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Admin and Provost Finance Center

Blunt Alumni Center, Garden Level

Hinman Box: 6126

Phone: (603) 646-1310

Fax: (603) 646-1775


BER Submission Email:


Arts and Sciences Finance Center

Wentworth Building, Suite 308

Hinman Box: 6050

Phone: (603) 646-2028

Fax: (603) 646-3488



Geisel School of Medicine Finance Center

1 Rope Ferry, Garden Level

Hinman Box: 7052

Phone: (603) 650-1238



Thayer School of Engineering Finance Center

111 Cummings Hall

Phone: (603) 646-3552

Fax: (603) 646-0586



Tuck School of Business Finance Center

13 Tuck Hall

Phone: (603) 646-0772

Fax: (603) 656-0222



Arts and Sciences Finance Center Procurement Processes

Before initiating any purchase, please review the Procure-to-Pay Guide to determine the appropriate purchasing method. Pertinent procurement policies regarding purchases will be listed within the Guide.

eProcurement Services


  • Purchase Requisitions/Purchase Orders:
    • If a purchase order is required, complete the Purchase Request Form (and additional forms if required) for processing.
    • The ASFC will create a purchase requisition and your order will be placed with the vendor.
  • Invoice Processing:
    • Submit original invoices via Hinman (6050), or in person to Suite 308, Wentworth Hall processing. All invoices require an approval signature and chart string(s).
    • If the invoice is part of a purchase order, please write the PO number on the invoice, or if the PO number is unknown, note that a PO has been created and indicate that the goods/services have been received.
  • Please note:

Procurement Cards (P-Cards)


  • Statement and Receipt Archiving
    • P-Card Approvers need to reconcile the monthly statement for each cardholder with receipts.
    • Document each expense using one of the following methods:
    • Documentation must include the following information:
      • Cardholder Name
      • Business Purpose
      • Chart String(s)
    • Submit, on a monthly basis, scanned statements with matched receipts using the P-Card E-Form.
  • New Card Requests
    • Review the Procurement Card Policy.
    • Complete the Procurement Card Application.
    • Obtain an approval signature from your supervisor or Department Chair.
    • Forward the application to the ASFC (HB 6050 or Suite 308, Wentworth Hall) to obtain approval from the Fiscal Officer.
    • The ASFC will submit the completed application for card issue.

Request for Payments (RFP), Miscellaneous Income Payment Vouchers (MIPV), and Prize Vouchers

  • Request for Payments (RFP)
    • Used for direct vendor payments when a purchase order is not required.
    • Submit original via Hinman (6050), or in person to Suite 308, Wentworth Hall processing.
  • Miscellaneous Income Payment Vouchers (MIPV)
    • Most commonly used to provide honorariums to visitors.
    • Submit original via Hinman (6050), or in person to Suite 308, Wentworth Hall processing.
  • Student Prizes and Awards
    • Used to award a prize to students. The prize and awardee are listed in the Commencement Booklet.
    • Complete the Student Prizes & Awards e-Form.
    • The ASFC will process the e-form and enter the payment into the system for payment.

Forms and Instructions

  • Procurement forms, including Sole Source and Independent Contractor can be found here.
  • Request for Payment (RFP) and Miscellaneous Income Payment Voucher (MIPV) forms are found here.


Last Updated: 9/21/15