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2001 Global Register of Extreme Flood Events - Scroll Down and Look For Links to Maps In The Country Column
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171 Northern China  City of Wuhai in western Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region - ice flood on the Yellow River  12/17/01 12/18/01 2   4,000   Ice jam/break-up          CSs*                     -   "In a matter of 15 minutes, an ice flood in the Yellow River, caused by melting ice and strong winds, crushed dams and pummelled Wuhai. Two hours later, five villages were destroyed. Officials with the information department of Wuhai said ice floods have probably happened every year in the past, but recent high temperatures thawed the ice layers in upper reaches of the river faster than anticipated." CAUSE:"Ice flood caused by melting ice and strong winds"
170 Western Europe Northeastern France - Vosges region Germany - Black Forest Region  12/29/2001 12/30/2001 2   240   Brief torrential rain   "In the Black Forest... water levels reached their highest point for more than a decade" 1   CpSe*  9,380                  0.7 "In other parts of the hard-hit Vosges region, rescue workers in scuba gear worked overnight Saturday to evacuate 60 families from their homes, TF1 and LCI television reported. Flood waters in some towns rose as high as 32 inches"  "In the Black Forest, rivers burst their banks on Saturday night and water levels reached their highest point for more than a decade" DISPLACED: France: 240 CAUSE:Storms across Europe 
169 Indonesia  Sumatra - North Sumatra Province. Regencies: Asahan, Deli Serdang, Langkat, Tebingtinggi. Towns: Medan, Lubuk Pakam, Stabat. Rivers: Deli, Denai, Babura, Putih, Sulang-saling, Belumai, Percut, Asahan. Sulawesi - South Sulawesi Province. Gowa district. 12/28/2001 1/1/2002 5 9 3,000   Heavy rain See notes Flood in Medan "worst in the past few years" 1    Tpz 9,125                  1.5 "The flood inundated 19,306 houses as Deli, Babura and Denai Rivers flowing through the city [Medan] with a population of two million overflowed" ... "The Asahan river has washed out roads and destroyed at least one major bridge" ... "The worst-hit was probably Lubuk Pakam, Deli Serdang regency. Hundreds of houses and a vast farming area were submerged"CAUSE:Heavy rains causing floods and mudslides
168 Northwestern Syria Latakia province - Hafah town. 12/27/2001 12/28/2001 2 3     Heavy rain   "...described the floods as the worst in Latakia province for 30 years" 2    Cs 290                  0.2 "Heavy rains caused torrents of water to sweep through the town of Hafah on Thursday and Friday ...Most buildings in the town had their ground floors flooded ...Many orchards and vegetable fields were also inundated"CAUSE:Heavy rains
167 Northwest Turkey  Ergene River. Istanbul, Bursa. 12/25/2001 12/26/2001 2 1     Heavy rain          Cs 6,700                   -   "...a man was killed when he was swept away by the flood-engorged waters of the Ergene river in northwest Turkey. Several hunters near the shore of river were rescued by military helicopters from trees they'd climbed to escape the flood"CAUSE:Heavy rain
166 Northeastern Peru Amazon region. Padre Abad province. Aguaytia and Negro rivers 12/26/2001 12/29/2001 4 6 20,000   Heavy rain See notes     3,000  Tpz 272,800                   -   "Heavy rains since last week have caused rivers in the region northeast of Lima to overflow their banks"CAUSE:Heavy rains causing floods and mudslides
165 Southern Thailand  Nakhon Si Thammarat Province - five districts 12/24/2001 12/24/2001 1   25,000 $296,800 Heavy rain See notes        Tpz 8,520                   -   "Damages from the flooding, which swept across some 104 roads, were thought to have caused almost 13 million baht (296,800 dollars)" CAUSE:Heavy rain causes flash flood
164 Southeastern Brazil  Rio de Janeiro State - Rio de Janeiro city area, Petropolis, Baixada Fluminense, Paracambi and Duque de Caxias. 12/24/2001 12/25/2001 2 60 2,000   Brief torrential rain See notes "worst flooding Brazil has seen in 30 years" 2    Tpo 9,990                  1.4 "The mountain town of Petropolis suffered the most extensive damage, and several low-lying Rio suburbs were flooded when rivers burst their banks."CAUSE:Torrential rain causing mudslides and floods 
163 Morocco Settat and Essaouira regions - Settat, Berrechid industrial zone. Boumoussa River 12/23/2001 12/26/2001 4 15 300 $2,200,000 Heavy rain          Tpu 6,400                   -   "...record rainfalls of up to 160 mm in the last 24 hours. Rainfalls of above 200 mm were also reported in northern Morocco." "The rain came after three successive years of drought in the north African country"CAUSE:Heavy rains
162 Eastern Malaysia Pahang - Districts: Kuantan, Jerantut, Temerloh, Maran, Kuala Lipis, Pekan, Rompin. Towns: Taman Sungai Isap, Permatang Badak, Taman Murn. Rivers: Pahang. Kelantan - Districts: Gua Musang, Kuala Krai. Towns: Kampung Baru, Kampoung Limau Kasturi, Kampung Kerinting and Kampung Ciku Tujuh. Rivers: Galas, Lebir, Kelantan. Terengganu - District: Kemaman, Dungun and Hulu Terengganu. Towns: Kampung Air Putih, Kampung Teladas and Kampung Tanah Lot. Rivers: Kemaman, Dungun, Berang Kertih. Johor (flooding begins 12/28) - Districts: Johor Baharu, Pontian, Kluang, Kota Tinggi and Batu Pahat 12/22/2001 1/3/2002 13 11 18,000   Heavy rain   Jan3 "The floods in Kuantan which started about two weeks ago were said to be the worst in 30 years"  1    Tpz 22,940                  3.9 "Besides flooding the villages, the heavy rain, which started Friday and lasted more than 48 hours, had caused the Sungai Galas to overflow its banks and flood most of the roads in town last night. " "Most of those evacuated are from villages and towns in Pahang that were submerged under waters up to seven meters high after nearby rivers overflowed due to more than 24 hours of continuous rain." "Torrential rains brought by the Northeast Monsoon make the five months between November and March the wettest in many parts of peninsular Malaysia and neighboring southern Thailand. But officials say this year's monsoon season has been unusually heavy"CAUSE:Heavy seasonal rains
161 Northeastern South Africa  KwaZulu Natal Province - Ingwavuma, Ubombo, Jozini. Ladysmith and Scottburgh areas. Mpumalanga Province - Greater Tubatse and Thembisile Municipalities. 12/19/2001 12/22/2001 4 3 300   Brief torrential rain          Tso 752                   -   "Three areas were hit by an hour long storm and flash floods in KwaZulu Natal on Wednesday night, leaving at least three people dead" "About 30 families have been left homeless following floods in the Greater Tubatse and Thembisile Municipalities in Mpumalanga on Wednesday night."CAUSE:Storms and flash floods
160 Eastern Malaysia  Terengganu - districts of Besut, Setiu, Hulu Terengganu and Kemaman. Kelantan - Jeli, Kampung Kalai, Kampung Jeli Lama. 12/16/2001 12/19/2001 4   1,000   Heavy rain          Tpz 17,460                   -   Jeli: "At the height of yesterday's floods, the two villages as other low-lying areas in Kelantan were under 1.5 metres of water" CAUSE:Heavy rain 
159 Northwestern D R Congo  Equateur Province, Mbandaka.   12/14/2001     13,000   Heavy rain          Tpz 3,270   " "Families have lost their belongings, including crops, livestock and household goods," an OCHA field officer reported ..."Houses have been destroyed, entire villages have been evacuated, and people are living in the open," " CAUSE:Heavy rains and flooding 
158 Central US  Arkansas - Paris area of Saline County. Higginson and McRae in White County. Camden area. Rivers: Black, Buffalo, Cache, Ouachita, Saline and White. Texas - Lamar County. Normangee. Areas northeast of Dallas. Rivers: Navasota, Sulphur, Trinity, Sabine, Chambers Creek. Southern Indiana - White River and the East Fork of the White River Wabash River in Indiana and Illinois Mississippi - Big Black River Oklahoma - Big Cedar area in Le Flore County. Mississippi Delta 12/17/2001 12/25/2001 9 3 100   Heavy rain          TsuCpSe* 42,270                   -   Dec 18 "While rain has let up, runoff will keep rivers in flood from eastern Texas through Alabama on the south and through Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio in theCAUSE:Heavy rain 
157 Southern Zimbabwe  Most rivers in the southern provinces have burst their banks 12/16/2001 12/18/2001 3       Heavy rain          Tsz 35,650                   -   "Incessant heavy rains in the past week have caused most rivers in the south of the country to burst their banks, and dams to spill, raising fears of flooding." CAUSE: Heavy rains
156 Southern Balkans  Southern Turkey - Cities: Izmir, Mersin. Towns: Kumluca, Kirkkavak Greece - Achaia region: River Diakoniaris in port city of Patras. 12/16/2001 12/18/2001 3 9 600   Brief torrential rain          Cs 305                   -   "Heavy rainfall in southern Turkey and Izmir has flooded hundreds of homes and shops" 12/18 "Floods and blizzards wreaked a third straight day of havoc in Turkey on Tuesday, with at least eight more people found dead as most of the nation was paralyzed by the weather. "  FATALITIES: 9 DISPLACED: Turkey: 300 Greece: 300CAUSE:Storms and floods
155 Southern Mozambique  Jangamo peninsula - Inhambane area  12/15/2001 12/16/2001 2       Heavy rain          Tso 210                   -   "The southern Mozambican city of Inhambane is virtually cut off from the rest of the country by road due to flooding in the Jangamo peninsula," CAUSE:Above normal rainfall (460.36mm of rain fell in October and November)
154 Western Columbia and Ecuador Columbia - Valle Del Cauca: Cali city and Tulua town. Cauca River. Ecuador - Quito city 12/13/2001 12/14/2001 2 8     Heavy rain          Tpz 5,300                   -   "Heavy rains killed five people in western Colombia Thursday, including three children who died when their school bus overturned on a flooded highway. The two others died when a rain-swollen river swept away their homes in Cali," FATA;ITIES: Columbia: 5 Ecuador: 3CAUSE:Heavy rains
153 Northeastern South Africa  Lydenburg in Mpumalanga Province. Rivers: Sterkspruit, Dorps, 12/11/2001 12/12/2001 2 5 100   Heavy rain See notes        Tso 1,930                   -   "the flash boards above a dam wall opened when Sterkspruit river overflowed releasing about 2,000 cubic metres of water into the town ...About an hour later the Sterkspruit overflowed and various streets close to the business centre were engulfed by water. "CAUSE:Heavy rain caused a river and dam to overflow
152 Central Philippines - Tropical Storm Kajiki  Visayas region - Cebu: Metro Cebu, Cebu city, Mandaue city, Naga town, Sitio Sapa-Sapa. Leyte: Tacloban City, Abuyog, MacArthur, Palo, Burauen and Dagami. Capiz: Panit-an and Mambusao towns. Negros Occidental.0 12/5/2001 12/7/2001 3 2 10,000   Heavy rain          Tpz 2,800                   -   "In Metro Cebu, the non-stop downpour since Wednesday morning caused heavy floods in eight downtown villages and caused landslides in three mountain villages of Cebu City. Six villages were also flooded in Mandaue City"CAUSE:Heavy rains
151 Southern Iran River Dez near Andimeshk city in Khuzestan province. Genaveh town in Bushehr province. 12/5/2001 12/5/2001 1 6   $5,000,000,000 Brief torrential rain   30,000 ha of farmlands in Bushehr province     Cs 500                   -   "Resulting flooding of the River Dez killed six people near the city of Andimeshk, in Khuzestan province, some 450 kilometers southwest of Tehran, ... Damage estimates had not been completed and rescue operations were continuing..." CAUSE:Torrential rain has fallen across Iran for three days, causing flash floods in many areas.
