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1993 Global Register of Extreme Flood Events
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1993-099 UK  Southern England - West Sussex and Kent .Towns: Polperro, Uckfield, Barnham, Lamberhurst area. Rivers: Pol, Uck, Tiese, the Lesser Tiese and the Beult 12/30/93 12/31/1993 2 0 300       worst flooding for 17 years of the River Pol   1    C 5,370                  0.5 "The dampest winter in 12 years has left parts of southern England from Kent to Cornwall flooded after weeks of heavy rain" CAUSE: nd
1993-098 Papua New Guinea  Central highlands, Chimbu Province 12/29/93 12/30/1993 2 14 3,500   Heavy rain     1    Tpz 9,590                  0.7 "a fierce storm hit villages in the western highlands and chimbu province of papua new guinea (png) early today, leaving at least 14 people dead and more missing. " CAUSE:Heavy rains 
1993-097 Philippines -Typhoon Nell   Mindanao Island - Surigao del Norte province and Butuan City  12/27/93 12/28/1993 2 6 12,000 $7,400,000 Tropical cyclone     1    Tpz 1,260                  0.2 "Drownings were reported in Surigao del Norte province and Butuan City, which were hit by massive flooding that destroyed at least 208 million pesos (7.43 million dollars) worth of houses and public infrastructure" CAUSE:Typhoon rains 
1993-096 Indonesia  Java Island -West Java province districts: Tanggerang, Serang and Lebak; Cidurian and Ciujung rivers  12/26/93 12/27/1993 2 2 8,000   Brief torrential rain     1    Tpz 4,050                  0.4 "At least two people were swept away by the floods water in Tanggerang district, while thousands of acres of farm plantations were seriously damaged." CAUSE:Torrential rains 
1993-095 Southern Israel  Dead Sea area. Eilat town. Ein Gedi nature reserve 12/23/93 12/23/1993 1 2     Heavy rain   "Although I've lived in the Negev for 25 years I have never seen such flooding."  2    Cs 3,180                  0.1 "The rainfall that began overnight in southern Israel was equal to the average rain the area receives in a year. The flooding disrupted traffic on all the major highways in the south, cutting off the southern resort of Eilat." CAUSE:"Extraordinary rainfall" 
1993-094 Ukraine  Zakarpatskaya (Transcarpathia) region  12/20/93 12/24/1993 5 5 25,000 $159,000,000 Heavy rain     1    CSse* 4,260                  1.1 "The latest statistics released by the government's flood-relief committee also showed that 139 residential areas and 15,000 buildings have been inundated and large numbers of communication lines, roads and bridges destroyed." CAUSE:"three-day consecutive rains on december 20-22 throughout the region" 
1993-093 Northeast Malaysia  Kelantan state - Kota Bahru, Pasir Mas, Tumpat, Kuala Krai. Other states affected were Trengganu, Pahang, Perak, Johore and Sabah. Padas River 12/22/93 12/27/1993 6 23 20,000   Monsoonal rain   "Malaysia's worst flooding in 13 years"  1    Tpz 103,800                  5.8 "In and around the capital of Kelantan, Kota Bahru ... 26 villages and 25 roads have been flooded with water between 1.35 meter (4.42 feet) and 0.15 meter (0.5 feet), officials said. " CAUSE:Annual monsoon rains 
1993-092 Western Europe Southern Germany -- States: Saarland, Rheinland-Palatinate, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria. Cities: Koblenz, Trier, Saarbruecken, Nuremberg,, Cologne, Bonn, Heidelberg, Bad Kreuznach, Cochem. Rivers: Mosel, Saar, Rhine, Neckar, Aisch, Nahe. -- Northern France - Lorraine and Ardennes. Towns: Givet, Landrichamps, Lille, Picardy, Soissons, Compiegne. Rivers: Muese, Houille, Oise, Moselle, Aisne. Flooding spreads to central France by Dec 29 where the Seine and its tributaries, the Oise and Marne, flood areas around Compiegne and Paris -- Southern Belgium - Provinces: Limburg, Namur province. Sambre valley. Towns: Maaseik, . Rivers: Muese, Sambre. -- Netherlands - Provinces: Limburg and Gelderland. Maastricht, Roermond, Venlo, Rotterdam area. Muese River. -- Czech Republic -- 4 rivers overflow in theWest Bohemia area 12/21/93 12/31/1993 11 11 48,000 $1,142,000,000 Brief torrential rain See notes Germnay -"worst in over 100 years" In Koblenz city biggest food in 200 years ... -- "worst in Germany since 1926" -- Belgium "worst floods for more than 60 years" -- Northern France "worst this century" 2    CpSe* 261,100                24.5 Germany "In Trier, near the border with Luxembourg, the Mosel reached 11.28 metres, its highest level in 200 years." ... "In Saarland ... the Saar River was more than 19 feet above normal, the highest since a devastating flood in May 1970. " ... "In the historic old town of Heidelberg, the Neckar river hit its high of the century overnight at 9.8 meters" ... "The Rhine swept to its greatest height in 67 years Thursday, flooding Cologne's old town," -- France "In Ardennes, northern France, the river Meuse rose to record levels of 5.05 metres, flooding half the town of Givet, close to the Belgian border, and cutting off neighbouring villages" -- Belgium "In southern Belgium whole areas had been transformed into mini lakes, as the governor of the Namur province said the Meuse had reached its highest level this century." -- Netherlands "The Rhine reached its highest level this century in Arnhem early Sunday, breaking a record set in 1926 by 12 centimetres" DAMAGE: Germany: 580,000,000  -- France: 510,000,000 -- Netherlands: 52,000,000 FATALITIES: Germany: 4 -- France: 4 -- Belgium: 1 -- Netherlands: 1 -- Czech: 1 DISPLACED: Germany: 25,000 -- France: 8000 -- Belgium: 2000 -- Netherlands: 13,000CAUSE:Several days of torrential rain and snowmelt HECTARES FLOODED:
1993-091 Southern Thailand  Provinces: Trang, Yala, Narathiwat. Districts: Muang, Palian and Huai. Cities: Nakhorn Srithamarat, Trang 12/16/93 12/29/1993 14 41 2,000 $80,000,000 Brief torrential rain     1    Tpz 42,420                  5.4 "trang province's districts of muang, palian and huai yot has begun to drop from 3-3.5 meters to 1-1.5 meters. travel between muang to kantang is severed because the strong current has washed away a section of road for almost half a kilometer." CAUSE:Week-long torrential rain 
1993-090 Northwest Columbia  Antioquia province town of Dabeiba. Desmotadora River 12/16/93 12/18/1993 3 35 150   Heavy rain     1    Tpz 1,950                  0.5 "The Desmotadora river flooded as the result of torrential rain that washed away at least 30 homes in the town of Dadeiba in a barrage of mud, rocks and debris" CAUSE:Heavy rains 
1993-089 Northeastern Sri Lanka  Districts in the Northern Jaffna peninsula: Batticaloa, Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, Northern Mannar, Vavuniya and Trincomalee. More flooding on Dec 25 in Polonnaruwa, Gallella, Manampitiya and Yakurai areas 12/15/93 12/27/1993 13   500,000   Heavy rain     2    Tpz 24,700                  8.1 "about 100,000 families now rendered homeless due to floods in sri lanka's northern, eastern and north central districts, social services authorities here said today. the eastern district of batticaloa is the worst hit with its entire coastal belt going under water, they said noting that at least 35,000 families remained homeless there alone" CAUSE:"Unprecedented rains" 
1993-088 Costa Rica and Panama Central and Eastern Costa Rica - Districts: Alamancha, Limon, Matinia, Paraiso, Turrialba, Sarapiqui, Siquirres, Talamanca. -- Panama -Bocas del Toro 12/9/93 12/12/1993 4 4 17,000 $3,000,000 Heavy rain See notes   1    Tpo 14,330                  1.7 Costa Rica "THE SAN JOSE- LIMON HIGHWAY (BETWEEN THE CAPITAL AND THE MAJOR PORT) IS ALSO FLOODED. SEVERAL BRIDGES HAVE BEEN SWEPT AWAY AND MANY BANANA PLANTATIONS ARE INUNDATED BY UP TO 2 METERS OF WATER"  DAMAGE: Panama: millions  FATALITIES: 4 DISPLACED: Costa Rica: 15,000 -- Panama: 2000CAUSE:Heavy rains causing floods and landslides
