash floods
243 Alaska South Kenai Peninsula - Homer area, Ninilchik, Black Water Bend, Anchor Point. Sterling Highway. Anchor River and tributaries.  11/23/02 11/25/02 3       Heavy rain     1   CSs** 1,700                  0.5 "Homes were evacuated in low-lying areas of the south Kenai Peninsula Saturday and an 8-mile stretch of the Sterling Highway and two bridges were closed temporarily as torrential rains once again flooded the Anchor River and a number of streams."CAUSE:Rain
242 Indonesia Sumatra - Aceh Province - Districts: South Aceh (Tapaktuan, Samadha, Sudoh, Krueng Sarulah. Sarullah River.); Nagan Raya (Darul Makmur, Kuala, Seunagan, Lami); Southwest Aceh (Kreung Batee, Ie Mirah); Aceh Singkil (Singkil, Gunung Meriah, Simpang Kanan, Sultan Daulat, Rundeng, Kuta Baharu. Cinendang River.);  West Aceh. North Sumatra Province - Central Tapanuli regency: Andam Dewi, Barus, Sorkam, West Sorkam and Kolang districts. Sibundong River.  Nias Island - Gunungsitoli area, Nou River.
11/19/02 12/03/02 15 12 117,000   Heavy rain   50 2   Tpz 17,000                  7.1 "Triggered by several days of heavy rains, rivers in several districts of Aceh's western coast area overflowed their banks and inundated dozens of villages," "the floods had also forced thousands of people to take refuge in higher areas, and paralyzed road communications between Meulaboh, West Aceh, and Tapaktuan, South Aceh"CAUSE:Rain
241 Costa Rica and Panama Caribbean coast
Costa Rica - Limon province. Sarapiqui, Siquirres, Limon, Talamanca, Sixaola, Cartago. Valle La Estrella, Limon Centro, Bananito La Bomba, Matina, Bribri, Olivia, Paraiso, Margarita, Catarina, Celia, Bambu, Suretka, Shiroles, Coroma and Gavilan.  Rivers: Bananito, Santa Clara. Sixaola, Estrella, Chirripó-Matina, Barbilla, Banano-Bananito.
Panama - Provinces: Bocas del Toro, Veraguas, Darien, Colon.  Rivers: Indio, Sixaola. Capira, Maria Chiquita, Santa Maria de Belen. 
11/23/02 12/13/02 21 8 7,000   Heavy rain   32 2 2,500 Tpo 2,200                  2.9 "The storm left several towns along the Caribbean coast incommunicado, knocking out part of a bridge crossing the Bananito River, " "Television stations have shown images of towns inundated with up to 1.5 meters of water"
"Floods of this intensity had not struck the region for the last 32 years. This month, Limón has experienced 200% more rain than expected" -- DEAD: CostaRica 7, Panama 1 -- DISPLACED: Costa Rica 7000, Panama "hundreds" -- CAUSE:Rain
240 S. Somalia Lower Juba and Middle Juba regions. Buale, Hagar and Afmadow. Luuq in Gedo region.   11/08/02 11/21/02 14       Heavy rain     1   Tpz 65,260                  6.7 "Large areas of the Juba Valley in southern Somalia have been flooded, with thousand of hectares of farmland inundated by flood waters… the Deyr rains (September -December) started early this year, cutting off all roads and severing business activity between the town and Kismayo and Mogadishu."CAUSE:Rain
239 Uganda and Kenya Uganda - Kampala area, Nakivubo Channel.
Eastern districts: Mbale, Bugiri, Sironko.
Southwestern districts: Rukungiri, Kabale and Busheny.
Kenya - Nyando District, Ayweyo, Awach River. 
11/16/02 11/25/02 10 2 2,300   Heavy rain     1   Tpz 13,980                  2.7 Heavy rains since late October. "The on-going El-Nino rains have displaced 492 families and destroyed vast amount of properties in Uganda in landslides and floods" -- DISPLACED: Uganda 2000, Kenya "hundreds" -- CAUSE:Rain
238 Alaska Salcha, Tanana River 11/19/02 11/21/02 3       Ice jam/break-up     1   CSs** 600                  0.3 "Warmer than usual weather has caused ice in the Tanana River to break apart and pile into a mile-long, 200-foot-wide jam. "CAUSE:Ice Jam
237 New Zealand Christchurh area, Beckenham. Bowenvale Valley. Heathcote River 11/19/02 11/21/02 3       Heavy rain     1   Cp 600                  0.3 "At noon yesterday the city council's rain gauge at the head of the Bowenvale Valley was showing almost 140mm of rain since Saturday."CAUSE:Rain
236 Congo and Zaire North and Central Congo - Lower Congo River and Tributaries including Likouala aux Herbes, Oubangui, Giri, Sangha, Ngoko. Loukolelas, Makotimpoko and Mossaka  11/10/02 11/10/02 1   3,000   Heavy rain     1   Tpz
145,000                  0.4 Detected by monitoring MODIS imagery
11-26-02 Agence France Presse  
--Officials said the Congo River had already reached the critical level of 423 metres by Monday, with average daily increases of three to five centimetres. "The river level has continued to rise at such a rate that we fear it could soon surpass the alert level of 520 metres," "Should current trends continue, we are in danger of even surpassing the level of flooding that caused the displacement of 80,000 Kinshasa residents in 1999," -- "The communes expected to be most affected include Barumbu, Gombe, Kalamu, Kinkole, Kinsenso, Kinshasa, Kinsuka/pecheurs, Kintanbo, Limete, Lingwala, and Masina. "
"Floods caused by torrential rain and the swelling of the Congo river in recent weeks have left thousands of people without shelter in central and northern parts of Congo,"
235 C. Kenya Kiambu District - River Riara from Kiambu town to Githurai area in Nairobi. 11/17/02 11/20/02 4 12 2,000   Dam/Levy, break or release     1   Tpz 920                  0.4 "Over 100 homes were swept away by the raging waters which covered over 10 km. " "The water swept everything in its path for another 16 km to Githurai area in Nairobi"CAUSE:Dam Break
234 S. France Southeastern France -  Hyeres, Ain, Southeaast of Lyon. Besancon, Valence area. Rivers: Rhone, Saone and Loire and tributaries.
11/16/02 11/20/02 5 1 2,500   Heavy rain     1   TsuCs 4,840                  1.1 "On Saturday, some 2,000 people were evacuated southeast of the city of Lyon as the Rhone, Saone and Loire rivers and their tributaries rose over warning levels"CAUSE:Rain
233 Nova Scotia Halifax area. Greenwood, Kings Co.,  Shearwater, Windsor. Gaspereau River in Annapolis Valley. 11/14/02 11/17/02 4       Heavy rain     1   TsuCpSs** 4,330                  0.9 "Nova Scotia logged record amounts of rainfall over the last two days … more than 12 centimetres of rain in 36 hours."CAUSE:Rain
232 UK and Ireland UK -- North and northeast Scotland - Elgin in Moray. Forres, Rothes, Craigellachie, Dufftown, Tayside, Aberdeen area, Aberdeenshire village of Aboyne, Angus. Rivers: Lossie, Mosset Burn, Divvie, Spey, South Esk, Dee, Isla.
Southwest England - Devon and Cornwall - St Ives, Penzance, Redruth, Hayle, Newlyn, Crowlas. Rivers: Exe, Stennac, Middle and Lower River Stour.
Southwest Wales - Milford Haven, Carmarthenshire
Eastern Ireland - North Dublin, Kildare, Meath (Dunboyne),. Wexford (Blackwater), Waterford, Gorey, Wicklow, Clonee, Mulhuddart, Blanchardstown.  River Tolka
11/14/02 11/25/02 12 1 400   Heavy rain   50 Dublin
180 Elgin
3   C 11,750                  8.1 "In St Ives, Cornwall water levels rose by over five feet overnight as the River Stennac burst its banks.  " " [Elgin] Inspector Stewart Milne of Grampian Police said the floods had been "the worst in living memory". He said there were reports that the flood water reached 4ft high in some place." Dublin "This is the worst devastation this area has experienced for 50 years." "Around 200 people in Moray had to flee at the weekend as the worst floods since 1829 cascaded through their homes. " "FLOOD levels on the River Dee reached their highest level for 30 years yesterday, after 48 hours of torrential rain lashed the north-east of Scotland."CAUSE:Rain
231 Peru Junin Province - mudslides and flooding - towns: San Pedro, San Francisco de Panama, Palcapampa and Pacasmayo. Satipo. Rio Blanco   11/09/02 11/12/02 4 4 100   Heavy rain See notes   1   Tsu 6,100                  1.1 "At least four people died and an undetermined number are missing after mudslides caused when a river overflowed its banks in the Peruvian province of Junin" "Persistent downpours caused the Rio Blanco to overflow its banks, damaging scores of homes and washing away stretches of highway and crops"CAUSE:Rain
230 Trinidad Central and northern Trinidad -central Caroni Basin, St Joseph river. east/west Tamana area, parts of Macoya, Cumuto, Tunapuna, Tacarigua, 11/05/02 11/20/02 16 3 300 $3,300,000 Tropical cyclone See notes   1   Tpo 880                  0.8 "...described "as unusual", Tuesday's floods, which resulted from a tropical depression that dumped several inches of rain on the country" "Heavy rains over the past two weeks have left a number of villages and towns, mainly in Central Trinidad, flooded and the Met Office on Wednesday warned of further rains that could lead to additional problems for a number of residents who have reported millions of dollars in lost property and animals."CAUSE:Rain
229 C. Vietnam Central coastal provinces of Khanh Hoa (Ninh Hoa, Dien Khanh ) and Phu Yen. Thu Duc District.  Rivers: Dinh, Cai, Sai Gon.   11/03/02 11/07/02 5 2   $200,000 Heavy rain     1 1,000 Tpz 8,700                  1.5 "Floods in Khanh Hoa province pulled down two houses, sank four ships, damaged two bridges, and inundated provincial roads. Rivers in the province are swelling fast. The Dinh river's water level measured at 5.89 m, or 0.89 m above the highest warning level while that of the Cai river has risen to 8.79 m at 13:00 hrs of Monday. "CAUSE:Rain
228 S. India Tamil Nadu state - Cauvery delta and Chennai City. Mayiladuthurai, Pudukottai, Meenambakkam.   10/31/02 11/04/02 5 20 300   Heavy rain     1   Tpz 22,700                  2.4 "The week-long downpour has caused extensive damage to property. Roads have been flooded and hun dreds of people displaced from slums have been forced to take shelter in school buildings."CAUSE:Rain
227 Columbia Landslides and flooding in El Dorado, Canonico and San Mateo near Montecristo in the San Lucas mountains. Bolivar province. 10/29/02 10/31/02 3 60 2,000   Heavy rain See notes   1   Tpz 6,900                  0.9 "After heavy rain, the gravel and mudflow swept through several small villages and farmsteads in Bolivar province." "heavy rains caused several rivers in the region some 700 kilometers (420 miles) north of Bogota to overflow, causing mudslides to cascade down upon three villages last Tuesday"CAUSE:Rain
226 S. China Guangdong province - Shaoguan city, Lechang district, Ruyuan county  10/28/02 11/02/02 6   50,000   Heavy rain     1 5,500 Tszo 7,900                  1.6 "Storms hit the region on Sunday, bringing 211mm of rainfall over four days. The waters inundated about 5,500 hectares of farmland, destroying 1,300 hectares of crops in Shaoguan. More than 400 houses were destroyed."CAUSE:Rain
225 E. Kenya Madogo Division of Tana River District. Tana River. Marere river in Kinango area of Kwale district.  10/29/02 11/04/02 7 14 20,000   Heavy rain See notes   1   Tpz 77,900                  5.4 "Tuesday night flooding which occured after the walls of a dam next to a settlement collapsed following a heavy downpour. … The floods, which marked the onset of the short rains, spared only permanent structures and covered a 5-kilometre radius."CAUSE:Rain and Dam break
224 S Vietnam Binh Dinh province  10/26/02 10/29/02 4 2     Heavy rain     1   Tpz 7,900                  1.2 "After the three days of rain, around 400 homes were flooded, and 40 houses and 3 bridges were destroyed, … The largest river in the province has risen 30 centimetres above the highest warning level … Binh Dinh province is not usually affected by the flooding that hits areas of Vietnam annually"CAUSE:Rain
223 US Texas Southern and Eastern Texas - Counties: Jefferson, Orange, Liberty, San Jacinto, Montogomery. Houston area. Beaumont, Dupont, Goliad,  Calallen. Rivers: Guadalupe, San Antonio, Nueces, Atascosa, Aransas, San Bernard, San Marcos, San Jacinto, Tres Palacios, Colorado. Oso Creek.
Gulf Coast areas of Mississippi and Lousiana.
10/23/02 11/13/02 22 1 75   Heavy rain     1   Tso 106,200                10.1 "Major flooding along parts of the San Antonio, Guadalupe and Nueces Rivers in Texas, river flooding elsewhere minor to moderate. Flooding was reported along more than 32 rivers in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Alabama."CAUSE:Rain
222 US Alaska Kenai Peninsula - Homer, Seward and Portage areas. Ninilchik. Rivers: Resurrection Anchor and Kenai, Salmon Creek   10/24/02 10/28/02 5     $10,000,000 Heavy rain   30 2   CSs** 13,900                  3.8 "Several roads were closed, bridges were washed out and people were evacuated from their homes on the Kenai Peninsula Thursday after heavy rainfall caused major flooding and raised rivers to their highest levels in 30 years… The most serious flood damage was along the Sterling Highway leading to Homer on the peninsula's west side, south of Ninilchik and the Deep Creek Bridge, "CAUSE:Rain
221 UK Scotland Scotland - Edinburgh area. Aberdeen. Lothians and Borders.  Kelso, Teviothead, Innerleithen, Longniddry, between Dunbar and North Berwick, Murrayfield. Rivers: Don, Eye Water, Gala Water, Jed, Tweed, Water of Leith 10/22/02 10/25/02 4   100   Heavy rain   30 2   C 7,600                  2.4 "In the north-east, the River Don reached its highest level in 30 years …the River Tweed reached its highest level for decades  ...  An average October's rainfall fell in just two and a half days causing rivers - including the Don - to burst their banks, homes to flood and roads and rail lines to close. "CAUSE:Rain
220 Uruguay Salto and Paysandu cities. Uruguay River. 10/12/02 11/11/02 31   2,000   Heavy rain     1   TsoCp 187,500                14.9 "Floods of the Uruguay River surging on Sunday have led to the evacuation of over 1,000 people from Salto and Paysandu, two Uruguay's river cities bordering Argentina"CAUSE:Rain
219 Indonesia West Sumatra - Painan town. Batang Painan River 10/18/02 10/20/02 3   3,000   Heavy rain     1   Tpz 135                  0.1 "more than 3,000 victims fled to nearby safer areas as floodwaters in Painan, some 76 kilometers south of the provincial capital, Padang, lay at a depth of one meter to two meters. The two-day heavy rains in several parts of West Sumatra since Thursday caused the Batang Painan river to overflow"CAUSE:Rain
218 E. Romania Black Sea Coast - Constanta county: Tuzla, Techirghiol, Constanta city. 10/13/02 10/16/02 4       Heavy rain   30 2   CpSe* 5,420                  2.0 "Flooding from torrential rains near the Romania's Black Sea coast on Monday claimed the life of a woman who was swept away by surging waters when the bridge she was standing on collapsed... Elsewhere in Constanta county, more than 100 houses, farms and buildings were inundated and farmland flooded in several localities... The worst affected spot was the small town of Tuzla, where about 70 percent of the village were flooded "CAUSE:Rain
217 Argentina and Chile Argentina - Santa Fe province and northern Buenos Aires province. Yuqueri Grande River in Entre Rios Province. Chico River in Chubut province. Rio Negro province - El Bolson.
Chile - rural areas in south
10/12/02 11/02/02 22 7 6,000   Heavy rain     1   TsoCp 424,000                20.1 DEAD: Argentina 4, Chile 3-- DISPLACED: Argentina 6000, Chile 800
216 S. India Kerala State - districts of Kannur, Kasaragod, Kozhikode, Malappuram and Thiruvananthapuram. 10/10/02 10/16/02 7 11     Monsoonal rain See notes   1   Tpz 9,750                  1.9 "Many far-flung villages in the northern districts still remain cut off, as roads and bridges have been washed away in flash floods and landslips. "CAUSE:Monsoon rains
215 E. Macedonia River Trkanja between Valandovo and Strumica. Luda Mara River near Kavadarci and Negotino. Vardar river in Raotince, Tetovo region.  10/10/02 10/16/02 7       Heavy rain     1   CpSe* 8,020                  1.7 "Flowed rivers, destroyed bridges, flooded villages, disconnected roads, non-reaped crops from the fields is the resulted of the heavy rains that constantly falls for one week in the eastern Macedonia, "CAUSE:Rain
214 S. Texas and  NE Mexico  Texas - Laredo, Brownsville, Del Rio. Medina River in San Antonio area in south Bexar County.
Mexico - Neuvo Laredo, Matamoros, Ciudad Acuna
Rivers: Rio Grande, Guadeloupe
10/10/02 10/15/02 6 1 800   Heavy rain     1   Tso 16,620                  2.3 "Runoff from two to eight inches of rain that fell in parts of Maverick, Kinney and Val Verde counties earlier this week produced the surge. The river was expected to crest by Friday at 27 feet, more than three times its flood stage of eight feet, . "CAUSE:Rain
213 Mississippi Counties: Tate, DeSoto, Quitman, Grenada, Panola. Horn Lake, Southaven area  10/10/02 10/12/02 3 3     Heavy rain     1   Tpo
11,710                  1.2  
212 E. Algeria Batna area, Zeribet El-Oued near Biskra, El-Hadjeb wadi. Hamma and Boutaleb in the Setif region. 10/09/02 10/12/02 4 13     Heavy rain See notes   1   TsuCs 23,940                  2.1  
211 Caribbean and US Gulf Coast -  Hurricane Lili Cuba - Isla de la Juventud and Pinar del Rio Province.
Eastern Jamaica - Seaforth, Trinityville.
Cayman Islands -  
Lousiana - Pointe Aux Chenes, Montegut, Franklin, Grand Isle. Lake Pontchartrain. St. Tammany Parish 
Mississippi - Hancock and Harrison counties. Biloxi's Back Bay
09/29/02 10/07/02 9 8 317,000 $170,000,000 Heavy rain See notes   1   Tpo
20,040                  3.1 Lousiana - "A combination of storm surges and rain caused levees to fail in Montegut and Franklin, where flood waters threatened hundreds of homes"CAUSE:Rain
210 US Gulf Coast -Tropical Storm Isidore Lousiana - New Orleans. Parishes: Jefferson, Lafourche, Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. John the Baptist, St. Tammany and Terrebonne. Lake Pontchartrain.