150 Malaysia  Sabah - Membakut Sub District, Kampung Brunai, Kampung Bingkulas, Kampung Pimping and Kampung Baitam. Sungai Membakut River.   12/4/2001 12/7/2001 4   6,000   Heavy rain          Tpz 745                   -   "More than 6,000 people in four kampungs in Sabah's Membakut Sub District have been cut off by floods since Tuesday." CAUSE:Heavy rain
149 Southern Coastal Turkey  Provinces: Icel, Adana. Towns: Erdemli , Mersin, Tarsus, Antalya, Izmir. 12/2/2001 12/9/2001 8 5 570 $25,000,000 Heavy rain See notes "the average rainfall per square meter in Icel since the beginning of December was more than four times greater than the monthly average in the last 50 years"      Cs 14,880                   -   "Three people were killed as floods drenched hundreds of homes and businesses in coastal Turkish cities .... Waters swept away roads, a bridge and a highway and overturned vehicles, carrying some into the sea"  "The floods, which also caused mudslides, damaged vast sweeps of agricultural land, cut power networks and blocked roads in the province as well as in neighboring Adana."CAUSE:Heavy rains causing mudslides and flooding
148 Eastern Aegean Sea Greek island of Samos -  town of Karlovassi, and southeastern Pythagorion region. 11/29/2001 11/29/2001 1 0     Heavy rain See notes        Cs 480                   -   "Violent rain "of unprecedented intensity" hit the island at midnight and was still falling on Thursday morning" ... "caused widespread flooding and extensive damage" ... "Hundreds of homes, shops and businesses were flooded at dawn in the island's main town"CAUSE:Heavy rains causing landslides and flooding
147 US South and Midwest Eastern Arkansas - Counties: Arkansas, Bradley, Chicot, Cleveland, Crittenden, Desha, Drew, Lincoln and Phillips. Towns: Dumas, West Memphis, Helena, West Helena and Marvell, Lake Village, Dermott and Eudora. Rivers: Saint Francis, Cache, Ouachita --Western and central Tennessee - Counties: Shelby, Stewart, Perry, Gibson, Montgomery, Henry, Houston, Benton, Humphreys, Hickman Lewis, Wayne, Fayette. Towns: Memphis, Camden, Centerville, Clarksville, Dickson, Dover, Erin, Linden, Tennessee Ridge, Waverly, Waynesboro, Jackson. Rivers: North and South Forks of the Forked Deer, Hatchie, Obion, Wolf, Harpeth, Little Tallahatchie --Western Kentucky - Counties: Trigg, Christian, Calloway. Towns: Hopkinsville, Fort Campbell. Rivers: Little, Green, Clark. --Mississippi - Sunflower County. Parchman, West. Mississippi Delta. Rivers: Big Black, Big Sunflower, Chickaswhay, Tallahatchie, Tombigbee, Yalobusha and Yazoo; Tallahala Creek --Southwest Lousiana - Parishes: Calcasieu, Southeast Beauregard. Rivers: Boeuf, Calcasieu and West Fork of the Calcasieu, Little and Whisky Chitto; Bayou Nezpique --Texas - Nueces River 11/28/2001 12/7/2001 10 1 400   Heavy rain   "the deluge that hit Memphis as a "50-year rainfall." "record flooding on Little Tallahatchie River at Etta, TN       TsuCpSe* 132,300                   -   "Heavy rain from Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee caused major flooding. Scores of roads were closed and hundreds of homes and businesses were drenched. Hundreds of motorists and residents across the region had to be rescued from stranded cars and inundated homes. One vehicles related death was reported in Tennessee." "Arkansas County had about 250 roads under water and 15-30 culverts washed out. Fifty homes in West Memphis flooded. About two dozen homes around Helena, West Helena and Marvell were flooded"  Memphis "Four hundred people were evacuated Wednesday night after torrential rain left water up to six feet deep in some homes" Quikscat comments "Flooding is still indicated December 6 in eastern Arkansas, western Mississippi, and western Tennesee. It is somewhat more intense than was the case December 1. Conditions in Illinois and Indiana where negative polarization ratios have also been occurring are now somewhat drier." "Rainfall since Nov. 24, a saturating 20 inches in some places, has led to widespread flooding throughout the Delta ... "Thousands of acres are under water," said Leon Shaifer, deputy director for the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency"CAUSE:"More than 12 inches of rain fell between Tuesday and Friday morning in eastern Arkansas" HECTARES FLOODED:
146 East-Central Brazil   Espirito Santo State - 44 of the state's 78 municipalities 11/19/2001 11/23/2001 5 12 5,000   Heavy rain See notes "the rains were the heaviest in decades, with more rain falling in two days than in the average month. "       Tpo 45,210                   -   "Espirito Santo Gov. Jose Ignacio Ferreira has declared a state of emergency in 44 of the east-central state's 78 municipalities, and the army has been called in to build emergency bridges to areas cut off by the flooding." CAUSE:A week of torrential rains causing flooding and mudslides
145 Central Philippines  Negros Island - 23 villages in Negros Occidental province  11/19/2001 11/21/2001 3   29,000   Heavy rain          Tpz 6,240                   -   "The civil defense office said 23 villages in Negros Occidental province were affected and more than 4,800 families were forced into 218 evacuation centers in the area 310 miles southeast of Manila. At least eight houses were destroyed there and 49 were damaged" CAUSE:Several days of heavy rains 
144 Central Uganda  Masaka district: Kyazanga  11/15/01 11/16/2001 2   1,200   Heavy rain          Tpz 1,200                   -   "Over 300 families in Kyazanga, Uganda's central district of Masaka, were left homeless after a three-day heavy downpour. The most affected area was Kyazanga trading center where huge properties were destroyed by the rains" CAUSE:Three-day heavy downpour 
143 US South  Central Texas - Edwards Plateau, Austin and San Antonio areas. Counties: Edwards, Williamson, Blanco, Real. Towns: Austin, Rocksprings, Blanco, Asherton, Three Rivers, Mathis, Bastrop, Refugio. Rivers: Nueces, Colorado, Guadalupe, Mission, Frio, San Antonio Oso Creek in Corpus Christi, Yegya Creek. 11/15/2001 11/19/2001 5 10     Heavy rain See notes        Tso 7,730                   -   "As much as 12 inches of rain was reported on the Edwards Plateau west of San Antonio" "Up to 13 inches of rain fell in parts of Texas on Thursday and early Friday, breaking daily records in Austin and San Antonio"CAUSE:Flash flooding from heavy rain 
142 Algeria  Algiers city and surrounding towns- Districts: Bab el Oued, Triolet, Ain Benina, Oued Korich, Rais, Hamidou, Hammamet. Frais Vallon region. Other towns: Chlef, Tipaza, Relizane, Tiaret, Tlemcen, Mascara, Ain Tenouchent, Bourmerdes, Oran, Mostaganem, Medea, Tizi-Ousou. 11/10/2001 11/14/2001 5 711 24,000 $300,000,000 Heavy rain See notes "worst flash flood in decades" "one of worst natural disasters in four decades" "the country's worst ever floods" 2    TsuCs 970                  1.0 "The 36-hour downpour began last Friday, setting off mudslides that plowed through several of the hilly capital's working-class neighborhoods, collapsing buildings, blocking roads, overturning vehicles and knocking out power. Thousands of families were forced to leave their homes ... The flood followed a prolonged drought that had forced water-rationing since mid-October. "CAUSE:36 hour downpour causing mudslides and flooding 
141 Caribbean  Puerto Rico - throughout island. municipalities of Aguada, Aguadilla, Moca . Rivers: Rio Culebrinas, Rio Camuy, Rio Cibuco, Rio de Bayamon, Rio de la Plata, Rio Grande de Arecibo, Rio Grande de Loiza, Rio Grande de Manati, Rio Limon, Rio Piedras and Rio Tanama, 11/7/2001 11/15/2001 9   250 $17,000,000 Heavy rain          Tpo 8,800                   -   "Authorities reported about 120 landslides, and rivers throughout the island were flooding their banks ... floodwaters have swept away bridges, damaged hundreds of homes and forced more than 250 people to stay in emergency shelters... The rains have caused an estimated dlrs 17 million in damage to banana, coffee and other crops" CAUSE:Rains from first cold-front of the season over Puerto Rico
140 Southern and central Philippines and Central Vietnam- Typhoon Lingling Philippines:  Camiguin Island - Mahinog, Catarman, Sagay, Mambajao. Cebu Island - Toledo and Cebu cities Negros Island - Negros Occidental province. Panay Island - Capiz province Cagayan de Oro city on Mindanao Island Central Vietnam: Phu Yen, Binh dinh, and Quang Ngai Provinces 11/6/2001 11/9/2001 4 320 223,000 $47,700,000 Tropical cyclone   "This is the first time this has happened in Camiguin... that there are flash floods across the island"       Tpz 610                   -    BEGAN:  Vietnam -11/12/01-11/13/01, Phillipines 11/6/01-11/09/01 -- "In one area, there was a waist-high stretch of earth that peeled off from the mountain and covered the highway," Romualdo said. Military helicopter pilots flying overhead "thought it was a riverbed. It turned out it was a highway covered with water and mud." " DAMAGE:Philippines: 22,700,000 Vietnam: 25,000,000 FATALITIES: Philippines: 300 Vietnam: 20 DISPLACED: Philippines: 183,000 Vietnam: 40,000CAUSE:"A surprise tropical storm" 
139 Malaysia   Pahang - Raub district, Mentakab. Kampung Batu Kapor, Kampung Sungai Buloh and Taman Mentakab Indah. Rivers: Jelai, Semantan, Tembeling, Lipis. Perlis - Kampung Lembah Biak, Beseri. River: Sungai Jarum 11/5/2001 11/12/2001 8 1     Heavy rain          Tpz 7,150                   -   "Rains in the interior over the past few days have caused the three rivers -- Sungai Jelai, Sungai Semantan and Sungai Tembeling -- to swell and overflow their banks. In Raub district, several low lying areas have been under between 0.5m and 1.0m of water after Sungai Semantan burst its banks" CAUSE:"Rains in the interior over the past few days" 
138 Southern Somalia  Middle Jubba region - Jilib town area 11/1/2001 11/14/2001 14   6,000   Heavy rain          Tpz 3,900                   -   "floods started Thursday and have already devastated the food reservoirs in the villages of Aaminey, Awrmaleh, Makayuri, Gandobelh, Bardhere-Oji and others, all in about 15 kilometers distance west of the main Jilib town. He said the floods have likewise washed away all crops and farms in the very vicinity whileCAUSE:Heavy rains in Neighboring Ethiopia
137 North-west Rwanda  Kijote settlement in Mutura district, north-west Gisenyi province  10/30/2001 11/2/2001 4 2 3,000   Heavy rain          Tpz 1,200                   -    "Heavy rains in north-west Rwanda have claimed two lives, killed five cows, four goats and left 953 families homeless, official sources in Kigali reported Friday"CAUSE:Heavy rains 
136 Central America and Caribbean - Hurricane Michelle  Northern Honduras - Provinces: Gracias a Dios, Cortes, Atlantica, Colon. Mosquitia region. Cities: Palacios, Aguas, Bruce Laguna, Sangrelaya, Yoro, La Lima, San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, Rio Abajo, Olanchito. Northern Nicaragua - Puerto Cabezas Cuba - Provinces: Matanzas, Cienfuegos, Villa Clara, Havana, Guantanamo, Holguin, Sancti Spiritus and Municipio Especial Isla de la Juventud. Cities: Varadero. Havana, Baracoa, Sagua. Rivers: Toa, Sagua. Eastern Jamaica - St. Catherine, Portland and St. Mary parishes. Annotto Bay town. 10/26/2001 11/15/2001 21 19 27,118,340 $18,000,000 Tropical cyclone   Nicaragua "The mayor of Puerto Cabezas told me that in 40 years, he's never seen rain like that."  years"      Tpo 69,950                   -    "The coastal region has been hit with as much rain in the last five days as it normally gets in six months ... This week's rains heavily damaged sugar, banana and cattle ranches in Honduras" "In Cuba, ... agricultural damage was particularly severe in the hard-hit central province of Matanzas, where 90,000 metric tons of oranges were lost in the storm." "Nearly 90,000 people in northern Honduras and Nicaragua have been under water since storms began here Oct. 25. Some have been without food for days, officials said. In Honduras, relief workers have been unable to bring aid to Mosquitia for eight days" DAMAGE: Honduras: nd Nicaragua: nd Cuba: nd Jamaica: 18,000,000 FATALITIES: Honduras: 8 Nicaragua: 4 Cuba: 5 Jamaica: 2 DISPLACED: Honduras: 27,000 Nicaragua: 18,000 Cuba: 100,000 Jamaica: 340CAUSE:Rainfall from tropical storm 
135 Indonesia  Java - Puring, Brayan and Wayah areas in the Central Java district of Kebumen. Banyuwangi and Jember in East Java. 10/17/2001 10/27/2001 11 20 18,000   Heavy rain          Tpz 2,100                   -   "water reached a depth of two metres (6.6 feet) in some parts of Puring" "Downpour fallen for three days since last Friday in some regions in southern part of Central Java has forced the evacuation of local people, including 18,000 residents of Kebumen district."CAUSE:Days of rain - Java is entering the rainy season
134 UK  East Anglia -  Cambridgeshire, Essex and Kent counties. Towns: Cambridge, Waterbeach, Braintree, Bourn, Colchester, Tyneside. Haverhill area of west Suffolk. Rivers: Cam, Colne, Roman, Stour. 10/21/2001 10/23/2001 3    90   Brief torrential rain   "heaviest rainfall in Cambridge for a century and the worst flooding for more than 20 years" 2    C* 5,680                  1.7 "Villages and towns in Cambridgeshire and Essex were especially badly-hit, with flood damage likely to run into hundreds of thousands of pounds" "some areas of Kent, Cambridgeshire and Essex counties received up to 2.7 inches of rain in 24 hours - equivalent to the normal rainfall for the entire month of October" No suitable Modis 9 data locatedCAUSE:Incessant torrential rain on Sunday
133 Central and northern Vietnam  Central region of the country from Thua Thien-Hue province to Khanh Hoa province. Provinces - Quang Nam, Nghe An, Quang Tri, Quang Ngai, Phu Yen. "Central River Systems" town of Hoi An. Da Nang. 10/20/2001 10/24/2001 5 39  10000 $4,700,000 Brief torrential rain See notes        Tpz 72,000                   -   "The downpours halted the railway service on the North-South route for 30 hours as many railway sections and bridges in the central region of the country from Thua Thien-Hue province to Khanh Hoa province were flooded."CAUSE:Torrential weekend rains and lightning storms 
132 Central France Drome and Upper Loire regions. Towns: Loriol, communities near the city of Valence. Loire river 10/20/2001 10/21/2001 2 2 300   Heavy rain         CpSe* 3,860                   -   "More than 300 houses in the town of Loriol in the Drome region were flooded by more than a meter (more than three feet) of water overnight Saturday. The water caused the collapse of several of the 11th century ramparts which protected the town"CAUSE:Violent storms
131 Southwest Bangladesh  Satkhira District - Protapnagar, Chuibaria, Baiyarbil, Dighlarati and Chakla villages under Protapnagar union parishad in Assasuni upazila and Padmapukur, Pakhimari, Gorkumarper, Banyatala, Khutikata, Sonakhali, Baintala, Kedar Bazar, Chaulkhola and Chandipur. Kapatakha river 10/17/2001 10/19/2001 3   1,200   Dam/Levy, break or release          Tszo 900                   -   "About 25 villages of two unions in two upazilas of Satkhira district have been inundates as flood water entered through a breach developed in the WAPDA embankment of Kapatakha river at Chuibaria area under Protapnagar union parishad in Assasuni upazila at midnight of Wednesday last." CAUSE:Breach of embankment at Chuibaria area 
130 US Midwest  Illinois and Indiana - Rivers:Wabash, White. 10/15/2001 10/19/2001 5       Heavy rain   "not been seen since the 1920's in central and southern Indiana."      TsuCpse*  17,270                   -   "Flooding is occurring on numerous rivers in Illinois and Indiana from heavy rain through week into weekend. Significant flooding is expected along the Wabash River in Indiana, river levels are expected to rise to as much as 9 feet above flood stage. This is unusually widespread October flooding which has not been seen since the 1920's in central and southern Indiana." "Flood crests along the White River in Indiana will be among the highest recorded in October. Low agricultural lands will be flooded"CAUSE:Heavy rain causing "unusually widespread October flooding" 
129 Southern India  Andhra Pradesh State - Districts: Cuddpah, Kurnool, Guntur, Nellore, Chittoor, Anantapur. town of Panyam. Gundalakamma River. Inflows into Somasila and Buggavanka reservoirs were breached. 10/16/2001 10/21/2001 6 143 50,000   Heavy rain See notes       Tpz 87,380                   -   "Around 52 villages in Cuddapah district are completely marooned, leaving hundreds trapped" "Cuddpah collector Adar Sinha was removed for opening the flood gates of a dam without warning people about it." "While 55,747 houses were damaged, there were 1,386 breaches in irrigation systems, he said adding crops in 1.25 lakh hectares were damaged and 650 cattle heads had perished." "inflows into Somasila and Buggavanka reservoirs in Nellore and Cuddapah, which breached inundating several areas in the two districts causing huge loss of life and property"CAUSE:"flash floods, a cyclone and the heaviest rainfall in 40 years in southern India"
128 Argentina and Uruguay Argentina - Pampas. Provinces of Buenos Aires, La Pampa, Cordoba and Santa Fe. Salado River and tributaries. General Villegas district. Uruguay - Soriano, Durazno, and Canelones departments. city of Treinta y Tres. Olimar river. 10/1/2001 12/1/2001 62 2 14,500 $1,500,000,000 Heavy rain   worst floods since 1914 3 8,600,000  TsoCp 627,900                98.1 "La Nacion daily reported that five million hectares of farmland were flooded in La Pampa, Cordoba and Santa Fe. Meanwhile, DyN news agency said Thursday that Buenos Aires province has been hit by the heaviest rains recorded in history, destroying 3.5 million hectares of crops." "In addition to economic losses mounting into the millions of dollars as a result of flooding in the country's richest 4 million hectares (10 million acres) of farm land, the rains have blocked eight main highways connecting areas of the district. ... In the General Villegas district, located in the heart of the so-called "humid pampa," half of the 725,000 hectares (1.8 million acres) of land used to grow wheat are flooded. DAMAGE: Argentina: 1,500,000,000 Uruguay: nd FATALITIES: Argentina:1 Uruguay: 1 DISPLACED:Argentina:14,000 Uruguay: 500CAUSE:More than a month of heavy rains
127 Eastern North Korea  Provinces: Kamvon Du, Kangwon, Hamkyong. Wonsan city  10/9/2001 10/11/2001 3 81 60,000   Brief torrential rain   'Worst rains for a century'   12,994  TsoCpSe* 13,150                   -   "Flood water submerged thousands of acres of farm land as well as 30,000 houses and public buildings" "orrential rains also damaged vast amounts of cropland just ahead of the fall harvest"  No suitable Modis 250, Modis 9 or Landsat data locatedCAUSE:Torrential rain and tidal waves  HECTARES FLOODED: 32,110 acres in Kangwon province 
126 Southern Philippines  Mindanao Island - Zamboanga city  10/10/2001 10/10/2001 1 4 300   Brief torrential rain          Tpz 190                   -   "Four people were killed after floods caused by heavy rains hit the southern Philippines city of Zamboanga... Power was knocked out in large parts of the city and low-lying areas had to be evacuated during the rains on Wednesday" CAUSE:Torrential rains triggered flashfloods
125 Indonesia   South Coast of Central Java - Regencies: Cilacap, Brebes and Banyumas 10/8/2001 10/9/2001 2   4,000   Heavy rain       3,000  Tpz 2,260                   -   "At least 1,136 village homes and thousands of hectares of rice fields on the south coast of Central Java province, Indonesia, were submerged on  Monday by massive floods following incessant rains over the past two days" CAUSE:Heavy rains at the beginning of this year's wet season  
124 Southern France  Gard Region. Brignon village. 10/7/2001 10/7/2001 1 2     Brief torrential rain See notes        CpSe* 4,140                   -   "the southern region of Gard received as much rain within an eight-hour period as it usually does in six months. Some 40 villages and hundreds of hectares (acres) of farmland and vineyard were flooded"CAUSE:Flash floods caused by severe thunderstorms 
123 Eastern Nepal  Terai region - Saptari and Itahari districts 10/5/2001 10/7/2001 3 2 800 $260,000 Tropical cyclone       200  Tszo 8,300                   -   "The floods, in the lowland tropical region of the country, have caused thousands of dollars of damage to property and crops, according to police. "The torrential rains lasting over 72 hours have washed away several thousand acres of farmland with standing paddy crops, apart from damaging the roads in the area," " CAUSE:"Unexpected rains occurred in the eastern parts of Nepal due to a cyclone in the Bay of Bengal."