1993-087 Peru  Departments: Junin, Huancavelica, Pasco, Apurimac, Huanuco, . Districts: Huayucachi, El Tambo, Chupaca and Chilca. Ancash region. Towns: Tingo Maria, Huancayo. Rivers: Huallaga River  12/8/93 12/15/1993 8   5,000   Heavy rain     1    Tpu 162,300                  8.4 "torrential rains and floods have stricken nearly all parts of peru, causing serious damage to houses and crops" ... ""Flooding rivers and landslides swept away 1,050 homes in the Amazon jungle and Andes Mountains of Peru as the South American country's rainy season got underway. End date approximateCAUSE:Heavy rainfalls which normally appear in february and march have arrived early 
1993-086 China  Inner Mongolia - Several towns in Dengkou County, Yellow River 12/7/93 12/15/1993 9   5,200   Ice jam/break-up     1    Tpz 12,100                  2.4 "The waters toppled at least 80 houses and flooded 1,250 others"  End date approximateCAUSE:Ice Jam flood 
1993-085 Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand- Typhoons Lola and Manny Philippines (Lola followed by Manny) -- Southeastern Luzon Island - Camarines Sur province, Naga city, Naga River. Catanduanes Island. Marinduque Island. Mindoro Island. Samar Island. -- Southern Vietnam (Lola) - Khanh Hoa and Ninh Thuan provinces. -- Southern Thailand (Manny) - Phatthalung Province; Nakhon Si Thammarat 12/5/93 12/13/1993 9 353 598,000 $5,700,000 Tropical cyclone     1 27,500  Tpz 46,900                  4.8 Philippines - "Typhoon Lola alone killed 230 people, left 583,000 persons homeless and damaged crops, infrastructure and livestock worth 574 million pesos" -- Vietnam -"The typhoon damaged more than 8,000 houses and 200 schools in Khanh Hoa and Ninh Thuan provinces. It destroyed 16,500 hectares of corn, cassava, and tobacco, and flooded more than 11,000 hectares of rice"  DAMAGE: Vietnam: 4,500,000 -- Thailand: 1,300,000 FATALITIES: Philippines: 275 -- Vietnam: 78 DISPLACED: Philippines: 583,000 -- Vietnam: 15,000CAUSE:Typhoon rains HECTARES FLOODED: Vietnam: 27,500 ha 
1993-084 Southeastern India  Tamil Nadu State - Northern coastal areas including Pondicherry and Madras. more than 60 coastal villages submerged. 12/4/93 12/15/1993 12 70 45,000 $216,000,000 Tropical cyclone     1    Tpz 7,960                  2.2 "The storm brought torrential rains that triggered flash floods, landslides and house collapses ... Vast tracts of farmland were inundated" ... "In Pondicherry ... the overflowing Sattanur Dam swamped residential areas, forcing hundreds to flee" End date approximateCAUSE:Typhoon rains
1993-083 Central Philippines  Leyte Island - Province of Leyte - Abuyog town and surrounding villages: villages of Buaya, Malagincay, Buhay, Latoc, Budburon, Hampipila, Mahagna, Mahaplag 11/29/93 12/1/1993 3 27     Heavy rain See notes   1    Tpz 360                  0.2 "16 houses were washed away late Wednesday in several villages in Abuyog town, 350 miles south of Manila after heavy rains pounded the remote mountain area for two days" CAUSE:Flashfloods caused by heavy rains 
1993-082 Southern Thailand  Provinces: Nakorn Si Thammarat, Surat Thani, Songkhla  11/27/93 12/2/1993 6 11     Brief torrential rain     1    Tpz 56,410                  4.3 "more than 70 roads and thousands of acres of farmland in five southern provinces are also inundated from three days of torrential rain" CAUSE:Torrential rain 
1993-081 Southern Iran  Province of Khuzestan - city of Andimeshk and 10 surrounding villages 11/29/93 11/30/1993 2 3   $580,000       1    Cs 980                  0.2 "the flood surrounded 10 villages, killing 1,000 livestock and damaging several bridges. the flood destroyed many residential units, farmland and roads" CAUSE: nd
1993-080 Cuba  Provinces: Guantanamo, Santiago de Cuba, Holguin 11/24/93 11/28/1993 5 30 51,000   Brief torrential rain     1 8,000  Tpo 19,320                  2.2  
1993-079 US Midwest  Eastern and Southern Missouri - Counties: Bollinger, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Howell, Iron, Jefferson, Madison, Oregon, Reynolds, Ripley, St. Francois, St. Louis, Shannon and Wayne. Towns: Elvins, West Plains, Flat River, Fredericktown, Ellington Rivers: Castor, Little Mulberry Creek, North Fork, Howell Creek, Meramec, Gasconade, St. Francis and Big Piney. -- Central and Southern Illinois. 11/13/93 11/16/1993 4 5 600       "I've been here about 52 years and this is the worst I've ever seen. It's just unbelievable how fast the water came up,"  2    TsuCpSe* 33,630                  5.1 "There was up to 6 feet of water in some areas" ... "Up to 6 inches of rain fell in less than 24 hours near Fredericktown in southeast Missouri"CAUSE: nd
1993-078 Southeastern India  Tamil Nadu State - flooding in 12 districts including Udhagamandalam 11/10/93 11/14/1993 5 95           1    Tpz                     -    
1993-077 Indonesia  North Sumatra - Riau Province. Regencies: Labuhan Batu, Deli Serdang and Langkat.Town: Pekanbaru. Upper Siak River 11/3/93 11/16/1993 14 5 3,000   Brief torrential rain     1    Tpz 44,230                  5.6 "Floods which have swept through the eastern Sumatra province of Riau in Indonesia for the past two weeks have damaged about 3,000 houses. At least three people were killed in the first week of flooding, triggered by heavy rains which caused the upper Siak River to overflow." CAUSE:Torrential rains 
1993-076 Mexico  Baja California Sur - areas of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas 11/4/93 11/6/1993 3   10,000 $30,000,000 Heavy rain     1    Tso 1,660                  0.4  
1993-075 Hong Kong  Kowloon, New Territories, Lantau Island, Hong Kong Island  11/4/93 11/15/1993 12 2     Tropical cyclone     1    Tszo 1,100                  0.8 "The Royal Observatory said nearly 20 inches (500 mm) or rain was recorded overnight on outlying Lantau Island, where a taxi driver became lost in the downpour and drove his vehicle into a river"  End date approximateCAUSE:Two days of heavy rains associated with Tropical Storm Ira
1993-074 Honduras  Provinces: Yoro, Colon, Atlantida. Atlantic Coast cities:  Bonita Oriental, Tela, La Ceiba, Tocoa. Rivers: Aguan, Tocoa, Lean, Cerro Azul 10/31/93 11/3/1993 4 174 15,000 $6,500,000 Brief torrential rain     1    Tpo 6,650                  1.1 "entire families were missing in Tocoa, 300 miles north of the capital, where swollen rivers washed away entire villages and buried homes under tons of sand and silt." CAUSE:Torrential downpours 
1993-073 France - Corsica  Southern Corsica - three villages north of Porto Vecchio. Sainte Lucie and Propriano regions. Bonifacio. Cavo and Conca rivers 10/31/93 11/2/1993 3 4     Brief torrential rain     1    TsuCs 1,690                  0.5 "The Cavo and Conca rivers cut off roads, knocked out electricity and flooded dozens of houses in three villages north of Porto Vecchio, on the southern end of this French Mediterranean island" CAUSE:Flash floods 
1993-072 Algeria Relisan province - Oued-Rhiou city. Flooding also reported in provices of Chlef and Tiarette. 10/19/93 10/20/1993 2 22     Heavy rain     1    Tpu 39,700                  1.4  
1993-071 Southern India  Karnataka State -  10/11/93 10/21/1993 11 35 40,000   Brief torrential rain     1    Tpz                     -   "The rains that have been lashing Karnataka for more than 10 days sparked floods which destroyed roads, crops and hundreds of houses across 250 villages, forcing some 40,000 people to flee to safer areas" CAUSE:Torrential rains 
1993-070 South Africa  Northern Natal Province - Umfolozi delta region - Umfolozi River 10/6/93 10/8/1993 3 12 300   Heavy rain     1    Tso 5,890                  0.8 "Heavy rainfall caused flooding in drought-stricken areas that left four people missing and dozens homeless, ... At least eight inches of rain fell this week in the northern Natal Province where the Umfolozi River overflowed its banks... " CAUSE:Heavy rainfall 