Mississippi - Hancock and Harrison counties. Biloxi's Back Bay
09/26/02 09/29/02 4 1 2,500 $100,000,000 Tropical cyclone     1   TsuCpSe* 31,070                  2.4 "Isidore was a tropical storm that hit the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Florida with heavy rain and winds as high as 60 mph, causing flooding in New Orleans. It made landfall early on the morning of Sept. 26, dumping 10 to 12 inches of water in some areas, and leaving some streets in the Crescent City under as much as 20 inches of water. "CAUSE:Rain
209 S. Bulgaria  Rhodopes mountains. area of Krumovgrad 09/25/02 09/28/02 4       Heavy rain     1   CpSe* 4,230                  0.9 "Severe flooding in southern Bulgaria has cut off roads to three mountain villages, leaving their 800 inhabitants isolated from the rest of the country for two days, the civil defence service said Friday. Heavy rainfall since Thursday has swept away bridges and destroyed roads in the Rhodopes mountain range in southern Bulgaria. "CAUSE:Rain
208 Thailand Bangkok area. 
Provinces (districts): Pathum Thani, Ayutthaya, Nakhon Sawan, Lop Buri (Chaibadal), Chachoengsao (Kabin Buri ),  Cities: Hat Yai
Rivers: Chao Phraya, Bang Pakong, Thachin  
09/17/02 12/02/02 77 1 3,000   Monsoonal rain     1   Tpz 139,700                16.2 "The Chao Phya and Rama VI dams are releasing 3,900 cubic meters per second, which is over crisis levels. The water level in the Chao Phraya river, which was around the 1.50 to 1.60 meter-mark at the beginning of the week, had risen 10 centimeters by Oct. 1 and is expected to continue rising and exceed the record high of 1995, when severe floods hit Bangkok." "On Oct. 7, river level in the Thai capital rose to 2.02 meters in Bangkok due to a night-long torrential rain, the highest point since 1995."CAUSE:Monsoon rains
207 Albania Northern - Lezha and Shkoder regions. areas of Lac, Lezha, Shkodra and Kukes.
Southern - districts of Berat, Skrapar, Permet, Tepelena, Gjirokastra, Saranda and Korca. Osum River in Berat.
Tirana city flooded by drunk dam worker on Sep 27 
09/21/02 10/08/02 18 1 9,700 $17,500,000 Heavy rain See notes   1 32,000 CpSe* 11,920                  3.2 "Tirana's deputy mayor resigned Tuesday after much of the Albanian capital was flooded when a drunken worker opened the gates of a nearby dam"CAUSE:Rain
206 Central Vietnam Provinces: Ha Tinh, Nghe An. Districts: Huong Son, Huong Khue and Duc Tho. La River 09/20/02 09/30/02 11 76 200,000 $58,000,000 Heavy rain   70 2 23,300 Tpz 19,980                  6.8 "Raging water in the central provinces of Nghe An and Ha Tinh inundated more than 60,463 houses.... Flooding also submerged 10 kilometers of the north-south railway line, closing it for five days. According to local authorities, the floods cost more than VND894.8 billion ($58.4 million) in damages. More than 5,225 hectares of rice, 18,156 hectares of other crops, 982 cows and 26,800 fowl were lost during the week. The damage also included more than 300 schools, hundreds of bridges, 22 km of outer dykes, the same length of roads, 35 reservoirs and 859 electricity poles."CAUSE:Rain
205 Caribbean and Central America - Hurricane Isidore Western Tip of Cuba - Western province of Pinar del Rio and the Isle of Youth
Mexico -Yucatan - Cancun, Merida, Chelem, Isla Mujeres
Nicaragua - Pacific Coast
Jamaica - 
09/18/02 09/26/02 9 6 300,000   Tropical cyclone   1 1   Tpo 48,800                  4.9 "On Wednesday Isidore drenched Jamaica, caused flooding and forcing shops and banks to close. Its winds were then 80 kilometres per hour, but Isidore quickly gained strength Thursday and easily surpassed the hurricane threshold of 119 kilometres per hour." " Most of the damage appeared to be to the tobacco crop and other agricultural interests but damage to buildings in the sparsely populated area was heavy from the wind and flooding caused by as much as 30 inches of rain in some areas"CAUSE:Rain
204 US - Georgia - Tropical Storm Hanna Southwest Georgia - Seminole County. Donalsonville.
Atlanta area - Vine City and Washington Park
09/21/02 09/24/02 4 0     Heavy rain     1   TsuCpSe* 5,640                  1.0 "The storm dumped 14 to 16 inches of rain in Donalsonville early Sunday, flooding 250 homes and 54 businesses. Agricultural losses in Donalsonville and surrounding Seminole County could run into the millions of dollars, said Rome Ethridge, the county's agricultural extension coordinator, whose office was awash with a foot of water Sunday morning."CAUSE:Rain
203 US - Texas - Tropical Storm Fay Counties:  Brazoria, Frio, Galveston, La Salle, Matagorda, Wharton, Nueces, Live Oak and Patricio  09/06/02 09/19/02 14       Heavy rain     1   Tso 97,960                  8.3  
202 Kenya Mombasa, Matuga, Kipevu
Districts:  Kwale, Kilifi, Mobasa, Taita Taveta
09/16/02 09/19/02 4       Heavy rain     1   Tpz 63,450                  3.5  
201 Mexico States: Nuevo Leon,  Tamaulipas. San Pedro.  Rivers: Pilon 09/17/02 09/21/02 5 10     Heavy rain     1   Tso 35,140                  3.0  
200 New Zealand Wakatipu region. Mararoa River 09/19/02 09/21/02 3 0     Heavy rain     1   Cp 5,100                  0.8  
199 S. France Rhone valley. Provence. Gard, Herault and Vaucluse departments. Nimes and Avignon areas. Aramon, Sommieres, Rousson.  09/08/02 09/12/02 5 23 2,500 $1,200,000,000 Heavy rain See notes   1   TsuCs 10,480                  1.6 "Officials said that up to 600 millimeters of water fell within 24 hours in some areas -- more than the usual total rainfall over six months" "Aramon was submerged Monday night, when a dike protecting its 3,600 inhabitants from a nearby tributary of the Rhone River gave way. At least five people were killed in the village, 10 kilometers southwest of the town of Avignon, in the Gard region" "In the Gard, 80 percent of vineyards were destroyed and 15 wine production and storage centers were damaged"CAUSE:Rain
198 Yemen Flooding in several areas of Yemen "in recent weeks" including: southwestern province of Taiz, western province of Hudaidah, Hadramout in the southeast.    08/22/02 09/06/02 16 28     Heavy rain     1   Tpu 19,470                  3.9 "Thirteen people were killed last week in the southwestern province of Taiz and the western province of Hudaidah as well as in Hadramout in southeast Yemen. Fifteen more died in recent weeks in other parts of the country, the ministry said. "CAUSE:Rain
197 W. Italy Elba Island - northern part of island 09/04/02 09/06/02 3   1,200   Heavy rain     1   TsuCs 90                  0.1 "...meteorologists recorded 133 litres of rain per square meter in only 18 hours. The entire northern part of the popular tourist island was hit by heavy flooding. Floodwaters swept away vehicles and sections of highway and dozens of vehicles were still floating early Thursday alongside pleasure boats in Marina di Campo bay.  "CAUSE:Rain
196 W. India Gujarat State - Bharuch district, Surat, Vadodara and Anand. Jaghadia. Narmada River
Maharashtra State - Sadarpada, Jalgaon district, Nasik district, Dhule. Rivers: Godavari, Panzara, Tapi  
09/03/02 09/06/02 4 22 5,000   Monsoonal rain     1   Tszo 79,000                  3.9 "At least seven people drowned in flood waters, while four were buried under the debris of a wall that collapsed in Bharuch district, of western Indian state of Gujarat, the Indo-Asian News Service (IANS) reported. Three deaths were also reported from Surat, Vadodara and Anand."CAUSE:Monsoon rains
195 Greece Athens, Kifissos river. Moshatos and Faliro districts 09/03/02 09/05/02 3       Heavy rain     1   CpSe* 280                  0.2 "Heavy rains on Tuesday evening caused the river Kifissos to burst its banks once again, flooding hundreds of homes in Athens' outlying Moshatos and Faliro districts, the fire service said. Around 700 firemen were called in to deal with hundreds of emergency calls, as flood waters reached 80 centimetres (32 inches) in some streets, carrying away cars and cutting off electricity supplies"CAUSE:Rain
194 Guatemala Guatemala City area. Villa Nueva. Pacific coast rivers overflowing. 08/29/02 09/05/02 8 3     Heavy rain     1   Tso 11,480                  2.2 "The rains are expected to continue for at least two more days, Guatemala's Meteorological Institute said in a report. The deaths and injuries occurred on the outskirts of Guatemala City, but rivers near the country's Pacific coast have also overflown their banks, though no damages have yet been reported. "CAUSE:Rain
193 E. Russia Primorye Territory - Dalnerechenskiy and Khankayskiy districts.  Malinka and Orekhova Rivers  08/28/02 09/06/02 10       Heavy rain     1 1,200 TsuCpSe 1,300                  0.8 "The Malinka and Orekhova Rivers in the far eastern Primorye region overflowed, sending floodwaters into 60 homes... The waters flooded 680 hectares of farmland and 12 kilometers of local roads, and washed out a bridge" "The emergency situation was introduced 10 days ago after ceaseless rains brought about huge flooding, with water approaching houses in several villages. The floods submerged some 1,200 ha of farmlands."CAUSE:Rain
192 South and North Korea - Typhoon Rusa South Korea - Kangnung in Kangwon Province. South Kyongsang Province: Kimhae, Hapchon, and Haman areas
North Korea -  Kangwon and Hwanhae provinces.
08/31/02 09/03/02 4 138 70,000 $800,000,000 Heavy rain     1 85,000 TsuCpSe* 12,000                  1.5 "Death Toll Exceeds 200More than 200 people have been reported killed or missing as a result of floods and landslides caused by the deadliest typhoon in four decades" "Rusa was the deadliest typhoon to hit the Korean peninsula since 1987 … , the storm washed away 274 bridges, severed railways and roads in 174 locations, knocked down 10,000 electricity poles and flooded more than 17,000 homes." "Gangneung was one of the areas hit hardest by the typhoon. Many parts of the city of 220,000 people were swamped by waist-high floods after 3 feet of rain fell within 30 hours, the highest precipitation since weather officials began compiling records in the 1930s."CAUSE:Rain
191 Sierra Leone Towns of of Senehun and Jamma near Bo, Tibel River. Njagabehun town in Moyamba District. Freetown. 08/29/02 09/01/02 4 0 500   Heavy rain     1 180 Tpz 9,150                  1.3 "Some 200 people were affected by the floods, with at least 125 homes destroyed, although there were no reports of deaths...."over 75 acres (180 hectares) of rice fields were swept away as well as 28 acres of cassava, groundnuts and vegetable fields were waterlogged and uprooted." "CAUSE:Rain
190 C. Vietnam Central Highland province of Dac Lac.  08/19/02 08/24/02 6 4 6,000 $3,000,000 Monsoonal rain     1 8,000 Tpz 12,950                  2.0 "According to the latest report from the Central Highland province of Dac Lac, by Aug. 21, floods had seriously affected seven out of the province's 19 districts, causing four deaths, one injury, submerging nearly 1,500 houses, 6,154 hectares of rice and nearly 2,000 hectares of other crops. The total losses were estimated at 45.5 billion Vietnamese dong (VND) (3 million US dollars)."CAUSE:Monsoon rains
189 Chile Bio Bio region (Eighth Region) - towns: Hualqui, Ralco, Collao, Tome, Penco, San Pedro de la Paz and Concepcion. Rivers: Andalien,  Bio Bio, Nonguen, Itata. 
Maule region - Claro, Teno and Lontue rivers. Villa Alegre, Molina. 
O'Higgins region -  Tinguirica River at San Fernando.
Other regions: Valparaiso, Central Region VI, Sierras de Bellavista, San Fernando-Pichilemu, Apalta, Puquillay, Leonera.
08/24/02 08/29/02 6 2 8,000   Heavy rain     1   Cp 62,180                  4.5 "Many of the hardest-hit areas were in Chile's Eighth Region, 530 kilometers south of Santiago, where the Andalien and Bio Bio rivers overflowed and damaged homes in the city of Concepcion and the nearby town of Hualqui. " " three towns in Hualqui were completely inundated when the Bio Bio River burst its banks. Water levels in the area measured as much as one meter  in depth."CAUSE:Rain
188 Burma (Myanmar) Chindwin and Irawaddy (Ayeyawaddy) Rivers. Towns: Monwya, Mawliek, Kalewa, Nyaungoo Nyaung-u, Minbu, Magway Magwe and Hinthata  08/17/02 09/04/02 19   5,000   Monsoonal rain   30 2 404,700 Tszo 125,500                20.9 "Floodwaters brought on by monsoon rains have affected up to a million acres (404,700 hectares) of land throughout the country, leaving thousands of people homeless and causing widespread damage to crops and property"CAUSE:Monsoon rains
187 NW Pakistan North West Frontier Province - Peshawar and its surrounding area. Mardan, Malakand, Swabi, Matta. 08/22/02 08/28/02 7 22 3,000 $30,000 Heavy rain     1   Tszo 4,900                  1.4 "At least 20,000 people have been badly affected," said Haji Raza Khan, an official in the district of Mardan, approximately 60 kilometers (38 miles) north of Peshawar, adding six people had drowned in the district Friday. Floodwaters from rains that began Thursday have also injured dozens of people, killed hundreds of cattle and buffaloes and destroyed fruit and vegetable crops worth tens of thousands of dollars"CAUSE:Rain
186 N. Thailand and Cambodia Thailand - Provinces (districts): Lamphun (Ban Hong), Buri Ram, Ubon Ratchathani (Warin Chamrap),  Loei (Muang, Wang Saphung), Petchaboon, Sukothai, Nong Khai, Trad, Chantaburi, Phetchabun, Phitsanulok (Wat Bote), Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son (Mae Sariang, Ban Tha Sala), Khon Kaen (Nam Phong), Phichit (Muang Phichit, Taphan Hin, Bang Mun Nak, Tapkhlor), Nong Khai (Muang, Tha Bo), Prachuap Khiri Khan (Bangsapan). Roi Et. Ban Nam Ko in Lomsak district. Rivers: Mekong, Mun, Salween, Nan, Kwai Noi, Mae Ta, Nam Li.
Cambodia - provinces: Kampong Cham, Kratie, Prey Veng, Stung Treng, Kandal. Mekong River.
08/18/02 11/26/02 101 65 400,000 $32,000,000 Monsoonal rain   30 2 1,425,600 Tpz 358,600                55.3 "The opening of flood gates in southern China has caused the Mekong River to rise to its highest level in 30 years and triggered flooding in northeastern Thailand" "Water levels on the Mekong River yesterday reached 30-year highs, spreading fear among the residents of the northern, northeastern and eastern provinces that their houses will be swept away in the widespread flooding. "
"Cambodia has had severe flooding for three years, but this year's has been particularly destructive because the waters rose much faster than expected, "The speed of the flood this year was very fast, faster than last year but the water levels have not remained high for that long, less than seven days," "In August flood waters in the Upper Mekong reached their highest levels since 1966" -- DEAD: Camboida: 29, N Thailand: 40 -- CAUSE:Monsoon rains
185 E. Algeria Regions - Tebessa, Oum El Bouaghi, Batna, Mila, Khenchela. Towns: Oued Aouf, Taxent, Teleghma, Dahouara. River: Oued El Hadjama 08/17/02 08/28/02 12 28 500 $1,500,000 Heavy rain See notes   1   TsuCs 25,340                  4.0 "the regions of Mila, Oum El Bouaghi, Batna, and, to a lesser degree, Khenchela have been hit by floods following the "unseasonal" precipitation they have been witnessing since last Saturday 17 August night. " Aug 27 "Throughout the region, hundreds of homes have been flooded or battered by hail in the storms that began more than a week ago, and vast patches of farmland have been destroyed. The death toll was likely to rise, as many people were still missing. "CAUSE:Rain
184 W. Thailand and Burma Thailand - Provinces (districts): Tak (Mae Sot and Phob Phra), Chiang Mai (Mae Rim), Mae Ramat. Mae Sariang.
Rivers: Salween, Moei, Mae Ping
Burma -  Karen and Mon states - Thanlwin Salween River. Towns: Hpa-an Pa-an and Mawlamyine Moulmein.  
08/17/02 09/20/02 35 2 150,000   Heavy rain See notes   1 800 Tszo 49,780                  7.9 "flash floods raced through 31 villages in Mae Sot and Phob Phra districts after the Moei River overflowed its banks" "-- Thousands of people in northern Thai province of Tak have been evacuated as several days of heavy rain sparked flashfloods there ... the Moei river there broke its banks Sunday and caused flood levels as high as 2 meters"CAUSE:Rain - flash flood
183 NW China Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region - Kashi Prefecture. Gez River. Manas River    08/15/02 08/19/02 5 0     Heavy rain See notes   2   CSs* 17,450                  4.3 "At the height of the flood Gez River swept through the region at 640 cubic metres per second, causing the most severe flooding on record. Nine counties and cities have been affected by the disaster. " "several counties had been hit by floods after unusually heavy rain ... The situation had been aggravated by high temperatures that had brought large amounts of melt water from the mountains"CAUSE:Rain
182 N. Vietnam Ha Giang Province - Xin Man District. Lao Cai and Tuyen Quang provinces. Lo River and tributaries.  Hong (Red) River in Hanoi. 08/14/02 08/22/02 9 29 80,000 $2,000,000 Heavy rain See notes 30 2 1,350 Tszo 50,980                  9.9 "floods caused by two days of heavy rains killed 26 people and inundated tens of thousands of homes in three provinces in the north of the country and in Hanoi" "In Hanoi, the Red River, swollen by floodwaters, has topped its banks. The system of 500-year-old dykes has protected the city from major problems, but now houses in the area have flooded.  " ""This is the worst flood in Ha Giang for 30 years in terms of human lives and material losses"CAUSE:Rain
181 SW China Yunnan Province - Xinping County. Xiaowan Hydropower Station on Lanchang River. Yanjin.  floods and landslides in 14 districts. 08/14/02 08/20/02 7 106 13,000 $4,200,000 Heavy rain See notes   1   Tszo 17,270                  2.6 "Early Saturday morning 17 August , work huts at a construction site of the Xiaowan Hydropower Station under construction on the Lanchang River in Yunnan were demolished by a sudden landslide." "Since 14 August, Xinping County in Yunnan has had an unprecedented number of landslides. They have killed 31 people, left 36 missing and cut a 50-metre wide chasm on the mountain side."CAUSE:Rain
180 SE South Africa Eastern Cape province - East London 08/16/02 08/18/02 3 16 2,500   Heavy rain See notes   1   Tso 3,000                  0.6 "heavy rains began lashing the city Thursday night, causing rivers to swell and creating flash floods. "Two of the victims were women, one was a girl and another a man. They were all living in low-lying squatter camps around East London," "The port city recorded its second heaviest rainfall on history with nearly 32 cm falling in 24 hours, washing houses and cars away, "CAUSE:Rain - flash flood
179 C. Mexico San Luis Potosi State - towns of La Ventilla, Villa de Reyes; Los Dolores dam. Villa Garcia town in Zacateca State - El Capulin dam.   08/15/02 08/17/02 3 21 5,000   Dam/Levy, break or release         Tso 1,000                   -   "In San Luis Potosi, the Los Dolores dam buckled under heavy rains early Thursday, flooding the nearby municipality of Villa de Reyes … In neighboring Zacatecas the El Capulin dam burst early Thursday, unleashing a torrent of water on the city of Villa Garcia"CAUSE:Dam break
178 E. China Jiangxi Province - 10 counties. Gang River
Zhejiang Province - Jinhua, Quzhou and Lishui regions. Quzhou City.  
