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Business Expense Questions

When do I complete the Business Expense Reimbursement form?

The Business Expense Reimbursement form should be completed if you have incurred expenses while performing your duties for Dartmouth College.

Is a Business Expense Reimbursement form the same as a Travel and Expense Voucher?

Yes. Previously, individuals who needed to be reimbursed for business expenses completed a Travel and Expense voucher. We have revised and renamed the form to Business Expense Reimbursement form.

Where do I obtain the Business Expense Reimbursement form?

The form may be obtained from the finance center website.

When should I submit my Business Expense Reimbursement form?

The form should be completed as soon as possible, but no later than 60 days from the end date of the event or trip, and submitted to the finance center for approval.

What information is required to complete the form?

You only need to complete the summary section of the Business Expense Reimbursement form and send it along with your receipts to the finance center. Detailed instructions are included with the form. Also, review the procedures related to submitting the form located on the Finance Center website.

To whom should I submit the Business Expense Reimbursement form?

Email the partially or fully completed BER form, attaching any scanned receipts, to your finance center. The finance center will complete and/or review the form and send it back to you. Please forward to your supervisor or their delegate, and have them forward their approval to your finance center.

What do I do with my receipts for a business expense (e.g. travel, event, etc)?

You can email legibly scanned receipts or send original receipts to the finance center. If you choose to email scanned copies, you should hold your original receipts for 90 days to ensure that the copies received were legible and that the Business Expense Reimbursement form was completed. After 90 days, you can dispose of the original receipts.

Sometimes reimbursement expense receipts are hard to read. Do you still want them scanned?

If a receipt is difficult to read, please send the original receipt to the finance center.

What role do the finance centers have in the reimbursement of business expenses?

The finance center will either complete the business expense reimbursement form for individuals, or review completed forms for accuracy. The finance center will also enter data from the approved Business Expense Reimbursement form into the payables system.

How will faculty, staff and students receive cash advances?

The Cashier's Office will continue to distribute cash advances to cover the costs of incidental out-of-pocket costs while conducting authorized College business, in accordance with its policy.

How do I find out if my Business Expense Reimbursement has been processed?

Contact your finance center for information regarding the processing status of your Business Expense Reimbursement form.

What other information is available to help me when I am completing a request for reimbursement of business expenses?

Business Expense Reimbursement Policies are available on the Controller's Policy website.

Last Updated: 5/7/12