1993-069 Trinidad & Tobago Western Trinidad - Port of Spain area 10/5/93 10/5/1993 1 5     Brief torrential rain See notes   1    Tpo 1,170                  0.0 "Five persons died as between 60 and 100 mm of rain pelted the northwest and west of Trinidad shortly after noon today. The rains fell for two hours swelling rivers, causing landslides, blocking roads and felling trees." CAUSE:"Freak thundershowers triggered heavy flooding and mudslides"
1993-068 Central Vietnam  Phu Yen Province - Tuy Hoa town (54 dead throughout the province). -- Binh Thuan Province - Phan Thiet, Muong Man River. -- flooding also reported in other provices: Quang Tri, Da Nang, Khanh Hoa, Binh Dinh, Darlac and Binh Thuan 10/2/93 10/12/1993 11 122 15,000 $50,000,000 Brief torrential rain   Phu Yen -"the worst since 1902"  3 23,500  Tpz 29,440                12.3 "the rains, the heaviest so far this century with downpours of up to 1,044 millimeters, caused floods which completely paralyzed transportation and communications in the province."  "weeklong flash floods last week 'crippled four provinces on the central Vietnamese coast.'" CAUSE:Several days of torrential rain -- HECTARES FLOODED: Phu Yen - 3,500 ha  -- Binh Thuan - 20,000 ha
1993-067 Philippines - Tropical Storm Flo / Kadiang Central and northern Luzon Island - Provinces: Pampanga, Pangasinan, Nueva Vizcaya, Cagayan, Tarlac, Bulacan, Bataan, Zambales. Towns: Floridablanca, Bagabag, Calumpit, Hagonoy, Pulilan, Paombong, San Simon, San Luis, Candaba and Arayat. Rivers: Angat, Pampanga, Candaba. 10/4/93 10/12/1993 9 57 300,000 $6,790,000 Heavy rain See notes "worst flooding in the province (Bulacan) since the 1960s"  2    Tpz 35,870                  8.3 "Widespread flooding was reported throughout central and northern Luzon, the Philippines' main island." ... "Dozens of villages in Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales provinces around Pinatubo were buried in water swollen by volcanic debris"CAUSE:Continuous heavy rains causing flooding and landslides -Flo struck the main island of Luzon twice
1993-066 Southeast Australia  Victoria State -  northern and central area. agricultural area which includes the towns of Benalla and Wangarratta. -- New South Wales State. 10/3/93 10/15/1993 13   2,000 $3,000,000 Brief torrential rain   "worst flooding to hit north-east Victoria state in 50 years" 2    Cp 4,160                  3.3 "the northern and central victoria has been flooded since last night, causing millions of dollars damage, ... the floods caused by torrential rain have blocked highways, deluged houses and cars, with many people having lost everything. ... reports said that the floods, believed to be the largest in years, also hit part of the new south wales state"  End date approximateCAUSE:Torrential rain 
1993-065 Northern Iran Gilan province - regions of Chaboksar, Kelachai, Rudsar, and the port cities of Anzali and Astara were flooded 10/2/93 10/3/1993 2       Heavy rain     1    Cs 7,200                  0.6  
1993-064 Eastern Mexico  States of Veracruz, Tamaulipas and San Luis Potosi. Cities: Tampico, Altamira and Veracruz 9/28/93 9/29/1993 2   100,000   Heavy rain See notes Panuco River in Veracruz -- at its highest level in 40 years 1   Tso 13,900                  0.8 "Heavy rain caused the River Panuco to overflow its banks, forcing as many as 12,000 people from their homes in the Gulf coast states of Tamaulipas and Veracruz. ... In Tampico, there were fears that the water could rise as high as it did in 1955 when flooding reached 6 feet in the city center"CAUSE:Heavy rain continues after Hurricane Gert
1993-063 Hong Kong - Typhoon Dot Northern part of the New Territories -Villages: Sik Wu, Tin Ping and Siu Hang. Shenzhen River 9/27/93 9/28/1993 2   1,200   Brief torrential rain   "worst in the past few decades"  2    Tszo 280                  0.2 "more than 300 milimeters fell in the past 72 hours, twice the average rainfall for the whole of september" CAUSE:Torrential rain 
1993-062 US Midwest  Northeast Oklahoma - Ottawa County Towns: Miami, Wyandotte, Quapaw, Commerce. Tar Creek, Spring and Neosh rivers. -- Southwestern Missouri - Barton, St. Charles, St. Louis, Stone, Taney and Greene Counties. Jefferson City. Towns: Marthasville, Mexico, Valley Park. Rivers: Big River south of St Louis; Missouri River, Tuque Creek, Gravois Creek, South Fork of the Salt River, Cuivre River at Troy, Meramec River, James River. -- Southeastern Kansas - Crawford County. Towns: Girard, Pittsburg. Cow Creek. -- Illinois - Illinois River at Kampsville, Alexander County 9/22/93 9/28/1993 7   2,500   Brief torrential rain   Kansas - "Not in my 29-year career have I ever seen anything like this in Pittsburg,"  -- record crest on Spring River at Quapaw. 2    TsuCpSe* 31,700                  6.9 "Sandbaggers returned to duty and people still recovering from the summer's floods faced new evacuations and road closings brought on by colossal amounts of rain in parts of Missouri and Kansas on Friday" -- "Just northeast of Miami, the rain sent the Spring River to a record crest of 48 feet, 28 feet above flood stage, at Quapaw, Okla" CAUSE:Torrential rains
1993-061 Southern France, Northern Italy and Switzerland France - Five provinces along Mediterranean coast. Regions: Bouches-du-Rhone, Vaucluse, Savoie, Drome. Towns: Vaison-la-Romaine, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Pertuis, Toulouse, Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, Valreas, Bollene. Rivers: Arc, Garonne, Lez, Rhone. -- Italy - Regions: Liguria, Piedmont, Lombardy and Valle d'Aosta. Genoa area. Areas of Como and Maggore Lakes. Udine city, Ivrea, Saona, Como, Turin, Valle d'Aosta, Aosta, Piedmont, Livorno. -- Switzerland - town of Brig near Italian border; Lake Maggiore in Locarno and Ascona. 9/22/93 10/8/1993 17 17 1,700 $880,000,000 Brief torrential rain See notes French Savoie region "worst flooding in the region in 35 years"  -- "In Switzerland, the flooding was the worst in six years" -- Rhone River at "its highest levels in decades" 2    CpSe* 51,300                12.8 France -"the storm has hit five provinces, especially in areas along the coast of the mediterranean. the report said that the storm had brought flooding and roads and bridges had been severely damaged."  -- "Heavy rain cut off tunnels and roads at the Italian border and flooded Alpine villages, forcing hundreds from their homes" DAMAGE: France: 87,700,000 -- Italy: 3,000,000 FATALITIES: France: 12 -- Italy: 14 -- Switzerland: 1 DISPLACED: France: 1700CAUSE:Series of thunderstorms, heavy rain in the Alps. 
1993-060 Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras and Mexico - Tropical Storm Gert  Nicaragua - Provinces: Matagalpa, Jinotega and Nueva Segovia. Towns: Bluefields, Puerto Cabezas, Rama, Matiguas. Rivers: Rio Grande, Siquia, Malacatoya.  -- Costa Rica - southern Pacific coast and central parts of the country. Towns: Ciudad Cortes, Quepos, Parrita and Perez Zeledon. -- Mexico - Veracruz State: Palma Sola and Panuco rivers, Tampamachoco lake area. Tamaulipas State: Blanco and El Tigre rivers. Other states: San Luis Potosi and Hidalgo. -- Honduras - northeast Mosquitia region and northwestern San Pedro region 9/16/93 9/22/1993 7 50 38,600 $5,000,000 Brief torrential rain     1 33,000 Mexico: Tso -- Central America: Tpo 59,970                  4.8 Nicaragua - "The town of Rama was partially destroyed as rivers in the area rose more than 40-feet above their nornal levels"  DAMAGE:  Honduras: 5,000,000 FATALITIES: Nicaragua: 8  -- Mexico: 15 -- Honduras: 27 DISPLACED: Nicaragua: 4,000  -- Costa Rica: 600 -- Mexico: 7,000 -- Honduras: 27,000CAUSE:Torrential rains HECTARES FLOODED: Mexico: 33,000 ha in Hidalgo state. 
