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Best Practices

Who to Contact:

Contact the APFC at:
Phone: 646-1310

More Technical Help required?
• iExpense Expense Report:
• Kronos:
• OnBase e-Forms/Unity Client:

Processes and Services:

PCard Receipts

  • Use PCard OnBase e-Form to submit P-Card receipts.
    • Keep original receipts until verified they are legible.
    • Do not submit receipts under $75, but do submit an eForm with the business purpose and chart string.
      • Exception for WB Mason: if office supplies and default chart string, no submission is necessary.

Business Expense Reporting

  • iExpense – for employee
    • Use Expense Report Request OnBase e-Form to request the Finance Center to prepare the iExpense Expense Report.
      • Attach only required receipts and other documents (cash advance voucher, detailed expense worksheet, etc.).
      • Do not submit receipts under $75, unless for entertainment, lodging, and relocation, but do provide the itemization of these expenses.
      • Keep the original required receipts until verified they are legible.
  • Business Expense Reimbursement (BER) form – for non-employees (students and visitors)
    • Subject line of e-mail should include BER, name of the person and date: Example "BER Jones, J 5/6/16" can also include additional info
    • Include in the e-mail message:
      • Expected total of reimbursement
      • Any additional routing information (someone else to contact if you will be out of the office, etc.)
      • PLEASE – include any additional items to be reimbursed either in the BER form or in an attachment, NOT in the e-mail.
      • Attach BER form, a pdf file of receipts and other documents (cash advance voucher, detailed expense worksheet, etc.).
      • Do not include receipts under $75 unless business purpose is entertainment, or relocation.
    • Mail to
  • Revised BER
    • Subject line of e-mail should include REVISED, BER, name of the person and date
    • Include in the e-mail message any proposed changes or questions related to the BER
  • BER approval
    • Please forward the original message
    • Subject line of e-mail – keep the same as original e-mail from APFC
    • Copy the Preparer on their approval message
    • Include in the e-mail message:
    • "Approved" or "I Approve"

Purchase Requests

  • Submit using Purchase Request OnBase e-Form.
    • Be sure to include routing instructions (does the PO need to be faxed to vendor, etc.).
    • If requesting creation of the purchase order from an invoice scan the invoice and attach to the OnBase Purchase Request form.

Paying Invoices

  • All Invoices
    • All invoices that need to be processed for check payment, must be sent to the Finance Center via email (preferred), Hinman mail or courier.
      • Do not send the original if the scanned invoice was sent.
      • We do not process invoices attached to requisitions in iProcurement nor do we process invoices submitted thru OnBase with the exception of Prize and Award Voucher forms.
    • When the invoice is received through mail:
      • sign, provide string or PO and scan to us
    • When the invoice is received electronically:
      • Forward the vendor email with the invoice and indicate the following information in the email:
        • Vendor
        • Invoice Date or Invoice Number
        • Amount
        • Chart String or PO# (if not provided on vendor invoice)
        • Indicate approval: "I approve this invoice."
    • Approval is required for all invoices over $24,999 (even if on a PO)
  • PO Invoices
    • Do not require signature approvals unless the invoice amount is over $24,999
    • Do not require account strings written on them
    • Do not require requisition numbers written on them
    • Do not attach copies of eProcurement documents (W9s, Sole Source, IC forms, copy of purchase requisition)
    • Provide PO number - if known, if not known - indicate "PO already created"
    • Indicate if goods/services can be received in
  • Non-PO Invoices
    • Authorized approval signatures and chart string required
    • If invoice total is $5,000 or more and is being expensed to a PTAEO, then OSP must approve prior to submitting to Finance Center

Payroll Authorizations

  • Submit through General Request OnBase e-Form. Select 'HR/Payroll' as request type and social security number and date of birth will be encrypted.
  • Provide all pertinent information. APFC will get some information from DORR.
  • HELPFUL HINT: When submitting a PA, use the PASF template.
  • Submit PA's as far in advance as possible, and no later than 5 days prior to effective date.


  • Reports are generated weekly and sent to department
  • Submit edits for Kronos reports on the General Request OnBase e-Form

Payroll Supplemental Payments

  • Quick Pays: Off-cycle check payments - only for compliance processing
    • Advance: SEIU Vacation, Financial Burden
    • Admin Error: Kronos
    • Admin Error: Benefit
    • Late PASF
    • Termination: 72 Hour
    • Estate/Beneficiary
  • Next Payroll Cycle: Discretionary Payments
    • Signing Bonus
    • Performance Bonus
    • Incentive Bonus
    • Taxable Business Expense Reimbursement
    • Pay In Lieu of Notice (PILN)
    • Termination Vacation
    • Lay Off Lump Sum

Journal Entries/Source System Corrections

  • Submit through Corrections, Journals, and Cost Transfers OnBase e-Form.
  • If GL correction, attach the IRA Transactions "Corrections View" Financial Report which provides the necessary detail for the transaction(s) to be moved.
  • If PTAEO correction, please attach the required documentation, SPUD Reclass or Cost Transfer.
  • Transfer From: the account where the transaction currently exists.
  • Transfer To: the account where you want the transaction moved to.


  • Take directly to the Cashier's office
  • Departments must always deposit cash and checks preferably on the same business day as receipt, but no later than 2 business days after receipt
  • Do not send cash through Hinman mail


  • Submit through General Request OnBase e-Form or your assigned analyst to request a report.

Retroactive Wage Transfer

  • Submit through Wage Transfer OnBase e-Form

Future Dated Labor Schedule changes

  • Submit through MyLS OnBase eForm (MyLS – My Labor Schedule)

Student Prizes and Awards

  • Submit through Student Prizes and Awards OnBase eForm
  • Note Deadline for submission in Red Print

Signature Authority

Last Updated: 5/15/17