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Photo of students in Berry Library

People - faculty, students, staff, alumni, neighbors - and the values they hold make Dartmouth what it is. But bricks and mortar are central in enabling our good work to go on. In the same way that our faculty need to remain current in their fields, so our facilities need to adapt to reflect the changing requirements of students and faculty. Science buildings constructed at the beginning of the last century no longer meet the needs of scientists working in the 21st century. Likewise, residence halls constructed 100 years ago can often no longer provide either the space or the amenities today's students expect. And for all of our buildings, there are new and complicated requirements to make them safe and accessible. The past five years have seen considerable expansion of the physical campus. As we have built, we have been mindful of our own needs and careful to reflect the campus aesthetic we steward and to be responsive to our neighbors. We have adopted the standards of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program of the United States Green Building Council for our future construction, and we have implemented extensive energy conservation and recycling programs.

New or significantly renovated facilities (in addition to the athletic facilities listed above) over the past five years include:


Student Life

Administrative and other facilities

These facilities have added immensely to the living and learning environment at the College. We continue to need additional housing to allow more students to live on campus and to relieve overcrowding. We need a new dining center as Thayer Hall and its systems are in desperate need of renewal. We need new facilities for the arts, the life sciences, computing, and engineering sciences. We need to move along the construction of Kemeny Hall for mathematics and the accompanying building for the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding, the Institute for the Study of Applied and Professional Ethics, and the Fannie and Alan Leslie '30 Center for the Humanities.

We also need to continue renovations on Dartmouth Row and to address needs in several of our other buildings such as Carpenter Hall. The Tuck School has plans for a residential and learning center for its MBA students. Although we have invested heavily in our athletic infrastructure, we also need a competition-quality soccer facility. As we identify funds, we will move forward with our plans in each of these areas.

Posted 8 December 2003
Photos by Joseph Mehling '69
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