122 Northern Iran Caspian Sea provinces: Mazandaran and Gilan. Ramsar city. 10/1/2001 10/2/2001 2   3,000   Brief torrential rain       5,000  Cs 27,360                   -   "Thousands of inhabitants of northern Iran have been evacuated following torrential rains which hit the region over the past two days ... Many rivers had swollen and houses been damaged or destroyed in towns bordering the Caspian sea, " CAUSE:Torrential rains  
121 Southern India  Andhra Pradesh state - Districts: Nalgonda, Guntur, Mahabubnagar. Telangana.   9/30/2001 10/2/2001 3 12 9,000   Brief torrential rain See notes        Tpz 44,530                   -   "About 9,000 houses in Nalgonda, Guntur and Mahabubnagar districts were damaged, he said, adding over 50 minor irrigation tanks also suffered damages" CAUSE:Torrential rains triggered by low pressure area 
120 Southern Brazil  States: Santa Catarina (45 cities were declared under a state of emergency), Rio Grande do Sul, Sao Paulo, Parana. Cities: Campinas, Curitiba. 9/29/2001 10/4/2001 6 13 12,000   Brief torrential rain See notes Worst flooding since 1983-1984 "worst flooding in 16 years" 1    Tpo 619,700                14.1 "In the state of Rio Grande do Sul where the storm killed four people and rendered about 2,000 homeless, 27 cities have declared a state of emergency and are left with no electricity and clean water. "The flooding is the worst the state has seen since 1983 and 1984,"... According to a spokesman of the state Civil Defense in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil's wealthiest and most populated state, the worst rains in 111 years drowned the second biggest city, Campinas. " No suitable Modis 9 data locatedCAUSE:Torrential rain causing floods and mudslides 
119 Southern Rwanda  Gikongoro province -  Districts: Mushumbi, Nshili 9/22/2001 9/22/2001 1 10     Brief torrential rain     1    Tpz 1,770                  0.0 "Torrential rain and flooding has claimed 10 lives in southern Rwanda's Gikongoro province, where livestock and crops are also at risk ... hillside crops have gone, while those in paddy-fields have been swamped by sand deposits" CAUSE:Torrential rain 
118 Northern Phillipines - Typhoon Lekima  Luzon Island - Cagayan province. Towns: Carasi, Solsona, Pasuquin, Laoag City. Rivers: Sinaligan, Padsan 9/24/2001 9/25/2001 2 1     Heavy rain     1    Tpz 6,000                  0.5 "Several villages in north part of the province have been submerged in deep water as rivers overflowed because of heavy rains" CAUSE:Heavy rain 
117 Mexico - Hurricane Juliette  States: Sonora, Baja, Guerrero, Michoacan, Oaxaca, Colima and Jalisco. Cabo San Lucas 9/24/2001 10/2/2001 9 3 38,000   Tropical cyclone See notes   1    Tso 35,720                  4.2 "Heavy rain brought by Juliette flooded more than 200 homes in the southwestern state of Michoacan ... Rain-swollen rivers knocked out two bridges in Oaxaca state"  Hurricane Juliette atmospheric pressure was second-lowest on record for a Pacific hurricane in this hemisphereCAUSE:Heavy rain brought by Juliette 
116 Northern Iran Mazandaran Province - 9/19/2001 9/20/2001 2 1 800   Brief torrential rain     1 460 Cs 10,290                  0.7 "...the new floods in the province have so thus far destroyed 200 residential andcommercial complexes, 85 rural roads and 25 bridges while 50,000 head of livestock have perished and 460 hectares of farmland has been washed away"CAUSE:Non-stop torrential rainfalls in the last 24 hours
115 Southwest China Sichuan Province - cities: Jinyang,, Deyang, Mianyang  9/19/2001 9/22/2001 4 25 100,000 $240,000,000 Brief torrential rain     1    Tszo 14,700                  1.7 "Torrential rains in Sichuan province on Tuesday and Wednesday left streets in the city of Jinyang under head-high waters ... Train tracks were covered and transportation paralyzed, stranding more than 10,000 travelers in the city" CAUSE:Torrential rains 
114 Central America Southern Mexico - Chiapas State: Towns: Cacahoatan, Rio Coatan, Chanhjale El Salvador - Acelhuate River in San Salvador city 9/18/2001 9/21/2001 4 4 800   Brief torrential rain     1    Tpo 7,800                  1.2 Mexico:"A downpour caused the Rio Coatan to overflow Wednesday, flooding a large portion of the Pacific-coast town of Cacahoatan and killing two women who tried to outrun the advancing floodwater"  DAMAGE: Mexico: nd El Salvador: nd FATALITIES: Mexico: 4 El Salvador: nd DISPALCED: Mexico: nd El Salvador: 800CAUSE:Torrential rains from a powerful storm  
113 Taiwan - Typhoon Nari  Taipei County, Taipei City. Keelung city. other counties: Chiayi, Miaoli 9/16/2001 9/20/2001 5 90 10,000 $200,000,000 Tropical cyclone See notes worst floods in a century  "Taiwan's worst-ever flood disaster" 3    Tszo 2,800                  2.6 "Downpours and water from swollen rivers had inundated thousands of homes and some 4,100 office buildings around the island, 80 percent of them in Taipei." CAUSE:Typhoon Nari dumps dumped 49.5 inches of rain in 51 hours - floods and landslides
112 Italy  Naples  9/14/2001 9/15/2001 2 2     Brief torrential rain     1    CpSe* 69                  0.1 "Rome issued a 23-million-dollar aid package to help those affected by exceptional rains that led to the collapse of major public and private buildings and general infrastructure." CAUSE:Fierce rainstorms
111 Eastern Guinea and Mali Guinea - Haute Guinee, Kankan region: prefectures - Kankan, Siguiri, Mandiana, Kouroussa, and Kerouane. Niger River and its tributaries Sankarani, Fie, Milo, Djon, Niandan, Sankarani, Tinkisso and Mafou. Mali - Regions: Koulikoro, Segou, Sikasso, Bamako, Kidal, Mopti. Niger River and tributaries. 8/18/2001 10/9/2001 53 11 43,500   Heavy rain   Guinea: worst floods in the last 10 years Mali: Niger River in Bamako highest levels since 1967 2 21,401 Tpz  264,100                40.8 "The flooding in the low areas has caused extensive damage to agriculture (17,000 hectares submerged) and cattle. Reports confirm food shortage, leading to increased prices of staple food, which particularly affects population groups with low income."  DAMAGE: Guinea: nd Mali: FATALITIES: Guinea: 9 Mali: 2 DISPLACED: Guinea: 40,000 Mali: 3500CAUSE:Heavy rains beginning in May 2001  HECTARES FLOODED: Guinea: 20,531 hectares submerged  Mali: 870 hectares
110 Northern Thailand  Provinces - Prae (Wang Shin and Mae Pung districts); Yasodhorn (five districts); Udorn-Tani (reservoir is overflowing); Amnatcharoen. 9/10/2001 9/12/2001 3     $11,110,000 Heavy rain       33,160  Tszo 14,950                   -    
109 Eastern India  Bihar State - Northern Districts: Gopalganj, East Champaran, Saran and Madhubani; also Saharsa, Samastipur, Begusarai, West Champaran, Sitamarhi, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga, Sheohar, Siwan, Madhubani, Katihar, Vaishali and Patna. Towns; Muzaffarpur, Marhaura, Samastipur. Rivers: Ganga, Burhi Gandak, Gandak, Ghagra, Bagmati, Kosi and Adhwara group of rivers, Mahananda. 9/7/2001 9/24/2001 18 146 30,000 $93,574,548 Heavy rain     1 370,000  Tszo 30,120                  5.0 "Torrential rains since Friday have washed out thousands of villages near India's border with Nepal, forcing people to seek refuge on higher ground or move to schools and government buildings in safer places. Some 50 villages were inundated early Monday after the overflowing Burhi Gandak and Gandak rivers broke through rows of sandbag embankments"  Sep 18 "There was no let up in the flood situation ... where major rivers like Gandak, Burhi Gandak, Bagmati and Adhwara group of rivers continued to wreak havoc crossing danger mark at different places along their course" Sep 24 "... overall flood situation improved considerably with all major rivers receding" damage: exchange rate=48.090CAUSE:Days of heavy rainfall  
108 Southern Brazil  Rio Grande do Sul State - Towns: Dom Pedrito, Cerrito, Quarai and Pedro Osorio. Rivers: Santa Maria, Piratini 9/3/2001 9/4/2001 2 3 2,400   Brief torrential rain     1    Tpo 13,040                  0.8 "Floods caused by torrential downpours killed at least three people and forced more than 800 families out of their homes in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, the civil defense department said Tuesday" CAUSE:Torrential downpours 
107 Northern India  Eastern Uttar Pradesh State - Districts: Kushinagar, Gorakhpur, Maharajganj, Deoria, Sant Kabirnagar, Jaunpur, Sonebhadra and Bhadoi, Siddharthnagar, Azamgarh. Towns: Gorakhpur, Bansi, Turtipar, Rigauli, Mehdawal. Rivers: Rapti, Ghagra, Rohini 8/20/2001 9/11/2001 23 65 300,000   Heavy rain   Rapti river in Gorakhpur -10 cm below the record level of 1988 1    Tszo 35,440                  5.9 "Nearly 1.5 million people have been affected by sustained rainfall in eastern Uttar Pradesh, which has cut off large areas of the state, a UNI report said Saturday. Around 352 of 627 affected villages in Gorakhpur district are completely marooned, leaving around 300,000 people trapped ... In Gorakhpur, a breach on an embankment on Friday led to flooding of large rural parts of the city, considered the commercial hub of eastern Uttar Pradesh. Crops have also been affected in low lying areas. "CAUSE:Continuous downpour 
106 Nepal  Western Districts: Arghakhanchi, Dolakha, Gulmi.  Trishuli River near Kathmandu. 8/29/2001 9/3/2001 6 17     Brief torrential rain See notes   1 300  Tszo 563                  0.4 Landslides and floods block the major highway linking Katmandu with the rest of Nepal "Road crews had scraped out a temporary path next to the main Prithvi Highway. But unceasing rainfall sent rocks and mud sliding down the hillsides and that route was soon blocked, too. Cars and trucks were backed up for miles along the highway from a point 95 kilometers (60 miles) west of Katmandu, the capital, said Shrestha. "CAUSE:Landslides and floods triggered by torrential rains 
105 Southern China - Typhoon Fitow Guangdong Province - Zhanjiang City area - 125 villages have been besieged by flood waters. Maoming, Wuchuan, Lianjiang. Hainan Province -  "most of the regions of the island province" including Changjiang County. Guangxi Province - 8/28/2001 9/9/2001 13 4 50,000 $24,000,000 Tropical cyclone     1 225,000  Tszo 14,500                  3.1 "Thousands of people have been stranded by serious flooding in south China's Hainan Province over the past three days. Rainstorms hit most of the regions of the island province, with Changjiang County recording 722 mm. Swollen rivers have inundated farmland and houses." "Zhanjiang City in south China's Guangdong Province has been hit by torrential rains since August 28... average rainfall in the area for the past several days has been 262 mm, and the worst-hit area of Wuchuan has had 341.6 mm of rainfall."CAUSE:Rainstorms from tropical storms and a typhoon  HECTARES FLOODED: 225,000 hectares in Guangdong
104 Northern Nigeria  Kano State - Local government areas of Dawakin-Kudu, Kumbotso, Kunchi, Warawa and Wudil. Towns: Wudil, Kura, Gachi, Gidan Tukku, Garin-dau. Rivers: Wudil, Kano. Jigawa State - Local government areas Ringin and Taura. dam releases at Taura, Tiga, Goje, Hadejia-Jamare. Towns: Gwaram, Taura, Debi, Unguwar Bai, Zangon-Kara. 8/27/2001 9/4/2001 9 200 80,000   Dam/Levy, break or release See notes "This is the worst flood to hit the area since the mid-70s when Tiga and Challawa dams were overflowed" 2    Tpz 14,300                  5.3 "About 60 villages in the southeast region of Kano had been swept away by flash flood after the burst of the Tiga and Challawa dams and the overflow of Kano River on Tuesday night,"  " Jigawa State ..."many" people were feared dead and 30,000 were homeless ... 102 people were missing, swept away by the water unleashed from three dams late Thursday. The flash flood, released to ease the pressure on three dams at Tiga, Goje and Hadejia-Jamare, had swept through eight local government districts and hit 70 villages,"CAUSE:Flash flood caused by dam break in Kano. Flash flood from dam releases in Jigawa
103 Western Uganda  Villages around Rwebisengo subcounty headquarters. Bundibugyo town. River Semliki 8/20/2001 8/29/2001 10   4,000   Heavy rain     1    Tpz 15,800                  2.9 "Heavy rain had already caused flooding in some villages on the vast plain but it became worse when water bursts the banks of the River Semliki on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo... The flooded areas are on a plain stretching to the east of the DRC starting at the foot of a spur of the towering ice-capped Ruenzori range" CAUSE: Heavy rain
102 Southwest China Yunnan Province - Funing county in Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. Funing town. Puting River. 8/25/2001 8/25/2001 1 15 2,000   Heavy rain     1 1,100  Tszo 5,570                  0.1 "Heavy rains whipped across Funing county near the border to Vietnam early Saturday, leaving 120 millimeters of downpour within just two short hours, the Yunnan Daily reported. Eight rivers in the county were flooded, including Puting River, where the level rose to 10.7 meters, 70 centimeters above the danger level" CAUSE:Heavy rains 
101 Central Vietnam  Central Highlands provinces: Binh Thuan, Daklak, Lam Dong. 8/20/2001 8/22/2001 3 11 640 $400,000 Heavy rain     1 4,299  Tpz 23                  0.1 "The floods - caused by 23 inches of rain over the past week in Binh Thuan province - inundated 160 homes and damaged 10,625 acres of rice fields, a provincial official said." "...floods submerged 2,200 homes in Daklak province"CAUSE:23 inches of rain over the past week  
100 South Africa  Cape Town area- Philippi suburb, Cape Flats, Hout Bay. Liesbeek River 8/17/2001 9/3/2001 18   15,000 $36,000,000 Heavy rain   "worst floods in the area in 40 years"  2    Tso 1,300                  2.1 "Heavy winter rains lashed Cape Town for the third day straight Wednesday, bringing misery to tens of thousands of people living in makeshift wood and tin shacks on the outskirts of the city...low-lying shacks in the poor suburb of Philippi were flooded "  "an estimated 13,000 families had been displaced from flooded shacks in squatter camps on the Cape Flats, where the apartheid government forcibly resettled black people and which is a natural drainage area for rainwater running off Table Mountain."CAUSE:Heavy winter rains 
