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Finance Center Operating Model

finance center model described in text below

Dartmouth College Finance Center Operating Model


  • Sets department strategic budget priorities
  • Makes program and financial decisions
  • Initiates and approves transactions
  • Enforces policies at the department level
  • Determines purchasing decisions

Finance Center

  • Processes financial transactions (such as Payroll, Authorizations, Business Expenses, and Procurement) accurately and timely
  • Completes and process forms and conducts other administrative transactions
  • Serves as a Fiscal conduit and liaison between Divisions and Central Finance
  • Develops standards and ad hoc financial reports to support divisional leadership
  • Provides support to strengthen compliance, improve accountability, and standardize processes

Central Finance Administration

  • Establishes and articulates College-wide policies and guidelines on finance transactions
  • Provides reporting support to Departments and Finance Center
  • Manages overall coordination of Finance activity across Campus
  • Provides support and strategic direction to all the Financial Centers
  • Works with Financial Centers and departments to ensure consistency and track overall performance

Last Updated: 3/20/17