DFO 2004-075

Flooding and Debris Flows: 5/23/04 - 5-25-04

Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Puerto Rico



Detailed Locations:
Dominican Republic - Jimani (white "x" in foreground, above), Malpaso.
Haiti - Jacmel, Fond Verrette, Mopou, Grand Gosier.
Northern Puerto Rico - San Juan area. Carolina, Loiza

Dominican Republic-Soleil

At least 502 killed and hundreds missing in Haiti and the Dominican Republic after 10 days of heavy rain caused floods and landslides. About 450 homes flooded throughout the Dominican Republic. "floods were some of the deadliest in a decade"
Widespread flooding in northern Puerto Rico

Images: NASA ASTER images, 15 m resolution, false color composites, before and after. Also SRTM shaded relief map, illustrating pre-flood topography.

Link to ASTER images and flood water mapping for Mapou Region, Haiti, May 30, 2004

Map preparation and image analysis: Robert Brakenridge. ASTER data courtesy Dr. Timothy Gubbels, Science Systems and Applications, Inc. and NASA's Land Processes DAAC

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