DFO-2000-037 Northeast India
This flood event on August 6, 2000. See the downloadable Mapinfo export format vectors below the maps for data sources and dates.
Within the vector file names, An=AVHRR 1 km night image; Ad=AVHRR 1 km day image, LB=Landsat 7 browse images; L7=Landsat 7 full resolution data; Rs=Radarsat Scansar; E=ERS SAR.
Light Blue:
Maximum observed flooding, 1985-present, from multiple sensor sources. This data layer is still incomplete.
Black lines or areas:
Digital Chart of the World hydrography streams, rivers, and lakes.
Map Preparation and Image analysis: GR Brakenridge

Caption for above map: Location of Northeast India flooding on August 6, 2000, in blue. 1 km and 4 km Satellite data courtesy NOAA and topographic data courtesy USGS Eros Data Center.

Work is in progress. We have on a preliminary basis incorporated AVHRR 4 km data into inundation mapping for this flood event.

Download GIS vectors:



Caption for above map: Detail of flooded lands along the Brahmaputra on August 6, 2000 (dark blue) compared to previous flood limits. (light blue).


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