1993-059 Southeast Australia  Victoria State - Towns: Traralgon, Gippsland, Maribyrnong, Melbourne area. Maribyrnong River 9/15/93 9/15/1993 1   800   Brief torrential rain   "heaviest in years"  1    Cp 31,800                  0.2 "the floods, believed to the heaviest in years, have also closed more than 40 major roads throughout the state. power and phone lines were cut in some sections of the state by rising flood waters as much of the state has recorded more rain than the monthly average for september"   End date approximateCAUSE:Torrential rain 
1993-058 Northern India and Western Nepal  India -Uttar Pradesh State -  2,500 villages flooded in13 districts including Nainital, Kumaon, Bareilly, Moradabad, Pilibhit, Rampur. Towns: Gorakhpur, Nainital. All major rivers "flowing above the danger level" including the Rapti river. -- Nepal - Doti and Kanchanpur districts, Mahakali River flooded 3 villages. 9/9/93 9/17/1993 9 232 4,590 $7,300,000 Heavy rain     1    Tszo 65,900                  5.6 "as many as 13 districts of the state were reported to be in critical situation as the major rivers flew above the red mark there. more than 2,000 houses have collapsed and 25,000 partially damaged while more and more areas are coming under the flood" ... "Most of the deluged areas were declared drought zones only two weeks ago" DAMAGE: India: 7,300,000 -- Nepal: nd FATALITIES: India: 227 -- Nepal: 5  DISPLACED: India: 3000 -- Nepal: 1590CAUSE:Heavy rains
1993-057 Southwest Japan - Typhoon Yancy  Kyushu Island - Kagoshima prefecture, Kagoshima city area, towns: Kimpo, Kawanabe. -- Also western region of Honshu island.  9/2/93 9/4/1993 3 35 5,000   Heavy rain See notes   1    TsoCpSe* 880                  0.3 "Yancy, the strongest storm to hit Japan in more than three decades ... dumped up to two feet of rain as it churned across Kyushu, Shikoku and other southwestern areas" ... "The typhoon also swept away four bridges, triggered 74 landslides and damaged 34 roads"CAUSE:Heavy rain causing flooding and landslides 
1993-056 Northwest China Qinghai Province - Gonghe County in Hainan Tibet Autonomous Prefecture. Dam burst at Gouhou reservoir 8/27/93 8/27/1993 1 242 3,000 $26,000,000 Dam/Levy, break or release     1 2,166  CSs* 6,800                  0.1 "Officials had not determined what caused the failure in the 231-foot-tall dam, which Wang said held back 109 million cubic feet of water. " CAUSE:Dam break HECTARES FLOODED: 866 ha farmla 1,300 ha forests
1993-055 Southwest China  Yunnan Province -   8/21/93 9/1/1993 12 152 21,000 $78,000,000 Brief torrential rain     1 273,163                       -   "The flooding in southwest China's Yunnan province washed away 7,800 homes and drowned 4,700 heads of livestock, as well as destroying 49,600 acres of farmland and damaging 626,000 acres more" CAUSE:Torrential rains 
1993-054 Japan - Typhoon Vernon  Honshu Island - Tokyo city, Kanda River. Aizuwakamatsu. 8/27/93 8/28/1993 2 2 3,000   Heavy rain   "This is the worst I've experienced in many, many years" a resident of Toyko since before World War II 1    TsoCpSe* 2,400                  0.3 "The typhoon, which was moving north in the evening, dumped more than 23 centimetres (nine inches) of rain on the capital Friday, a record for August and the third-highest rainfall ever" ... "Twenty-seven landslides and 3,028 flooded homes were reported in Tokyo and neighboring areas"CAUSE: Heavy rain
1993-053 Mexico - Tropical Storm Irwin  Veracruz state - "seven rivers flooded" including the Coatzacoalcos and two tributaries of the Papaloapan. 8/21/93 8/23/1993 3   3,000   Tropical cyclone     1    Tso 22,340                  1.6 "Recent heavy rain began to subside Monday in the Gulf state of Veracruz, where authorities said some 3,000 people were left homeless after seven rivers flooded." CAUSE:Tropical storm Irwin and a tropical depression in the Gulf of Mexico 
1993-052 US - Nebraska  Sandhills region - town of Anselmo. 8/21/93 8/22/1993 2 0     Heavy rain   "The town hasn't had a flood like this in 50 years," 2    TsuCpSe* 570                  0.3 "More than 2 inches of rain fell in Anselmo, a valley town of 200 people near Broken Bow, in about 30 minutes around midnight Saturday, Heilbrun said. That came on top of 4 inches Friday." CAUSE:Heavy rain on saturated soil 
1993-051 South Korea  Southern coast area - cities: Namhae, Kwangju, Pusan 8/20/93 8/23/1993 4 12 3,000   Brief torrential rain     1    TsoCp 11,570                  1.5 "Up to 11 inches of rain fell overnight in southern provinces, inundating vast tracts of farmland and leaving thousands of people homeless." CAUSE:Overnight downpour
1993-050 Philippines - Tropical Storm Rubing Luzon Island - Zambales and Pampanga provinces - Mount Pinatubo area. Towns: Castellejos, Porac. Manilla area. Sto. Tomas-Marella River 8/19/93 8/22/1993 4 5 10,000 $2,600,000 Heavy rain See notes   1    Tpz 7,160                  1.2 "Monsoon rains since last Thursday have inundated several towns in three provinces surrounding Pinatubo volcano, triggering an avalanche of volcanic mud from its slopes" CAUSE:Heavy rain causing floods and mudslides
1993-049 Eastern Sudan  Town of Gedaref flooded by Khor Abu Fargha stream. 8/18/93 8/23/1993 6 6 300   Brief torrential rain     1    Tpu                     -   "during heavy rains last week, gedaref, a town 340 kilometers southeast of khartoum, was flooded by the overflown stream of khor abu fargha." CAUSE:Torrential rains 
1993-048 Northeast Peru  North east Amazon jungle region, especially Iquitos, Requena, Yurimaguas and Amazonas      1   300,000   Heavy rain     1    Tpu 134,900                  0.4 "300,000 flood victims, mainly farmers, who lost homes and crops after exceptionally heavy rains flooded large areas of Peru's north east jungle region, especially Iquitos, Requena, Yurimaguas and Amazonas" CAUSE:Exceptionally heavy rains 
1993-047 Eastern China Shandong Province - 28 counties including: Linyi, Tengzhou, Dingtao. -- Jiangsu Province - Suzhou,Wuxi and Changzhou. Wujiang city. Rivers: Wujiang, Wuxian, Kunshan, Yangtze and Xinyihe. -- Zhejiang Province - 60 towns and 300 villages were flooded 8/4/93 8/23/1993 20 101 2,577,000 $121,000,000 Brief torrential rain   Shandong - "worst storms and flooding in two decades" 1 1,323,000  TsoCp 112,500                10.0 Jiangsu: "in the rivers of wujiang, wuxian and kunshan, water levels have surpassed the peaks of 1991"  -- "Tens of thousands of people were relocated as steady downpours in the first three weeks of August reached record levels in the hills and flatlands of Zhejiang province" DAMAGE: Shandong: nd -- Jiangsu: nd -- Zhejiang: 121,000,000 FATALITIES: Shandong: 88 -- Jiangsu: 5 -- Zhejiang: 8 DISPLACED: Shandong: 2,500,000 -- Jiangsu: 5000 -- Zhejiang: 72,000CAUSE:Torrential rainstorms HECTARES FLOODED: Shaong: 853,000 ha  -- Jiangsu: 243,000 ha -- Zhejiang: 227,000 ha
1993-046 Venezuela, Nicaragua and Honduras- Tropical Storm Bret  Venezuela - States: Miranda and Aragua. Caracas area, Maturin. -- Nicaragua - South Atlantic coastal region. Zelaya province. Towns: Santa Ana,Wis, Bluefields, Siuna, Rosita, Bonanza. Rivers: Escondido, Kurinwas, Kamas, Rio Grande, Coco. -- Honduras - Mosquitia region, Cruta and Segovia rivers 8/7/93 8/12/1993 6 90 47,800   Tropical cyclone     1 1,800  Tpo 75,800                  4.9 "Torrential rains that lasted more than six hours sparked mudslides that buried makeshift wooden and tin-plate homes as Bret began battering the capital late Saturday, packing winds of 90 kilometers (55 miles) an hour"  FATALITIES: Venezuela: 86 -- Nicaragua:4 DISPLACED: Venezuela: 5000 -- Nicaragua: 40,000 -- Honduras: 2800CAUSE:Torrential rains from Bret
