Dartmouth and Its Neighbors

Dartmouth and Hanover have grown together for more than two centuries and the College has a deep interest in the community. Our faculty and staff live here, family members work in the community, they send their children to local schools, and they provide a market for local businesses. The Upper Valley is very much part of Dartmouth's identity and we are committed to being good neighbors.

Photo of children at Hood exhibit

To that end, we participated in discussions with the Dresden School Board and the Town of Hanover regarding a possible land transfer that would help meet the needs of the schools and the College. Ultimately, the school district, the Town of Hanover, and the College reached an agreement that benefited us all. We have also contributed financially toward preserving land near Mink Brook. In addition, local high school students take courses at Dartmouth and large numbers of community members take advantage of programs and lectures offered by the Hopkins Center, the Hood Museum, the Montgomery Endowment, and other Dartmouth departments.

Photo of children and performer at HopStop program

In the 1980s, we bought the old hospital site explicitly so as to expand to the north. We have plans for residence halls, a dining center, and a life sciences building in this area. As we build, we are committed to work with neighborhood groups to make changes to plans where we can and still meet our own needs. In 2003, Dartmouth also bought a piece of property close to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center on Route 120, which will provide the College with options for the longer term. We must continue to maintain a size and scale and openness that will protect the natural aesthetics and accessibility of the campus.

One of our top priorities is to provide reasonable housing - either for purchase or rent - for faculty, students, and staff in Hanover. Toward this end, we bought property in downtown Hanover in 1999; property that housed a large number of Dartmouth students. We do not seek to expand the campus south of Lebanon Street, and we have worked closely with the Town of Hanover as we considered the appropriate development of this property. We have also developed the second phase of the Grasse Road project and constructed additional housing on Park Street for employees and graduate students.

We have tried to reach out to the community and to work with neighbors to resolve potential conflicts. In 2001, we appointed a part-time director of community relations and we have recently made that position full time. We have an interest in a healthy and vibrant Upper Valley just as the Upper Valley has an interest in Dartmouth's strength. We are eager to work with neighbors and with local officials to accomplish our joint goals.

Posted 8 December 2003
Photos by Joseph Mehling '69
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