Flood Hydroclimatological Analysis

DFO 2000-31

Flooding: week of 6/19 to 6/25/00

Northern and Southeast Bangladesh

(1) 14 Day Precipitation History

TRMM TMI Quick Look Images, subsetted at Dartmouth from global mosaics prepared by Chris Kidd, NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center


TRMM TMI data show heavy rain in Bangladesh on June 17 and 19; and the 23rd through the 26th. Flooding was reported in the Kurigam district of northern Bangladesh on June 24, where 30 villages were inundated and the Darala River, a Bramaputra tributary, washed out more than 150 mud and straw huts along its banks. According to an AP press release there were over 237 mm of rain in a period of four days in Kurigam. Flooding was also reported in the Rangpur area on June 26, where 20,000 people were forced to flee from their homes.

Torrential rains also caused flash flooding in and around Chittagong in southeast Bangladesh on the 24th.

In these images:

Rainfall and snowfall: yellow and white areas (yellowish white is highest intensity precipitation)

Oceans: light blue (low water vapour) to dark blue (high water vapour)

More information: http://trmm.gsfc.nasa.gov/data/quicklook/quick_looks.html

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