DFO 2003-184

Flooding: 07/28/03 - 08/21/03

Northeastern Sudan - Kassala City and State

Detailed Locations:
Northastern Sudan - Kassala state - Kassala city and surrounding area, Hadalia.
Western Eritrea - Teseney area, Gash Barka.

Rivers: Gash, Atbara and Siteet

Heavy rain in the Ethiopian mountains causes Gash river to overflow and break flood barriers built in 1988. 680 houses destroyed. "Gash river burst its banks and reached 2.7 metres on 29 July, the highest level ever recorded in the region during the past 70 years". 79 percent of Kassala city flooded, 80 percent of population is homeless (about 70,000 families). August 8 - Gash River remains high and rain continues in the Ethiopian and Eritrean plateaus. Water enters western part of Kassala again. August 18 - fresh flooding reported in Kassala, more than 100 houses destroyed. August 21 - life starting to return to normal in Kassala city.
Worst flooding in 40 years in Eritrea on Gash River; heavy losses in crops, vegetation and agricultural facilities in Teseney.

Dead: 20 Displaced: 325,000 Damages: $150,000,000 Affected Region ( sq km): 95,750 Severity Class* : 2 Flood Magnitude**: 19.9 MODIS flood inundation limit file names***:
July 24 - 29 - TRMM data showing heavy rain in the Ethiopian mountains to the southeast of Kassala, Sudan. Red polygon shows location of flooding.
July 24, 2003 July 25, 2003 July 26, 2003
July 27, 2003 July 28, 2003 July 29, 2003


Map preparation and image analysis: Elaine Anderson

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