08/13/02 08/17/02 5 21   $22,000,000 Heavy rain     1 6,400 Tszo 28,020                  2.7 "In the eastern province of Jiangxi some 520,000 people in 10 counties were affected by flooding caused by torrential rain which battered the province since last Monday, ...Some residents' homes are submerged in two meters of water … water levels in the middle and upper reaches of the province's Gang River and its three tributaries have surpassed warning levels, threatening more floods" "In eastern Zhejiang province, 21 were confirmed dead and eight missing after powerful mountain torrents triggered by heavy rain hit dozens of villages"CAUSE:Rain
177 Philippines Luzon Island - Manila and Rizal Province.
Negros Island - Negros Occidental
08/13/02 08/17/02 5 29 3,000   Tropical cyclone     1   Tpz 11,680                  1.7 "The level of floods, caused by a tropical depression, was as high as a person's neck in some areas of Manila, forcing traffic to a standstill and stranding vehicles on streets that resembled rivers,"CAUSE:Rain
176 NE Iran Golestan, Khorasan and Semnan provinces  - Kalaleh. Ghalikesh district. Gonbad.  Kouseh River  08/10/02 08/14/02 5 35   $3,750,000 Heavy rain See notes   1 5,000 Cs 9,720                  1.6 "This year's flooding damaged thousands of hectares of farmland, disrupted water supply to 20 villages and cut off electricity to 80 other villages" "The floods have also washed away roads and swamped farm land around Galikesh, a town in the province of Golestan some 500 kilometers northeast of Tehran"CAUSE:Rain - flash flood
175 C. China Sichuan Province - Chengdu city. 08/08/02 08/13/02 6 5   $12,000,000 Heavy rain     1 70,000 Tszo 520                  0.4 "Floodwaters in parts of the urban areas of Chengdu, the provincial capital, were one to two meters deep. The heavy rain affected 18 counties, 110 towns and 1.2 million local people, and damaged some 70,000 ha. of farmland and over 8, 900 houses"CAUSE:Rain
174 N. India Uttaranchal State -  Tehri district. Uttarkashi.  Villages: Marwari, Bishankot. Jaikur and Indravati rivers.  08/11/02 08/13/02 3 33     Heavy rain     1   Tszo 6,770                  0.9 "The area, which was badly affected by a drought, is now reeling under floods triggered by the Jaikur and Indravati rivers bursting their banks"CAUSE:Rain
173 UK Northeast England - North Yorkshire towns of Filey, Cayton  08/10/02 08/12/02 3   250   Heavy rain See notes   1   C 60                  0.1 "In the worst affected area in Filey, water levels reached three feet. "It was the worst flooding Filey had seen in living memory," "CAUSE:Rain - flash flood
172 S. Russia Black Sea Coast - Krasnodar region. Novorossiysk area. Towns: Shirokaya Balka, Sochi, Krymsky, Tuapse, Sukhaya Shchel, Verkhnebakansky, Gelenzhik, Dyurso and Abrau-Dyurso.
Ukraine - east Crimea - Kerch, Jankoi. 
08/08/02 08/12/02 5 59 48,000 $32,000,000 Heavy rain See notes   2   CpSe 10,860                  3.4 "Torrential rain in the past few days caused dykes and water reservoirs on the popular Black Sea coast in southern Russia to burst their banks, damaging hundreds of houses and causing more than 1,500 tourists and residents to flee.  As many as 4,000 tourists were still trapped in Shirokaya Balka, a scenic coastal village that was devastated by the flooding"CAUSE:Rain
171 C. Europe Austria - Provinces: Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Tyrol. Waldviertel region.  Towns: Linz, Passau, Steyr, Krems, Hallein, Zwettl, Perg, Ybbs, Vienna.  Rivers: Danube, Salzach, Kamp
Germany - States: Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.  Towns: Traunstein, Leipzig, Dresden, Passau, Reutlingen, Regensburg, Moosach, Glonn, Unterallgaeu, Munich. Pleisse River in Thuringia. Rivers: Danube, Elbe, Mulde.
Czech Republic - Regions: Prague, Bohemia, Plzen, Karlovy Vary, Zapadocesky. Districts of Central Bohemia, Southern Bohemia, Pilsner, Carlsbad and Usti.  Towns: Prague, Ceske Budejovice, Cesky Krumlov, Plzen, Karlovy Vary, Strakonice, Prachatice, Pisek, Susice, Radotin, Bratislava, Vodnany, Kaplice, Matejovice near Poprad. Rivers: Vltava, Blanice, Malse, Berounka, Slavkovsky, Uhlava, Luznice, Otava, Labe, Sazava.
Southern Romania - Farcasesti village.
Hungary - Budapest
08/07/02 08/28/02 22 55 250,000 $20,000,000,000 Heavy rain   100 3   CpSe* 252,300                46.6 "In Prague, it's the worst flooding in 500 years, and it may be in 1,000 years."
"The floods that were mostly in Lower and Upper Austria (in the northeast) have spread to the entire Austrian territory," "In the Kamp River valley, where the Lower Austrian hydrological service last week reported the worst flooding since records began being kept in 1896, water levels rose by 11/2 meters (5 feet) overnight" "A dam burst Sunday night in the Lower Austria town of Zwettl, where a famed brewery was inundated by flooding earlier in the week, submerging 50 to 60 houses" "The flooding in Waldviertel was "the worst effect of heavy rainfall since records began after World War II in 1947," said Svabik, adding that several other areas had seen the worst floods in 40 years. " In Czech Republic the "worst flooding since 1997" "The Elbe - fed by high water that earlier devastated Prague - rose above nine meters (29 1/2 feet) early Friday, shattering the previous all-time high of 8.76 meters (28 3/4 feet) reached in 1845 [in Dresden]" "Officials said it was the highest water level on record in Regensburg, which was last hit by a bad flood in 1988. "The Danube reached a height of 28.2 feet in Budapest Sunday, just over the previous record set in 1965" "Water levels broke records in Dresden (the highest recorded for over 150 years), Prague (the highest recorded for well over 100 years), Bratislava and Budapest (both recording the highest levels for around 50 years) -- DEAD: Czech 9, Austria 4, Germany 8, Romania 7 -- DISPLACED: Czech: 200000, Germany: 30000, Austria: --"CAUSE:Rain
170 C. China Hunan province -  Dongting Lake area. Chenzhou city. Anren county. Cities: Hengyang, Yongzhou, Zhuzhou, Changsha, Chenglingji, Yueyang, Yangliuyuan. Rivers: Zishui,  Xiangjiang, Yangtze, Xinqiang. 08/06/02 08/28/02 23 124 270,000 $2,200,000,000 Heavy rain     1 415,000 Tszo 94,510                  9.6 "In the south Hunan city of Chenzhou, 45 percent of urban areas were affected after 14 out of 29 reservoirs overflowed" "almost half of Chenzhou city was under water." "Around 38 million people have been affected by floods... which were triggered by rains beginning on August and described as the heaviest to hit the region for years. " "Elsewhere in Hunan, the Xiangjiang River that flows through the provincial capital of Changsha is at an all-time high" Aug23- "Dongting Lake in the central province of Hunan had risen to 34. 74 meters by Friday morning at Chenglingji City, where it connects with the flooding Yangtze River. Adding to the flood danger, the river has hit flood levels in several sections near the lake. Water levels will peak at 35 meters on Sunday morning at Chenglingji, the fourth highest level recorded, according to the officials.  " -- DEAD: as of Aug 15-108 -- CAUSE:Rain
169 E. Tajikstan Gorno-Badakhshan region in Pamir Mountains - Dasht village. Shokh-Darye River.  08/07/02 08/08/02 2 24 500   Dam/Levy, break or release         CpSe* 400                   -   "A dam holding water in a lake in the Pamir Mountains of eastern Tajikistan broke Wednesday, flooding a village and killing 20 people, emergency officials said. The dam broke as a result of a mudslide near the village of Dasht in the Roshkalinsky region about 185 miles east of the Tajik capital Dushanbe" "72 houses were completely destroyed, as well as two bridges, a medical centre, a school, a four-km stretch of road and seven kilometres of electricity lines"CAUSE:Dam break
168 W. Romania Transylvania Province - Cioara, Baia de Aries, Bistrita.  08/06/02 08/07/02 2 1     Heavy rain     1   CpSe* 16,410                  0.9 "and hundreds of people stranded as floods and storms ravaged the western Romanian province of Transylvania"CAUSE:Rain
167 South and North Korea South Korea - Seoul area, Choonchon, Hoengsung county. Pusan. Rivers: Han, Naktong.
North Korea - Provinces: South Pyongan, South Hwanghae. Kaechon, Tokchon, Anju and the counties of Nyongwon, Unsan, Mundok and Sukchon. Saenae River.
08/05/02 08/11/02 7 21 26,000   Heavy rain See notes   1 3,700 TsoCp 29,700                  3.4 "Torrential rains flooded thousands of homes and caused landslides ... up to 400 millimeters (16 inches) of rain fell in central South Korea on Tuesday. Downpours began Sunday ... A total of 5,210 houses, mostly in the capital of Seoul, were flooded" -- DEAD: North dozens, South 21 -- DISPLACED: North 22000, South 4000 -- CAUSE:Rain
166 S. China - tropical storm Kammuri  Guangdong province - Wuhua county in Meizhou city. Cities: Shaoguan, Lianzhou. Beijiang river  08/05/02 08/12/02 8 10 1,500   Heavy rain See notes   1   Tszo 2,100                  1.0 "the floods caused by Kammuri injured 15 people, left 194 people homeless, and destroyed 12 houses in Wuhua county in Meizhou city, in Guangdong province.   Rainstorms that have lasted for days have destroyed two local hydropower station dams and brought havocs to 412 villages to varying extent in Wuhua county" "floodwaters destroyed two dams and unleashed a torrent on residents below" "In Guangdong province...the Beijiang river has seen its most serious flooding of the year"CAUSE:Rain and dam breaks
165 C. China Gansu Province - Dingxi County.  08/04/02 08/05/02 2 28     Heavy rain See notes   1   TsoCp 5,170                  0.5 "Surging floodwaters have struck a bus in northwest China's Gansu Province, leaving 28 people dead. ... the bus ... encountered a rainstorm in Dingxi County at 11 p.m. on August 4"CAUSE:Rain - flash flood
164 Pakistan District Muzaffargarh. Indus River. Betrampur, Lundi Pitafi, Khanwah, and Gabber Ara in, Bet Dariyai. Rohri Canal Breach in Sindh Province on July 30. 08/03/02 08/07/02 5 3 800   Heavy rain     1   Tszo 1,350                  0.6 "village known as "Chhajra" in Jatoi Sub Division of District Muzaffargarh was reportedly swept away on Sunday, three children drowned, besides some 71 Pacca houses,179 kutcha houses, two mosques and seven tube wells, due to flood in Indus River ... Indus River is washing away its banks at Betrampur, Lundi Pitafi, Khanwah, and Gabber Ara in, Bet Dariyai"CAUSE:Rain
163 NE China Southern Liaoning province - cities of Anshan, Yingkou and Dashiqiao. 08/03/02 08/06/02 4 2     Heavy rain     1 13,000 TsoCp 6,080                  1.1 "extremely heavy rainfalls between 9 p.m. Saturday and 11 p.m. Sunday caused flooding in southern parts of the province, especially in the cities of Anshan, Yingkou and Dashiqiao. In Dashiqiao city, one of the worst hit regions, an urbanite   was killed in the floods while a farmer reported missing. According to witnesses, some parts of the city had been inundated by waters of over a meter. "CAUSE:Rain
162 E Russia Primorsky territory  - Dalnerechensk district. Zimniki, Verbnoye, Savinkovka.  Malinovka River.  08/01/02 08/06/02 6   80   Heavy rain     1 780 TsuCpSe 1,350                  0.7 "on August 1, the level of water had risen abruptly in the River Malinovka, disrupting telephone communications and electric power supplies to six local villages. A score of houses were inundated. "CAUSE:Rain
161 N. Vietnam Provinces: Lao Cai, Tuyen Quang , Bac Kan, Lai Chau. Than Uyen district in Lao Cai. Tuyen Quang township and the surrounding areas. Rivers: Hong, Thai Binh, Lo. 07/31/02 08/06/02 7 10 2,000 $2,200,000 Heavy rain     1 6,000 Tszo 27,820                  3.2 "Four days of torrential rains that begun Wednesday submerged some 6,000 hectares of rice and other food crops, triggered landslides, and swept away 300 houses. A further 6,400 homes were damaged, while 78 water supply stations were destroyed. Sections of roads across the impoverished northern areas have also been wrecked by the floods" "water levels in the delta regions of the Red and Thai Binh rivers are at dangerously high levels ... as a result of big flows from their upstreams"CAUSE:Rain
160 Germany Germany - Hamburg, Magdeburg, Chemnitz and Dresden. Baviarian Alps
07/31/02 08/08/02 9       Brief torrential rain     1   CpSe* 22,270                  3.3 "Flash floods caused chaos in northern and eastern Germany Thursday with Hamburg and the states of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg worst hit as thunderstorms brought a heatwave to an end." "The whole of Hamburg is under water," CAUSE:Rain
159 E. Romania Town of Silistea, and 40 other towns near Romania's Black Sea coast. 07/30/02 08/03/02 5 2 4,000   Heavy rain     1   CpSe* 3,420                  0.9 "two people were killed and at least 1,300 homes in eastern Romania destroyed by flooding in recent days brought on by heavy rains. About 40 towns in all have been affected" "It was the third time in a month that the area has been flooded, resulting in total estimated damage of about 16 billion lei (about dlrs 500,000). "CAUSE:Rain
158 UK Scotland - east end of Glasgow. Shettleston, Norfolk, Stirlingshire. River Isla near Perthshire. River Ericht around Blairgowrie.
England - West Yorkshire: Marsden. River Colne. between Harrogate and Leeds. 
07/30/02 08/01/02 3   300   Heavy rain     1   C 1,320                  0.4 "Weather experts issued flood warnings for several parts of Scotland after a day of torrential rain Tuesday burst the banks of rivers, left homes flooded and wreaked travel chaos across much of the area … In areas worst hit by the downpour, meteorologists recorded 3 inches (7.6 cms) of rain in 24 hours - the equivalent of two month's rainfall."CAUSE:Rain
157 S. Bulgaria Regions: Plovdiv, Khaskovo, Rhodopes.  Towns: Studena, Pravoslaven Rivers: Selsa, Chaya. 07/28/02 07/31/02 4       Heavy rain See notes   1 40 CpSe* 8,400                  1.3 "Heavy rains have swelled rivers and burst two dams in southern Bulgaria, causing intense floods that have ravaged villages, roads, and farmland for two days… rainfall in the Plovdiv region in July has exceeded the month's norms by three to four times"CAUSE:Rain and dam breaks
156 South Africa Cape Peninsula  - Cape Flats 07/28/02 08/03/02 7   2,300   Heavy rain     1   Tso 280                  0.3 "a series of winter storms that have lashed the Cape Peninsula over the past week… flooding has become an annual winter ordeal for the many shack dwellers crowded into low-lying areas of the Peninsula. "CAUSE:Rain
155 N. Afghanistan Sar-e Pol Province - Balkhab District. Sher, Gulwaz, Dushakh, Tagab-e Lola.   07/28/02 07/30/02 3       Heavy rain   300 3   CSs* 3,340                  1.9 "Such a raging flood has had no precedence in the 300-year-old history of Sar-e Pol Province … . Many homes have been destroyed in those areas and people have lost their properties. The floods have not caused human losses but they have killed many animals in the areas. The flood has washed away homes in some villages of the district."CAUSE:Rain
154 US Alaska Fairbanks North Star Borough on Tanana River. Salcha, McGrath, Lime Village, Sleetmute, Red Devil, Crooked Creek, Aniak and Kwethluk on Kuskokwim River. Susitna River drainage from Chase to Montana Creek; and Emmonak in the Yukon River drainage.    04/27/02 05/31/02 35 0   $7,800,000 Snowmelt     1   CSs** 17,600                  4.7 spring floodingCAUSE:Spring Melt
153 US Virginia Giles County - Pembroke. Little Stony and Doe creeks 07/25/02 07/27/02 3 0 100 $3,000,000 Heavy rain See notes   1   TsoCp 2,050                  0.5 "Heavy storms brought 5 1/2 inches of rain to this Appalachian town last month, causing Doe Creek to grow into an uncontrollable river. The creek and its tributaries flooded farms, homes and businesses. About 200 Giles County homes, eight businesses, three public buildings and two parks were damaged by the flood..."CAUSE:Rain - flash flood
152 NW China Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region - Counties: Baicheng, Jeminay. Altai, Hotan, Aksu, Ili.  07/21/02 07/29/02 9 15 10,000 $38,600,000 Heavy rain     2 156,000 CSs* 127,600                15.7 "the water has reached dangerous levels in 20 rivers in Xinjiang - record highs for seven of them... In Baicheng county, 11 people were killed and 19 miles of dikes were destroyed, causing $2 million in damage, the officials said. Jeminay county has been flooded four times in the past week, with waters reaching more than 3 feet in some places"CAUSE:Rain
151 W. Yemen Raima 07/24/02 07/26/02 3 13     Heavy rain     1   Tpu 5,160                  0.8 "The eight family members died late Wednesday when their house was swept away by floods in Raima, some 100 kilometers (65 miles) west of Sanaa"CAUSE:Rain
150 Nigeria Lagos 07/24/02 07/26/02 3 2     Heavy rain     1   Tpz 1,650                  0.4 "A week of heavy rainfall … A mother and baby drowned Thursday when their mud home was swept away by torrential floods in Nigeria's commercial capital Lagos. "CAUSE:Rain
149 NW Iran City of Khalkhal and other nearby villages. Kousar, Meshkin-Shahr, Nir and Ardebil   07/23/02 07/26/02 4 6     Heavy rain See notes   1   Cs 990                  0.4 "A woman was killed in the city of Khalkhal and other nearby villages in north west Iran were severely damaged by heavy floods" "the floods damaged the infrastructure of 20 villages in addition to water pipelines of five other villages"CAUSE:Rain - flash flood
148 Alaska Dyea near Skagway. Taiya River.   07/23/02 07/24/02 2 0 25   21     1   CSs** 1,150                  0.2 "A landslide triggered a flood that forced the evacuation of at least 25 people from the small town of Dyea near Skagway on Tuesday...said a sudden surge sent a volume of water down the West Creek drainage. It caused the Taiya River to rise, cresting at 21 feet by 7 a.m. Tuesday before subsiding "CAUSE:Landslide Triggered
147 Turkey Black Sea region - Rize Province and city. Guneysu and Cayeli townships, Selamet. Central -  Corum and Yozgat provinces. Eastern - Kars and Mus provinces. 07/23/02 07/27/02 5 34 3,000   Monsoonal rain     1   Cs 15,130                  2.0 "Floods swept through the Black Sea city of Rize, where 18 people were killed, 15 were missing and more than 200 remained stranded in their swamped villages"CAUSE:Monsoon rains
146 Nepal Kathmandu valley. Terai area. Districts: Makwanpur, Khotang, Kathmandu, Chitwan, Kavre, Dhanusha, Mahottari, Bhojpur, Dhankutta, Syangja. Kavrepalanchowk, Lalitpur, Dhading, Siraha, Rautahat,  Nawalparasi, Tehrathum, Morang, Gorkha, Dhankuta, Panchthar, Jhapa, Ilam, Sindhuli, Morang.  Kamlamai Municipality.  Kamala River and tributaries.  07/21/02 08/15/02 26 380 250,000   Monsoonal rain See notes   1   Tszo 15,070                  4.0 floods and landslides  "The hardest hit district was Makwanpur in the south of the kingdom where about 150 people have been killed since Sunday as their villages were swept away by floods" "recent floods and landslides that affected 46 of Nepal's 75 districts" -- DEAD: total in nepal this year 429 -- CAUSE:Monsoon rains
145 Philippines - Juan and Kaka Luzon - Provinces: Bulacan, Laguna, Pampanga, Pangasinan. Manila area.
Mindanao - Maguindanao Province
Negros Island. Visayas.