99 Cambodia and SouthernVietnam Northern and eastern Cambodia - Provinces: Kampong Cham, Stung Treng, Kratie, Prey Veng, Kandal. Towns: Kratie. Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers. Vietnam - Provinces: Dong Thap, An Giang,, Long An, Can Tho. Mekong River Delta. Cities: Can Tho. Rivers: Mekong, Tien and Hau. Additional areas affected in late October: Kien Giang, Vinh Long, Tien Giang, and Ben Tre provinces and some suburban districts of Ho Chi Minh City. 8/15/2001 11/19/2001 97 416 1,060,000 $100,900,000 Monsoonal rain   Cambodia:"water levels in upstream areas, i.e. Stung Treng, Kratie and Kampong Cham, have exceeded last year's record level, they have also fallen more quickly" "largest in 50 years" "second worst in 40 years" 2 197,347  Tpz 74,500                25.0 Cambodia ""If we compare these floods to last year then floods in some areas are worse. A province like Stung Treng did not suffer much damage last year, but this year it has been severly effected,"" Vietnam "Some 1,000 homes and thousands of acres of crops were already under water in Tan Chau district of An Giang province because of the rising waters of the Mekong River"  Aug 29 "Authorities also fear this year's floods will surpass previous records. In provinces along the upper Mekong water levels have already risen to record highs and the monsoonal rains are not expected to peak until late October. " October 18 "water levels in upstream districts were receding slowly" "Meanwhile, water levels in lower Tien and Hau rivers were on the rise due to the current appearance of the spring tide, thus submerging larger areas in Kien Giang, Vinh Long, Tien Giang, and Ben Tre provinces and some suburban districts of Ho Chi Minh City. " Nov 5 "the flood waters at the upstream parts of Tien and Hau rivers and the Long Xuyen Quadrangle are receding slowly" Quikscat comments: "Wet surface conditions have persisted during November and early December 2001 along the Tonle Sap region of Cambodia, and the lower reaches of the Mekong in Cambodia and Viet Nam. " DAMAGE: Cambodia: 16,900,000  Vietnam: 84,000,000 FATALITIES: Cambodia: 56 Vietnam: 340  CAUSE:Monsoon Season  HECTARES FLOODED: Cambodia: 157,347 hectares Vietnam: 40,000 hectares
98 Central Pakistan  A village in Dera Ghazi Khan district of central Punjab province.  8/16/2001 8/16/2001 1 6     Brief torrential rain See notes        Tszo 3,030                   -   "According to reports about 300 mud houses collapsed and more than 3,000 people have moved to safer places to take shelter... the flash flood had also damaged crops and washed away cattle in the affected areas" CAUSE:"Torrential rains in the nearby catchment areas of the hilly region triggered the flash flood" 
97 Northern India  Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh State.  8/14/2001 8/15/2001 2 16     Heavy rain See notes        Tszo 3,010                   -   "Sixteen people were killed in landslides and floods triggered by incessant rain in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh since Tuesday evening," CAUSE:Landslides and floods triggered by incessant rain
96 Southern and central Chad  Regions: Western and Eastern Logone; Middle Chari; Eastern and Western Tandjillé, Mayo Dallah, Mayo Boneye, Mandoul, Salamat . Banguirmi, Ouaddai (Dar Sila district). Bemian village. Departments: Tandjilé East and West, Bahr Koh, Dar Sila, Logone Occidental, Logone Oriental, Chari-Banguirmi Salamat, Batha East and West, Mayo Dalla, Mayo Bonoye and Kabia.  Rivers: Logone, Chari and Batha.  8/19/2001 10/11/2001 54 100 40,000   Brief torrential rain       143,789  Tpz 104,300                   -   "An official at the national meteorological office said rainfall in some areas over recent weeks was double that recorded for the same period last year."  Sep 11 "About 10,500 houses are reported to be damaged and several thousand of domestic animals missing" CAUSE:"Torrential rains in the past weeks" 
95 Southern Philippines  Mindanao Island - Provinces: Zamboanga del Sur, Maguindanao, Sultan Kudarat, North Cotabato, Misamis Occidental, Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga Sibugay. Salug Valley. Towns: Ramon Magsaysay, Sominot, Molave, Tambulig, Mahayag, Josefina, Dumingag and Bayog. Rivers: Salug Daku and Salug Diyot.  Negros Island - southern Negros Occidental. Barangay Santol, Binalbagan 8/12/2001 8/14/2001 3 34 79,000 $8,300,000 Brief torrential rain     1    Tpz 31,880                  2.0 "Rivers overflowed their banks Sunday and Monday, sweeping away cattle and some houses and drowning the woman and child who were unable to flee" CAUSE:Torrential rains 
94 Northern Thailand and Central Vietnam - Typhoon Usagi  Thailand - Lom Sak District of Phetchabun Province, Nam Kor village. Eastern Udon, Chiang Mai, Chiang Ra, Lam Phun, Nong Khai, Phrae and Nan Provinces. Vietnam North central coast - Provinces: Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Nghe An. 8/10/2001 8/25/2001 16 173 10,000 $26,400,000 Brief torrential rain See notes "Thailand's worst flooding in more than a decade"  1 20,000  Tpz 4,160                  1.8 "Heavy rains turned the rivers and streams washing down from Khao Kor mountain into a flash flood that hit Lomsak district of Phetchabun province"  Aug 27 "The National Civil Disaster Prevention Center said in a statement that rain-fed floods have destroyed 279 homes and partly damaged 4,424 houses, leaving at least 6,661 people homeless and causing hardship for nearly 1 million others. It said crops worth more than 1.150 billion baht (dlrs 25.5 million) had been damaged or destroyed in 35 of Thailand's 76 provinces. " DAMAGE: Thailand: 24,400,000 Vietnam: 2,000,00  FATALITIES: Thailand: 170 Vietnam: 3 DISPLACED; Thailand:7000 Vietnam: 3000CAUSE:Flash floods and mudslides. Flooding persists in northern Thailand for 3 weeks as rains continue
93 Northern Iran  Provinces: Golestan, Khorasan, Semnan . Gorgan region. cities/towns: Kalaleh, Minudasht, Jajarm  8/10/2001 8/12/2001 3 600 15,000 $58,000,000 Brief torrential rain See notes "worst in northeast Iran in 200 years" 3 52,000  Cs 77,940                  9.2 "Floods struck about 15 villages in Golestan and Khorasan provinces Friday, swamping about 40,000 acres of farmland and leveling homes. "  "A total of 387 villages have seen vital infrastructure destroyed such as bridges and roads and 4,000 buildings have been severely damaged. Some 10,000 hectares of forest and grazing fields were also destroyed."CAUSE:Torrential rains causing 3 days of floods and mudslides  HECTARES FLOODED: 15,000 hectares of farmla in Golestan 37,000 hectares in Golestan a Khorassan
92 Eastern Afghanistan  Mohammad Agha district of Logar province.  8/8/2001 8/8/2001 1 2     Brief torrential rain     1    Cs 1,280                  0.0 "The floodwaters also destroyed thousands of acres of farmland and crops and killed at least 40 head of cattle" CAUSE:Torrential rain 
91 Russian Far East Southern Primorye - Vladivostok city and suburbs. Districts: Artyom, Nakhodka, Partizansk, Fokino, Bolshoi Kamen, Dalnegorsk, Ussuriisk. Rivers: Sedanka, Partizanskaya. 8/6/2001 8/12/2001 7 11 30,000 $12,000,000 Heavy rain       20,000  TsoCpSe 36,650                   -   "Vladivostok received its average monthly rainfall of 144 millimeters (5.76 inches) in one day" "The Vladivostok- Nakhodka road has been closed. A 70-meter-deep pit has formed. The villages of Yekaterinovka and Novo-Litovsk have been flooded, and their populations are being evacuated." CAUSE:Heavy rainfalls HECTARES FLOODED: 200 square kilometres la uer water - 13,000 hectares of crops submerged
90 Eastern Sudan and Ethiopia Sudan States: River Nile, Sennar, Kassala, South Darfur, Khartoum, Northern, Gezira, Blue Nile, Upper Nile. cities/towns: Singa, Atbara, Khartoum, Juba, Shinja and Wad Madani. Blue Nile and Nile Rivers.  Southern Ethiopia - Gambella regional state, Districts: Kuraz, Gambella. Rivers: Omo, Baro Northeastern Ethiopia - Awash River in Afar country 8/6/2001 9/13/2001 39 5 45,000   Heavy rain   worst flooding in "more than a decade" Blue Nile at highest level since 1988. 1    Tpz 557,900                27.4 "More than 15 villages have been destroyed in eastern Sudan after the Blue Nile river burst its banks" "The level of the Blue Nile was reported to have reached 16.5 metres, the highest since 1988" 8/13 "Rising waters in the Nile, already at a 20-year high, have driven tens of thousands of Sudanese from their homes in the south of the country and is now threatening the capital, Khartoum" August 20 "River Nile seasonal floods which have reached their highest levels in 20 years are "out of control" in northern Sudan" DAMAGE: Sudan:  nd FATALITES: Sudan: nd Ethiopia: 5 DISPLACED: Sudan: 30,000 Ethiopia:15,000CAUSE:"Summer rains in Ethiopia, where the Blue Nile rises in the northwestern highlands, have been 25 percent heavier than normal this year"
89 Yemen  Provinces: Hejja, Huggah. town: Abass  8/5/2001 8/5/2001 1 11     Heavy rain     1    Tpu 4,200                  0.1 "...a number of people were also missing from the latest floods which hit Hejja province, northwest of the capital, and destroyed 30 homes." CAUSE:Heavy rains 
88 North Korea  Kangwon Province - Phyonggang County. Kaesong city South Hwanghae Province - Unchon, Paechon and Yonan counties 8/1/2001 8/4/2001 4   10,000   Heavy rain     1 24,000  TsoCp 5,050                  1.0 "Several regions on the east and west coasts of the country have been deluged by some 50-70 percent of annual rainfall over the last three to five days on the back of a severe drought ... The damage is worse than during the last major floods in 1999. More than 24,000 hectares of arable land and thousands of flats and hundreds of public buildings have been submerged or destroyed"  No suitable Modis 9 or Landsat data locatedCAUSE:Heavy rains  
87 US - Appalachia Eastern Kentucky - Counties: Pike, Floyd and Perry. Towns: Pikeville, Boldman. Creeks: Hurricane, Island, Robinson, Indian, Branham Mud, Left Beaver Northeast Tennesse - Greene County. Horse and Lower Paint creeks. Greeneville 8/3/2001 8/4/2001 2 2 100   Heavy rain     1    TsuCpSe* 19,310                  1.0 Kentucky "The torrents Friday and Saturday inundated homes, washed away bridges and blocked roads. Hundreds of people were stranded in their homes and cars as heavy rains sent flash floods rushing through mountain communities." "Water up to 20 feet deep washed out homes, roads and bridges over the weekend in mountainous northeast Tennessee after 12 inches of rain fell in 24 hours.... heavy overnight rains severely flooded tributaries of the Nolichucky River in southeastern Greene County" CAUSE:Flash flooding from heavy rain 
86 Nigeria  Talata Marafa area of Zamfara State  7/22/2001 7/22/2001 1 0 3,802   Heavy rain     1    Tpz 1,060                  0.0 "Exceptionally heavy rains hit the Talata Marafa area of Zamfara State on July 22 and destroyed more than 350 homesteads. A total of 3,802 people have been registered homeless" CAUSE:"unprecedented heavy rainstorm" 
85 Indonesia - Sulawesi  Central Sulawesi plain of Toili. Minahaki   7/31/2001 8/1/2001 2 1 3,000   Heavy rain     1    Tpz 2,400                  0.3 "Floods triggered by five days of incessant rain in Indonesia's Central Sulawesi plain of Toili merged thousands of houses in 35 villages in more than one-and-a- half-meter-deep waters on Wednesday' CAUSE:Heavy rain 
84 Northern Bangladesh and Eastern India Bangldesh - Districts: Sylhet, Moulavibazar, Sunamganj, Netrokona, Chapainawabganj, Kurigram, Sirajganj, Rajshahi, Nilphamari, Rangpur, Lalmonirhat. Rivers: Dhalai, Surma, Dharla, Ganges and Brahmaputra, Padma and Mahananda. India - Bihar State - Districts: East and West Champaran, Gopalganj, Sitamarhi, Madhubani, Darbhanga, Samastipur, Saran, Siwan. Rivers: Gandak, Bagmati, Kamala Balan, Ganga, Koshi, Barhi Gandak, Sikarahana. West Bengal State - Calcutta area. Rivers: Ganga, Mahananda and Fulahar. Assam State - Districts: Morigaon, Goalpara, Dhemaji, Jorhat, Kamrup, Barpeta, Darrang, Nalbari, Lakhimpur, Dhubri, Nagaon and Bongaigaon. Brahmaputra River. 7/31/2001 9/1/2001 33 36 2,750,000 $2,000,000 Monsoonal rain     1 290,675  Tszo 190,700   "Almost all the rivers in the two northeastern districts are overflowing their banks, flooding Goainghat, Kanaighat, Jaintapur, Companiganj, Jakiganj and Sadar upazilas of Sylhet and Chhatak, Doarabazar, Bishwambharpur, Tahirpur, Dharmapasha, Madyapara and Sadar upazilas of Sunamganj." "Heavy downpours in neighboring Nepal led the swollen Kamala Balan river to wash away at least 40 villages in India's Madhubani district"  August 27 "Some three million people have been affected as incessant rainfall in the lower Himalayan foothills in Nepal makes its way down to the plains of northern Bihar, inundating several areas of Gopalganj, Darbhanga and Samastipur districts...The second phase of floods occurred as the rivers Gandak, Baghmati and Koshi broke embankments that were already weakened by the impact of the first round of flooding. " DAMAGE: Bang: nd India: 2,000,000 FATALITIES: Bangladesh: 6  India: 30 DISPLACED: Bangladesh:150,000 marooned  India: 2,600,000CAUSE:Days of heavy monsoon rains and gushing waters from neighbouring India HECTARES FLOODED: Bangladesh: 7675 hectares Bihar: 283,000 hectares
83 Northwestern Indonesia - North Sumatra  North Sumatra province. Nias Island - Lahusa district. Villages: Lahusa, Telukdalam, Lolamatoi, Sambulu, Bawolato 7/31/2001 8/1/2001 2 108 1,500   Heavy rain See notes "worst [disaster] so far in the island regency of North Sumatra"  2    Tpz 1,270                  0.5 "floods, landslides and typhoon hit the regency on Tuesday at 03:00 a.m. local time following incessant rains on the island... Thousands of residents have to be evacuated while at least 200 houses were totally damaged"  "Three earthquakes, measuring between 5.3 and 5.4 on the Richter scale, contributed to the landslides in Nias" "Seen from the air, flood waters had washed away roads and covered the southwest of the island. A major river had burst its banks and landslides had flattened trees and scarred hillsides. "CAUSE:Hours of incessant rains and a heavy storm cause flash floods and mudslides 
