DFO-2000-061 East India and Bangladesh
Medium Blue:
This flood event on September 24, 2000. See the downloadable Mapinfo export format vectors below the maps for data sources and dates. Within the vector file names, An=AVHRR 1 km night image; Ad=AVHRR 1 km day image, LB=Landsat 7 browse images; L7=Landsat 7 full resolution data; Rs=Radarsat Scansar; E=ERS SAR.
Dark blue lines or areas:
Digital Chart of the World hydrography streams, rivers, and lakes.
Map Preparation and Image analysis: Elaine Anderson

Inundation map based on AVHRR 4 km data from September 24, 2000.


Geocorrected AVHRR 4 km image from September 24, 2000 showing West Bengal, India and Bangladesh. Bands 1,2,3 in R,G,B.


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