07/20/02 07/28/02 9 18 7,000   Tropical cyclone See notes   1   Tpz 12,840                  2.5 "Rains dumped by a deceptively "weak" storm named "Juan" submerged much of Metro Manila and surrounding provinces" Floods and landslides. tropical
depression Juan and tropical storm KakaCAUSE:Rain
144 E Russia Primorye Territory - Vladivostok area. Districts: Ussuriysk, Oktyabr, Khasan, Pogranichny and Khankai. Rivers: Razdolnaya, Migunovka and Komissarovka   07/20/02 07/26/02 7   1,500 $645,000 Heavy rain     1 21,000 TsuCpSe 23,880                  3.0 "The region around the Pacific port of Vladivostok received a one-month amount of precipitation over the past few days, but water levels in local rivers rose particularly sharply Sunday, to 2.5 meters (8 feet) above the critical level, said Anatoly Zarechnev, Emergency Situations Ministry spokesman in Vladivostok. "It most likely was the dumping of water from reservoirs on the Chinese side that caused the rise," "CAUSE:Rain
143 W. Venezuela Apure State - Bajo Apure area. Guasdualito territory. Paez. Cities: Barinas and San Cristobal. Rivers: Sarare, Arauca, Apure. Orinoco River in Amazonas, Barinas, Delta Amacuro, Portuguesa and Bolivar states.  07/20/02 07/31/02 12 5 50,000 $3,000,000 Heavy rain     1 80,000 Tpz 224,900                11.8 Floods affect "95 percent of the Guasdualito territory" "Following five days of rain, five people were dead and the southern state of Apure was flooded" "President Hugo Chavez declared a state of emergency in Amazonas, Apure, Barinas, Delta Amacuro and Portuguesa states, all of which have rain-swollen rivers, including the giant Orinoco river. "CAUSE:Rain
142 Romania North, east and southeast of Romania - Constanta, Suceava, Prahova  07/19/02 07/23/02 5 5     Heavy rain     1 4,600 CpSe* 5,420                  1.2 "heavy rain fell over the weekend, causing widespread floods in 10 counties around the country"CAUSE:Rain
141 Slovakia Central and eastern areas - Districts: Zilina, Presov and Bardejov. Cierny Balog.  Rivers: Cierny Hron  07/19/02 07/23/02 5       Heavy rain     1   CpSe* 2,190                  0.8 "Water streams in Central and Eastern Slovakia have overflown as a result of torrential rains in the area, flooding hundreds of houses, pulling down small bridges and damaging roads"CAUSE:Rain
140 E. Iran Khorasan province - cities: Quchan, Shirvan. 07/20/02 07/21/02 2 3     Heavy rain See notes   1   Cs 1,660                  0.3 "Flooding near the city of Quchan killed one person, Barakchi said. Two others died in the city of Shirvan. Several homes in villages were also damaged"CAUSE:Rain - flash flood
139 E. South Africa KwaZulu-Natal - Amatikulu, North Coast, Kearsney. Amatikulu River
Eastern Cape - Elliot and Cala. Ngwani River  
07/19/02 07/21/02 3 8     Heavy rain     1   Tso 5,570                  0.8  
138 S. Vietnam Mekong Delta - An Giang and Dong Thap provinces. Rivers: Tien, Hau, Mekong.
In Late August flooding continues in Dong Thap and An Giang and expands to: Long An, Can Tho, Kien Giang, Dong Nai, Lam Dong, Ca Mau, Tien Giang, Vinh Long     
07/15/02 12/02/02 141 155 200,000 $25,400,000 Monsoonal rain     1 6,266 Tpz 46,640                10.7 "Around 400 hectares of subsidiary summer-autumn rice in An Giang province's Tan Chau, An Phu and Tri Ton districts have been inundated by water. Dong Thap province's Luc Thuong district is likely to face total losses because of flooding. Water levels at Tan Chau, at the mouth of the Tien River, one of two biggest rivers in the region, reached 3.02 meters on July 14, some 0.21 meter higher than the same period last year.... The level at Chau Doc, the mouth of the Hau River, also rose to 2.34 meters. Some rice areas along the river's banks in An Giang and Dong Thap provinces, the region's two largest rice-farming areas, were already swamped by floods. " oct 17 "An Giang province was the worst affected with VND79.7 billion ($ 5.2 million) in damage, followed by Vinh Long with VND77.3 billion ($ 5 million), Dong Thap VND75 billion ($ 4.9 milllion), Long An VND56.2 billion ($ 3.7 million), Can Tho VND43.3 billion ($ 2.8 million) and Kien Giang VND20.8 billion ($ 1.4 million). The floods killed 142 people, including 128 children, submerged 288,836 houses and 1,410 schools and destroyed 1,034 bridges. It also inundated 50,000 hectares of agricultural crops, 30,706 hectares of orchards and 1,682 hectares of aquatic farming ponds."CAUSE:Monsoon rainsHECTARES FLOODED:
137 E. Nepal Khotang District - villages of Sungdel and Dipsung. 07/14/02 07/16/02 3 46     Monsoonal rain See notes   1   Tszo 1,050                  0.4 "heavy monsoon rains triggered massive landslides in the villages of Sungdel and Dipsung of Khotang District in eastern Nepal, on Sunday 14 July.  Some 46 people are feared killed and 150 missing. The landslides reportedly also swept away 29 houses and a health post, and more than 90 houses in the area have been severely damaged."CAUSE:Monsoon rains
136 C. Mongolia Arkhangay aymak district. 07/14/02 07/16/02 3 7   $20,000 Heavy rain     1   CSs* 32,890                  2.0 "Seven people, including five children, have died and two have gone missing due to a flood in the Arkhangay aymak district in central Mongolia"CAUSE:Rain
135 Czech Republic Southern Moravia region - Blansko, Zdar. Rivers: Becva, Hodoninka.  07/14/02 07/17/02 4 3     Heavy rain     1   CpSe* 1,326                  0.5 "Two women, aged 64 and 66, died in southern Moravia on Monday, and five villages were flooded and several houses damaged by waters up to two meters (six feet) high"CAUSE:Rain
134 Guatemala Northern Guatemala - Polochic River, Teleman.  07/13/02 07/15/02 3 2     Heavy rain See notes   1   Tpo 3,708                  0.7 "Intense rains caused flooding and mudslides in Guatemala that killed at least two people and destroyed dozens of homes"CAUSE:Rain
133 Spain Mallorca Island.Palma. 07/13/02 07/15/02 3       Heavy rain     1   TsuCs 350                  0.2 "The heaviest July rainfall in half a century has caused serious flooding on the Spanish holiday island of Mallorca … up to 55 litres fell inside an hour late Saturday "CAUSE:Rain
132 New Zealand North Island - Northland, Auckland, Waikato and the Coromandel. Bombay, Maramarua and Mercer. Waikato River.  07/12/02 07/15/02 4       Heavy rain     1   Cp 6,950                  1.2 "The Waikato River was more than double its usual level, at 5.46m."CAUSE:Rain
131 Siberia Irkutsk Region - Tayshetskiy District. Rivers: Biryusa, Tagul, Tishet   07/12/02 07/16/02 5   2,000   Heavy rain See notes   1 6,000 CSs** 49,720                  3.6 "Over 2,000 residents of Tayshetskiy District in Irkutsk Region have been cut off from the rest of the world by floods. The level of water in the Biryusa river has exceeded the critical mark by almost 2.5 meters." "Recent floods on the East Siberian river Biryusa brought damage of R45m ...  Tayshet District that had seen the major flooding said the agricultural sector had sustained the biggest losses, as the river waters flooded almost 6,000 hectares of grain crops, vegetable plantations and pastures."CAUSE:Rain and snowmelt
130 Japan - Typhoon Chataan Central and southern Japan - Gifu Prefecture near Nagoya, Japan. Ogaki city. Oita. 07/09/02 07/11/02 3 1 10,000   Heavy rain     1   TsoCpSe* 1,400                  0.4 "Typhoon Chataan, downgraded to a tropical storm but with winds still gusting to 70 mph, dumped 16 inches of rain on Gifu Prefecture near Nagoya, Japan … with serious flooding in Gifu and close to 20,000 urged to evacuate their homes"CAUSE:Rain
129 Greece Athens, Kifissos river.  07/08/02 07/09/02 2 1     Heavy rain     1   CpSe* 290                  0.1 "Floods which swept through Athens after torrential rains early this week seriously damaged at least 1,500 buildings in the city, local officials said Wednesday. The floods, which occurred on Monday when the local Kifissos river broke its banks, also left one person dead. "CAUSE:Rain
128 N. Philippines - Typhoons Chataan, Nakri and Halong Luzon Island - Provinces: Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Bulacana, Tarlac, Bataan, La Union, Batangas, Pangasinan. Towns: Baguio, Manila area, Quezon City, Navotas and Marikina. Pampanga River. 07/06/02 07/19/02 14 61 25,000 $8,000,000 Monsoonal rain     1   Tpz 20,600                  3.8 "Many major thoroughfares and residential areas of Manila and nearby provinces were under water - in some places as deep as six feet. Many families have been forced to move to 96 evacuation centers or to stay with relatives. "CAUSE:Monsoon rains
127 Nepal 12 villages in south Rupandehi. Lalbakiya River.  07/07/02 07/09/02 3       Heavy rain     1   Tszo 2,000                  0.5 "After incessant rains, the Lalbakiya River overflowed its banks inundating 12 villages in south Rupendehei, local reports said. Twelve villages are under four feet of water. Floods have damaged property and crops worth several million rupees"CAUSE:Rain
126 SW Nebraska Southeast Ogallala, Keith County.  07/06/02 07/08/02 3 1   $800,000 Heavy rain See notes   1   TsuCpSe* 710                  0.3 "More than 6 inches of rain fell Saturday in a portion of drought-stricken southwest Nebraska .... Much of Ogallala escaped major damage, but businesses to the southeast, including restaurants, hotels and a truck stop, were flooded with water and were just beginning to clean up the mess. "CAUSE:Rain - flash flood
125 W. Yemen Salafiyeh region. 07/06/02 07/08/02 3 10     Heavy rain     1   Tpu 3,900                  0.7 "At least 10 people were killed and several others are missing after torrential rains caused flash floods in the mountainous region of Salafiyeh in western Yemen over the weekend, local authorities said Sunday … Dozens of homes and thousands of hectares (acres) of land were damaged by the flooding in the region 180 kilometres (111 miles) west of Sanaa, he added."CAUSE:Rain
124 E. Columbia and W. Venezuela Columbia - Dike collapse on Aruca River; Aruca city.
Venezuela - Amparo.
07/05/02 07/08/02 4   18,000   Heavy rain See notes   0   Tpz 1,400                   -   "According to the Interior Ministry's Disaster Prevention Office, a dam that was holding back the waters of the Arauca river has collapsed, provoking a state of emergency in the city of Arauca eastern Colombia, on the border with Venezuela "CAUSE:Rain - dike collapse
123 South Korea South and southwest coastal areas 07/05/02 07/07/02 3 4     Heavy rain     1   TsoCp 9,640                  1.1 "...a tropical storm, left over from Typhoon Rammasun" "Large sections of roads were swept away by floods or buried in landslides in the country's worst-affected areas along the southern and southwestern coasts"CAUSE:Rain
122 NW China Shaanxi Province - Zichang and Qingjian counties. 07/04/02 07/07/02 4 5     Heavy rain     1   CSs* 4,730                  1.0 "Floods hit Zichang County, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, claiming five lives and threatening over 30,000 people, local sources said Friday 5 July . Two people are still missing and nine miners are trapped underground in the flood-stricken area. Rescue efforts are underway to save the miners. Over 20 counties in Shaanxi have had heavy rain since early Thursday morning and floods have engulfed Zichang and Qingjian counties" "The heavy rain continued for six hours, and the rainfall reached 259 millimetres - a level not seen there in 500 years"CAUSE:Rain
121 NE India and Bangledesh Ganga-Padma, Brammaputra-Jumuna and the Meghna river basin.
India - North Bengal - Jalpaiguri, Cooch Behar and Jalpaiguri . Rivers: Torsa, Tista.
Bihar State - 24 of 38 districts including: Madhubani, Sitamarhi, Muzaffarpur, Gopalganj, Saharsa, Nalanda,  Darbhanga, Sheohar, West Champaran, Bagha, Samastipur, Katihar, Khagaria, Saran, Sitamarhi, Sheohar.  Rivers: Bagmati, Kosi, Gandak, Kareh, Adhwara, Ganga, Burhi Gandak, Punpun.
Assam State - Districts: Dhemaji, North Lakhimpur, Majuli Island, Guwahati, Morigaon, Cachar and Hailakandi. Barak valley region.  Rivers: Jiadhal, Subansiri, Bramaputra, Barak and Kathakal .
Other India states: Mizoram, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh .
Bangladesh - districts: Kurigram, Nilphamari, Lalmonirhat, Rangpur. Jamalpur, Gainbandha, Pabna, Sirajganj, Satkhira, Manikganj, Sunamganj, Netrokona, Tangail, Munshiganj, Narayanganj. more low-lying areas of Dhaka.
06/21/02 08/28/02 69 503 15,000,000   Monsoonal rain   4 1 2,000,000 Tszo 276,600                22.3 "A week of monsoon rains has submerged 17,500 villages in Assam, marooning up to 700,000 people. West of here in Bihar, some 200,000 are estimated to be trapped after three days of heavy downpour. The Dhemaji district 465 kilometers east of Assam's capital Guwahati has been the worst hit, with flash floods inundating at least 15,000 villages and leaving up to 550,000 people stranded." "Flood waters rose as high as 17 centimeters from storms Monday and Tuesday, damaging crops, roads and homes in an area 250 kilometers north of the capital, Dhaka, weather officials said. Relief workers said thousands of people had been evacuated to higher ground in certain areas. Meanwhile, some 100,000 people were confined to their homes in Rangpur, Gaibandha, Kurigram and Nilphamari districts " July9 "Rains and overflowing rivers have submerged 20 percent of Bangladesh" July 30 "In Bangladesh, flood waters have engulfed a third of the delta nation " aug 6 "Nearly half of Bangladesh has been flooded this year" -- DEAD: Bang: 157, India: 352, Bihar 317, Assam 39, se asia including nepal: 874 -- DISPLACED: Bang:6000000, Assam:3200000, Bihar:500000, India 6.2mill --CAUSE:Monsoon rains
120 S. China Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region -  Cities: Liuzhou, Guilin, Dongxing, Hezhou.
Western Guangdong province - Xijiang and Beijiang Rivers and tributaries.
Yunnan province - Tonghai county.
06/29/02 07/06/02 8 11 80,000   Heavy rain   4 1 175,000 Tszo 179,000                  8.8 "At least nine people have died in southern China as the worst summer floods for four years continue to threaten large areas of the country. Torrential rain last weekend has caused floods that left at least five people dead and affected 3.4 million in the southwestern Guangxi region, the semi-official China News Service said. Soldiers were racing to evacuate up to 100,000 people in Guangxi's Hezhou city"CAUSE:Rain
119 C. Texas San Antonio and Austin areas. New Braunfels, Bandera, Utopia, Tilden, Abilene. Rivers: San Antonio, Medina, San Marcos, Sabinal, Frio, Pedernales, Nueces, Guadalupe, Blanco, Atascosa. Creeks: Cibolo, Barton.  06/30/02 07/23/02 24 9 4,000 $1,000,000,000 Heavy rain     2   Tso 108,300                20.9 "Major flooding on the San Antonio and Medina, San Marcos, Sabinal, Frio Rivers and Cibolo and Barton Creeks in southern Texas with moderate flooding on numerous other rivers and streams. There were 10-14 inches of rain since Monday, and 4 to 8 inches overnight.  Many evacuations with homes and roads flooded and dangerous flooding throughout the area.  Much low lying land near the rivers flooded, covering agricultural lands.  Two persons perished after being swept away by flood waters.  "CAUSE:Rain
118 C. China Hunan Province - Yangtze River, Dongting Lake, Xiangjiang River valley.
Yangtze River in Hubei, Anhui and Jiangsu Provinces.