82 Western Nepal  Districts: Myadi, Kailali, Myagdi, Baglung and Nawalparasi. Villages: Arman , Ratamata, Tikapur Municipality. Karnali river  7/29/2001 8/1/2001 4 20 100 $1,500,000 Monsoonal rain See notes   1    Tszo 1,300                  0.5 "Six persons are feared buried under the rubble of landslides while the rest are swept away by floods in several remote villages of the district" CAUSE:Floods and landslides triggered by heavy monsoon rains
81 Central and upper South Korea Kyonggi province, Incheon. Seoul suburbs. 7/29/2001 7/30/2001 2 3 12,000   Brief torrential rain     1    TsoCp 2,230                  0.3 "The downpour, which began early Sunday, flooded nearly 3,000 homes and stranded thousands of people on islands and at mountain resorts" CAUSE:Torrential rains 
80 East and central Tiawan - Typhoon Toraji  Hualien county - Kuangfu and Fenglin Nantou county - Nantou city. Shuili, Hsinyi Changhua, Taichung, Chiayi, eastern Taitung and Miaoli counties 7/29/2001 7/30/2001 2 78   $20,000,000 Tropical cyclone See notes "worst mudslides and floods in 50 years"  "Taiwan's deadliest typhoon in almost 40 years" 2 1,366  Tszo 3,950                  0.9 "Typhoon Toraji churned through Taiwan on Monday, cutting power to thousands of homes, canceling international flights and killing 14 people in mudslides and flash floods."  "Nantou county suffered serious flooding as water from swollen rivers inundated homes and hundreds of hectares of farmland" "The Council of Agriculture said 1,366 hectares of fruit and vegetable farms in Hualian and eastern Taitung, or 47 percent of the total farmland in the two counties, were wiped out causing damage of 126 million Taiwan dollars"CAUSE:Landslides and flash flooding from typhoon rains  1,366 hectares in Hualian
79 US - Virginia and West Virginia  West Virginia - Davy in McDowell County. Logan County along Buffalo Creek. Tucker County. Wyoming County southwest Virginia - Scott and Wise counties. Clinch River and the Holston River 7/29/2001 7/29/2001 1 2 300   Heavy rain See notes   1    TsoCp 14,020                  0.1 "Many Virginians and West Virginians dashed to higher ground as torrential downpours triggered flooding and mudslides in the area for the third time in a month. " CAUSE:Heavy rain caused flooding and mudslides 
78 Central and northern Yemen   Provinces of Hadramut, Saad, Hudayda, Ibb, Omran, Hodeida  7/26/2001 7/29/2001 4 20     Brief torrential rain See notes   1    Tpu 10,860                  1.4 "At least 20 people have died during the past three days from lightning and floods caused by torrential rains in Yemen" CAUSE:Torrential rain and flash-floods
77 Northwestern China  Gansu Province - Min district. Mawu and Suolong townships. 7/25/2001 7/26/2001 2 30     Heavy rain See notes "worst flash flood for a century"  2    TsuCpSe* 6,800                  1.1 "The hardest rains in some 100 years began falling on the province's Min district at dawn Tuesday leaving two villages in the region drenched with up to 20 centimeters of rain in a space of 40 minutes" CAUSE:Heavy rain causing flash flooding  
76 Southern and Central Poland  Malopolska, Swietokrzyskie, Beskid, Sandomierz, Lublin, Dolnoslaskie, Oploskie and Slaskie regions - Towns: Nowy Sacz, Jodlow Tuchowska, Roztoka, Tarnow, Leka, Kielce, Roztoka-Brzeziny, Cracow, Makow Podhalanski, Upper Silesia, Budzow, Polaniec, Mielec, Sandomierz, Zalesie Gorzyckie, Zlota, Ujscie Kamiennej, Kamien, Kepa Gostebcka and Kepa Solecka. Rivers: Biala, Oder, Vistula, Paleczka, Czarna, San. 7/20/2001 8/3/2001 15 30 16,000 $250,000,000 Brief torrential rain   "worst since 1997" 1 29,000  CpSe* 47,890                  5.9 July 27 "the flood threat was shifting from streams and rivers leaving the Tatra Mountains on Poland's southern border to waterlogged plains where rivers are held in by dikes and channels." July 29 "The high level of the Vistula has not changed for two days, the dikes are water-saturated and the people are exhausted" Dike breaches on Vistula River at: Kamien, Zalesie Gorzyckie and Zlota, Ujscie Kamiennej.CAUSE:Torrential rain storms   More than 5,000 hectares near Sandomierz
75 Northwest Pakistan  North-West Frontier Province - Districts: Mansehra, Swat and Buner Cities/towns: Dadar Qadeem, Shinkiari, Peshawar, Buner, Basal. Rivers: Siran. Punjab Province - Islamabad, Rawalpindi. Leh River 7/22/2001 7/25/2001 4 230 40,000 $200,000,000 Brief torrential rain See notes   1    Tszo 111,100                  4.6 "In Islamabad, the Meteorological Department said 609 millimeters of rain were recorded in five hours, the highest in 100 years" CAUSE:Torrential rain, landslides and flash floods.  
74 Eastern Nicaragua  Chontales Province. Towns: Acopaya, Kamusaska. Rivers: Escondido, Talppetate, Kukalaya, Bambana and Prinzapolka.  7/21/2001 7/22/2001 2 2 10,000   Heavy rain     1 420  Tpo 2,590                  0.4  
73 Northwestern Iran  Ardabil and West Azerbaijan Provinces - Meshkin-Shahr region. Chaldoran. Villages: Moeel, Ilando and Qinerjeh Cities: Meshkinshahr, Siahcheshmeh 7/20/2001 7/21/2001 2 34   $25,000,000 Heavy rain See notes   1    Cs 7,440                  0.6 "The flooding hit as Iran is going through a severe drought period and water rationing has come into force in all major cities ... Unusual for this time of the year, the Sabalan mountain peak has been covered by more than 3 feet of fresh snowfall"  No suitable Landsat7 data locatedCAUSE:Heavy rains cause flash floods 
72 US - Southwestern Ohio  Hamilton and Butler Counties. Cincinnati metropolitan area - Fairfax, Loveland, West Chester. Little Duck Creek, Mill Creek, Sycamore Creek. 7/17/2001 7/18/2001 2 3     Brief torrential rain   Biggest flood in at least 38 years on Little Duck Creek  2    TsucpSe* 1,710                  0.6 "Thunderstorms dumped up to 6 inches of rain on parts of southwestern Ohio, killing three people and knocking out power to 26,000 customers. " CAUSE:Thunderstorms  
71 Northwest India  Uttar Pradesh State - Rudraprayag district. Vyomguard and fata areas 7/16/2001 7/16/2001 1 26     Brief torrential rain See notes   1    Tszo 2,450                  0.0 "Army and police Tuesday launched a massive rescue and relief operation in Rudraprayag district in north India's Uttar Pradesh, where 26 people were feared dead following Monday's landslides and flash floods" CAUSE:Flash floods and landslides 
70 South Korea  Northern region - Kyonggi province. Seoul and Anyang. 7/14/2001 7/15/2001 2 52 572 $73,800,000 Brief torrential rain See notes "worst rainfalls in 38 years" in Souel  1 1,920  TsoCpSe*  2,230                  0.3 "Tens of thousands of soldiers and police have been deployed to help as more than 35,000 houses were flooded and hundreds of vehicles were wrecked after being carried away by flash floods. "  No suitable Landsat7 data locatedCAUSE:Torrential rains causing landslides and flash floods  1,920 hectares of farmland
69 South Taiwan - Typhoon Trami  Kaohsiung and Pingtung counties. Kaohsiung city  7/11/2001 7/13/2001 3 5   $5,700,000 Tropical cyclone   Worst flooding in 40 years in southern port city Kaohsiung  2   Tszo 1,310                  0.8 "Trami did not make landfall on the island and weakened into a depression late Wednesday, but it inundated much of southern Kaohsiung and Pingtung counties with the most severe rainfall in 40 years"  No suitable Landsat7 data locatedCAUSE:Heavy rains from typhoon 
68 Ivory Coast  Abidjan city 7/11/2001 7/11/2001 1 2     Heavy rain     1    Tpz 1,830                  0.0 "The Ivorian capital, Abidjan, is "drowning" in more than a month of unremitting rains, reports say. Flooding from the downpour is said to have claimed several lives in Abidjan and other towns in Cote d'Ivoire" CAUSE:Heavy rains 
67 Northwest China  Qinghai Province - cities: Xining, Haidong, Haibei 7/11/2001 7/12/2001 2 29     Heavy rain See notes   1   CSs*  18,010                  0.9 "The torrential rain, which lashed the provincial capital of Xining and the northern cities of Haidong and Haibei Sunday evening and early Monday morning, also destroyed more than 40 houses and swept away two trucks, four tractors, 20,000 kilograms of grain and over 50 domestic animals." CAUSE:Rainstorms and landslides 
66 Northern Poland  Gdansk-Wrzeszcz city. Radunia river  7/10/2001 7/10/2001 1 4 650 $50,000,000 Brief torrential rain See notes   1    CpSe* 1,360                  0.0 "Some 650 people were evacuated from their homes in flooded areas of Gdansk, and the government was considering diverting the waters of the Radunia river to keep it from overflowing its banks" CAUSE:Torrential rains  along Poland's Baltic coast cause flash flood
65 Eastern India  Orissa State -  western and southern areas. Districts: Puri, Kendrapara, Jajpur, Cuttack, Khorda, Angul, Jagatsinghpur, Kalahandi, Koraput, Bolangir, Nayagarh, Balasore, Bhadrakh. Rivers: Mahanadi River System, Tel, Udanti, Ret, Hati, Daya, Rajua, Malaguni, Kathajodi, Devi Makara, Luna, Chitrotpala, Paika, Bramhani and Baitarani. Madhya Pradesh State - low-lying areas. Chattisgarh State - flash floods from release of water from Hirakud dam 7/8/2001 8/10/2001 34 100 2,000,000 $13,540,000 Monsoonal rain   "worst flood in Orissas history" worst floods in 50 years to hit Orissa 3 891,000  Tszo 105,100                34.3 "The surging waters have submerged 12,910 villages, affecting more than 7.6 million people in 21 districts of the state. " "Vast tracts of water cut off some 9,000 villages and several towns. Several highways have been washed away and railway stations are submerged. " No suitable Modis 250 or Landsat7 data locatedCAUSE:Monsoon rains   891,000 hectares crops lost
64 US - Southern West Virginia  West Virginia: Wyoming and McDowell Counties - Mullens, Pineville, Welch, Corinne, Kimble, Dorothy. Guyandotte and Tug Fork rivers  7/8/2001 7/9/2001 2 2 6,000 $20,000,000 Heavy rain See notes flooding on parts of the Guyandotte River exceeded the 100-year flood level. Record levels on Guyandotte and Tug Fork rivers  3    TsuCpSe* 8,530                  1.9 "Nearly 8 inches of rain fell Sunday at Mullens ... The Guyandotte and Tug Fork rivers jumped to record levels within hours, the Guyandotte peaking Sunday at 18 feet in Pineville, passing the 1997 record of 17.7 feet. A flood gauge in Welch quit working when the Tug Fork hit 17.8 feet, more than 4 feet above flood stage" CAUSE:Heavy rain from storms causing flash floods and mudslides
63 Russia - Southern Siberia Irkutsk Region - Districts: Zima, Usolye, Cheremkhovo, Zalarinsky, Slyudyansk, Usolk . Cities: Angarsk, Ukhtui, Irkutsk . Rivers: Irkut, Oka, Belaya and Kitoi.  Republic of Buryatia - Districts: Tunkinsky, Okinsky , East Sayany. Angarsk, Belsk, Sayansk. Shumak mountain pass. Rivers: Tunka, Oka, Slyudyanka. Upper reaches of Ob, Lena and Yenisei Rivers. Selenga and Uda Rivers of the Baikal area. 7/7/2001 7/13/2001 7 11 20,000 $3,500,000 Extra-tropical cyclone   Record levels on Kitoy and Oka rivers 2 34,000  CSs** 231,500                18.7 "Preceptiation exceeded a monthly figure in several days ... The situation is more critical in the Zima district of the Irkutsk region where several thousand houses have been partially flooded. In the district's capital of Zima, 700 houses are flooded, with many of them standing in water up to the roof." CAUSE:Rain from a cyclone that hit the Baikal area  34,000 hectares in Irkutsk region
62 Southern India  Kerala State - districts: Ernakulam, Thrissur, Malappuram, Kollam, Kottayam, Alapuzha, Pathanamthitta, Idukki. 7/4/2001 7/16/2001 13 86 40,000 $116,924,380 Monsoonal rain     1    Tpz 4,470                  1.7 "Eight people were killed as heavy rains continued to batter the southern Indian state of Kerala Monday, taking the death toll there to 68 since the start of the monsoon in the first week of June"  No suitable Modis 250 data located DAMAGE: EXCHANGE RATE = 47.210CAUSE:Monsoon rains 
61 Philippines and Southern China - Typhoon Utor  Philippines - Luzon Island - Provinces: Pangasinan, La Union, Benguet, Mountain. Cordillera and Ilocos regions. Baguio city. Metro Manilla
China - Guangdong Province - Counties: Suixi, Lianjiang, Leizhou and Potou. Cities: Shanwei, Shantou, Jieyang, Huizhou, Meizhou, Zhanjiang. Rivers: Xijiang, Beijiang, Pearl. Guangxi Province - Guigang, Pingnan, Teng and Wuzhou. Nanning. Rivers: Xijiang, Yong, Yue, Yong. Yunnan Province - Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. Counties: Wenshan, Jinping. Tuojiang River. Hong Kong - New Territories
7/1/2001 7/19/2001 19 178 800,000 $2,980,000,000 Heavy rain See notes largest flooding in the past 50 years in Guangxi Worst flooding in 100 years on Yongjiang river in Nanning 3 933,000  Tpz 205,200                40.0 "Utor, the worst typhoon to hit the Philippines so far this year, destroyed more than 3,700 homes and damaged nearly 8,400 others... Floodwaters reached as high as five feet (1.5 meters) in the northern province of La Union,"  Guangdong "By midday Sunday one of the province's major rivers, the Pearl, was 2.6 metres above the danger level, passing the record high of 1993" Guangxi "Authority sources said that the water level of the Yongjiang River, a major river running through Nanning, has reached 76.73 m, 4.73 m above the warning line and the highest since 1949." No suitable Modis 250 or Landsat7 data located for southern China. DAMAGE: Philippines: 20,000,000 China: 2,960,000,000  FATALITIES:  Philippines: 121 China: 57 DISPLACED: Philippines: 800,000 CAUSE:Heavy rains causing floods and mudslides   Guangdong - 333, 000 hectares Guangxi - 380,000 hectares Yunnan - 300,000 hectares of crops
60 Northern Vietnam - Typhoon Durian  Thai Nguyen, Tuyen Quang, Vinh Phuc and Phu Tho provinces. Son Duong district. Rivers: Cau, Lo. 7/3/2001 7/6/2001 4 32 13,000   Brief torrential rain See notes biggest in more than 40 years in Thai Nguyen  2 3,200  Tpz 12,940                  3.2 "In Vietnam, Typhoon Durian dumped up to 43 centimeters of rain between Monday and Wednesday, submerging large areas of some northern provinces" CAUSE:Torrential rains in the wake of Typhoon Durian 
59 Coastal Cameroon  Limbe  6/28/2001 6/29/2001 2 22 1,000   Brief torrential rain See notes   1    Tpz 1,080                  0.2 "In Limbe, two days of torrential rain last week led to landslides and the destruction of many wood and earthen houses." CAUSE:Torrential rain causing floods and mudslides