1993-045 Belarus and Ukraine Belarus - Gomel Region: Petrikov, Zhitkovichi and Leltchitsy districts. Brest Region: Tolin, Luninets and Pinsk districts. Prypyat River. -- Ukraine - Northern areas. Thearea, Rovno. 7/25/93 8/12/1993 19 6 42,000 $180,000,000 Heavy rain     1 567,000  CSs** 85,360                  8.6 "IN THE THIRD QUARTER OF JULY 1993, BELARUS RECEIVED ABOUT THREE TIMES THE AVERAGE MONTHLY RATE OF RAINFALL"  DAMAGE: Belarus:100,000,000 -- Ukraine: 80,000,000 FATALITIES: 6 DISPLACED: Belarus: 27,000  -- Ukraine: 15,000CAUSE:Heavy rains for 40 days -- HECTARES FLOODED: Belarus: 267,000 Ha  -- Ukraine: 300,000 Ha
1993-044 Southern and western Japan Kyushu Island - Prefectures: Kagoshima, Miyazaki. Cities: Oita, Kagoshima. Yoshinocho area. -- Honshu Island - Yamaguchi. -- Shikoku Island - Kochi 7/28/93 8/7/1993 11 73 5,000   Heavy rain See notes   1   TsoCpSe*  20,750                  3.5 "A seasonal rain front remained over a wide area of the the Japanese archipelago" CAUSE:Heavy rains causing flooding and landslides followed by Typhoon Robyn on Aug 10 
1993-043 Russia - Buryatia Buryatia (a republic in southern Siberia in the Transbaikal area) - Districts: Kyakhtinsky, Dzhidinsky, Selenginsky, Kaban, Tarbagai. Villages: Naushki, Khoronkhoi, Ust-Kyakhta, Deben, Yenkhor, Shana, Yekha-Tsagan. also villages near Ulan Ude city. Rivers: Selenga, Dzhida, Djida, Cheka. 7/31/93 8/12/1993 13 4 30,000 $700,000,000 Brief torrential rain     2 3,500,000  CSs* 122,300                17.9 "Coming hard on the heels of a drought, the floods southwest of Lake Baikal have left some 8,000 houses, 9,000 country homes and 1,200 kilometers (720 miles) of roads under water and forced authorities to evacuate low-lying areas of Ulan Ude, the republic's capital," CAUSE:Continuous torrential rains in Mongolia
1993-042 China Sichuan Province - Leshan city, Leshan prefecture. Emeishan city, Mount Emei area 7/27/93 8/1/1993 6 41 7,000 $27,000,000 Heavy rain     1 3,000  Tszo 9,500                  1.7 "The record rainfall cut off all access roads to Emei City, a popular tourist destination, when it dropped 21 inches (52 mm) of rain in as many hours and inundated the city's railway station with 5 feet (1.5 m) of floodwater. " CAUSE:Three days heavy rain
1993-041 China  Inner Mongolia - Chifeng City area, Jarun Banner. Olji Moron river 7/26/93 8/15/1993 21 72 200,000 $220,000,000 Heavy rain   Olji Moron river highest levels since 1958  2   CSs*  56,900                14.5 "Inner Mongolia's Olji Moron river is also overflowing its banks, carrying water at the highest flood level since monitoring began in 1958, Xinhua said."   End date approximateCAUSE:Heavy rains
1993-040 Ethiopia  Southeastern part of country. Also Gambellar region in southwest      1   120,000   Heavy rain     1 15,000 Tpu                      -   "ethiopia has witnessed heavy and abnormal rains since april in many parts of the country, especially in its southeastern part. as a result, many rivers have overflown their banks, destroying farms, causing losses of life and extensive damage to property" CAUSE: Heavy rains
1993-039 China  Jiangxi Province - northeast area, Jiujiang city and 9 towns. -- Hunan Province - Xiangjiang, Zijiang and Yuanjiang river areas. Li Shui River valley. Counties: Yongshun, Sangzhi. Cities: Dayong, Changde. -- Guangxi - Hechi and Liuzhou prefectures. Liujiang River flooded in Liuzhou city. Wuzhou city at the confluence of Xijiang, Xunjiang and Guijiang rivers. 7/3/93 7/31/1993 29 367 1,003,000 $570,000,000 Heavy rain     1 711,000  Tszo 19,000                  4.6 Jiangxi - "... several rivers in northeast Jiangxi to break their banks ... Nine towns with 210,000 residents were marooned by flood waters" -- Hunan -"floods in central Hunan province had killed 78 people in 10 days" ... "some 72 counties, 1,555 towns and townships and 17,270 villages in the province were affected by floods"  -- Guangxi -"the region experienced record torrential rains for five days in succession ... the hilly city of wuzhou at the confluence of xijiang, a tributary of the pearl river, xunjiang and guijiang rivers has suffered the most. streets, markets, storage facilities and the port in the eastern part of the city are flooded" DAMAGE: Jiangxi: 205,000,000 -- Hunan: 175,000,000 -- Guangxi: 190,000,000 FATALITIES: Jiangxi: 42 -- Hunan: 129 -- Guangxi: 196 DISPLACED4/17/2003 Jiangxi: 210,000 -- Hunan: 500,000 -- Guangxi: 293,000 -- CAUSE:Rains which fell from July 1-5. More rains in Hunan starting Jul 17. HECTARES FLOODED: Hunan: 646,000 ha -- Guangxi: 65,000 ha
1993-038 France  Loire and Beaujolais areas. Town of Jassans. Rhone River at Villefranche-sur-Saone in Rhone region. The Vienne river spilled its banks at Limoges. Lot River at Villeneuve-sur-Lot. 7/6/93 7/6/1993 1 2 100   Brief torrential rain     1    TsuCs 2,740                  0.0 "Torrential rains and egg-sized hail pummeled southwestern France Monday night and early today, flooding rivers, sweeping away campsites, damaging the Beaujolais vineyards and killing two people. " CAUSE:Torrential rains
1993-037 North India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan  India -- Punjab State (4,741 villages and 44 towns were inundated)- Districts: Amritsar, Gurdaspur, Ropar, Mansa, Ferozpure, Ludhiana. Towns: Patiala, Chandigarh, Ropar. Rivers: Ravi, Beas, Satluj. --Himachal Pradesh State - flash flood reported on Jul 8 in villages of Swar and Devgarh in Chohar Valley of Mandi District. --Haryana State - Districts: Hissar, Sonipat. Tohana and Jakhal areas, Jind, Kaithal, Karnal, Faridabad, Panipat, Sirsa. Rivers: Ghaghhar, Yamuna. --Jammu Kashmir State - Jhelum river at Srinagar city. --Assam State - Kamrup District. at least 50 villages submerged in Barak Valley. Brahmaputra River. -- Gujarat State - Sabarmati river --West Bengal State - Jalpaiguri district -- Bihar State - Jamshedpur town, Rivers: Subarnarekha, Kharkhai. -- other states - Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Madhya Pradesh, Tripura. -- Nepal -- (flooding first reported on July 18) Districts: Makawanpur, Sharlahi, Taplejung, Panchthar, Kavrepalan-Chowk, Sindhuli, Chitawan, Rautahat, Dhading, Ramechhap, Okhaldhu Nga, Palpa, Sirahna, Dhanusa. Towns: Palung Bazar, Panchthar, Daman, Gaur. Katmandu isolated by floods. Rivers: Narayani, Trishuli, Bagmati, Palung, Manahara. -- Bangaldesh -- Northeastern Meghna River Basin and Southeastern Hill Basin. Chittagong Region. Districts: Bogra, Sirajganj, Netrokona, Pabna, Sirajganj, Sylhet, Brahmanbaria, Hobiganj, Cox's Bazar, Feni, Comilla, Khagrachari, Bandarban, Rangamati, Maulvibazar, Habiganj and Sunamganj. Rivers: Meghna, Padma and Jamuna. -- Pakistan -- Punjab Province districts of Narowal, Lahore, Sailkot, Kasur, Muzaffargarh, Gujranwala, Sailkot, Faisalabad, Multan, Khanewal, Lodhran, Rajanpur, Sheikhupura, Rahimyarkhan, Jhang, Bhawalnagar. Rivers: Chenab, Ravi and Sutlej. 7/8/93 8/13/1993 37 3,083 9,370,926 $100,000,000 Monsoonal rain   "worst in five years in the states of Punjab and Haryana" -- Nepal "most severe flooding there in 58 years" ... "worst flooding and landslides in 60 years" 2 4,527,013 Tszo  531,500                52.7 India - "in the northern state of Punjab, where the heaviest rain in two decades left 16 people dead over the weekend, and flooded two-thirds of Patiala city and some 1,100 villages." -- July 24 "Nearly half of Bangladesh was under water Saturday after six days of relentless rain, and the death toll in four weeks of flooding throughout South Asia jumped to 2,100 people"  -- Aug 13 "While floodwaters have receded from the plains of the north, India's heartland, parts of the northeastern state of Assam still remain inundated." -- Aug 29 - "Monsoon floods have begun subsiding throughout Bangladesh" DAMAGE: India: nd -- Nepal: 100,000,000 -- Bang: nd FATALITIES: India: 1050 -- Nepal: 1800 -- Bang: 218 -- Pakistan: 15CAUSE:Unusually heavy monsoonal rain HECTARES FLOODED: Iia: 800,000 hectares -- Nepal: 24,000 acres -- Bang: 28,742 square kilometers. 520,000 ha -- Pakistan: 798,315 Acres
