DFO 2003-253

Flooding: 10/12/03 - 10/16/03

Southern Texas - Rio Grande and Nueces Rivers

Detailed Locations:
Southern Texas - counties: Cameron, Brooks, Hidalgo and Starr. Towns: Brownsville, Falfurrias, Encino, Rio Grande City.

Nueces and Rio Grande Rivers

Southern Texas receives 6 to 10 inches of rain, "precipitation was generated from upper-level disturbances moving in from Baja California". Evacuations in Falfurrias area in Brooks county. Encino: "This weekend's flooding was worse than when Hurricane Beulah hit in September 1967"
MODIS observation of flooding along Nueces River on October 14, 15.

Dead: no data Displaced: 50 Damages: no data Affected Region ( sq km): 62,960 Severity Class* : 2 Flood Magnitude**: 7.0 MODIS flood inundation limit file names***:


Map preparation and image analysis: Elaine Anderson

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