58 Coastal Ghana  Accra city area: East Legon district, Kasoa and Adabraka Town/Odawna  6/27/2001 6/30/2001 4 12 80,000   Monsoonal rain   "worst since July 1995"  1    Tpz 420                  0.3 "The floods started after five hours of heavy rain Wednesday, wreaking havoc in several densely populated, low-income neighborhoods... 23 bridges linking Accra and surrounding areas had also collapsed and several roads washed away." CAUSE:Monsoon rains 
57 Western Nepal Satya Devi village of Dhading district. Rivers: Disung, Kakhet. 6/26/2001 6/26/2001 1 35     Heavy rain See notes   1    Tszo 470                  0.0 "Torrential monsoon rains flooded a river and set off a landslide in Nepal" CAUSE:Heavy rain causing floods and landslides 
56 Eastern East Timor  Los Palos in Lautem District. Luro, Iliomar, Leoro and Mehara. Sika Village  6/20/2001 6/23/2001 4 1 400   Heavy rain     1    Tpz 370                  0.3 "... three days of heavy rain led to flooding in inhabited areas of Los Palos in Lautem District... Los Palos town can only be reached by air, as the access road at Sika Village has been cut off." CAUSE:Heavy rain 
55 Northwest India  Gujarat State - southern Gujarat and the Saurashtra region. Baroda. Kutch district. Bhuj. Anjar. Pratappura. 6/20/2001 6/21/2001 2 29     Monsoonal rain     1    Tszo 38,730                  1.4 "Three villages in Baroda, 125 kilometers (80 miles) southeast of the state's main commercial center, Ahmadabad, were inundated following the breach in a dam at nearby Pratappura. " CAUSE:Early monsoon downpours 
54 Central China  Hunan Province - Suining county 6/19/2001 6/23/2001 5 66 10,000 $120,000,000 Heavy rain     1    Tszo 3,600                  1.0 "About 281 mm of rain fell in 10 hours over Suining causing mudslides in the mountainous area. More than 2,400 houses were destroyed while 250,000 livestock perished" CAUSE:Seasonal rains 
53 Eastern Europe  Northern Bosnia - Tuzla region. Republika Srpska: Doboj, Bijeljina and Banja Luka regions. Towns: Tuzla, Brcko. Bosna and Spreca rivers Yugoslavia - Serbia Province. Cities/towns: Valjevo, Belgrade. Obnica River Romania - 23 districts have been affected by the floods 6/19/2001 6/22/2001 4 9 6,000   Heavy rain     1 50,000  CpSe* 14,270                  1.7 "Authorities declared a state of emergency in northeast Bosnia after three days of heavy rains caused floods that have forced the evacuation of hundreds of people,"  Romania -"Some 50,000 hectares of farmland have been flooded and thousands of hectares of crops destroyed by hail. Some 3,600 houses in 140 communities have been damaged. " FATALITES: Romania: 9  DISPLACED: Bosnia: 3000  Romania: 3000CAUSE:Heavy rains   Romania : 50,000 hectares 
52 Southeastern Ecuador  Provinces: Zamora-Chinchipe, Napo, Pastaza, and  Morona-Santiago. towns: Papallacta 6/11/2001 6/20/2001 10 41 8,000   Heavy rain See notes   1 5,400  Tpz     "At least 13 people are missing in floods in the southeastern Ecuadorian province of Zamora Chinchipe ... Rivers in the state are swollen and flooding following intensive raining. The area has been declared as an emergency zone. But the declaration has yet to be confirmed by the central government." CAUSE:Intense rains causing floods and landslides
51 US - South - Tropical Storm Allison Gulf Coast Southeast Texas - Counties: Harris, Eastern Liberty Brown. Cities/towns: Houston. Lowland roads near Pine Island Bayou around Sour Lake. Halls and Greens Bayous. Coastal Louisiana - Parishes: East Baton Rouge, St. Tammany, Iberville, Lafourche, Livingston, Ascension, Iberville. Cities/towns: Erath, Youngsville, Baton Rouge, Madisonville, Thibodaux, Denham Springs, Merryville . Rivers: Bedias Creek, Angelina River and its tributaries near Lufkin, Neches. Comite river basin and Bayou Manchac. Florida - Leon County, Tallahassee area. Pennsylvania - low-lying areas of Bucks and Montgomery counties 6/6/2001 6/13/2001 8 47 30,000 $1,015,000,000 Tropical cyclone See notes Erath, LA ''We've never had this much flooding since the flood of 1984" Houston - flooding is ''probably worse than 1994,'' 1    Tso     "An estimated 20,000 Houston-area residences were flooded by as much as 3 feet of rain that fell after Alison"  "Louisiana Gov. Mike Foster declared emergencies in 11 southern parishes that have suffered beneath more than a foot of rain this week, flooding homes and roadways... Baton Rouge, the state capital, reported more than 16 inches of rain since the storm began, " "The bulk of Houston's residential damage was on the city's east side where water rose out of two bayous. " DA,MAGE: Texas:1,000,000,000 Louisiana: 15,000,000CAUSE:Heavy rain from tropical storm
50 Southern China  Guangdong Province - Cities: Yangjiang, Maoming, Yunfu. Guangxi Province - Shuolong, Hechi, Liuzhou city. Liushui River  Yunnan province - Yuxi county  Hong Kong - New Territories. northern suburb of Yuen Long,, Yuen Kong San Tsuen 6/6/2001 6/17/2001 12 100 237,000 $80,000,000 Heavy rain See notes 470,000 hectares of cropland in Guangdong 1    Tszo     "Reports by the official newspaper Southern Daily said a dike in western Guangdong's Maoming city burst, stranding 3,300 people and collapsing more than 200 mud brick huts. Water in some areas was at least 4 meters (13 feet) deep, it said."  Guangdong - "1.45 million people in the province have been affected by the torrential rains, along with the cave-in of more than 5,000 houses, inundation of 470,000 hectares of cropland, closure of over 200 enterprises, and destruction of a great number of highways,telecom and water conservancy facilities."CAUSE:Heavy rain from storms causing floods and landslides
49 NE India and Bangladesh NE India --Tripura State - West Tripura District, Patharkandi area. Southern Assam State- Karimganj district. Barak valley. Bangladesh - Districts: Barguna, Sylhet, Moulvibazar, Sunamganj, Jessore, Cox's Bazar, Noakhali, Feni. Towns: Habiganj, Brahmmanbaria. Rivers: Khowai, Manu, Kushiara, Muhuri, Dharla, Kabatakh, Matamuhuri and Bakkhali. 6/5/2001 6/22/2001 18 15 800,000   Monsoonal rain   "This could be the worst floods to have hit Tripura in the past 25 years," Tripura: 2    Tszo     "The authorities have sounded the red alert in the states of Assam and Tripura where all major rivers have been swollen by incessant rains" "India's northeast state of Tripura, which was hit by heavy flood, remained cut off from the rest of the country for the third day Friday ... In the neighboring state of Assam, the situation was even worse with more than 200,000 people of nearly 100 villages in the southern part of the state affected"  "Nearly 400 millimeters (16 inches) of monsoon rains not unusual for this part of the year have lashed Bangladesh's northeast since early this week. " FATALITIES: India: 5 Bang: 13 DISPLACED: India: 700,000  Bang: 100,000CAUSE:Heavy monsoon rains 
48 El Salvador  San Salvador city area. Acelhuate river. Sonsonate department in western El Salavador 5/25/2001 5/30/2001 6 2     Heavy rain     1    Cp     "Torrential floods caused by pouring rains in recent days have left two dead in San Salvador ... According to Salvadorian Meteorological and Hydrological Service, the heavy rains will continue for days" CAUSE:Heavy rains 
47 US - Alaska  Confluence of Yukon and Koyukuk rivers. Koyukuk town. 5/24/2001 5/30/2001 7 0 32   Ice jam/break-up     1    CSs**     'The original jam causing the floodwaters since last Thursday was eight miles below Nulato. On Sunday the ice front released, alleviating some of the flooding before the ice jammed up again around Halfway Island. Koyukuk residents were on the brink of abandoning their town early Sunday morning as floodwater threatened the power plant. "CAUSE:Ice jam flood 
46 DR Congo  Kinshasa city 5/18/2001 5/18/2001 1 30     Heavy rain     1    Tsz     "Flooding from heavy rain engulfed Congo's capital Friday, killing at least 30 people, some buried in 5 feet of mud." CAUSE:Eight hours of nonstop rain 
45 Haiti  Gonalves in Artibonite province. Port-au-Prince area. Northern region  5/16/2001 5/18/2001 3 15     Heavy rain     1    Tpo     "Recent floods have caused the deaths of at least 15 persons and extensive damage to agricultural production in Haiti" CAUSE:Continued rainfall 
44 Central Vietnam  Thua Thien Hue Province - Perfume River 5/15/2001 5/17/2001 3 2   $965,000 Heavy rain See notes "Unseasonably early flooding" 1 5,000  Tpz     "Heavy rains left crops and roads under as much as 240 millimeters (9.5 inches) of water on Tuesday and Wednesday ... The heavy downpour caused landslides in many places along the 85-kilometer road leading to the ancient imperial city of Hue to A Luoi" CAUSE:Heavy rains   5,000 hectares rice fields flooded from dike burst
43 Eastern Russia  Siberia - Russian Far East Yakutia Repubic: Districts: Lensky, Tomponsky. Cities/towns: Lensk, Olekminsk, Yakutsk, Chakda, Mirnyi, Khandyga, Kangalassy, Namtsy, Alekvinsk, Novye and Stary Saidy, Keskil, Bordoi, Khandynga, Kylakh and Kyuptsy, Kapitonvka, Saldikil. Rivers: Lena, Aldan. Irkutsk Region: Districts: Ust-Kut, Kirensky, Zhigalovsky, Zhigalovo. Cities/towns: Kirensk, Ust-Kut, Tokma. Rivers: Upper Lena, Nizhnyaya Tunguska, Kirenga, Biryusa, Tym and Piltun. Krasnojarsk - Yeniseysk city. Sulomai. Turukhansk. Rivers: Yenisei, Kacha, Tuba, Podkammennaya Tunguska. Tuva - Kyzyl, Todzhinsky, and Baitaiginsky districts. Kyzyl city. Greater and Lesser Yenisei Rivers (aka Bolshoi and Maly Enisei) Altai territory - Maima district. cities/towns: Barnaul, Khanty- Mansiisk, Kalpashevo, Vaegi, Biysk, Maima, Srostki, Zaton, Yuzhny island. Rivers: Ob, Biya and Katun. Flooding continued through June 8. Bashkiria Republic - Belaya river. Kemerovo region in southwestern Siberia. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in the Far East. Chukotka - Main river flooded village of Vayega. 5/12/2001 6/8/2001 28 7 70,000 $102,915,952 Snowmelt See notes Record levels on the Lena River. "Lena waters rose by more than two metres near the city of Ust Kuta for the first time in more than 100 years" Yakutsk - Lena River record high of 9.17 meters  ''What happened this year is basically what you would expect to see every 100 years,' 100 year flood on Kacha River in Krasnoyarsk. 3    CSse* 2,857,000              169.0 "The spring thaw created a huge iceberg that floated downstream, clogging the Lena River near the town of Lensk and creating a 50-mile-long bottleneck that reached 13 feet high in some places ... Water level reached a record level of 17 meters 43 centimeters by 1:30 pm, local time, and has risen by another 22 centimeters over the past three hours." ... "Ninety-eight percent of Lensk, which had a population of 27,000, was flooded " "In Krasnoyarsk, more than 70 houses have been flooded by the river Kacha, one of the Yenisei tributaries. The water has risen 3,4 metres, a 100-year record flood. " May19 " the town of Kirensk, where 80 percent of houses were flooded" May 22 "Now that a 50-kilometer ice jam between Namtsy and Kangalassy is broken, the water level in Yakutsk is down. In a desperate race against time, SU-24 supersonic bombers again pounded a 30-kilometre (18-mile) ice floe with 250-kilogram (550-pound) bombs in a bid to unlock the jam threatening Yakutsk, which lies 5,000 kilometres (3,000 miles) east of Moscow." May 23 "...the situation in Zaton is most alarming as compared with other flooded regions. The Ob river has developed there a new channel, which has engulfed not only residential houses but also two power transmission line supports, that can be damaged by strong current." May 24 "Ice floes carried by the river Yennisey congregated to form a giant dam 40 kilometres (25 miles) long in Turukhansk, 1000 kilometres (620 miles) downstream from the town of Krasnoyarsk in western Siberia, where water levels are mounting, according to an emergency radio bulletin, quoted by the agency." June 8 "A high water level will persist in the next week in the Siberian rivers Verkhnyaya Ob, the Irtysh and tributaries of the Tobol, Sergei Borshch, chief of the hydrological forecast department of the Russian hydrometeorological centre, told Tass on Friday. " DAMAGE: Yakutia: 2,000,000,000 Irkutsk: 1 billion roubles DAMAGE: EXCHANGE RATE 29.150CAUSE:Spring floods with ice jams. Massive snow melting in the Sayany mountains HECTARES FLOODED:
42 Columbia  Santander State - El Playon region  Timbiqui in the state of Narino; Timbiqui River. 5/8/2001 5/10/2001 3   5,000   Heavy rain     1    Tpz 15,600                  1.4 "Heavy downpour in Colombia started one week ago. According to a local meteorologist, Max Henriquez, heavy rains are expected to continue for a month ... At least 5,000 people have been evacuated from their homes in Colombia because of torrential floods after heavy rain in many parts of the country" CAUSE:Heavy rains 
41 US - Southwest Puerto Rico  Towns: Yauco, Guayanilla. Guanajibo River and other streams in the area. 5/6/2001 5/7/2001 2 2   $7,500,000 Heavy rain     1    Tpo 245                  0.1 "Puerto Rico was under a flood warning Monday after the Guanajibo River and other streams in the area swelled beyond their banks. " CAUSE:Large storm unleashed heavy rain 
40 Southern and central Turkey  Antakya city area: Orontes River. Konya province. 5/7/2001 5/8/2001 2 4     Heavy rain See notes   1    Cs 1,610                  0.3 "Flash floods caused by heavy rainfall inundated hundreds of homes and businesses in southern Turkey ... Authorities also evacuated homes close to the swelling Orontes River, which runs near the city. Some houses near the river were damaged and the floods also knocked down two bridges" CAUSE:Flash floods caused by heavy rainfall HECATRES FLOODED: several thousand acres of crops damaged in Konya
39 Northeast Iran  Khorassan Province: Bojnourd region, Bojnurd city, Tazeh-Qalel village.  5/6/2001 5/6/2001 1 32 800   Brief torrential rain     1    Cs 2,130                  0.0 "Fifty people had been hurt and some 2,500 head of cattle had drowned, while several villages were cut off in the region around the city of Bojnurd in Khorassan province," CAUSE:Torrential rain 
