DFO 2003-147

Flooding: 06/23/03 - ongoing

Yangtze River and Tributaries - Eastern and Central China

Flood Season - Heavy Rain - Levee Breaks

Detailed Locations:
Eastern, central and southern China - Yangtze basin
Zhejiang Province - Jinyun County - Lishui city.
Jiangxi Province - Xinjian county. Nanchang. Northern areas.
Sichuan Province - Chongqing, Ganzi, Aba, Guangyuan, Bazhong, Danba.
Jiangsu Province - Nanjing area
Hunan Province - Huaihua, Zhangjiajie
Hubei Province - Zigui, Wuhan area.
Shaanxi Province - Ningqiang County, Shaanxi
Guangxi Province -
Guizhou Province - Xishui district
Gansu Province - Zhang County

Yangtze River and tributaries:
Hunan - Lishui, Xiang, Li
Sichuan - Minjiang, Wujiang, Shouxi, Qinggan
Shaanxi - Hanjiang
Guizhou - Wujiang

Widespread floods and landslides. Jiangxi: 7,000 people rescued in Xinjian county. Sichuan: 20 dead, 14,000 houses destroyed in landslides. Guangxi: 15 dead and at least 17 missing in floods. Hunan: $ 217 million in economic losses. Guizhou: "mountain torrent engulfed 24 people". Hubei: landslides kill 13, 7 missing. July 4: 21 killed in landslides in Chongqing and Sichuan regions. July 10 - middle reaches of Yangtze River exceed the flood warning level . Yangtze tributary Lishui exceeds 1952 record levels at Jinshi. July 12 - Landslides kill 51 in Danba, Sichuan. July 14 - first major flood crest of Yangtze enters Jingjiang in Hubei Province, the river level is one meter above "warning level". July 15 - Lake Poyang level rises above "alert lines". July 16 - Worst flooding since 1964 in parts of of Sichuan and Shaanxi provinces. China total deaths this year from flooding and landslides: 609.

Dead: 430 Displaced: 1,500,000 Damages: $400,000,000 Affected Region ( sq km): 1,516,000 Severity Class* : 1 Flood Magnitude**: 39.0

MODIS flood inundation limit file names***:

above - Yangtze River and Dongting Lake in Hunan Province.
above - Yangtze River near Wuhan city in Hubei Province.
above - Yangtze River and Lake Poyang in Jiangxi Province.


Map preparation and image analysis: Elaine Anderson

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