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APFC Update: Payroll Reminder, iExpense Training, and More 6/02/2017

APFC: FY2017 Year-End Deadlines

APFC Update: Memorial Day Accelerated Payroll and iExpense 5/18/2017

APFC Spring Information Forum Presentation 4/13/2017

APFC Update: Spring Information Forum and Procurement 04/10/2017

APFC Update: JP Morgan, Gift Policy, Process Updates and Reminders 1/25/2017

APFC Update: Winter Break Schedule Update 12/12/2016

APFC Update: Supplemental Payment Policy and Winter Break Schedule 12/2/2016

APFC Update: Payroll Acceleration, Work-at-Home Pilot, Preferred Printers, Helpful Hint Docs 11/14/2016

More Updates

We serve the finance and business needs of the following divisions and their departments:

Campus Services
Finance and Administration
Human Resources
Information Technology
President's Division
Provost Division
Division of Student Affair

Processes and Services

Guidance and Roundtables

Accounting and Billing
Accounts Payable
Automotive Registration
Expense Reporting and Reimbursement
Financial Reporting and Analysis
Payroll Actions, Distribution, and Processing
Procurement Card Processing
Purchase Requisition


APFC Best Practices

APFC Processes and Services (Updated 8/19/2016)

APFC Best Practices Roundtable (8/18/2016)

APFC Best Practices Roundtable (12/1/2016)

APFC Best Practices Roundtable(3/16/2017)

APFC Spring Information Forum(4/13/2017)

Last Updated: 6/2/17