38 Northern Thailand  Phrae Province: Wangchin district. Lampang Province; Sukothai Province 5/4/2001 5/5/2001 2 30 4,000   Brief torrential rain See notes   1 432  Tszo 19,750                  1.0 "A 6-foot-high torrent swept away more than 800 houses shortly after midnight in Phrae province ... The inundation followed two days of heavy rains after a long period of hot, dry weather ... About 20 dams, 18 roads, 13 bridges and 2,700 rai (432 hectares) of farmland were damaged and more than 7,000 people's lives were affected by the floods." CAUSE:Flash floods and landslides 
37 Central Russia Ural and Volga Region Bashkortostan - Ufa city, Sterlitamak, Ishimbai, and the Karmaskaly district. Belaya River.  Sverdlovsk Region - Irbit city. Irbit and Nitsa rivers. 5/1/2001 5/17/2001 17   15,000   Snowmelt     1    CSs** 16,160                  3.6 "A total of 4,881 buildings, where more than 18,500 people reside, 17 bridges and 17,800 kilometres of roads have been inundated in Russia's Volga and Ural regions."CAUSE:Spring floods 
36 Northern Uruguay  Department of Artigas, Cuareim River 4/30/2001 6/2/2001 34   5,000   Heavy rain     1    TsoCp 6,890                  2.9 "The biggest problems were in the northern department of Artigas, where 1,350 people have been driven from their homes by flooding on the Cuareim River ... Flooding is a chronic problem in Artigas"  Jue 7 "The water level of the Cuareim River, in the department of Artigas, has reached the record level of 14.18 m. Some parts of the department continue to be isolated due to the flooding."CAUSE:Heavy rains 
35 Southern Belarus  Gomel Region  4/29/2001 5/1/2001 3       Snowmelt     1 500,000  CpSe* 17,400                  1.4 "Rivers have burst their banks and flooded about 500,000 hectares of winter and spring crops in the Gomel region, south Belarus. Some roads and houses are flooded too. The water rise has stopped. " CAUSE:Spring floods
34 Malaysia  Kuala Lumpur area: Kampung Baru, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kampung Pandan and Jalan Masjid India. Sungai Gombak River 4/26/2001 4/26/2001 1 2     Brief torrential rain     1    Tpz 850                  0.0 "Flash floods following over two hours of heavy rain caused thousands of vehicles and several main roads in the city to be submerged and the lives of two people lost. ... "Uncontrolled land clearing for development upstream, especially in the highlands, was creating rapid run-off of water and siltation of our river systems everytimes it rains,"" CAUSE:Flash floods  
33 Southern Poland  Malopolska district. towns of Mstow, Klomnice and Kruszyna 4/22/2001 4/26/2001 5       Heavy rain   Levels far below 1997 floods  1    CpSe* 3,120                  0.9 "Heavy rainfall has caused rivers and streams in southern Poland to break their banks, inundating several thousand hectares of land" CAUSE:Heavy rainfall  "several thousand hectares of land" inundated 
32 Western Brazil  Mato Grosso State - Cuiaba city. Cuiaba River  4/25/2001 4/26/2001 2 15 4,500   Heavy rain     1    Tpz 5,180                  0.5 "The Cuiaba river's water level surged and flooded houses located near the riverbank, and other rivers crossing the city also spilled over and destroyed 1,200 houses in 23 neighborhoods... Within six hours, rainfall reached 29 millimeters, 10 percent of the level registered during the entire 2000 in the city " CAUSE:Heavy rains 
31 Peru  Junin area: Mazamri District. Cuvaru and Camavari rivers. Piura Department in Northern Peru. 4/25/2001 4/26/2001 2 9 300   Brief torrential rain     1 400  Tpu 14,800                  0.8 "After torrential rains pounded the region for over four hours, the Cuvaru and Camavari rivers overflowed early Wednesday. Over 300 people from six native communities in the Mazamari district were affected. About 80 dwellings were washed away and 400 hectares of cultivated land were destroyed," CAUSE:Four hours of torrential rain 
30 US Midwest  Western Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. Wisconsin counties: St. Croix, Pierce, Pepin, Buffalo, Trempealeau, LaCrosse, Vernon, Crawford and Grant. Towns: Prairie du Chien, La Crosse, Cassville, Hudson. Iowa: Davenport, Abel-Essman Island, Camanche. Illinois counties: Adams, Carroll, Hancock, Henderson, Jo Daviess, Mercer, Rock Island and Whiteside. Towns: Pontoosuc, Niota. Minnesota: St. Croix valley; Stillwater, Afton. Rivers: Minnesota, Mississippi, St. Croix and Red 4/15/2001 5/15/2001 31 1 4,400 $13,000,000 Snowmelt See notes worst flooding since 1965. -- Miss R crest at Davenport on April 23 = 22.32ft third-highest level on record (1993 record = 22.6ft) -- Miss R reaches third highest recorded crest at St Paul on April 30 2    TsuCpSs** 63,380                17.3 April 24"The flood that has been rolling down the river past Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois was expected to reach Davenport late Tuesday and peak between 22 feet and 22.5 feet just short of the 1993 record of 22.6 feet. The water had risen to 22.23 feet during the morning. " -- April 27 "Farther north, a flood warning remained in effect for the Minnesota, Mississippi and St. Croix rivers, where weekend rain was pushing the rivers toward a second crest. The highest crest in 36 years was expected Friday along the St. Croix, which forms northern portions of the Minnesota-Wisconsin line. "CAUSE:Melting snow and two heavy rainstorms earlier this month
29 Northern Angola  Luanda area. 4/14/2001 4/15/2001 2 18 300   Heavy rain     1    Tpo 7,430                  0.6 "Heavy rains flooded Luanda over the weekend, killing 17 people and leaving hundreds homeless... Several weeks of heavy rain, coming after months of drought, have devastated several areas of the vast country, washing away roads and damaging power and drinking water supplies. "CAUSE:Heavy rains
28 Northern France Somme Region. Towns: Abbeville, Amiens. Somme River  4/7/2001 5/2/2001 26   1,029   Heavy rain   "floods were the worst to hit the area since 1920"  2   CpSe* 9,210                  6.3 "By Monday afternoon, authorities counted more than 1,260 flooded homes in the hard-hit region of Somme, of which 332 had been evacuated... television showed waterlogged towns in the Somme, where roads and train tracks were submerged under deep waters and pedestrians navigated the streets on makeshift wooden docks." -- April 27 - "In the valley the floodwaters are still rising a month after thousands of French families came downstairs to find two feet (60 centimetres) of water sloshing around their living rooms. " CAUSE:Heavy rainfall - "the month of April was the wettest the country has experienced since 1873"
27 Southern Angola  Namibe Province - Namibe town and surrounding villages. Bero and Giraul rivers. -- Benguela Province - towns: Senje, Luacho, Dombe-Grande. Caporolo River   4/2/2001 4/9/2001 8 20 15,800   Heavy rain     1 3,500  Tsu 24,780                  3.3 "Several weeks of heavy rain, coming after months of drought, have devastated infrastructure in Namibe and neighboring provinces, washing away roads and damaging power and drinking water supplies. " CAUSE:Heavy rains  3,500 hectares in Dombe-Grande
26 Southern Peru  Puno Department - Titicaca basin. Provinces: El Collao, Chucuito, San Roman, Puno, Huancane.  3/1/2001 3/21/2001 21 0 10,800   Heavy rain     1 31,500 Tsu  17,430                  4.0 "Seasonal rains have caused flooding in the Department of Puno ... when rivers in the Titicaca basin burst their banks... prompting the authorities to declare a state of emergency" CAUSE:Seasonal heavy rains 
25 Portugal  Towns: Oporto, Vila Nova de Gaia, Chaves, Canedo, Arcos de Valdevez. River Douro.  3/21/2001 3/22/2001 2 3 200   Heavy rain     1    TsuCs 820                  0.2 "Heavy rains continued to cause flooding Thursday in Portugal, where entire towns and neighbourhoods stood under water. The rail link between Lisbon and Oporto was cut off in the north after rails were inundated. " CAUSE:Heavy rains 
24 North and central France  Regions: Calvados and Seine-Maritime in Normandy, Meuse, Haute-Marne, Rhone, Saone-et-Loire, Doubs, Burgundy, Eure, Oise, Brittany. Cities/towns: Macon, Ile-de-France and Yvelines around Paris, Evreux, Lyon, Grainville-le-Teinturiere, Ille-et-Vilaine, Saint-Valery-en-Caux, Elbeuf, Redon. Rivers: Saone, Seine, Rhone-Saone, Avre, Iton. 3/21/2001 3/28/2001 8 0 1,400   Heavy rain   "rain levels over the past few months were two to three times as high as in other years"  1    CpSe* 78,100                  5.8 "The area around Paris was particularly hard-hit as the Seine flooded towns and villages. Residents in many areas were forced to move around in boats. In central France, 18 villages around the city of Lyon were flooded as the Rhone-Saone River burst its banks" CAUSE:Record rains in the month of March 
23 Southern Saudi Arabia  Najran. Riyadh.  3/17/2001 3/19/2001 3 6     25 See notes   1    Tpu 3,070                  0.6 "Storm waters in Riyadh on Monday washed away a concrete structure killing four workers inside and injuring six others ... A 16-year-old boy was killed and 22 other people injured after weekend storms in Najran, 1,000 kilometres south of Riyadh" CAUSE:Flash floods after a hailstorm and heavy rains 
22 Ecuador  Manabi - Chone area.  3/8/2001 3/10/2001 3 11 1,200   Brief torrential rain     1    Tpz 2,300                  0.5 "Eleven people died and some 300 families had to be evacuated when torrential rains last week caused flooding in Chone, where lack of basic infrastructure is likely to aggravate the situation..."  No suitable Modis 250 data locatedCAUSE:Torrential rains 
21 Eastern Australia  Northeastern New SouthWales - Region from north of Newcastle to the Queensland border. Towns: Kempsey, Grafton, Maclean, Ulmarra, Smithtown, Gladstone, Yamba, Bellingen, Thora, Coffs Harbour, Ballina, Kyogle, Lismore, Mullumbimby, Murwillumbah,Woodburn, Bellingen. Rivers: Macleay, Clarence, Bellinger, Nambucca, Orara. -- Queensland - Brisbane area. Rocklea, Lawnton. 3/8/2001 3/15/2001 8 3 3,000 $200,000,000 Heavy rain   "the worst flooding we've seen on the north coast of New South Wales for decades" -- "worst floods to hit Kempsey since 1963" -- Grafton: "worst floods in more than 50 years." 2    Tso 30,880                  7.3 "Flood disaster areas in New South Wales were today extended to include much of the state's northern coastal areas. About 100mm of rain fell across the regions in 24 hours, causing what some locals say is the worst flooding in 20 years." -- "The storm dumped up to 300mm of rain on Brisbane and the Gold Coast, causing widespread flash flooding, while wind gusts of up to 100kph brought down trees and powerlines. The Brisbane Weather Bureau said the storm's intensity was a once in a 100-year event."CAUSE:Severe storms and heavy rain 
20 Southeastern Turkey  Sanliurfa province -  Siverek, Halfeti 3/8/2001 3/8/2001 1 4 600   Heavy rain     1    Cs 4,900                  0.1 "Heavy rain flooded more than 150 homes and shops and damaged cars, tractors, telephone and power lines in Sanliurfa. Some 300 livestock were killed and crops were severely damaged"  No suitable Modis 250 data locatedCAUSE:Heavy rain 
19 Malaysia  Selangor - Hulu Selangor and Gombak. Rawang, Batang Kali. Kampung Tok Pinang, Kampung Koskan, Kampung Sungai Choh Bandar, Taman Desa Anggerik and Desa Kiambang, 3/8/2001 3/8/2001 1 0 12,000 $236,836 Heavy rain   "one of the worst flash floods to hit Rawang"  2    Tpz 370                  0.0 "Yesterday, continious rain in Hulu Selangor and Gombak including Rawang and Batang Kali, resulted in more than 800 houses, involving 12,000 people, to be submerged. He said 19 houses were swept away by swift-flowing waters and 10 bridges in Rawang were damaged. "  DAMAGE: EXCHANGE RATE 3.8CAUSE:A 12-hour downpour in Kanching and Templers Park 
18 Northern Spain  Regions: Castile and Leon. Zamora province.Valladolid, Palencia, Seville. Rivers: Duero, Guadaira, Carrion and Pisuerga.  3/6/2001 3/7/2001 2 1     Heavy rain   "worst in Spain for 40 years"  2    TsuCs 23,420                  2.1 "Several rivers overflowed in the northeast, including the Duero, whose flooding was believed to have caused the collapse of a highway bridge in northern Portugal on Sunday. The accident claimed at least 70 lives. "  No suitable Modis 250 data locatedCAUSE:Heavy rains
17 Central Europe  Western Ukraine - Zakarpattia region. Transcarpathia region. Towns: Palad, Khust, Shaiany, Sasovo. Rivers: Tisza and Latoritsa. -- Northern Hungary - Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg County. Regions: Tivadar, Beregiv. Towns: Tarpa, Tivador, Kispalad, Vasarosnameny. Rivers: Tisza, Tur. -- Northern Romania - Northern Transylvania. Counties: Maramures, Bihor, Bistrita-Nasaud, Suceava, Satu Mare, Harghita, Cluj, Salaj, Hunedoara, Alba and Botosani. Somes and Viseu Rivers. 3/4/2001 3/17/2001 14 8 91,000 $125,800,000 Heavy rain See notes "floods were the worst to hit this particular section of the Tisza in more than two decades" -- "The Tizsa, Hungary's second largest river, reached a level of 7.58 metres on Friday, surpassing by 7 centimetres its previous record set in 1888 at Zahony, near the Ukrainian border." 2 44,670  CpSe* 30,200                  9.2 "floodwaters ... submerged at least 200 villages in western Ukraine and northeastern Hungary ... More than 12,600 houses in 191 settlements were flooded in the region" -- "The Tisza rose more than 20 feet on Tuesday in some places and stretching as much as 300 feet beyond its normal width at the villages of Tarpa and Tivador...Some 14,000 emergency workers have been operating continuous shifts along a 12-mile stretch of the river to prevent additional damage. People in 19 communities have been moved from their homes and another 11 communities were under threat of high waters." -- "dike burst at Vasarosnameny, 240 kilometers east of Budapest, early Thursday ... Experts say the water levels, which are the highest in more than a century, are causing less damage than the record floods of 1998 due to dike reinforcement work that has taken place since then." DAMAGE: Ukraine: 40,000,000 -- Romania: 2,300,000 -- Hungary: 83,500,000  FATALITES: Ukraine: 8 DISPLACED: Ukraine: 35,000 -- Hungary: 30,000 -- Romania: 26,000CAUSE:"Heavy rains and melting snow that have overflowed rivers and burst dikes around the Carpathian Mountains"  HECTARES FLOODED: Romania: 11,000 hectares. -- Hungary: 130 sq kilometers.
