Flood Hydroclimatological Analysis

DFO 2000-13

Flooding: 03/0?/00-03/17/00

South Africa, Eastern Cape Province

(1) 14 Day Precipitation History

TRMM TMI Quick Look Images, subsetted at Dartmouth from global mosaics prepared by Chris Kidd, NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center


TRMM TMI data show heavy rain in Eastern Cape Province on March 10, and also on the12th through the 16th. On March 17 an Agence France Presse article reported 11 deaths in the Magwala River outside Queenstown.

In these images:

Rainfall and snowfall: yellow and white areas (yellowish white is highest intensity precipitation)

Oceans: light blue (low water vapour) to dark blue (high water vapour)

More information: http://trmm.gsfc.nasa.gov/data/quicklook/quick_looks.html

03/08/00 03/09/00 03/10/00 03/11/00 03/12/00 03/13/00 03/14/00
03/15/00 03/16/00 03/17/00 03/18/00 03/19/00 03/20/00 03/21/00



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