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IRS Tax Transcript



Online Request:

-Available on the IRS website at: You can now download a pdf version of your tax return transcript by following these simple steps: 

Note: Tax information electronically filed within the last 3 weeks or submitted by mail within the last 8 weeks may not be available. Make sure your pop-up blocker has been disabled as well.

After clicking on the link above, from the IRS site click "Get Transcript Online"


Click "Create an Account." 


The transcript requester must enter a valid name and email address. After clicking this button, you will be asked to provide information to assist the IRS in matching the requester's name to the correct tax return. On a later screen you will have the option to have the site save this information so that you will not have to enter it again in the future, or you may proceed as a guest and site will not save your information.


The IRS will send an email with an 8-digit confirmation code. Once the email is received, enter the code in the appropriate box. After the code is entered, click "Verify Email Confirmation Code."


The next step requires information as it appears on a tax return, then click continue. 


After clicking continue, the IRS will ask questions regarding your financial situation to verify identity of the requester. 

Once the IRS verifies the identity, select the Higher Education/Student Aid reason and select the appropriate tax year transcript.


-The IRS offers two options when ordering a tax transcript, please be sure to order a tax return transcript.          

   Sample Tax Return Transcript:         Sample Tax Account Transcript:

  return transcript                       account transcript


Last Updated: 4/4/14