16 Tanzania  Dar es Salaam city, Ubungo area. 2/27/2001 2/27/2001 1 7     Brief torrential rain See notes   1    Tpz 108                  0.0 "The rains, which lashed Dar es Salaam for more than 10 hours, paralysed businesses after flooding many parts of the city" CAUSE:Flash flood from 10 hours of rain 
15 Central US - Illinois  Low-lying areas of Cleveland, Barstow and Osborn. Rock River  2/27/2001 3/1/2001 3   200   Ice jam/break-up   "this week's flood - described as the worst in memory"  2   TsuCpSe*  24                  0.1 "a 7-mile ice jam caused the Rock River to back up so quickly the water rose three feet within hours"  No suitable Modis 250 data locatedCAUSE:Ice Jam flood 
14 Australia - Cyclone Wylva Northern Territories -- Top End. Gulf of Carpenteria in the east. Victoria River district in the west. Towns: Pigeon Hole, Kalkarindji, Daguragu, Borroloola, Ryan's Bend, Devil's Springs 2/18/2001 2/23/2001 6 0 670 $13,000,000 Tropical cyclone   Kalkaringi and Daguragu - "worst flooding in living memory." 1    Tszo 32,100                  3.2 Feb 21 "States of emergency were declared yesterday in the Victoria River district in the west and near the Gulf of Carpentaria in the east, where the community of Borroloola has been isolated by floodwaters for a week" CAUSE:Rains from the recent tropical cyclone Wylva
13 Bolivia  El Banado river overflowed in Monteagudo. La Paz.  2/16/2001 2/22/2001 7 19 200,000   Heavy rain     1    Tsu 650                  0.5 "Severe rainstorms in many parts of Bolivia since last Friday have caused the deaths of at least 19 people ... The Office of Meteorology of Bolivia described the ceaseless storms as the most serious in the last decade in the country... The most severe rainstorm however hit La Paz, where rainfall reached 34 millimeters, 24 millimeters more than the average rainfall during the same period in the 1990s."  CAUSE:Heavy rains
12 Central and Southern Philippines - Tropical Storm Auring Mindanao island - Provinces: Davao del Norte, Surigao del Sur and Agusan del Sur. Bit-os and Hinayhayan rivers. 2/16/2001 2/19/2001 4 17 98,360 $2,100,000 Tropical cyclone See notes   1 500,000 Tpz  5,960                  1.1 "The civil defence office in Manila said rain began falling on the region on February 11, and that floodwaters had swamped 31 municipalities and 136 villages a week later. " CAUSE:Rain from tropical depression causing floods and landslides 
11 Indonesia and Malaysia Java Island - West Java Province - Banten province - Lebak district; Cipanas sub-district. Pandeglang Regency - Cilemer and Ciujung rivers in Pagelaran subdistricts of Banteng province; Pagelaran, Jiput, Menes and Lauan. Jakarta area. Jakarta, Bogor and Tangerang -- Jember in East Java Province; Manyang river. -- Bengawan Solo River overflowed in Bojonegoro district; Cengungklung village in Kalitidu subdistrict. -- North Sulawesi - several subdistricts in Gorontalo. Bone and Bolango rivers -- Malaysia -- Sarawak - Rejang River in Sibu and Kapit divisions. 2/4/2001 2/18/2001 15 131 81,600   Brief torrential rain See notes Gorontalo "bigger flood than the previous one which ever overwhelmed the city" -- worst floods in Sibu district in 38 years 2 140  Tpz 22,470                  8.1 "The rain kept on falling all Saturday and Sunday, the water continued to rise about two centimeters every half hour in several subdistricts in Gorontalo,"  -- "water overwhelming houses on the western and southern parts of the city was 2 meters high" -- Feb 12 "Bengawan Solo River overflowed after three days of torrential rains in Bojonegoro district, inundating some 20,000 houses in 130 villages to the height of 1 to 1.5 meters." FATALITIES: Indonesia: 130 -- Malaysia: 1 DISPALCED: Indonesia: 80,000 -- Malaysia: 1,600CAUSE:"Continuous torrential rains led to a massive flood" --  Flooding and landslides in West Java  140 hectares in Cengungklung village -- "thousands of hectares of rice fields in Bojonegoro district"
10 Eastern Australia  New SouthWales - Local government areas: Lismore, Tenterfield, Bellingen, Moree Plains, Kyogle, Tweed, Byron, Ballina, Richmond Valley, Inverell, Bingara, Glen Innes, Yallaroi, Severn, Maclean, Coffs Harbour, Pristine Waters, Copmanhurst, Nambucca and Grafton. Towns: Lismore, Narrabri, Murwillumbah, Moree, Bellingen Shire, Kempsey, Thora, Grafton, Maclean, Casino. Rivers: Wilson, Tweed, Clarence, Richmond, Gwydir, MacIntyre, Grevillia, Bellinger, Macleay. 2/1/2001 2/6/2001 6 1 300   Heavy rain   Lismore - worst floods in 12 years 1    Tso 110,600                  6.0 Feb 3 -"More than 200 people were evacuated from the state's worst hit town after the Wilson River peaked at 10.41m at 5pm (AEDT) yesterday, flooding Lismore's central business area and northern districts in less than two hours."  -- Feb 6 - "Water levels were among the highest locals have seen in Thalabar Creek and Moomin Creek, near Narrabri in the state's central north"CAUSE:Heavy rains 
9 North and central Portugal  North - Mesao Frio region. Regua. Alvacoes do Congo. Vila Real. Coimbra area. Santa Maria de Penaguiao. Rivers: Douro and Mondego -- Central - Seia region. Agueda. Tagus River 1/26/2001 1/29/2001 4 6 300   Heavy rain See notes "worst in Portugal in a hundred years"  3    TsuCs 10,060                  4.2 "Six towns and villages Monday remained isolated by water in northern and central Portugal, where rainstorms began to subside after claiming six lives over the week-end ... Three major rivers the Douro, Mondego and Tagus burst their banks and flooded surrounding areas. Large areas of Portugal are waterlogged after heavy rainfall in recent months." CAUSE:Heavy rains causing flooding and mudslides
8 Western Tanzania  A village in the Kigoma Region   1/20/2001 1/20/2001 1 13 120   Heavy rain See notes   1    Tsz 25,180                  0.2 "A total of 13 people are missing and 30 houses were buried during a landslide caused by flash floods last week in a small fishing village in Tanzania's western region of Kigoma ... the landslide and flooding occurred following a heavy downpour in the afternoon that lasted for one hour and 45 minutes." CAUSE:Heavy downpour causing flash flood and landslide
7 Western and Northern Bolivia  Beni Department -- Cities: Rurenabaque, San Buenaventura, Reyes. Beni river. La Paz Department - Provinces: Loayza, Ingavi, Murillo, Loayza, Larecaja, Camacho y Los Andres. La Paz city area. Oruro Department -- regional capital area. Cochabamba Department -- Cochabamba city area. Potosí Department. 1/1/2001 3/22/2001 81 18 300,000 $6,000,000 Heavy rain       119,163  Tsu 107,100                   -   "In Oruro, rivers overflowed and flooded four towns, destroying dozens of government-built housing for former mine workers. At least four towns were also flooded due to overflowing rivers in Beni, near Bolivia's Amazon region." -- Feb 10 "Rain fell 29 of the 31 days last month in five of the country's nine departments"CAUSE:"heavy rainfall over the past months in the 'altiplano' region has severely affected the lower departments of the country"
6 Malaysia  Johor State - Disticts: Johor Baharu, Kota Tinggi, Mersing and Kluang. Towns/areas: Kulai, Hulu Tiram, Skudai, Masai, Plentong, Kong Kong and Pasir Gudang. Sungai Plentong River. -- Terengganu State - Districts: Besut, Dungun, Hulu Terengganu, Kemaman and Setiu. Terengganu River. -- Kelantan State - Pasir Mas district; Kedai Lama, Rantau Panjang, Sungai Golok River. 1/16/2001 1/21/2001 6 2 5,000   Monsoonal rain     1    Tpz 17,460                  2.4 Jan 16 - "The floods hit Johor Baharu city and the Kluang, Mersing and Kota Tinggi districts on Tuesday after a continuous downpour " Jan 17 - "The number of residents evacuated ... has swollen to almost 4,000 from 1,000 yesterday ... Johor Baharu district was so far the worst hit..."  -- Jan 19 "The flood situation in Terengganu has taken a turn for the worse with 1,000 people being evacuated to high ground today compared with 149 yesterday... " -- Jan 20 "Thirty-two people from in Kedai Lama, Rantau Panjang were evacuated ... The areas were flooded as the water level at Sungai Golok had overflowed its banks with the water level rising to 10.11 metres, exceeding the danger level of 9.45 metres."CAUSE:Rain from monsoon storms 
5 Central Philippines  Negros Island and Province - Silay city and nearby villages. Balugo River and tributaries. 1/15/2001 1/15/2001 1 2 12,000   Heavy rain     1    Tpz 845                  0.0 "Emergency authorities said the Balugo River and tributaries overflowed their banks in the province of Negros after a night of pounding rain, flooding much of Silay city and nearby villages... about 90 percent of the city center was underwater Monday morning. " CAUSE:Sudden floods after a night of pounding rain
4 Kenya  Nairobi and surrounding areas - Dagoretti, Kibera 1/13/2001 1/14/2001 2 4   $38,119 Heavy rain See notes   1    Tpz 4,350                  0.5 "Heavy unseasonal rains have been pounding Nairobi and surrounding areas for the past two weeks. January, February and March are usually dry months in east Africa."  DAMAGE: "millions of shillings" exchange rate =78.1CAUSE:Flash floods following a heavy rainstorm 
3 Northwest France and Southern Belgium France - Brittany region: towns of Redon and Caen. -- Belgium - Han-sur-Lesse region: Meuse river and its tributaries. 1/5/2001 1/7/2001 3   80   Brief torrential rain     1    CpSe* 3,920                  0.7 "Water levels in the town of Redon surpassed the 1995 record of 5.35 metres early on Sunday and rose throughout the day to reach 5.40 metres" CAUSE:Series of rainstorms 
2 Northern Malawi  Rumphi and Chikwawa districts. Lungazi river  1/4/2001 1/4/2001 1 5 14   Heavy rain     1 170  Tsz 10,390                  0.1  
1 Central and Northern Mozambique, Southern Malawi, Eastern Zambia and Zimbabwe Mozambique -- Tete Province - Northern and southern regions. Districts: Mutarara, Zumbo, Magoe and Macanga. Towns: Inhangome, Tete city. Rivers: Zambezi, Nhamadzi, Dziwedziwe. -- Zambezia Province - Coastal region. Districts: Nicuadala, Namacurra, Pebane, Chinde, Maganja da Costa, Morrumbala, Mopeia, Luabo. Qualimane city area. Nipiode River. -- Sofala Province - Cities/towns: Beira, Tica, Buzi, Goonda, Dondo, Marromeu. Nhamatanda district. Pungue and Buzi Rivers. Southern bank of the Zambezi River. Mafambisse, Caia, Chemba. -- Manica province - Nhacolo town in Tambara district. -- Gaza province - Save River at Massangena and Nova Mambone. -- Southern and Central Malawi -- floods affecting 13 of the country's 27 districts. Lower Shire Valley. Districts: Nsanje, Mangochi, Chikwawa, Salima, Nkhotakota, Zomba. Lengwe National Park. Shire River. -- Zambia - Provinces: Eastern, Northern, Northwestern, Copperbelt and Central. River Luangwa in Luangwa town near Mozambique border. Towns: Lusaka, Kitwe. Kafue River. -- Zimbabwe - Provinces: Mashonaland Central, Matabeleland North. Zambezi river valley. Districts: Muzarabani, Guruve, Tsholotsho. Masvingo, Centenary. Rivers: Zambezi, Gwayi. 1/1/2001 4/27/2001 117 146 485,000 $42,700,000 Tropical cyclone See notes ''The situation is now alarming and we fear this disaster will be similar to that of 1978,'' Zambezi River at Tete city Feb 27. -- Malawi: "some of the worst flooding in living memory" "worst floods to strike Malawi in over a decade"   152,000  Tsz 202,300                   -   Jan 3 "Radio Mozambique said the floods in the districts of Zumbo and Magoe followed the opening of floodgates at Kariba dam in neighbouring Zambia and Zimbabwe. People living in low-lying areas are being evacuated to higher ground"  -- Jan 31 "A week of flooding in the Zambezia province has affected about 253,000 people, about 10 percent of whom were displaced. Some 23,000 hectares of maize, rice and cassava the only source of food and income for many villagers are submerged in water" -- Feb 2 "...waters released from the Cahora Bassa Dam on the Zambezi River have begun to cause problems farther downstream... Dam authorities were ordered to open the flood gates on January 29" -- Feb15 "The Pungwe River in central Mozambique has burst its banks, swamping homes and farmland in Sofala province. Water levels on the Pungwe were at 8.2 metres, more than one metre above its flood alert level ... At Caia, on the border with Zambezia province, the level of the Zambezi River was almost three metres above its critical level," -- Feb 19 "Pressure building on Kariba dam in neighbouring Zambia and Zimbabwe and Mozambique's own Cahora Bassa dam has forced authorities to release more water from the reservoirs." DAMAGE: Moz: 36,000,000 -- Malawi: 6,700,000 FATALITIES: Moz: 113 -- Malawi: 15 -- Zambia: 5 -- Zimbawe: 13 DISPLACED: Moz: 240,000 -- Malawi: 200,000 -- Zambia: 30,000 -- Zimbawe: 15,000CAUSE:Heavy rains and opening of floodgates on Kariba Dam. Tropical storm in Zambezia Jan. 23-25. Cabora Bassa dam opened four flood gates on Feb 26. HECTARES FLOODED: Moz: "80,000 hectares of farmland under water" - "42,000 hectares of crops were lost" -- 30,000 hectares in Sofala Province
Yearly Totals or Averages     8.6      5,623    37,973,069 $13,217,061,635                13,334,006           8,576,474  
An archive number is assigned to any flood that appears to be "large": significant damage to structures or agriculture, long intervals since the last similar event, and/or fatalities
*Severity assessment is on 1-3 scale
Class I: large flood events: significant damage to structures or agriculture; fatalities; and/or 1-2 decades-long reported interval since the last similar event. 
Class 2: very large events: greater than 20 yr but less than 100 year recurrence interval, and/or a local recurrence interval of at 10-20 yr.
Class 3: Extreme events: with an estimated recurrence interval greater than 100 years
**Flood Magnitude = ln(duration) * severity class * sqrt(affected region)/100 {if duration=1, then duration is set at 1.1 for this calculation.}
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