1993-036 Mexico - Hurricane Calvin Mexico's Pacific coast - Oaxaca state: Oaxacan coast, Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Acapulco. Manzanillo-Puerto Vallarta region. 7/5/93 7/7/1993 3 28 30,000   Heavy rain See notes   1    Tso 147,700                  4.2 "The government news agency said 16 of the dead were from the states of Mexico and San Luis Potosi, where heavy rains caused mud and rock slides in the mountains of the central plateau." CAUSE:Heavy rain causing coastal river flooding and mud and rock slides 
1993-035 Philippines - Typhoon Koryn  Luzon Island - Provinces: Pampanga, Tarlac, and Zambales. Mount Pinatubo area. Towns/cities: Baguio City, Manila, Concepcion 6/26/93 6/28/1993 3 5 22,700   Monsoonal rain See notes   1    Tpz 19,660                  1.5 "More than 22,700 people fled rivers of mud and ash cascading down Mount Pinatubo volcano Saturday in floods triggered by typhoon Koryn." CAUSE:Typhoon rains trigger lahar 
1993-034 US Midwest  States: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas - in nine states along the mississippi, 479 counties have been declared flood disaster areas. -- Iowa - Towns: Davenport, Burlington, Iowa City, Eddyville, Ottumwa, Fredonia, Columbus Junction, Wapello, Coralville, Des Moines. Rivers: Iowa, Des Moines, Mississippi, Raccoon, Cedar. (all 99 Iowa counties federal disaster areas) -- Illinois - Towns: Niota, Meyer, East Hannibal, Hull,Valmeyer, Gulfport, Pontoosuc, Hamilton, East Dubuque, Oquawka, Grafton, Mosier, Hamburg, Keithsburg, Meyer, Quincy, Grafton, Prairie du Rocher. Rivers: Rock, Mississippi, Illinois, Big Muddy. -- Missouri - Towns: Alexandria, Gregory Landing, West Quincy, Annada, West Alton, McBride, Winfield, Peruque, Crystal City, Barnhart, Jefferson City, Lemay, Defiance, Waldron, Chesterfield. Rivers: Missouri, Mississippi. -- Wisconsin -towns: Prairie du Chien, Rivers: Mississippi. -- Nebraska, - June 28 lowland flooding was reported along the Missouri River in Nebraska from Plattsmouth to Rulo. -- Eastern South Dakota - Town: Dell Rapids along the Big Sioux River. -- North Dakota - Fargo and Moorhead, Minn, Red River 6/24/93 8/23/1993 61 48 31,000 $12,000,000,000 Heavy rain   "worst floods in 500 years" -- "New all-time record-high stream flows were set at 42 streamflow -gaging stations on 33 streams in seven states during the recent flood in the upper Mississippi River basin ... All-time record-high flows -- some more than twice the previous record -- were measured on streams in Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Wisconsin ... 100-year floods, were exceeded at 46 stations in 9 states" 3 4,766,091  TsuCpSe* 445,000                82.3 At the end of June the Mississippi River is closed to navigation over a 500 mile stretch from the Twin Cities in Minnesota to St. Louis. By July 7 the Mississippi River had sprawled seven miles outside its banks north of St. Louis and thousands had been evacuated in Minnesota , Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. -- On July 19 the first crest of the Mississippi River at St Louis is 46.9 feet. On July 21 the Mississippi rises to a new record level (47.1 feet) at St Louis. It is described as a "flat, broad crest" that extends 200 miles from Grafton, Ill., to Cape Girardeau, Mo. By July 30 the Missouri River has knocked out or closed all but one bridge for the more than 200 miles between Kansas City and St Louis. On August 1 the Mississippi crested again at St Louis at another record level of 49.58 feet. -- On August 23 barge traffic resumed on the upper Mississippi. On September 13 the Mississippi River fell below flood stage, it was at 29.9 feet at St. Louis. This marked a record 80th straight day that the Mississippi River was above flood stage at St. Louis. -- "The Great Flood of 1993 broke through or topped 1,082 of the 1,576 levees in the Missouri and upper Mississippi river basins. The levees sustained hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. "CAUSE:"In the three months from April through June the Upper Mississippi River basin averaged 16 inches of rain, 5 inches more than normal for the period," -- "direct cause of the 1993 flooding was a persistent and unusual weather pattern causing storm after storm after storm to inundate the region"HECTARES FLOODED: "flooded more than 16,000 square miles of farmla" Jul 18. -- "41,600 square kilometers of soybean, corn a wheat farmla uer water" Jul 21. -- Mississippi River flooded 276,000 acres along the 200-mile stretch from Hannibal south to Cape Girardeau
1993-033 Russia  City of Barnaul and nearby rural areas. Ob River               Snowmelt See notes        CSs* 3,540   "THE WATER LEVEL HAS EXCEEDED THE NORMAL ONE BY OVER ONE METRE ... FLOODING FIELDS AND WASHING OFF HOUSES, ROADS AND STREETS" CAUSE:Melting snow and continuous rain 
1993-032 Texas and Mexico - Tropical storm Arlene  Mexico - States: Campeche, Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Veracruz, Guerrero, Tamaulipas, Puebla and Oaxaca. -- South and East Texas - Willacy County, town of Raymondville; Starr County, 6/21/93 6/23/1993 3 9 12,000         1    Tso 168,800                  4.5 "Three rivers overran their banks in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz, leaving more than 1,840 people homeless" ... "The navy announced that emergency plans had been placed in effect in Campeche and the southeastern states of Yucatan and Quintana Roo, where at least 10,000 people had been displaced by flooding" FATALITIES: Mexico: 7 -- Texas: 2 DISPLACED: Mexico: 10,000 -- Texas: 2000 CAUSE: nd
1993-031 Eastern China Zhejiang Province - floods in more than one third of the province. -- Jiangxi Province - washed out farmland in 36 counties. -- Hunan Province - Yiyang, Changde, Yueyang and Changsha areas. Jingzhou and Tongdao counties. Xiangjiang River. -- Fujian Province - northern section. -- Anhui Province. -- Rivers: Upper reaches of the Qiantang, Minjiang, Wujiang and Yuanjiang rivers; tributaries of the Pearl river; Ganjiang and Xiangjiang rivers, two tributaries of the Yangtze 6/15/93 7/8/1993 24 132 375,000 $860,000,000 Heavy rain     1 1,346,400 Tszo  432,800                20.9 Zhejiang - "In some parts of Zhejiang province, a foot of rain has fallen since June 14"  -- Jiangxi - "During that period, 187 millimetres (7.4 inches) of rain fell, quickly swelling rivers which flooded 353,700 hectares (873,600 acres) of farm land and destroyed 43,600 homes." -- Hunan - "most of central china's hunan province has been hit by heavy rainstorms since june 30" ... "in changsha, capital of the province, more than 3,000 houses in the western and southern parts of the city have been inundated."  -- Fujian -"floods in the northern section of fujian province destroyed hundreds of houses, roads, bridges and irrigation works" DAMAGE: Zhejiang: 526,000,000 -- Jiangxi: 260,000,000 -- Fujian: 74,000,000 FATALITIES: Zhejiang: 38  -- Jiangxi: 61 -- Hunan: 33 DISPLACED: Zhejiang: 355,000 -- Jiangxi: 20,000CAUSE:Heavy rains across eastern china between June 11 and 20 and continuing in early JulyHECTARES FLOODED:Zhejiang: 828,000 ha -- Jiangxi: 353,700 ha -- Hunan:160,000 ha  -- Fujian: 4,700 ha
1993-030 Russia  Urals/Sverdlovsk Region - Districts of Serov and Krasnotyurinsk. Dam break on Kavka River in Serov city on June 14 6/13/93 6/17/1993 5 15 3,000 $42,978,403 Heavy rain See notes   1    CSse* 23,270                  2.5 DAMAGE: 40BN RUBLES. 1993 exchange rate=930.70CAUSE:Heavy rains and snowmelt 
