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Second College Grant Management Committee

Charge for the Second College Grant Management Committee

The members and chair of the Second College Grant Management Committee are appointed by the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration.   The Committee provides advice to the Director of Woodland Operations and the Vice President; recommends or sets policy concerning the variety of uses and activities at the Grant; reviews plans and assesses accomplishments; and sets goals and objectives consistent with the Master Plan and the Forest Management Plan.  The main areas of Committee responsibility include:

  • Overseeing the management of the Grant for educational, research, recreational, wood-production, and financial purposes
  • Ensuring that the Grant is managed as an exemplary model of environmentally sound private-land stewardship, reflective of the ecology, landscape, culture and wood-based economy of the Northern Forest
  • Ensuring that forestry practices support a sustainable working forest, a healthy and balanced eco-system, properly managed populations and habitat for fish and wildlife, and the coordination and integration of activities at the Grant
  • Fostering and encouraging the wide spectrum of experiences sought by users of the Grant, such as solitude, challenge, remote recreation, traditional and contemporary outdoor sports, and opportunities for education and research

This charge is drawn from the Second College Grant “Statement of Purpose” and Master Plan, adopted by the Committee and the Vice President in 2004.  These goals and responsibilities are elaborated in that document.

Current Committee Members

Lisa Celone, Director of Operations Management

Kevin S. Evans, Director of Woodland Operations

Andy Harvard ‘71, Director of Outdoor Programs

Larry Kelly, Associate Director of Real Estate

Stacy Miller LaBare ’77, Alumni Representative

Daniel M. Nelson ‘75, Senior Associate Dean: Chairman

Matt Ayres, Faculty Representative

F. Jon Kull ’88, Faculty Representative

Joe Bachman '91, Tu '03, Alumni Representative

Chris Farmer ’08, Student Representative                   

Maria Alejandra Perez Lawrence ’10, Student Representative



Last Updated: 8/27/08