July 5 - Lower reaches of Yangtze above danger mark
06/30/02 07/13/02 14       Heavy rain     1   Tszo 600,000                20.4 July 5 "According to flood control authorities in east China's Jiangsu Province, the capital city Nanjing reported a river level of 8.67 metres on Friday, topping the local danger mark for the first time this year. Several other provincial cities along the Yangtze's lower stretches also posted water levels above the danger mark on Friday."
"Emergency services were put on high alert in central China after further rainstorms filled an important lake on the flood-prone Yangtze River to dangerous levels ... The level of water in Hunan province's Dongting lake, which acts as a buffer for the Yangtze River, rose to 31.71 meters -- close to the 32-meter flood warning mark"CAUSE:Rain
117 E. Georgia Disricts: Marneuli, Signakh, Borjomi, Gurdzhaani and Akhalgori.  06/29/02 07/02/02 4     $3,000,000 Heavy rain   60 2   CpSe 13,580                  3.2 "The ground floors of more than 1,200 homes in three villages of the Marneuli district, Eastern Georgia, were flooded Sunday morning... Strong showers have caused rivers and brooks in the area to overflow. Floods have also affected the Borjomi, Gurdzhaani and Akhalgori districts in eastern Georgia. Ground floors of several dozen homes and grazing land are flooded. Power lines and bridges have been destroyed in some places. Several thousand head of livestock have drowned.  "CAUSE:Rain
116 W. India Maharashtra State - Districts: Thane, Bhiwandi, Palghar, Dahanu, Vasai Talukas.
Gujarat State - coastal areas. Amreli, Bharuch, Junagadh and Valsad.  
06/26/02 07/03/02 8 169 28,000   Monsoonal rain     1   Tszo 170,600                  8.6 "The dead include 41 people killed in two days of flash flooding in villages 25 miles north of Bombay, said Iqbal Chahal, an official at the affect Thane region. "It is the beginning of the monsoon and the flooding was sudden. These areas were difficult to reach," said Chahal. " "The torrential rains have led to several dams overflowing, resulting in serious floods in the two states, officials said. People in many areas of Maharashtra were evacuated to safer areas following floods triggered by the rains"CAUSE:Monsoon rains
115 S. Philippines Zamboanga del Sur province - Imelda town 06/26/02 06/27/02 2 6     Heavy rain See notes   1   Tpz 70                  0.1 "A crowd of people were celebrating the feast of Saint John with local government officials at a river bank when strong waves stirred by heavy rain in the upper reaches suddenly breached the bank and blew the victims away"CAUSE:Rain - flash flood
114 E. India West Bengal State - embankment breach at Kalagachi river in Sandeshklahi 06/25/02 06/26/02 2 4 11,000   Dam/Levy, break or release     1   Tszo 50                  0.0 "Four people were swept away Tuesday while about 11,000 others were rendered homeless as flash floods swamped 10 villages in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal .. The flooding was caused by a breach in the embankment of the Kalagachi river in Sandeshklahi, "CAUSE:Dike breach
113 Vietnam Central Binh Phuoc Province - Dong Xoai town.
Northern Lai Chau Province - Muong Te district. 
06/20/02 06/23/02 4 4   $723,684 Heavy rain See notes   1   Tpz 2,200                  0.7 "Torrential rains arrived at midnight on June 22 in central Binh Phuoc province's Dong Xoai town and flooded 200 houses and swept away hundreds of local cattle and poultry. Initial losses were estimated at over VND11 billion ($ 723,684). No deaths have been reported so far" "Four people were killed and one seriously injured when flash floods and mudslides hit a remote province in northeast Vietnam, a local official said on Tuesday. Torrential rain began at midnight last Wednesday in Lai Chau, 500 kilometres north of Hanoi. Two hours later, two bamboo houses and their occupants were swept away by a mudslide"CAUSE:Rain - flash flood
112 Ireland Ulster - Belfast, Antrim and Down. Glengormley, Carrickfergus and Whitehead.  06/22/02 06/24/02 3       Heavy rain     1   C 2,750                  0.6 "… worst flash floods for years ... Hundreds of householders in Belfast, Antrim and Down were mopping up after Friday night's rainfall which caused widespread flooding. Then heavy rain came down again yesterday, flooding homes in Glengormley, Carrickfergus and Whitehead. "CAUSE:Rain
111 NW China Southern Shaanxi Province - Counties: Zhenba, Xixiang and Ningshan. 06/21/02 06/25/02 5       Heavy rain     1   CSs* 22,460                  2.4 "Heavy rain hit the province in Northwest China again from Friday to yesterday. Subsequent flooding has damaged large areas of farmland and many houses in Zhenba, Xixiang and Ningshan counties in southern Shaanxi"CAUSE:Rain
110 Canada Western Ontario - Rainy River District. Ignace, Sioux Narrows, Nestor Falls, Fort Frances, Rainy River, Alberton, Atikokan, Chapple, Dawson, Emo, La Vallee, Lake of the Woods, Morley. Municipality of Machin, in the Kenora District 06/09/02 06/12/02 4       Heavy rain     1   TsuCpSe** 5,530                  1.0 "The Rainy River District and area experienced severe flooding on June 9, 10 and 11 that caused extensive damage to private properties and local infrastructure in the area"CAUSE:Rain
109 S. Russia North Causasus - Republics and Territories: Stavropol, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachayevo-Cherkessia, Chechnya, Krasnodar, Dagestan, Ingushetia, Adygea, Adygea.
Rivers: Kuban, Malka, Baksan, Terek, Kardonik, Argun, Sundzha, Laba, Belaya, Urup and Fars. 
06/19/02 07/01/02 13 117 200,000 $437,000,000 Heavy rain   1000 3   CpSe 224,600                36.5 "A 20-day norm of precipitation fell in the highlands of Kabardino-Balkaria within a day" "The highway linking Russia and the North Caucasus is blocked in several places by mudflows, and three sections are destroyed by water from overflowing mountain rivers." "There have been no such devastating floods ever recorded in the republic." "One-third of Karachair-Cherkessia, a republic in the North Caucasus, has been flooded as a result of recent heavy rains. " "Local residents told Interfax the flooding was the worst Chechnya had seen since 1937." "The damage was more widespread than any flood in Russia since the Siberian republic of Yakutiya was inundated by melting snow and ice in May 2001." "...floodwaters in Stavropol region have changed the course of several rivers..."  "Power lines and telephone communications have been disrupted across the entire region in what is already being called the worst natural disaster to hit the North Caucasus since 1937." "Electricity and telephone lines have been knocked out and hundreds of hectares of farmland destroyed in Dagestan, which borders Chechnya, where floodwater had covered one third of the region's territory and destroyed 400 homes...The flood also damaged an oil refinery, leaking oil into the Sunzha river which swept the oil slick further out to the Caspian Sea." "The republic of Ingushetia was among the worst hit, with its mountainous regions completely cut off from aid as torrential waters swept away all roads"  "Minister Ruslan Tsalikov said 4,848 houses have been destroyed, 11, 342 buildings damaged and 59,600 flooded; 12,500 utilities facilities, 110 kilometres of gas pipelines and 71 water intakes have been damaged. Floods have fully destroyed 269 bridges, including five railway ones, 1,500 kilometres of motor roads and 800 kilometres of power lines, leaving 131 settlements without electricity"CAUSE:RainHECTARES FLOODED:
108 New Zealand North Island - Coromandel Peninsula, Thames area, Waiomu Stream. South Waikato towns of Putaruru  and Tokoroa.  06/21/02 06/23/02 3 1   $3,000,000 Heavy rain   15 2 3,000 Cp 6,480                  1.8 "Heavy rain and 100 kilometer-an-hour (60 mile-an-hour) winds left the northern area of North Island awash. Up to 100 millimeters (4 inches) of rain fell in just a few hours."CAUSE:Rain
107 Bangladesh 110 kilometers north of capital Dhaka
Districts:  Mymensingh, Sunamganj, Netrokona and Rangpur
Rivers:  Surma, Kangsha
06/18/02 06/24/02 7 4 20,000   Monsoonal rain     1   Tszo 18,370                  2.6 "Dhaka's weather office said 400 millimeters (16 inches) of rain fell in the affected region on Tuesday and Wednesday, causing the Surma and Kangsha rivers to overflow and flood more than 200 villages."CAUSE:Monsoon rains
106 S. China Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region -  Counties: Yongfu, Xing'an. Gulin City,  Lijiang River 06/14/02 06/22/02 9   8,000 $200,000,000 Heavy rain   80 2 70,000 Tszo 20,150                  6.2 "The local flood-control authority said floods there have been the worst for 80 years. Heavy rainstorms since May 13 have raised major rivers in Guangxi above or close to danger levels. Railways and river transport have been obstructed." CAUSE:Rain
105 E. China Jiangxi Province - Fuzhou City, Fuhe River 06/13/02 06/24/02 12 24 150,000   Heavy rain See notes   1 300 Tszo 13,630                  2.9 "The embankment of Fuhe River broke on June 17, inundating more than 300 hectares of farmland in Jinxi County and making 2,000 people homeless. "CAUSE:Rain - dike collapse
104 NW Romania Transylvania - Cities: Targu Mures, Zlatna.  Roca River 06/16/02 06/18/02 3       Heavy rain     1   CpSe* 765                  0.3 "the Roca River burst its banks amid torrential rain late Sunday and its gushing waters flattened a dike"CAUSE:Rain
103 Brazil Rio Grande do Sul state, capital Porto Alegre, Lake Guaiba. Rio Cai and Rio Sao Sebastiao  06/12/02 06/19/02 8   2,000   Heavy rain     1   Tpo 18,940                  2.9 "Seven municipalities close to Porto Alegre declared a state of emergency as local rivers Rio Cai and Rio Sao Sebastiao breached their banks and caused 1,400 people to flee their homes"CAUSE:Rain
102 C. China Hunan Province - 148 townships in 10 counties. Cities:  Chenzhou, Yongzhou, Zhuahou, Zhangjiajie, Hengyang. Rivers:  Xiangjiang, Zishui, Yuanjiang and Lishui, Dongting Lake. Yangtze River
Sichuan province - Chongqing municipality. Cities: Nanchong and Suining.  
06/15/02 06/24/02 10 53 32,000 $50,740,000 Heavy rain     1 476,000 Tszo 130,300                  8.3 "A total of 148 townships in 10 counties in central China's Hunan Province have been flooded due to successive rainstorms in recent days. Floods have destroyed 8,000 houses, affected 1.44 million people and damaged some reservoirs and river embankments, causing direct economic losses of 420 million yuan. More than 100 mm of rain has fallen recently in six counties in Chenzhou City and five counties in Yongzhou City in Hunan Province. Zhuzhou City received 333 mm of rain" "... the water level of Dongting Lake, the country's second largest freshwater lake which is close to the Yangtze River, had reached a record 30.93 meters after days of heavy rain. "CAUSE:Rain
101 E. China Fujian Province - Counties:  Minqing, Jianning. Towns: Fuzhou, Sanming, Junkou . Minjiang River and its tributaries Jinxi, Shaxi and Futunxi.   06/12/02 06/19/02 8 11   $12,000,000 Heavy rain   200 3 4,000 Tszo 50,530                14.0 "...from June 11 to 16, a dozen counties' accumulative rainfall had reached 300 millimeters and that of Fuzhou city's Minqing County hit a record high of 353 millimeters. In Jianning County of Sanming City alone, some 80,000 people were affected by flooding, including nearly 1,000 who were stranded in Junkou Township"  "Landslide caused by rainstorms early Monday have blocked traffic in a railway in Fujian Province ... close to 100 meters of the railway between Nanpingnan and Yangdanzai stations in the northern part of the province had been covered by mud and rocks." "Jinxi [tributary of the Minjiang] surging to its highest level in 200 years"CAUSE:Rain 
100 Tajikistan Capital Dushanbe, village of Revat 06/16/02 06/18/02 3 4     Heavy rain See notes   1   CSs** 1,160                  0.4 "Heavy rains triggered a new wave of mudslides and flooding … The rain that fell Sunday was the equivalent of what Tajikistan normally receives over the course of four months"CAUSE:Rain - mudslides
99 NE India State of Assam, Dhemaji district, worlds largest river island of Majuli
Rivers:  Brahmaputra and its tributaries, Jiadhol
06/16/02 06/22/02 7   25,000   Monsoonal rain     1   Tszo 3,790                  1.2 "The Dhemaji district 465 kilometers east of Assams capital Guwahati has been hammered by flash floods, triggered by monsoon rains, that have submerged at least 50 villages and marooned up to 50,000 people." "Thousands of endangered animals have fled flash floods in the world-renowned Kaziranga National Park in India's northeastern Assam state, making themselves vulnerable to poachers"  "... incessant rains during the past few days had made the state's largest Brahmaputra River and its swollen, muddy tributaries exceed danger levels"CAUSE:Monsoon rains
98 Cuba Central Cuba - Provinces of Sancti Spiritus, Villa Clara, Cienfuegos, Ciego de Avila. Zaza river.  06/12/02 06/16/02 5   30,000   Heavy rain     1   Tpo 15,670                  2.0 "In Sancti Spiritus, 362 kilometers east of Havana, the waters at the Zaza river dam have risen to what experts are calling "extraordinary" levels. ...heavy rains that have drenched the central region since May 20 have swept away sections of road and railway line, left some towns isolated and done considerable damage to homes and crops"CAUSE:Rain
97 US - Vermont Counties of Lamoille, Franklin, Caledonia, Orleans and Essex
Towns:  Lyndon, St. Johnsbury
06/12/02 06/14/02 3 0     Heavy rain     1   TsuCpSe* 11,380                  1.2 "A day and night of heavy rains pushed the Passumpsic River over its banks Tuesday night, spreading water through homes, businesses and across the roads by early Wednesday."CAUSE:Rain
96 S. Russia Southern Republic of Dagestan, located in the North Casucasus region 06/12/02 06/14/02 3     $1,500,000 Heavy rain     1   CSs** 10,640                  1.1 "Torrential rains in the southern Russian republic of Dagestan have triggered mudslides and disrupted water and gas supplies to thousands of people"  "The flooding has done more than dlrs 1.5 million in damage to bridges, roads and homes in 12 districts of Dagestan"CAUSE:Rain
95 Jamaica South-Central Jamaica - Parishes: Clarendon, St. Elizabeth, St Catherine, Manchester, St Thomas. New River. 06/12/02 06/16/02 5 7 400 $20,000,000 Heavy rain     1 2,000 Tpo 3,000                  0.9 "June 11 - HEAVY RAINS and thunderstorms continued to pelt the island yesterday, increasing misery in already hard hit parishes and causing a new round of flooding in sections of central Jamaica." "Officials say the recent rains, which claimed at least seven lives, also resulted in losses of over 2,000 has of crops islandwide. "CAUSE:Rain
94 Ghana Accra city. 06/10/02 06/12/02 3 0     Heavy rain   1 1   Tpz 860                  0.3 "About 10 hours of rain in Accra have caused extensive flooding of several low-lying areas of the city and residents are on Tuesday cleaning up the mess. Hundreds of residents, in the west of the capital, have been rendered homeless by the rains which poured until mid-day on Monday disrupting life of hundreds of thousands of people. Accra has had a perennial flooding problem."CAUSE:Rain

Chelybinsk Region; Towns:  Ashi, Minyar, Sim, Katav-Ivanovsk and Ust-Katav
Sim and Katav Rivers
Salavatskiy, Belkatayskiy Karaidelskiy, Iglinskiy and Duvanskiy districts.
06/09/02 06/15/02 7       Heavy rain     1   CSs** 66,440                  5.0  
92 N. Vietnam Ha Giang Province, Hoang Su Phi District 06/09/02 06/11/02 3 3     Heavy rain See notes   1   Tszo 1,300                  0.4 "The flash flood appeared out nowhere Sunday night.  It caused the stream to rise so quickly that it carried away three workers."CAUSE:Rain - flash flood
91 NW China Shaanxi Province -
Counties:  Foping, Ningshan, Changan, Yangxian, Shiquan, Hingshan
Cities:  Xian
Rivers:  Hanjiang, Ziwu, Xun
Sichaun Province - Chongqing Municipality
Cities:  Suining, Hanzhong, Nanchong
Rivers: Yangtze, Jialinjiang
Guizhou Province -
Hubei Province -
06/08/02 06/18/02 11 326 300,000 $400,000,000 Heavy rain   100-1000 3 3,600,000 CSs* 252,000                36.1 "By Monday two people were dead and 108 missing after floods hit the seat of Fuping County, Northwest China's Shaanxi Province at the weekend. The floods also ravaged 15 kilometers of highway, a large number of houses and some 533 hectares of farm land in the county, according to local flood control authorities.  According to local people, the flood is of a scale rarely seen in 100 years. It has caused great damage to houses, farm land, roads and infrastructure along the rivers." "Water levels on 18 rivers in the province were rising due to the flooding, while run off on the Ziwu river and the Xun river, major branches of the Hanjiang river, reached historic highs." "the worst flood to ever hit the county [Foping, Shaanxi]"CAUSE:Rain
90 US - North Central Western Minnesota - Counties:  Becker, Beltrami, Clay, Kittson, Koochiching, Lake of the Woods, Mahnomen, Marshall, Norman, Pennington, Polk, Red Lake, Roseau, Clearwater. Towns: Ada, Mahnomen. Rivers: Twin Valley, Ada, Marsh, Wild Rice and Roseau.
Eastern North Dakota - Pembina County, Fargo and Grand Forks areas.  Tongue, Pembina and Red Rivers.
Illinois - Wapsipinicon and Rock Rivers. 
06/08/02 06/29/02 22 0   $370,000,000 Heavy rain     2 809,400 TsuCpSe* 47,500                13.5 "Heavy weekend thunderstorms with rain over 6 inches across parts of North Dakota and western Minnesota led to record river flooding along the Wild Rice River at Twin Valley, Minnesota, and widespread flash flooding.  Major flooding also on Wapsipinicon and Rock Rivers in Illinois; the Rock River reached record levels over the weekend" " Farmers used boats to reach their homes and volunteers rushed to fill sandbags Sunday as flooded portions of western Minnesota prepared for it to get worse … "We've had water in the last 24 hours that we've never seen before," June 25 -"The Wild Rice River crested here, beating a record set two weeks ago ... the river peaked at 17.58 feet late Monday night and had dropped 4 inches by 9 a.m. Flooding problems begin in Ada when the river reaches about 14 feet. The record crest set two weeks ago was 16.8 feet. "CAUSE:Rain
89 W. Europe Southern Germany - southern Bavaria villages of Guenznurg and Diedorf near Augsbourg. Bavarian Alps.
Central Switzerland - central cantons of Lucerne and Schwyz.