1993-029 UK  East Coast of Ireland - Dublin County: Baldoyle. Louth County: Nanny River at Duleek. -- SW England - West Country counties of Devon and Cornwall. Towns: Bideford, Bude. East Lyn River. -- Wales - Towns: Llandudno, Conwy, Cardigan. Deganwy. Rivers: Conwy, Teifi 6/11/93 6/13/1993 3 8 2,500 $30,000,000 Heavy rain   "some of the worst flooding this century"  2    C 4,400                  1.5 "Cars and caravans were swept away as torrential rain brought chaos to many parts of the country today. Worst hit was west Wales where the "storm of the century" forced 500 residents in the seaside town of Llandudno to flee their homes in the face of the rising flood waters" ... "Wales and the West Country were the worst hit by a 30-hour deluge in which some areas notched almost seven inches of rain - three times the average total for a normal June month."CAUSE:Rainstorms 
1993-028 Southeast China  Guangdong Province - Guangzhou and Shenzen areas, fifteen towns. -- Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region - Prefectures: Liuzhou, Guilin, Wuzhou, Yilin, Hechi and Qinzhou. Wuzhou City on the Xijiang River. -- Guizhou Province. -- Fujian Province - western section -  5/25/93 6/30/1993 37 180 17,150,000 $372,200,000 Heavy rain     1 145,000 Tszo  444,800                24.1 Guangdong -"Fifteen towns and districts in the economically expanding region were hit by heavy rain, with precipitation totalling 585 millimetres. Some areas were under two metres (6.6 feet) of water"  -- Guangxi: "The Xijiang has been above danger level since June 20 and has flooded more than 20 thousand households and large areas of farmland around the city," -- Fujian - "Storms from June 1 to 9 destroyed more than 3,000 houses, irrigation facilities and large areas of farmland in western Fujian" DAMAGE: Guangdong:  $330,000,000 -- Guangxi: $21,700,000 -- Fujian: $20,500,000 FATALITIES: Guangdong: 84  -- Guangxi: 66 -- Guizhou: 11 -- Fujian:19' DISPLACED: Guangdong: 700,000 -- Guangxi: 1,000,000 -- Fujian 15,000CAUSE:Heavy rains HECTARES FLOODED: 145,000 ha in Guangdong 
1993-027 Northeast India and Bangladesh India - States: Tripura, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram. Districts: Barak Valley, Darimganj, Hailakandi, Khowai, Teliamura, Karimgang, Kailasahar, Dhalai, Kamalpur, Kancharmpur and Dharmanagar. Rivers: Brahmaputra, Barak, Singra, Kathkal, Manu. -- Bangladesh - districts of Habiganj, Sylhet, Sunamganj, Zakiganj, Moulavibazar,. Feni, Chittagong, Cox's Bazar. Towns: Sylhet, Habiganj and Maulvi Bazar. Rivers: Brahmaputra-Meghna, Khowai, Manu, Dhalai, Kushyara, Surma. 6/4/93 6/22/1993 19 238 950,000 $28,600,000 Monsoonal rain   Assam - "worst reported in a decade"  1 60,703  Tszo 259,000                15.0 India: "vast stretches of paddy fields have been inundated in the district as all the rivers are flowing at the extreme danger level. road communication, train services and water and power supply were disrupted by the flash flood caused by incessant rains during the last few days"  DAMAGE: India: 28,600,000 -- Bang: nd FATALITIES: India: 18 -- Bang: 220 DISPLACED: India: 700,000 -- Bang: 250,000CAUSE:Heavy downpours well ahead of the monsoon season in India and Bangladesh is causing this early flooding -- HECTARES FLOODED: Bang: 150,000 acres 
1993-026 Tiawan  Miaoli and Taichung counties; Taipei  6/2/93 6/6/1993 5 10   $53,000,000 Heavy rain See notes   1    Tszo 7,750                  1.4 "Recent heavy rains in central Taiwan have triggered landslides and flooding in many lowland areas ... floods have also damaged farm land, fishing ponds, plantations, roads, bridges and railways in central and southern Taiwan" CAUSE:Heavy rains causing landslides and flooding 
1993-025 Haiti and Cuba Haiti - Cayes and Gonaives. -- Cuba - eastern provinces 5/31/93 6/2/1993 3 20 40,000   Brief torrential rain     1    Tpo 73,170                  3.0 FATALITIES:  Haiti: 13 -- Cuba: 7 DISPLACED: Cuba: 40,000 CAUSE:Several days of torrential rains 
1993-024 Southern Sri Lanka  Columbo, Southern Kalutara, Galle, Matara and Ratnapura areas. 5/28/93 6/7/1993 11 8 100,000 $310,000 Monsoonal rain     1    Tpz 13,960                  2.8 June 5 "heavy rains were the result of the depression in the bay of bengal and that the heavy rains followed by stormy winds will continue for few more days" CAUSE:Monsoon rains
1993-023 Somalia  Upper Shabelle area, Rakeyle Omar Gudle. Jelib area south of Mogadishu.  Shabelle River 5/29/93 6/15/1993 18       Heavy rain   worst in 20 years 1    Tpz 90,680                  8.7 "The banks were washed out last November, causing major flooding in an area that once was one of Somalia's breadbaskets. An irrigation and reservoir system has fallen into disrepair over the past two years, adding to the problems"   End date approximateCAUSE:Heavy rain 
1993-022 Kazakhstan Atyrauskaya Region - Districts: Embinskyi, Kzylkoginskyi, Denizskyi. Flooding also in Zapadna-Kazakhstanskaya and Aktjubinskaya Regions. 5/26/93 6/4/1993 10 10 30,000 $36,531,643 Snowmelt See notes   1 60,400  CpSe 213,200                10.6 End date approxi,mate. Exchange rate in 1993 =930.70CAUSE:Melting snow and heavy rains
1993-021 Jamaica  Clarendon, St Catherine, Portland, Kingston, St Thomas, St Andrew, Westmoreland, Trelawny. 5/19/93 6/1/1993 14 8 1,600 $18,000,000 Heavy rain     1    Tpo 3,200                  1.5  
1993-020 Argentina  Buenos Aires Province - Salado River overflows. Towns: Junin, General Viamonte, Castelli, General Pinto, Las Flores, General Belgrano, Chascoms, 25 De Mayo, Roque Perez, General Villeges. 5/11/93 5/15/1993 5     $400,000,000 Heavy rain     1 4,000,000  TsoCp 247,100                  8.0 extensive agricultural damage. End date approxiamteCAUSE:Heavy rains 
1993-019 Tajikistan Kofarnikhon district; Dushambe city. Vakhsh River 5/7/93 5/8/1993 2   9,000 $8,400,000       1    Cs 20,200                  1.0 "Flooding caused by heavy rain destroyed 3,000 homes, unleashed mud slides and caused millions of dollars in damage" CAUSE: nd
1993-018 Southern China  Guangdong Province - Bei River overflowed in 35 counties. 5/1/93 5/7/1993 7 65 3,000 $903,000,000       1 971  TsoCp 72,700                  5.2 "The Beijiang (Bei River) overflowed after 35 counties in the province received more than 100 millimeters (four inches) of rain in the past week" ... "The floods also destroyed telecommunications facilities, power lines, dams and irrigation works,"CAUSE: nd
1993-017 Chile  Southeast part of Santiago city. Channels Las Perdices and San Carolos overflow 5/3/93 5/3/1993 1 21 1,225 $12,500,000 Heavy rain     1    Cp 1,200                  0.0  
1993-016 Northwest Columbia  Taparto River burst overflowed near town of Andes in Antioquia Department. Flooding also reported in departments of: Amazonas, Meta, Tolima, Boyaca and Narino. 4/26/93 5/1/1993 6 55 2,000   Brief torrential rain See notes   1 2,000  Tpz 20                  0.1 "THE FLASH FLOODS AFFECTED A MOUNTAINOUS AREA OF ABOUT 20 SQUARE KILOMETRES IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF ANDES" CAUSE:Flash floods and landslides 
1993-015 Ecuador  Municipality of Quito, Pichincha mountain area. In southeast Ecuador - mudslide blocks the Paute river in Rio Paute zone in Azuay province 4/15/93 4/15/1993 1 77 25,000   Brief torrential rain See notes   1    Tpz 2,500                  0.0 "So far, several weeks of intense rains have caused seven deaths and dozens of injuries, along with the destruction of hundreds of houses and roads, in this city of a little over 1.5 million inhabitants"  End date approximateCAUSE:Torrential rains causing flooding and mudslides 
1993-014 Eastern Iran Two villages east of the town of Nahbandan in Khorasan Province. 4/17/93 4/17/1993 1 1 8,000         1    Cs 5,300                  0.1 "Floods devastated two villages in eastern Iran ... About 800 houses were destroyed and 1,700 damaged, and at least 8,000 families were driven from their homes" CAUSE:nd
