Flood Hydroclimatological Analysis

DFO 2000-1

Flooding: 01/01/00-01/05/00

Southeastern Brazil

(1) 7 Day Precipitation History

TRMM TMI Quick Look Images, subsetted at Dartmouth from global mosaics prepared by Chris Kidd, NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center


TRMM TMI data show the line of storms that dumped heavy rain over the Brazilian cities of Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro during January 1 through 4, 2000; the line of storms can be seen to be thinning out by Jan 5. The several days of heavy rain caused mudslides and flooding in the states of Rio and Minas Gerais. The main highway between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo was closed for 21 hours, causing huge traffic backups in both directions.

In these images:

Rainfall and snowfall: yellow and white areas (yellowish white is highest intensity precipitation)

Oceans: light blue (low water vapour) to dark blue (high water vapour)

More information: http://trmm.gsfc.nasa.gov/data/quicklook/

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