Southeastern France - Saint-Geoire-en-Valdeine village in Isere region. River Drome in Valence region.
Italy - northeast: Fruili-Venezia Giulia. northwest: Val D'Aosta and Piemonte: Cervo river in Biella. Venice.
Austria - province of Lower Austria. 
06/06/02 06/09/02 4 8 100   Brief torrential rain     1   CpSe* 103,700                  4.5 "Eight people were found dead Friday after fierce thunderstorms swept across Europe, leaving a trail of flooded roads, collapsed houses and downed bridges from France to Poland." "Dozens of homes were flooded or damaged by mudslides in both southern Germany and southeastern France after torrential rain, producing record rainfalls, swept across the region." "In Switzerland, rail and road traffic was badly disrupted in the central cantons of Lucerne and Schwyz, and agriculture fields, fruit orchards and vines were damaged."CAUSE:Storms
88 Honduras Tegucigalpa area. Comayaguela. El Paraiso  in the southwest. 06/06/02 06/13/02 8 10 4,000   Heavy rain     1   Tpo 2,920                  1.1 "Intense overnight rains soaked much of Honduras early Sunday, triggering floods that killed at least 10 people, destroyed more than 1,000 homes and left a community in the southern border region cutoff from the outside world. "CAUSE:Rain
87 NW China Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region - Toksun County in Turpan Prefecture. Ili district. Toli County. Nilka County in western Xinjiang. 05/23/02 06/22/02 31 22   $50,000,000     20 2 1,600 CSs* 124,900                24.3 "rains hit Nilka County in western Xinjiang on Wednesday night and lasted until early Thursday morning, causing floods that swept away more than 70 houses, destroying a large area of farmlands and severing transport links." "...autonomous region of Xinjiang, which includes Ili, has been hit in rapid succession by sandstorms, torrential rain and hail in recent days ... [Ili district] has been hit by floods and landslides over the past few weeks" "Last month nearly 100,000 homes were destroyed and 120,000 head of livestock killed in Ili after torrential rain" "Xinjiangs worst flooding in decades " "Rainstorms have hit Xinjiang on 12 occasions so far this year with record rainfalls ... Some 28 counties and cities have been affected by flooding"CAUSE:
86 Uruguay Lake Rincon del Bonete, Uruguay River. 04/23/02 05/09/02 17   3,600   Heavy rain     1     205,300                12.8 "Above average rains over the past two months have given rise to floods throughout Uruguay ...Over 3600 hundred people have been evacuated from their homes in Uruguay, and many highways have been shut down."CAUSE:Rain
85 N. Syria Zeyzoun Dam near town of Hamah on Orontes River collapsed. Villages inundated: Idlib, Ziyara, Zayzoun, Mushayek and Qastoun 06/04/02 06/06/02 3 22 8,000   Dam/Levy, break or release     0 8,000 Cs 60                   -   "On 4 June 2002, the Zeyzoun Dam, which is located near the town of Hamah, on the Orontes River, some 350 km north of Damascus, collapsed around 15:40pm (local time), flooding at least three neighbouring villages … Approximately 60 Km2 wide-area has been submerged" "Waters from the dam reached depths of up to 10 feet in four nearby villages. "CAUSE:Dam  Failure
84 US - Midwest Eastern Iowa - Counties: Clayton, Clinton, Delaware, Dubuque, Jackson, Jones and Scott. Towns: Dyersville, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Cascade, Monticello, Maquoketa. Rivers: North Fork of the Maquoketa, Little Maquoketa River, Indian Creek, Spencer Creek, Maquoketa River and Kitty Creek, Bear and Hewitt Creeks. 
Southwest Wisconsin - Grant County. Cassville area.
Northwest Illinois - Towns: Lyndon, Sterling. the Pecatonica and Rock rivers. 
06/04/02 06/06/02 3 0 500   Heavy rain     1   TsuCpSe* 43,980                  2.3 "Up to 8 inches of rain in 24 hours turned rivers into lakes in eastern Iowa" "Floodwaters rose quickly Tuesday after a burst of heavy rain across the region ... Homes in Cedar Rapids, Monticello, Dyersville and Dubuque were flooded as streams and rivers rapidly overflowed" "Maquoketa River in Jackson County … at 33.8 feet Wednesday morning, nearly a foot above the 1993 flood level ... "The highest they ever had there was 34.7 in 1944, so they're getting near their record,""
Detected by Quickscat/Seawinds radar week ending June 8, 2002CAUSE:Rain
83 Columbia Southern Bogota and 18 of the country's 32 departments. Tunjuelito, Magdalena and Cauca rivers. 06/04/02 06/13/02 10 17 84,000   Heavy rain     1   Tpz 369,950                14.0 "heavy rains are affecting some 73,000 people in 18 of the country's 32 departments." "Heavy rains caused flooding and triggered landslides around the capital Tuesday, "CAUSE:Rain
82 US - New York Western Upstate New York village of Newark and town of Arcadia  05/30/02 06/01/02 3 0     Heavy rain     2   TsuCpSe* 5,260                  1.6 "An upstate village and town declared states of emergency Thursday after a fierce storm dumped about half a foot of rain in two hours … roads and drainage systems overflowed ...the village had not experienced a storm like this since 1918 "CAUSE:Rain
81 C. Bulgaria Central Bulgaria town of Veliko Tarnovo 05/30/02 06/01/02 3 0 20   Heavy rain     2   CpSe 70                  0.2 "Around 100 buildings were flooded and over 20 people evacuated amid record flash floods in central Bulgaria ...The rainfall Thursday evening was the most intense on record..."CAUSE:Rain
80 Russia Central Siberia - Lower Jenesi River and tributaries, Nizhnyaya Tunguska River. Towns: Turukhansk, Igarka, Tura.  05/27/02 06/01/02 6       Snowmelt     1   CSs** 359,000                10.7 "Ice is breaking in the Yenisei River. Turukhansk and Igarka are flooded. Houses in Tura are flooded as well by the Nizhnyaya Tunguska River."CAUSE:Spring Melt
79 Chile Central and southern Chile - Regions: Atacama, Coquimbo, Valparaiso, Santiago, Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins. Municipalities of Lampa, Pudahuel, Talagante, and Maipu. 05/24/02 06/05/02 13 9 50,000 $31,700,000 Heavy rain   100 3   Cp 166,900                31.4 "During the last week, the central part of Chile has been affected by the worst rains in eighty years " "Nearly five inches of rain fell between Saturday and Monday night in this capital city of 5.5 million people, flooding numerous streets, damaging and collapsing homes and cutting electric power to 90,000 homes ...  around 50,000 people were evacuated from their flooded homes" "Chile has suffered unusually heavy rainfall this year. In June, the capital Santiago was hit with its worst floods in 100 years."CAUSE:Rain
78 Russia Eastern Siberia - Yakutia villages of Eldikan, Arbyuntsy, Sitte, Kavitsa, Batamai, Kyuntsy, Ezhantsy and Metino-Aldan. Lena and Aldan rivers 05/24/02 06/01/02 9   1,500   Snowmelt     1   CSs** 85,630                  6.4 "More than 1,500 people were evacuated from eight Yakutia villages, inundated by the Lena and Aldan rivers. The villages of Eldikan, Arbyuntsy, Sitte, Kavitsa, Batamai, Kyuntsy, Ezhantsy and Metino-Aldan are now in the inundation zone. Around 500 dwelling houses and more than 20 production facilities were flooded in those villages" 
Detected by Quickscat/Seawinds radar week ending June 1, 2002CAUSE:Spring Melt
77 Bangladesh Moulvibazar district - Rajnagar, Kamalganj and Kulaura upazilas. Manu and Dhalai rivers.  05/23/02 05/31/02 9       Heavy rain     1   Tszo 4,350                  1.4 "The overall flood situation in the district worsened further due to heavy downpour in the area for the last two days and on-rush of hilly waters from the upper catchment. About 40,000 people of Rajnagar, Kamalganj and Kulaura upazilas were marooned as gushing floodwater entered through 7 points of the broken embankments along the rivers Manu and Dhalai ... Some 1,000 kutcha houses and standing aus paddy on 30,000 acres of land went under 3-4 feet water. "CAUSE:Rain
76 C. China Hunan Province - Yangtze River 05/22/02 05/29/02 8     $943,000,000 Heavy rain     1 590,000 TsuCpSe* 156,100                  8.2 "Floods on China's largest river, the Yangtze, have arrived a month earlier than normal" "Some parts of the province ... have seen 40 days of rain falling from April.  More than 2.5 million hectares of crops had been affected to varying extents by the floods, with the harvest completely ruined in 590,000 hectares ...authorities along the Yangtze River, including in Hunan, were bracing for what were predicted to be devastating floods this summer "CAUSE:Rain
75 Carribean and Central America Haiti - southern peninsula: Grand'Anse and Sud. Azile town. Torbeck city.   
Jamaica - parishes of Kingston, Clarendom, St. Catherine, St. Thomas, St. Ann, Portland and St. Elizabeth.  
Honduras - Provinces: El Paraiso, Francisco Morazan, Olancho. Tegucigalpa area. Juticalpa River.   
Nicaragua - Pacific coast.  El Salvador -
05/23/02 06/05/02 14 30 9,000   Heavy rain     1   Tpo 79,030                  7.4 "Heavy rains in the southern peninsula of Haiti since May 24 have triggered floods, washed away bridges and roads, eroded hillsides and destroyed livestock. The most affected areas are the departments of Grand'Anse and Sud."  "At least 5,000 people were trapped in Honduras' southeastern province of El Paraiso ... In the central province of Francisco Morazan, about 65 homes, three bridges and 6.8 miles (11 kms) of roads were destroyed by flooding"  "The rain and flooding had damaged 1,193 homes in Nicaragua and forced the evacuation of about 3,000 people ... along the Pacific coast, where 22 bridges and 27 stretches of highway were destroyed " DEAD: Haiti 21, Jamaica 5, Honduras 3, El Salvador 1 -- DISPLACED: Nicaragua 3000, Haiti 1000, Honduras 5000, El Salvador 100 -- CAUSE:Rain
74 US - Pennsylvania Northeastern Pennsylvania - Willkes-Barre. Bear Creek Township area 05/28/02 05/30/02 3       Heavy rain     1   TsuCpSe* 655                  0.3 "The flooding closed three northbound exits of the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and forced many people out of their homes.... Boats, trees and even a portable outhouse were carried from Bear Creek Lake over the lip of the Bear Creek Dam. Floodwaters pounded a bridge on state Route 115, littering it with chunks of asphalt, trees and a utility pole and weakening guardrails. "CAUSE:Rain
73 C. Afghanistan Bamiyan province - towns of Waras and Panjao  05/16/02 05/20/02 5 1     Heavy rain     1   CSs* 57,500                  3.9 "heavy downpours which affected 18 villages in Bamiyan province last week ...  freak floods destroyed thousands of acres of farmland and cut off main roads …The most serious damage is to agriculture with 20-50 percent of agricultural land destroyed ... heavy loss of livestock and irrigation canals and cultivation has been badly damaged or destroyed" CAUSE:Rain
72 S. Paraguay Neembucu Department 05/06/02 05/28/02 23   1,000   Heavy rain     1   TsoCp 20,250                  4.5 "From January to April, heavy rainfalls have been registered in the department of Neembucu in the south of Paraguay. The downpours made rivers burst their banks, thus causing extensive flooding …On 6 May, the Government declared the department of Neembucu an emergency area... eighty percent of the subsistence crops and sixty percent of maize crops have been lost."
Detected by Quickscat/Seawinds radar week ending May 18, 2002CAUSE:Rain
71 N. Vietnam Provinces: Tuyen Quang, Lao Cai, Son La, Ha Giang, Bac Can.  05/12/02 05/15/02 4 6   $2,000,000 Heavy rain     1 3,700 Tszo 90,660                  4.2 "Heavy rains lashed the northern mountainous provinces this week, causing flash floods in a widespread area… "thousands of hectares of farm land have been devastated""CAUSE:Rain
70 Oman Salalah, 900 km southwest of Muscat, Zufar Province 05/10/02 05/12/02 3 9 100 $25,000,000 Tropical cyclone   30 2   Tpu 9,460                  2.1 "Zufar's heaviest rain in 30 years" "Flash flooding during the past week in a mountainous region of Oman has drowned nine people, killed hundreds of cattle and caused heavy damage, "CAUSE:Tropical Storm
69 E. Madagascar Toamasina city area 05/10/02 05/18/02 9 33 5,000   Tropical cyclone     2   Tpo 3,850                  2.7 "Floods sparked by four days of non-stop torrential rain in eastern Madagascar killed at least 29 people in and around the port city of Toamasina … Toamasina has been flooded since a tropical storm hit the region last week"CAUSE:Tropical Storm
68 Russia Western Siberia: Kurgan, Tyumen, Sverdlovsk and Kirov regions. Tobol, Irtysh and Tura Rivers. Yakovsky District, Ob tributaries, inc. Charysh, Chulyn, Kira,Chara, Ket, Tyma, estuary of Irtysh. 05/07/02 06/06/02 31   1,000   Heavy rain See notes   1 70,000 CSs* 61,800                  8.5 "More than 70,000 hectares of arable land have been flooded in Russia's Tyumen region in northern Siberia. Many houses, with a total of 1,000 residents, have also been flooded … 46 people were moved to safe areas." "Water level in the Tura River has increased by 12 centimeters over the past 24 hours, reaching 7.5 meters. " May 31:"Houses are flooded in the Kurgan, Tyumen, Sverdlovsk and Kirov regions by the Tobol and Irtysh Rivers. Lowlands in Arkul and Vyatskiye Polyany are flooded as well."CAUSE:Rain and snowmelt, ice jams
67 US - Alaska Southwest Alaska - Nushagak River at Ekwok and New Stuyahok. 05/07/02 05/09/02 3   24   Ice jam/break-up     1   CSs** 685                  0.3 "A flood caused by an ice jam on the Nushagak River hit the village of Ekwok in southwest Alaska ... The village was under about 18-24 inches of water, troopers said. The water damaged a number of private homes, the power plant and a bulk fuel storage area. "CAUSE:Ice Jam
66 US-Midwest Indiana: Brown Township southwest of Indianapolis. Waverly in Brown County. Clinton in Vermillion County. Indianapolis and Terre Haute. Morgan County. Feather Creek, Crooked Creek, Bryant's Creek, Wabash, White and Patoka rivers. 
South-central Ohio: Massieville in Ross County. Ohio River.  Southeast Missouri: Cuivre River in Lincoln County. Moccasin Flats on St. Francis River. Crystal City, Dutchtown. Cape Girardeau and Reynolds counties. 
Central Illinois: Alexander County, Effingham County. Illinois and Sangamon Rivers. Mississippi River.
05/07/02 06/08/02 33 9 100   Heavy rain   3 1    TsuCpSe* 286,800                18.7 "Up to 4 inches of rain pushed Indiana rivers over their banks Tuesday, prompting evacuation of part of a town and stranding a school bus carrying elementary students on a flooded roadway" "Up to a dozen residential blocks in the Vermillion County town of Clinton were evacuated " "At least 17 Lincoln County roads and streets were closed because of high water, and getting to and from some towns was becoming difficult.The Cuivre was at 27.4 feet Tuesday, 6.4 feet above flood stage." "On Thursday, floodwater rose as high as 19 feet along the Wabash River, the highest it has been since 1999" "Swollen rivers and creeks were near or above flood stage in central Illinois on Wednesday as forecasters predicted more rain a day after at least 38 residents had to be rescued from their flooded homes. "CAUSE:Rain
65 Costa Rica and Panama Costa Rica - south, central and northeastern parts of the country. Heredia Province: Sarapiqui. Limon Province: Siquirres, Matina, Limon Centro y Sur, Talamanca, Valle de la Estrella. Cartago Province: Turrialba. Bristol. 05/06/02 05/11/02 6   5,600   Heavy rain   30 2   Tpo 18,670                  4.9 "Floods caused by two days of heavy rains have left some 500 people homeless in Panama and more than 5,100 in neighbouring Costa Rica ...Thousands more families have been cut off by the floods and left without food and drinking water" "floods caused by heavy downpours are the worst in 30 years in that region" -- DISPLACED: CostaRica 5100, Panama 500 -- CAUSE:Rain
64 E. Africa Kenya - Bundalangi area in Nyanza province. central Meru and Muranga districts near Mount Kenya. Nairobi area. western districts of Kisumu and Busia.  Rivers: Mara, Tana, Sabaki.  
Uganda - Counties: Manjiya, Bubukwanga  Districts: Mbale, Bundibugyo, Sironko. Towns: Kampala area. Kyambogo, Rwebisengo, Rwangara and Bweramole. Semliki River. 
Rwanda - western and central areas. 
