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Financing Options

Whether or not you are receiving financial aid, there are numerous payment plans and financing options available.  These options can spread your family's share of the cost of education over various time periods.

  • Tuition Prepayment allows families who are not receiving any college support to prepay two to four years of tuition at the rate in effect when the student enters.  These families will be exempt from future tuition increases, although room, board and other expenses will be subject to increases.
  • The Dartmouth Monthly Payment Plan enables families to pay part or all of their share of the expenses for one academic year in ten interest-free monthly installments.
  • Educational Loan Options allow families to pay off their share of the expenses over a number of years depending on their repayment options.

Questions about the Tuition Prepayment Plan and the Dartmouth Monthly Payment Plan should be directed to the Student Financial Services Office.  Questions about available loan options should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.

Last Updated: 4/25/14