1993-013 US Midwest  Eastern Nebraska - Counties: Boyd, Butler, Colfax, Cuming, Dodge, Merrick, Platte, Sarpy, Saunders, Seward and Stanton. Towns: West Branch, Ashland, West Point, Wood River, Thomas Lake area, Grand Island Rivers: Platte, Elkhorn, Loup and Wood rivers 3/7/93 3/12/1993 6 2 1,500   Snowmelt See notes worst flooding in 15 years (since 1978) 1   TsuCpSe* 25,230                  2.8 "Ice floes have dammed sections of the Elkhorn, Wood, Loup and Platte rivers, sending water coursing through farm fields, over roads and into basements." ... "A 25-mile stretch of Interstate 80 between Omaha and Lincoln was closed early Wednesday"CAUSE:Runoff from melting snow and ice jams
1993-012 US West  Southwestern Arizona - Yuma County: Wellton- Mohawk Valley. 90-mile stretch of the Gila River  2/23/93 3/6/1993 12 1 1,600 $80,000,000 Heavy rain See notes   1 14,164 Tsu  7,400                  2.1 "Heavy rains has forced billions of gallons of water over the Painted Rock Dam on the Gila River, flooding an estimated 10,000 acres of lush farmland in western Arizona and forcing several thousand people from their homes." CAUSE:Dam release due to a month of extensive rainfall in Arizona
1993-011 Northeastern Tanzania Ten villages in Lushoto and Korogwe Districts of the Tanga Region. 2/8/93 2/12/1993 5 54 2,900 $3,500,000 Heavy rain See notes   1   Tpz  42,100                  3.3 "the government has also banned tree harvesting in catchment areas, river banks and valleys, he added. he said it is scientifically believed that the recent floods in the country were a result of indiscriminate felling of trees." CAUSE:Flash floods  caused by unusually heavy rain
1993-010 Southern Yemen   Provinces: Aden, Lahej, Abyan 2/5/93 2/10/1993 6 31 2,500   Heavy rain     1    Tpu 61,490                  4.4 "the flooding was caused by heavy seasonal rain in mountainous regions in southern parts of the arabian peninsula" CAUSE:Heavy rain
1993-009 Indonesia Java Island - northern coast from Indramayu District in West Java to Gresik District in East Java.   2/5/1993   54 259,000 $19,000,000 Monsoonal rain     1 45,000 Tpz  19,200    
1993-008 Southern Philippines Mindanao Island - Provinces: Agusan, Surigao, Davao del Norte. Cities: Surigao Butuan. Agusan River. --  Leyte island - town of San Juan 2/1/93 2/5/1993 5 23 90,000 $37,000,000 Monsoonal rain     1   Tpz  23,140                  2.4 "surigao and butuan cities, eight towns in agusan norte, and nine towns in agusan sur were under water as the agusan river breached its bank," CAUSE:Weeklong monsoon rains 
1993-007 Southern Iran  Iran - Provinces: Kirman, Boir, Kohkiloye, Fars, Khuzistan and Khorasan; Bushehr, Yazd, Isfahan, Lorestan. Cities most hit: Birjand, Ganveh, Darab, Bandar Abbass, Bandar-Lengeh, Lengeh, Bastak and Lar. Khorramabad area; Jahrai, Zohreh and Kkashkan rivers. -- As of Feb 22 heavy rain still falling in Boir, Bushehr, Fars and Khuzistan. 2/3/93 2/22/1993 20 500 300,000 $1,000,000,000 Heavy rain See notes "the worst in 20 years."  1 250,000 Cs  625,200                23.7 "flooding in iran brought on by storms this week killed at least six people, damaged bridges, swamped villages and cut power supply, according to state-run iranian radio monitored here today"  -- "FLOODS HAVE CAUSED EXTENSIVE DAMAGE IN 11 PROVINCES, 50 CITIES AND 6,000 VILLAGES"CAUSE:'Unprecedented' heavy rains casuing flooding and landslides
1993-006 US South  Southern Louisiana - Lafayette Parish, Covington, Baton Rouge, Opelousas, Lafayette, Bogalusa. Rivers: Vermilion, Tchefuncte and Bogue Falaya. -- Southern Mississippi - Pearl River County, Hobolochiatto Creek floods Picayune 1/20/93 1/21/1993 2 0 200   Brief torrential rain   "This is the worst we've had since the 1940 flood,"  2   Tsu  42,380                  2.9 "A storm dumped more than 10 inches of rain on the area Wednesday ... Streets and homes were flooded from Lafayette to Bogalusa" ... ""At one point, some Lafayette homes along the Vermilion River had water up to the second story. Jan 20CAUSE:Torrential rain 
1993-005 UK Central Scotland - Perthshire area, Perth, Kinross, North Muirton estate, Stirling, Tayside. River Tay 1/15/93 1/18/1993 4 0 500   Snowmelt See notes "surpassed previous record-breaking floods of 1990"  1   2,045                  0.6 ""The flooding has been caused by the combination of heavy rainfall and a rapid thaw of earlier snow. "Large areas of land have been inundated and many properties have been flooded, requiring temporary evacuation of occupants."" CAUSE:Melting snow combined with torrential rain 
1993-004 Northwestern Mexico and US Southwest Mexico - Baja California area: Tijuana, Colonia Los Laureles, Colonia Gavilondo, Tecate, Ensenada, Mexicali. Tijuana River. -- Southern California - San Diego County: San Diego's South Bay area, San Ysidro, Camp Pendleton. Tijuana River. San Bernardino County: Mojave River. Riverside County: Temecula, Murrieta and Canyon Lake flooded by Murietta Creek. Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County. -- Southeastern Arizona - Gila River at towns of Duncan and Winkelman. Salt River. San Francisco River at Clifton. 1/6/93 1/20/1993 15 36 11,215 $164,000,000 Heavy rain   Tijuana: "worst flooding in 15 years" -- Arizona - worst flooding since 1983 1   TsoCs 24,000                  4.2 "The most extensive damage occurred in San Diego's South Bay area and Tijuana just across the border, where as much as 10 feet of water flooded city streets" ... "Baja tourism officials said Tuesday that Highway 1 was heavily damaged last week from Ensenada to La Paz, a distance of 850 miles on the 1,066-mile highway. " -- Jan 15 "Dams overflowed, rivers surged and flood watches were posted Friday across Southern California as another storm moved in from the Pacific, continuing more than a week of heavy rain." "As more rain and some thunderstorms continued to hit the state, many dams and reservoirs were spilling over. In a rare occurance for California, which was in its seventh year of drought, flood control officials began releasing dam water as a precautionary measure. " FATALITIES: Mexico: 28 -- CA: 8 DISPLACED: Mexico: 10,000 -- CA: 115 -- AZ: 1100CAUSE:"relentless storm system that has hovered over California and the Pacific for about 20 days. Southern California has seen rain almost daily since the year began"
1993-003 Northwest Colombia Antioquia Department, town of Murindo, Turriquitado River 1/5/93 1/5/1993 1 16           1   Tpz 26,800                  0.2 "The flooding Turriquitado River swept through the low-lying town of Murindo in Antioquia department,"CAUSE:nd
1993-002 Southern Iran Hormuzgan province. 1/3/93 1/6/1993 4 10     Heavy rain     1   Cs 103,100                  4.5 Begin date approximateCAUSE:Three days of heavy rain
1993-001 Fiji and Solomon Islands - Cyclones Kina & Nina Fiji - Viti Levu Island Chain; Suva city, Labasa 1/1/93 1/3/1993 3 21 10,000 $64,000,000 Tropical cyclone     1   Tpo 9,800                  1.1 "Kina was the second cyclone to strike Fiji in four weeks" DAMAGE:Fiji: 64,000,000CAUSE:Cyclone rains
Yearly Totals or Averages     8.1    7,453    35,102,006 $20,759,890,046                21,705,871           6,184,385  
An archive number is assigned to any flood that appears to be "large": significant damage to structures or agriculture, long intervals since the last similar event, and/or fatalities
*Severity assessment is on 1-3 scale
Class I: large flood events: significant damage to structures or agriculture; fatalities; and/or 1-2 decades-long reported interval since the last similar event. 
Class 2: very large events: greater than 20 yr but less than 100 year recurrence interval, and/or a local recurrence interval of at 10-20 yr.
Class 3: Extreme events: with an estimated recurrence interval greater than 100 years
**Flood Magnitude = ln(duration) * severity class * sqrt(affected region)/100 {if duration=1, then duration is set at 1.1 for this calculation.}
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