Tanzania -  Mbeya region. Geita district in Mwanza region
04/26/02 05/28/02 33 160 168,000   Heavy rain     2   Tpz 1,019,000                70.6 "Flooding and landslides caused by heavy rain have killed at least 30 people in Kenya over the past two weeks … reports of deaths were coming in from all across the country as unusually heavy rain continued to pound a wide swath of Kenya " "Landslides and floods displaced at least 5000 people in the Bundibugyo district in western Uganda… weeks of torrential rains through out the country. Officials believe the downpours are part of an El Nino … Mountain runoff onto plains in norther western Bundibugyo and overflow along the Semliki River drove people from their homes ... about 5000 people were displaced by landslides which pushed homes off slopes and buried others in valleys of the Bundibugyo district" "At least 50 people in Rwanda have died as as a result of heavy rains ... At least 1,577 houses have been destroyed and many cattle killed" "Floods have killed at least nine people, destroyed farmlands and left hundreds of families homeless in various parts of Tanzania" -- DEAD: Kenya 72, Uganda 7, Rwanda 50, Tanzania 9 -- DISPLACED: Kenya 162,000, Uganda 5,000, Rwanda nd, Tanzania 1200 -- HA FLOODED: Tanzania, 5000 --CAUSE:Rain 
63 SE US West Virginia - McDowell County, Welch.    Virginia - Buchanan County, Hurley.  Eastern Kentucky -Pike County: Freeburn and Majestic. Rivers: Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River, Knox Creek   05/02/02 05/08/02 7 9 1,000 $13,000,000 Heavy rain     1    TsuCpSe* 19,790                  2.7 "The Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River and its tributaries began spilling their banks on Thursday as severe storms rolled through the region, with as much as 4 inches of rain falling in six hours … In eastern Kentucky, water was up to the rooftops of homes in the towns of Freeburn and Majestic ... Some roads were under as much as 10 feet of water." "About 2,400 homes and businesses in West Virginia were damaged" "The Tug Fork River rose to near record levels, before falling back below flood stage."CAUSE:Rain
62 Kenya Nairobi area. Nairobi river 04/29/02 05/02/02 4 2     Heavy rain     1   Tpz 3,830                  0.9 "The rains, which started unexpectedly early Monday morning, continued into the night, making many parts of Nairobi virtually impassable. ... most parts of Nairobi City were still flooded by Tuesday afternoon, especially on the eastern side where drainage infrastructure remains the poorest."CAUSE:Rain
61 N. Iran Golestan Province - Minoudasht city 04/26/02 04/28/02 3 2     Heavy rain     1   Cs 280                  0.2 "Two people have been killed after torrential rains and flooding hit the Iranian city of Minoudasht in northern Golestan Province, the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported on Saturday."CAUSE:Rain
60 Russia Southern Kamchatka Penninsula - Sobolevo and Ust-Bolsheretsky districts. Rivers: Bolshaya Vorovskaya, Amchigacha. 04/26/02 04/29/02 4       Heavy rain See notes   1   TsuCpSe* 23,150                  2.1 "Spring floods have started on Russia's Kamchatka peninsula one month earlier than usual … Situation has aggravated in southern Kamcahatka because of strong rains and a quick thawing of snow. Water level has considerable increased over the past three days in the Sobolevo and Ust-Bolsheretsky districts. Water has risen by 1.5 meters in the river of Bolshaya Vorovskaya, and by one meter in the river of Amchigacha. "CAUSE:Rain and snowmelt
59 Columbia Central, northern and western parts of the country 04/24/02 04/29/02 6 14     Heavy rain     1   Tpz 483,000                12.5 "Fourteen people were dead and 23 missing in Colombia as a result of torrential rains that fell throughout the country in recent days, authorities said Saturday. The rains have caused flooding in central, northern and western parts of the country. Meteorologists believe the rains were caused by the El Nino phenomenon that reappeared this year in the Pacific."CAUSE:Rain
58 US -Texas W. Texas, Albany - Little Hubbard Creek  04/25/02 04/27/02 3 1 32 $3,000,000 Heavy rain   25 2   Tsu 310                  0.4 "A thunderstorm that unleashed up to 10 inches of rain in four hours on the West Texas town of Albany flooded homes and businesses Thursday, swept some mobile homes into a creek and forced the evacuation of a nursing home and several residences." "... estimated at least 100 residences and other structures were damaged in the town's worst flooding in almost a quarter-century. Thursday's storms dropped 10 inches of rain. "CAUSE:Rain
57 Russia Western Siberia - Kurgan region:Kurgan city and surroundings, Irbit, Gmedyanskoye.  Rivers: Tobol and its tributaries, Iset, Mias, Tura, Nitsa and Pyshma 04/22/02 05/07/02 16 0 6,000   Snowmelt     1   CSs* 132,800                10.1 "Tobol River and its tributaries have flooded seven settlements in Russia's Kurgan region, sources in the Ministry for Civil Defense and Emergencies have told Itar-Tass. 286 houses populated by 718 people happened to be in the flood zone. Twelve people have been evacuated. The water ruined three bridges, 500 meters of motor roads, two dikes and five dams." May 1 - "Water is still more than nine meters above the flood level in the Tobol River... Twenty-six settlements in the Kurgan region are in the flooded area. Floods have already destroyed four wooded bridges, washed away 19 kilometres of roads, two dikes and 11 dams."CAUSE:Snowmelt
56 W. Afghanistan Badghis Province - Qala-i-Naw and Ab Kamari districts. Qala Nau city.  04/23/02 04/26/02 4 2 2,000   Heavy rain     1   CSs* 3,650                  0.8 "One day of heavy rains in Badghis province in western Afghanistan on 23 April caused flooding in Qala-i-Naw and Ab Kamari districts. The Governor's office in Qala-i-Naw has reported that two people are dead and five are missing as a result of the flash floods. According to initial reports, 500 houses have been destroyed and 1,200 people in Qala-i-Naw and eight surrounding villages have been affected" "The emergency mission to Qala Nau yesterday visited nearby villages where perhaps 80 percent of irrigated land is now under mud and water, "CAUSE:Rain
55 E. Bangladesh Sunamganj area - Upazilas: Dhirai, Bishwambar, Dharmapasha, Chhatak.   Haors: Tarol, Baishakhi, Kharcha, Dulijar, Kaliani, Nandair   04/18/02 04/29/02 12       Dam/Levy, break or release     1 19,275 Tszo 4,850                  1.7 "Standing crops on 19,275 hectares land in 10 upazilas of the district were damaged as the flash flood inundated 40 haors due to incessant rain and collapse of the dam" "The flooding has caused by breaches in poorly constructed Barak embankment in Dhirai upazila that gave way to strong current  … 75 percent crop in 27 haors have gone under water in the district during the last six days" "The extent of damage was officially estimated at about Tk 47 crore till Saturday."CAUSE:Dike breach
54 E. Ethiopia Regions of Afar, Oromiya and Somali. Districts: Dubti, Gode, Gore.  Towns: Kelafo, Warder, Danot.  Rivers: Awash, Shabele and its tributaries. 04/16/02 04/21/02 6   4,000   Heavy rain     1   Tpz 282,500                  9.5 "Flooding caused by torrential rains in eastern Ethiopia has left an unknown number of people dead and displaced thousands this week... Dubti district (Afar region) was flooded when dikes ... broke. More than 4,000 inhabitants lost their shelter, household possessions, grazing lands and farm fields … In Kelafo (Gore district), heavy rains caused significant livestock death.  "CAUSE:Rain
53 Indonesia East Nusa Tenggara - Sumba Island: Langgaliru 04/17/02 04/20/02 4 19     Heavy rain   2 1   Tpz 4,900                  1.0 "Indonesian island of Sumba was hit by flash flood  last week, claiming the lives of 19 people … The flood also destroyed a bridge linking the districts of East Sumba and West Sumba … Last week's flood was the second biggest to hit East Nusa Tenggara in two years"CAUSE:Rain
52 Indonesia West Java - Cijalupang river in Campaka, Ciroyom, subdistrict of Bojonggambir, Tasikmalaya 04/17/02 04/19/02 3 4     Heavy rain     1   Tpz 920                  0.3 "Four people were killed and four others sustained injuries and many houses destroyed and washed away in a violent flash flood from Cijalupang river in Tasikmalaya, West Java, in the small hours of Thursday"CAUSE:Rain
51 US-Michigan and Wisconsin Michigan Upper Peninsula - Counties: Gogebic, Houghton, Ontonagon,  Marquette. Towns: Ironwood, Wakefield, Bessemer. Rivers: Montreal, Little Black, Sturgeon, Carp. 
Wisconsin - Ashland and Iron counties.Towns: Glidden, Rivers: Montreal, Chippewa, Bad.
04/17/02 04/22/02 6 0 300 $30,000,000 Heavy rain See notes 40 2   TsuCPSs** 22,340                  5.4 "worst flooding in recent history" "A mix of heavy rains and unusually warm temperatures Tuesday and Wednesday caused the snow bank in Michigan's Upper Peninsula to rapidly melt, sending rivers and streams spilling over their banks."CAUSE:Rain and snowmelt
50 Iran Bandar Abbas town in south. Yazd and Esfahan provinces in central 04/14/02 04/16/02 3 11     Heavy rain     1   Cs 44,880                  2.3 "Eleven people died in floods that swept parts of southern and central Iran since Sunday destroying homes and roads, Iranian state radio reported. Eight of the dead were in the southern town of Bandar Abbas, and the other three in the central province of Yazd. Infrastructure was also damaged in Esfahan province of central Iran"CAUSE:Rain
49 Saudi Arabia Southern and western areas - Mecca area 04/08/02 04/13/02 6 19     Heavy rain     1   Tpu 22,810                  2.7 "Nineteen people have died during a week of torrential spring rains in Saudi Arabia … Civil defense units have rescued hundreds of people in the past few days from rising flood waters in southern and western parts of the kingdom"CAUSE:Rain
48 N. Afghanistan Faryab province - Deh Miran area. Tributaries of the Maimana river  04/04/02 04/07/02 4 39 2,500   Heavy rain     1   CSs* 1,170                  0.5 "Heavy rains in isolated areas of Faryab province have caused tributaries of the Maimana river to burst their banks, destroying 323 homes and affecting 845 families … Authorities quoted by the UN suggested that more than 2,000 head of livestock had been killed and several hundred thousand square metres (yards) of land inundated"CAUSE:Rain
47 Canary Islands Tenerife island. Santa Cruz city.   03/31/02 04/02/02 3 8 400   Heavy rain     1   Tpu 110                  0.1 "The downpour caused flash floods and mudslides, flooding houses, cutting power and stranding thousands of people who were returning to Santa Cruz after the Easter holiday"CAUSE:Rain
46 S. Tajikistan Yakhsu River. Flooding renewed on April 1 03/25/02 04/02/02 9   280   Heavy rain     1   CSs* 5,000                  1.6 "A week ago, about 280 people lost their homes in an inundation near the Yahksu River. The flood destroyed 40 houses and five kilometers of roads" CAUSE:Rain
45 Peru North - Tumbes Department: Zarumilla River;
South - Puno Department: Lake Titicaca levels rise. 
03/17/02 03/31/02 15 13 500   Heavy rain     1   Tpu, Tsu 13,770                  3.2 "In the northern department of Tumbes bordering Ecuador, a 17- hour downpour made Zarumilla River spill over and flooded parts of the Pan-American Highway, blocking traffic there ... Meanwhile, the rise of the water level in Titicaca Lake flooded farmland, settlements and grassland"CAUSE:Rain
44 Indonesia Nias Island -  Gomo and Amandraya sub-districts 03/27/02 03/30/02 4 11 500   Heavy rain     1 4 Tpz 942                  0.4 "Nine residents in two districts in Nias, off the northwest of Sumatra island, died Wednesday after four rivers burst their banks ... the floods have inundated at least ten villages in both districts under about two meters of water. Dozens of homes and a bridge had been destroyed." CAUSE:Rain
43 S. Phillipines Southern -Mindanao region - Surigao del Norte and Surigao del Sur provinces. San Agustin town.Central - Visayas region - Negros Occidental, Cebu, Bohol and Southern Leyte 03/21/02 03/26/02 6 35 50,000 $1,450,000 Heavy rain     1   Tpz 5,280                  1.3 March 27 "A tropical depression dumped heavy rains over Surigao del Norte and Surigao del Sur provinces in the south late last week ... More than 50,000 people have also been displaced by the floods, which have already subsided ... a massive power failure delayed the relay of casualty and damage reports" CAUSE:Rain
42 Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia Upper Austria - Towns: Perg, Linz, Grieskirchen, Schwarzenberg. Danube River
Lower Austria - Towns: Amstetten and Melk
Danube River levels reach 50 year high in southern Hungary and along the border of Croatia and Yugoslavia in late March/early April
03/21/02 04/05/02 16 1 10   Heavy rain     1   CpSe* 2,640                  1.4 "Authorities evacuated several homes and businesses in low-lying areas along the Danube River on Friday after two days of torrential rains caused widespread flooding in the river valley"
"According to the Hungary Ministry of Transport and Water Management, the river reached its highest levels in 50 years last week ... the worst of the flooding ... took place in southern Hungary and along the border of Croatia and Yugoslavia. Large sections of woodland were mired in water and dozens of people were forced from their homes"CAUSE:Rain
41 N. Mozambique Northern - Nampula.   Central - Beira 03/18/02 03/22/02 5   500   Heavy rain     1   Tso 1,176                  0.6 "Floods have destroyed some 100 houses in a number of suburbs in the northern Mozambican city of Nampula ... the situation in six of Beira's suburbs was critical. Families had to be rescued when their houses were completely floodedCAUSE:Rain
40 S. U.S. Eastern and Central Kentucky - Bluegrass and Appalachia regions. 90-mile swath from Ashland to Winchester. Rivers: Cumberland, Kentucky and Licking, Tygart and Triplett Creeks.
Eastern Tennessee - Rivers: Cumberland, Powell.
Southwestern Virginia - Rivers: Clinch, north fork of Holston, Powell, North Fork,.
West Virginia - Rivers: Cheat, Little Kanawha and Tygart Valley.
Southern Ohio - Ohio River and tributaries.
Southern and Eastern Arkansas - Lower White River; Buffalo and Black rivers.
Oklahoma - Poteau River, Texas - Rosser. Trinity River
03/17/02 03/24/02 8 7 2,000 $76,000,000 Heavy rain   25 2   TsuCpSe* 35,390                  7.8 "After a weekend of rain, the Cumberland River crested almost 16 feet above flood stage in Pineville on Monday""Record flooding along the Clinch River and the north fork of the Holston River in southwestern Virginia drove at least 15 people from their homes Monday in Saltville"March 21 "While residents of Harlan and nearby towns cleaned up Wednesday, heavy rains spread into northeastern Kentucky, causing flooding along a 90-mile swath from Ashland to Winchester."March 21 "Up to 70 percent of the homes and businesses in downtown Olive Hill were damaged and floodwaters even got into the fire station, which was built above the 100-year flood plain" "Record flooding occurred Wednesday on Triplett Creek at Morehead""Record flooding has occurred along the Trinity River near Rosser with levels 29 feet above the 31 foot flood stage"-- DAMAGE: 51,000,000 in Virginia. 25,000,000 in Eastern Tennesse -- CAUSE:Rain
39 W. China Xinjiang Region -  leak in Xiker reservoir floods several villages in southern part of region. 03/10/02 03/12/02 3       Dam/Levy, break or release     1   CSs* 1,020                  0.4 "Several villages in southern Xinjiang were submerged after a 50-metre fissure appeared in the Xiker reservoir on Sunday, causing water to gush out... There were no casualties, but a great deal of damage had been caused,... the crack appeared five hours after an earthquake in Afghanistan, which shares a small border with Xinjiang"CAUSE:Dam break
38 S. Egypt Shalatein 03/09/02 03/11/02 3 4 800   Heavy rain     1   Tpu 560                  0.3 "Floods hit Shalatein, on the Red Sea, about 900 kilometers southeast of Cairo. A mother and her three children died when their Bedouin house collapsed...A large number of sheep also died and around 200 Bedouin tents and houses were reported destroyed."CAUSE:Rain
37 Ecuador Coastal provinces of Manabi, Guayas, Los Rios, El Oro, Esmeraldas, Pichincha. Cities: Portoviejo, Manta, Montecristi, Charapoto, Bahia de Caraquez, San Vincente, Guayaquil, Duran and Esmeraldas. Rivers: Portoviejo, Bulu Bulu. 03/06/02 04/29/02 55 28 6,000   Heavy rain     1 17,000 Tpz 52,930                  9.2 March 6 "At least 1,500 hectares of rice crops were lost when the Bulu Bulu River flooded fields in western Ecuador after several days of heavy rain"March 13 "About 480 families have been evacuated from their homes around the country ... four provinces on the coast and one in the Andes mountains where the damage from the rains has been most severe"  "the possibility of a renewed El Nino weather phenomenon this year could mean Ecuador's rainy season will stretch on longer than normal" "In the provinces of Guayas, Manabi, El Oro and Los Rios, many hectares of crops such as banana trees, cacao, maize and rice have been seriously affected by the floods ... In some areas of Guayas, Los Rios and Manabi access is possible only by canoes ... About 900 miles of roads and 74,000 acres of rice, banana, coffee and cocoa crops have been destroyed by the storms " -- HA FLOODED: 14,554 hectares in Guayas. 1,6000 hectares in El Oro. 1,500 hectares crops near Bulu Bulu River -- CAUSE:Rain
36 N. Afghanistan Samanghan province. Surkundara valley, Karyia-e-Zao and Dehnao villages. 03/04/02 03/08/02 5       Dam/Levy, break or release See notes   1   CSs* 1,030                  0.5 "Flood waters from a clogged river gradually were submerging this northern Afghan village after a powerful earthquake sheared off a steep cliff ... About 300 homes either have been submerged or have collapsed because their bases eroded... Unless the dam was breached and the water allowed to flow, all 1,000 or so buildings in the village could be underwater in about two days" CAUSE:Earth-quake produced dam followed by break
35 S. Russia Saratov region - Orlov in Gai-Yershovsky district. Rivers: Maly Uzenj and Maly Urgiz 02/24/02 02/27/02 4 0     Snowmelt     1   CSs* 4,120                  0.9 "A local hospital with four patients and six personnel in the settlement of Orlov of Gai-Yershovsky district of the Saratov region has been cut off from "mainland" as a result of spring floods." " water level had been rising in small rivers in the Saratov region. Ice has been melting on river banks, and hollows and cracks have appeared on ice-bound rivers. Ice has been floating on the Bolshoi Uzenj river."CAUSE:Snowmelt
34 Fiji Savusavu area. 02/23/02 02/25/02 3 1     Heavy rain     1   Tpz 1,000                  0.3 "The storm has caused extensive damage to roads and farms" CAUSE:Rain
33 W. Australia Western Australia - Kimberley region. Doon Doon Aboriginal community, Fitzroy Crossing. Rivers: Fitzroy, Margaret, Dunham. 02/23/02 03/01/02 7 0 32   Heavy rain   88 2   Tsu 57,870                  9.4 "The Fitzroy River continues to rise in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, with flood waters cutting a major highway and forcing the evacuation of a community" "AN area almost the size of Tasmania has been inundated in Western Australia's north.."CAUSE:Rain
32 Brazil Araguaia River in Goias and Mato Grosso States 01/15/02 04/02/02 78       Heavy rain     1   Tpz 139,100                16.2 No news reports, detected with Modis Rapid Response images.CAUSE:Rain
31 Bolivia La Paz city and surrounding area. Rivers: Choqueyapu and La Paz 02/19/02 02/21/02 3 69 850 $60,000,000 Heavy rain     1   Tsu 700                  0.3 "The storm dumped 39.4 millimeters of water in an hour, making it the worst rainstorm in the 500-year history of La Paz, which sits in the midst of the Andes mountains at an altitude of 3,500 meters" ... "The National Meteorological Service said the city has not had such an intense rain in the 50 years it has kept records"CAUSE:Rain
30 Uzbekistan Syrdarja River below Toktogul reservoir 02/18/02 02/21/02 4     $700,000,000 Dam/Levy, break or release     1   CSs* 6,840                  1.1 "...Uzbekistan is suffering from massive flooding due to the release of waters from the Toktogul reservoir in neighboring Kyrgyzstan. Annual damages from the release total $700 million," No suitable Modis 250 data located. CAUSE:Dam release
29 Indonesia Central Java's north coast - Regencies: Pekalongan, Batang, Pati and Kudus. Batang: subdistricts of Tulis, Batang and Subah. Kaliboyo river. Overflow of River Juana from the Kedung Ombo dam. 02/17/02 02/25/02 9 4 30,000   Heavy rain     1   Tpz 1,340                  0.8 "The flooding seriously damaged railroad tracks in at least three villages in Batang ... the floods have inundated at least three villages in Batang under about one meter (3.3 feet) of water." "The floods affecting the four regencies were caused by the overflow of River Juana from the Kedung Ombo dam located between Sragen and Boyolali in the province" "Seen from the air, all four regencies on the north coast form a large lake, with water between one and two meters in depth."CAUSE:Rain
28 E. Australia Central Queensland - between Charters Towers and Pentland, Townsville, Ayr, Hughenden. Rivers: Burdekin, Flinders and Gilbert. 02/15/02 02/18/02 4 0 14   Heavy rain     1   Tso 47,740                  3.0 "Over the past few days torrential rain has hit much of central Queensland causing widespread flooding."CAUSE:Rain
27 S. Russia West Georgia -  three villages of the Samtredi district 02/15/02 02/17/02 3 0 1,200   Heavy rain     1   CpSe*  520                  0.3 "About 300 houses were flooded in three villages of the Samtredi district ... The first floors of the houses are flooded, and their dwellers are gone to safe places. Nobody was hurt, but several dozens of cattle heads died. The flood damaged power lines and several motor bridges "CAUSE:Rain
26 Indonesia Java Island - Jakarta city area. Ciliwung river. East and South Jakarta flooded again on Feb 22  02/13/02 02/23/02 11   15,000   Heavy rain     1   Tpz 800                  0.7 "Thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes for the second time in a month as floods returned to many parts of Jakarta today. All five mayoralties of Jakarta have seen areas inundated by water ranging from 10 centimeters to 50 centimeters..." CAUSE:Rain
25 New Zealand East coast of South Island - Canterbury region. Akaroa near Christchurch. Dunedin City. 01/12/02 01/15/02 4       Heavy rain   50 2   Cp 8,030                  2.5 "Heavy rains and floods have struck several parts of the country, washing out bridges and roads, and floodinghundreds of homes and holiday campsites... The waters rose so fast that roads and bridges were washed away - residents were left paddling in the streets." No suitable Landsat 7 data located. CAUSE:Rain
24 N. Australia Northern Territory - Stuart Highway at Cullen River, Tennant Creek and Alice Springs. Katherine River near Katherine town. Darwin city cut off. Victoria Highway at Victoria River Bridge, Lost Creek, Skull Creek, Sandy Creek and Butler Creek. Roper Highway at Strangways, Sandy and Hells Gate creeks and between Roper Bar and Ngukurr. 02/12/02 02/23/02 12 0     Heavy rain     1   Tszo 10,360                  2.5 Feb 13"A motorist was washed off the Stuart Highway by a flooded river as Darwin remains isolated by monsoonal rain for a second day."Feb14"The river [Katherine ] peaked at 17.3 metres this afternoon, the highest since it reached 21 metres in 1998 and inundated the town. "CAUSE:Rain
23 UK Central and nothern England - Yorkshire - River Ouse in York: Naeburn area and parts of York city centre. River Wharfe in Ilkley and Otley areas. River Aire between Keighley and Cononley in Bradford .River Severn and its tributaries in Shropshire. Shrewsbury. Wales - Newtown and Welshpool in Powys. River Taff at Cardiff. River Cynon at Aberdare. 02/12/02 02/16/02 5 0     Heavy rain     1    C* 2,100                  0.7 "Residents in York were today fighting to keep out flood water after the River Ouse burst its banks" "..the River Severn, which winds from center of England to the southwest, was expected to overflow and flood the central towns of Bewdley and Worcester. The river burst its banks upstream in Shrewsbury and continues to rise at a rate of 0.3 meters each hour"CAUSE:Rain
22 E. DR Congo Uvira city in Sud-Kivu Province 02/06/02 02/08/02 3 40 2,500   Heavy rain     1   Tsz 203                  0.2 "More than 40 people have been killed and dozens hurt in massive mudslides sparked by heavy rains in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo" "Red Cross staff in Uvira estimated that 70 houses had been destroyed as the flood waters swept rocks and boulders from nearby hills through the port near Congo's border with Burundi. "CAUSE:Rain
21 E. Australia New South Wales - Sydney area, southern suburbs. Coffs Harbour, Coffs Creek area. South West Rocks and Port Macquarie.Victoria - Melbourne's outer east and west. Lilydale 02/05/02 02/09/02 5 0     Heavy rain     1   Tso 1,980                  0.7 "Torrential rain swept NSW for a second day today causing landslips and flash flooding which forced the evacuation of homes and hospitals." "130mm of rain fell across Sydney in the 24 hours" "eastern Melbourne received nearly a month's rainfall overnight. "CAUSE:Rain
