DFO 2003-267

Flooding: 11/10/03 - 11/26/03

Caribbean - Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands

Detailed Locations:
Puerto Rico - eastern parts of the island. Towns: Guayama, Salinas, Maunabo and Santa Isabel. Ciales.
U.S. Virgin Islands - island of Saint Croix
Dominican Republic - Santiago, Montecristi, San Francisco de Macoris, Puerto Plata, Bajo Yaque

Puerto Rico - La Plata, Aibonito.
Dominican Republic - Yaque, Amina and Yuna rivers.

Heavy rains cause floods and landslides. Puerto Rico: "At least 10 rivers throughout the island overflowed and landslides made more than 30 roads and 15 bridges impassable" "The storm has dumped at least 15-18 inches of rain in Puerto Rico and 10-15 inches in the U.S. Virgin Islands since Sunday"
Dominican Republic: Worst rains in 20 years. 50 villages isolated by flooding north of Santo Domingo. 10 killed. 47,270 evacuees. 195,000 "tareas" of crops are lost.
MODIS observations of flooding along the Yaque de Norte River near Santiago on November 16, 17, 18, 20, 23, 25

Dead: 12 Displaced: 48,000 Damages: $15,500,000 Affected Region ( sq km): 21,400 Severity Class* : 1 Flood Magnitude**: 4.1 MODIS flood inundation limit file names***:


Map preparation and image analysis: Elaine Anderson

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