20 Peru North - Provinces: Tumbes, Cajamarca. Chillon River.
Central - Provinces: Huanuco, Junin and Lima. Lima city. Chacrasana, Jicamarca, Quirio, Nicolas de Pierola, Pedregal, Huaycan. Rimac River
South - Provinces: Cusco and Arequipa. Ca ete River
02/04/02 02/15/02 12 6 20,000   Heavy rain     1 300 Tsu 333,200                14.3 "Floods and landslides, triggered by torrential rains prevailing in Peru during the past few days, have left at least 5,000 families homeless across the Andean country ... More than 2,130 houses were damaged or destroyed, and hundreds of hectares of agricultural land were inundated ... On the outskirts of the capital, the area near the Andes in particular, 2,500 families were homeless due to rain-caused floods. " "In Lima, a shantytown-ringed city of 8 million people that sits in a narrow coastal desert, it was the heaviest rain in 32 years" -- HA FLOODED: "hundreds of hectares of agricultural land were inundated"  60 hectares in Lima Province -- CAUSE:Rain
19 W. Brazil Minas Gerais State - Santo Antonio and Todos os Santos rivers in Teofilo Otoni city 02/03/02 02/05/02 3 10 2,000   Heavy rain     1   Tpz 2,250                  0.5 "The rains swelled the Santo Antonio and the Todos os Santos rivers, which run through the city of Teofilo Otoni, destroying a bridge and causing heavy flooding in six neighborhoods in the city"No suitable Landsat 7 data locatedCAUSE:Rain
18 S. India Southern Tamil Nadu State -  Cauvery Delta districts. Kallanai, Tamirabarani and Kumbakarai falls, Madurai, Pudukottai and Thanjavur, Rameswaram town. 02/02/02 02/05/02 4 11     Heavy rain     1   Tpz 35,590                  2.6 "The death toll in the torrential rains has gone up to 11 with seven more persons dying at various places in the southern parts of Tamil Nadu since Saturday"No suitable Landsat 7 data locatedCAUSE:Rain
17 Indonesia Java Island - Jakarta City and satellite towns. East Java - Districts: Bondowoso, Situbonda. Sampang, Surabaya, Mojokerto, Lumajang, Sidoarjo, Bojonegoro, Besuki. Northern Coast of Central Java - Pekalongan, Kudus and Batang. Rivers: Ciliwung, Pasanggrahan, Citarum, Cipunagara, Rambipuji, Kali Sambong, Kali Gelis, Kali Sampean .Bali Island - dike burst in northern Buleleng Regency on 1/29. also Klungkung and Gianyar regencies. Petanu river.Madura Island, East Java province - Kemuning river in Sampang district. Sampang town.
South Sulawesi - Parepare. Binuang River.
Sumatra Island - Banda Aceh city in Aceh. Jambi Province. Bengkulu. Tanjung Jaya village in Teluk Segara subdistrict. Musi Banyuasin regency. Rivers: Muara Bangkahulu, Manna, Musi.
Borneo Island - Pontianak city in West Kalimantan. Landak Regency.
East Nusa Tenggara Province - Belu regency. Kalabahi in Alor District. Rivers: Benenain and Motadelek.
West Timor - Atambua
01/27/02 02/12/02 17 147 380,000 $20,000,000 Heavy rain   30 3 46,000 Tpz 41,000                17.2 Jan30: "Between 15 to 20 percent of Jakarta was under water on Wednesday afternoon" Jan31: "In Jakarta alone, some 40,000 houses were flooded, authorities said. Water in most places began to subside, but floodwaters remained as high as 2 metersin some parts of Jakarta""At least three people were killed and another three missing after a dike burst on the resort-island of Bali due to the continued heavy rains on Tuesday" "Meteorological forecasts predict the heavy rains could continue till the end of next February"Feb 3: "Torrential rains pounded Jakarta and its adjacent highland suburbs in Depok and Bogor on Friday night, causing the floodwater, which had been receding the day before, to rise again and even reach areas previously regarded as untouchable, flooding them to a depth of 1.5 meters.""At least 75 people have died in the devastating floods in the densely-populated East Java province ... floods and landslides following heavy rains since late last month have killed 75 people ... the worst-hit district was Bondowoso, where 42 people died. "No suitable Landsat 7 data located for Java -- HA FLOODED:   40,000 hectares of rice fields in West Java. 6,000 hectares of cocoa plantations in South Sulawesi  - CAUSE:Rain
16 S. Lithuania Silute, Klaipeda and Kretinga districts and the Pagegiai municipality. Silute district. Rivers: Minija, Nemunas 01/27/02 02/02/02 7       Snowmelt     1 10,000 CSs** 2,860                  1.0 "In the region around Panemune, Lithuania the Nemunas River rose 1.31 meters over a 24-hour period, in large part due to run-off from banks. Natural ice dams had left large amounts of ice on the banks of the river there." Feb1 "The number of flooded farmsteads has grown from 80 to 145 over the past 24 hours, with 422 people living in the flooded houses"CAUSE:Snowmelt
15 Hawaii Maui Island - Waiehu Stream Oahu - Kapakahi Stream in Waialae. Ka'au Crater area. Honolulu - Makiki Stream. Big Island - Papaaloa 01/26/02 01/28/02 3 3     Heavy rain     1   Tpo 660                  0.3 "More than six inches of rain Saturday turned usually placid and picturesque mountain streams into rushing torrents that cut off roads and hiking trails across the state." CAUSE:Rain
14 S. U.S. Tennesse - Towns: Knoxville, Cookeville, Lebanon, McMinnville. Rivers: Duck, Harpeth and Sequatchie; Hurricane Creek. Kentucky - McLean County. Kentucky River. Northern Alabama - Counties:  Towns: Florence Rivers: Tennessee, Paint Rock, Flint, Black Warrior. 01/23/02 01/29/02 7 6     Heavy rain     1   TsuCpSe* 87,110                  5.7 "More than 8 inches of rain has fallen in some areas since Wednesday, swamping roads, spilling creeks over their banks, damaging homes and forcing schools to close""...the Duck River in Columbia was forecast to crest at 48 feet - 16 feet above flood stage - by afternoon. Murphy said that would be the highest crest at Columbia since 1975""In Lawrence County, on the Alabama border in Middle Tennessee, 40 roads and six bridges were damaged or destroyed because of high waters"No suitable Landsat 7 data locatedCAUSE:Rain
13 N. Senegal Saint Louis Region - Districts: Podor, Dagana and Matam. Louga Region - Districts: Kébémer, Lingučre and Louga  01/09/02 01/12/02 4 28 80,000   Heavy rain     1 2,438 Tpu 62,710                  3.5 "Cold and windy rains in the district of Podor demolished close to 20,000 houses in 213 villages and killed more than 380,000 heads of sheep, goats and cattle. Rains also washed away 2,438 hectares of crops, including 1800 tons of rice in Podor and 991 tons in Dagana district. Infrastructures were also adversely affected."No suitable Landsat 7 data located CAUSE:Rain
12 Indonesia Java - Jakarta city. Kapuk area. Kebon Bawang in North Jakarta. Rivers: Buntu, Lagoa. 01/15/02 01/26/02 12   3,000   Dam/Levy, break or release   5 1 300 Tpz 810                  0.7 "Flooding, primarily caused by the deliberate destruction of a dam, swamped 800 metres of Jakarta's airport tollway, effectively cutting off the capital from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport on Tuesday" "The meteorological office has warned that Jakarta and its surrounding areas can expect heavy rain until early next month" "the floods covered over hundreds of hectares in the five mayoralties"  No suitable Landsat 7 data locatedCAUSE:Dam break
11 Indonesia North Sumatra - Medan city. Subdistricts: Sunggal, Labuhan Deli, Amplas, Percut Sei Tuan, Medan Baru and Medan Denai. Rivers: Babura, Deli, Percut, Belawan, Tuntungan and Sunggal 01/13/02 01/18/02 6 13     Heavy rain     1   Tpz 4,170                  1.2 "The ongoing floods started after heavy rains on Sunday night swelled water levels of the main rivers in the city."  "the exodus of residents continues as floodwaters measuring up to three meters deep flooded their homes." "The residents accused the local authorities of failing to curb deforestation in the upstream areas of several rivers running through Medan and of neglecting other measures to prevent floods"No suitable Landsat 7 data locatedCAUSE:Rain
10 S. Iran Provinces: Fars, Bushehr, Dashtestan, Khouzistan, Kerman. Cities: Shiraz, Bushehr, Dashtestan 01/11/02 01/13/02 3 11   $59,000,000 Heavy rain     1 18,360 Cs 59,660                  2.7 "The amount of rainfall in Bushehr is the highest in 28 years" "Shiraz, the capital of the Fars Province, is worst hit and most of the city has been inundated...In another southern province of Bushehr, floods hit more than 20 villages after several rivers burst their banks... while another city of Dashtestan and several villages in the province have been totally inundated. HA FLOODED: 18,360 ha of farmlands in Farz Province -- CAUSE:Rain
9 S. Russia Krasnodar -  Krasnodar Territory. Temryuk city, Prikubanskoye. Anapa, Slavyansk and Temryuk Districts. Villages: Shaparsky and Grivenskaya. Kuban River. Protoka River in the area of Grivenskaya. 01/06/02 01/23/02 18 1 3,000 $64,000,000 Snowmelt     2 75,000 Cs  9,580                  5.7 "The inundation was caused by a sharp rise of water -- up to 2.5 meters -- in the Kuban river whose estuary is covered by ice. This is 60 centimeters higher than the critical mark... Measures are now being taken to increase the discharge of water from the Kuban to the Sea of Azov. Blasts are made by three groups ...They have to break the ice cap at the river estuary to increase the discharge of water into the sea." No suitable Landsat 7 data located CAUSE:Snowmelt
8 Ghana Accra city. 01/06/02 01/08/02 3       Heavy rain     1   Tpz  870                  0.3 "experts have identified inadequate drainage as the major cause of flooding in the region"No suitable Landsat 7 data locatedCAUSE:Rain
7 Indonesia Southern Sumatra Province. Dempo Utara region. Pengentaan River. Pagaralam, Kerinjing. Also Baru River in Palembang city. 01/08/02 01/12/02 5 22     Heavy rain     1   Tpz  1,490                  0.6 "Worst affected was the region of Dempo Utara where all the fatalities occurred from the flooding and in landslides which swept away homes." No suitable Landsat 7 data locatedCAUSE:Rain
6 Indonesia North Sulawesi -  Sangihe Talaud Regency and Siau Island. Villages: Apengsimbeka, Tahuna, Pokol, Ulung Peliang, Malale, Tarorane and Bebali. 01/05/02 01/07/02 3 4 240   Heavy rain     1   Tpz  220                  0.2 "Landslides and floods that hit several villages in the regency of Sangihe Talaud in North Sulawesi ... destroyed62 houses and forced hundreds to seek refuge ... Mudflows from the Karangetan volcano have worsened the situation" CAUSE:Rain
5 S. Phillipines Mindanao Island - Provinces: Surigao del Sur, Agusan del Sur, Compostella Valley, Davao del Sur, Davao del Norte, Davao Oriental. Davao city, Caraga.  01/04/02 01/07/02 4 9 95,000 $392,000 Heavy rain     1   Tpz  13,420                  1.6 "Rain has been falling since New Year's Eve ... More than 200,000 people have been affected by the rains which have caused flooding and swollen rivers in several provinces in the southern Philippines" CAUSE:Rain
4 C. Brazil Goias old city. Rio Vermelho 01/02/02 01/04/02 3     $7,000,000 Heavy rain     3   Tpz  780                  0.9 "At least 80 historically importantbuildings were destroyed or damaged when the Rio Vermelho spilled over its banks into Goias' old city ... A wooden cross that Goias' first settlers erected more than 300 years ago also was carried off by the floodwaters." No suitable Landsat 7 data locatedCAUSE:Rain
3 Indonesia South Sulawesi - Gowa District. Jonjo village in Parangloe subdistrict, Manuju village in Tinggi Moncong subdistrict, Tamarunang village in Somba Opu subdistrict. Makassar city. Jeneberang River  01/01/02 01/04/02 4 5 300   Heavy rain     1   Tpz  4,560                  0.9 "The flooding and landslides also left six houses destroyed and caused two bridges to collapse. Floodwaters were 1.5 meters high at Tamarunang village in Somba Opu subdistrict near the river on Tuesday. Hundreds of houses and farmland was also submerged in Gowa." CAUSE:Rain
2 W. Romania Dozens of villages in the Apuseni Mountains. Also minor flooding along Tisza tributaries Kraszna and Tur in Northeastern Hungary. 01/02/02 01/04/02 3   120   Snowmelt     1   CpSe* 4,520                  0.7 "In western Romania, however, temperatures rose, melting ice and snow in the Apuseni Mountains. Dozens of villages nearby were flooded and some 30 families were stranded."CAUSE:Snowmelt
1 Malawi Districts: Blantyre, Chikwawa, Dedza, Karonga, Kasungu, Machinga, Mangochi, Nkhotakota, Nsanje, Salima and Zomba. Rivers: Mwanza, Lower Shire, Dzongwe. 12/29/01 03/05/02 67 1 20,000   Heavy rain     1 1,113 Tsz 3,860                  2.6 "... huge tracts of crop fields and several homes have been destroyed by the flooding" On Jan 8 flooding spread to Salima, Karonga and Dedza districts.Feb 5 "Floods have hit 11 of Malawi's 27 districts"CAUSE:Rain
Yearly Totals or Averages     9.3      4,422    20,536,442 $29,694,450,684                10,789,106         11,650,071  
An archive number is assigned to any flood that appears to be "large": significant damage to structures or agriculture, long intervals since the last similar event, and/or fatalities
*Severity assessment is on 1-3 scale
Class I: large flood events: significant damage to structures or agriculture; fatalities; and/or 1-2 decades-long reported interval since the last similar event. 
Class 2: very large events: greater than 20 yr but less than 100 year recurrence interval, and/or a local recurrence interval of at 10-20 yr.
Class 3: Extreme events: with an estimated recurrence interval greater than 100 years
**Flood Magnitude = ln(duration) * severity class * sqrt(affected region)/100 {if duration=1, then duration is set at 1.1 for this calculation.}
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